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AnthonyMay 31, 2001 (22h43)
I woulld like to thank every one how help me find a song the other day. Stevie wonder ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brandon k.May 31, 2001 (02h49)
Stevie,I am a bass player and all of your songs inspire me to play my best whenever I play.THANK YOU.

tonyMay 31, 2001 (02h28)
i heard stevie was working on an all jazz album (wow)anybody with any info?

Matt May 30, 2001 (23h10)
Can someone please write me, and let me know of any concert dates or tv appearances with Mr. Stevie Wonder in the near future. He is the man.

stacyMay 30, 2001 (17h51)
No one can touch Stevie, as an artist and as a person. No one. He is truly a gift from God.

Fernando FranciscaMay 30, 2001 (12h42)
Hey Man, I live in Brazil, and I glad to live in the same world as you. You Know much about love and how to be a happy man. So I have to thank you to say all the the things that we need to hear from you. Bye bye.

MuzikMay 30, 2001 (03h15)
Hey everyone!! Keep a look out for FREE Dante Thomas CD samplers at the WWHT Hot Summer Blastoff (5/29, Syracuse, NY) featuring Wycleaf Jean, Ashley Ballard, Black Eyed Peas, Philly’ Most Wanted, Olivia, Tonya Mtichell, Vengaboys, etc. Dante sings that new song “Miss California” featuring Pras of the Fugees. You can also check out the latest info at

MephistoMay 29, 2001 (22h35)
I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the operation that Stevie was supposed to have on his eyes? It was announced quite a while back on CNN. After the initial announcement, I haven't heard anything about it sits.

If anyone has heard anything pleased email me. My own eye sight is getting bad, and I may be headed for complete blindness myself. It scares me to think about it, and I would like to know that there is hope. Diabetes is the cause of my blindness.

Thanks for any info you can send on the subject.

JessSoulChildMay 28, 2001 (01h44)
I would like to introduce myself, I'm Jess, 20/m/Orlando, FL- I want to give my respect to a man who's music brings passion & glory to the world, a man who's angelic voice has givin me direction in life as a young musician who's music I've listen to my entire life- an ever lasting inspiration to us all. God Bless the talent you have shown us all, that limitations aren't of exsistance in life, we can all go beyond our dreams if you make them a reality. It doesn't take sight to bring music. It doesn't take an ear to paint, it doesn't take but one hand to save a life, it doesn't take but one man to change the world. - Thank you Stevie

John BurleighMay 27, 2001 (10h09)
Having seen Stevie in Glasgow nearly 10 years ago and his song 'Happy Birthday' I have a high regard for him so please keep me tuned in.
Regards John Burleigh

SuperBenjiMay 27, 2001 (07h43)
I recently nought a digitally remastered version of Talking Book and I must say that the digital version loses some of the raw, powerful, and funky quality that I like so much in the guitar and bass-lines in most of the songs.

aishaMay 26, 2001 (20h21)
Dear stevie, i don't know if you are actually gonna read this words but from the bottom of my heart i say that I LOVE YOU, i can't explain what i feel when i hear you singing, you make me peaceful, you make me forget the outter world, i would just be the happiest girl if u ever came to argentina, my dear country, southamerica, i would get mad. keep on spreading your magic, love, laura.

MariaMay 26, 2001 (13h58)
Hi There,

I hope someone can aswer this question. I am trying to find a song that Stevie Wonder performed back in the 80's. He performed this song with Dionne Warwick on a "That's What Friends Are For" concert, on HBO I think. During the song Stevie got a little choked up so Dionne sang some of the lyrics. The only words I can remember are, "Spread love all over" and at the end he plays his harmonica. It was a beautiful song and as a singer myself, I would love to know the title of this song. If anyone knows, please email me, I would appreciate it so much! Thank you!! :-)

scottMay 25, 2001 (22h03)
my 2 cents, i isten to stevie wonder everyday and when you hear him sing with the smooth tones and rolling lyrics you can almost feel the joy in his heart, from a man who is a musical genius. a busy man who from birth has overcome blindness and is now a very popular artist. i bet everyday he thanks god for, and this will sound funny but everything happens for a reason his handicap because even though sight is beatiful, if he were not blind who knows where he would be today. i personally love his music and can only hope for the best for him in all his future projects. i hope one day he will be in concert near kentucky so i could see him live once in my life. the joy in his voice and the message he conveys is very powerfull and moving. i like the part he sang in usa for africa a short part that just by hearing it you know who it is that's singing. well gotta run. best regards to stevie, would love to get a backstage pass once in my life. thanks everybody....scott

JilMay 25, 2001 (18h29)
Hey! I was wondering when stevie wonder was born. (email me)
While your at it, do you know how Mozart died?

Kevin J. AustinMay 25, 2001 (03h17)
Hey Stevie, I've grown up on your music and you've been a great mentor in my life and without your music I don't know where I would be. All I can do is just love you and your music for the rest of my life. Stevie, I have everything you've ever recorded and my children age 5 and 9 never get tired of asking me to play Stevie Wonder. I only have one request, and that's to meet you in person one day. It would be a dream come true to finally shake hands with you and show you my love for you "the man" and your music. Please consider the thought, I'm even willing to fly myself and my two kids to Africa if that's easier. Please if I can get a response I would have JOY INSIDE MY TEARS. One more thing, I can never say I have a favorite song or album, because with your music they all are great, and for you haters out there, take some time and listen to Journey through the secret life of plants, please listen to it, don't just hear it.

David SWBS May 24, 2001 (22h49)
Thank you very much again lad!!!!!!

The last summer I began to creat a website of stevie (in french) who look like of your
website but This summer I must be change a configuration.
Take care

Stevland Morris: Say la la la la!!!!!!! Clap your hands!!!!!

NasMay 24, 2001 (18h02)
I'm a big fan of STEVIE since I was a kid...I love playing keyboards.....but....I can't play Stevie's songs...cuz I don't know the CHORDS...they so different...its not easy to find....esp....'Its you"...and 'Overjoyed' if anyone of you could me a good site....or...send me an email....
Take Care ;)


SarahMay 24, 2001 (14h03)
I would like to know if Stevie would mind meeting his number one fan. My boyfriend is 21 in July and worships Stevie. I would love to surprise him by setting up a meeting- it would mean the world to him! I would fly him to wherever Stevie is in the world just for 10 mins!

anthonyMay 24, 2001 (00h25)
Can some one help me. I heard a song from stevie but the only word I can remeber from the song is "nappy headed boy" could some one tell me what song this is. I know this is not alot of info but hope some one can help!

Thanks ADF

PeerMay 22, 2001 (18h47)
Hi everybody!
I need help! I heard a obviously new version of "Too high" on radio different to the album version with Stevie singing lead and a guitarist sounding like George Benson accompaning. Does anybody know about this track? It was absolutely great! Please email me ...

JakeMay 22, 2001 (16h51)
Me and my friends have this habit of ranking things, mostly music stuff, just like in "High Fidelity". So I sat down and tried to work out a top 20 covering the best songs ever. When I came to number six I had already used three of Stevie's, so I realised I had to limit the maximum contributions from one artist... The top is as follows: 1. Living for the city - Stevie 2. I believe(when I fall...) - Stevie 3. Someone saved my life tonight - Elton John 4. Lean on me - Bill Withers 5. Son of a Preacherman - Dusty S. 6. Boogie on Reggae Woman - Stevie... without the limitation, 5-6 of Stevie's songs would easily have had a spot in the top 20. A measure of how great I think mr Wonder is.

JroiMay 22, 2001 (13h31)
I have been looking for the movie JOURNEY INTO THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. Can anyone help?

DuarteMay 21, 2001 (02h45)
I just heard some of stevie's and I love it. I was wondering if there
is a compilation type disk I could buy.

PedroMay 20, 2001 (16h19)
I just love the song 'lately' but I'd like to know the chords to it so I can accompany myself on the piano.
Can anyone help me please??

ChrisMay 20, 2001 (16h13)
Hi everybody!

I heard a Stevie's song in the show NOW & AGAIN Season 1 Episode 11 "Fire & Ice". It's a great love song & I just like to know the title of that song.
Is there anybody able to help me?

Chris, France.

ChrisMay 20, 2001 (16h11)
I heard a Stevie's song in the show NOW & AGAIN Season 1 Episode 11 "Fire & Ice". It's a great love song & I just like to know the title of that song.
Is there anybody able to help me?
Chris, France.

mikeMay 19, 2001 (22h48)
I just want to agree with all the people above that Stevie Wonder is one amazing, gifted man whose music touches the heart like noone else can. When's your next concert in the Midlands UK? Mike

HannesMay 19, 2001 (04h47)
Hi Stevie,
I`m a fan of your music and i find it really cool that you play every instrument on Yourself, my heart opens when i hear you singin and playin`Ilike your recording with Babyface "How com, how long" and also your playin on "Brand new" day by Sting. You´re such an inspiration for me as drummer Thanks a lot for Your music, it gave me alot....Bye Hannes from Germany, Nuremberg
PS: when are you goin to play live in Germany????

harrisonMay 18, 2001 (03h45)
your music is great! someday i hope i will be as good as you are at singing and performing. your music has really started something in my life!

katie bMay 16, 2001 (18h45)
please,please, please - any info on detroit concert much appreciated. and any other concert dates anywhere in the world. thanks

sweatyMay 16, 2001 (10h33)
we all know in our minds
That there ought to be a time
That we can set aside
To show just how much we love you
And I'm sure you would agree
It couldn't fit more perfectly
Than to have a world party on the day you came to be,

nick stevieMay 14, 2001 (15h21)
happy birthday stevie oh man i just love your music
and i hope that someday you gonna reales a new album
what are you doing man please show your magic again
let the world to know that stevie is back in town and hi
will stay forever and if you gonna reales new album please make it from samson we all gypsie love you. god blees you

StephenMay 14, 2001 (15h07)
I live in London, just been browsing. I almost fell over when I saw that the man was playing. Tried to get tickets but it turns out that it's free!!! I need more info on the whole situation in Detroit in July, please ASAP!!!!

I NEED TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

CubeMay 14, 2001 (03h15)
Happy birthday Stevie,
You are a tremendous blessing and I pray that God really pours more of His blessing on you as your talent has brought so much joy to many people.

We eagerly wait for your new album and we know its going to be a real cracker.
My birthday is on the 15th may. My real name is David, I am also a singer, I am 39 and my dream to sing is about to become a reality thanks to God for His kindness.

PABLOMay 13, 2001 (23h48)
Stevie,happy birthday number 5l, you are the best written,producer,arranger, music and songmale of the all the time, i speaking a little english, i am peruvian (South American)
my e-mail : PVPSTEVIE@LATINMAIL.COM , i speak spanish : por favor espero que me escribas, hoy que estas de cumpleaños, te hablare de mi pais el Peru, es un pais donde la gente de color es denigrada y marginada, sin aspiraciones de poder tener exitos en la vida,he escuchado mucho de las fundaciones de caridad y ayuda que realizas a los mas necesitados en los Estados Unidos, por favor ayudanos, espero tu respuesta, thank you...

PABLOMay 13, 2001 (23h45)
Stevie,happy birthday number 5l, you are the best written,producer,arranger, music and songmale of the all the time, i speaking a little english, i am peruvian (South American)
my http : PVPSTEVIE@LATINMAIL.COM , i speak spanish : por favor espero que me escribas, hoy que estas de cumpleaños, te hablare de mi pais el Peru, es un pais donde la gente de color es denigrada y marginada, sin aspiraciones de poder tener exitos en la vida,he escuchado mucho de las fundaciones de caridad y ayuda que realizas a los mas necesitados en los Estados Unidos, por favor ayudanos, espero tu respuesta, thank you...

faisalMay 13, 2001 (20h26)
Happy birthday stevie, I wish you all the best in your personal life and your wonderful music. I wish that you would finally release a double album with no less than 24 songs (please). Your last three studio albums (in square circle,characters,conversation peace) were suppose to be double albums, but you did not because you changed your mind at the last moment, so please this time release all these unreleased songs that you have in a come back album to show to the world that you are the most creative song writer in the world. Please stevie make sure to include in your new album these two great songs of yours: "fear can't put dreams to sleep" and "how will I know she loves me". My e-mail is :

LasseMay 13, 2001 (20h01)
Hey Stevie ,
for me you are the best musician ever.
I hope will come to germany again ...
Please email me if you will.
Sorry my english is not the best i'm from

cu soon at a concert in germany :)

darnellMay 13, 2001 (18h02)
Happy Birthday Stevie,
I hope you have Blessed and Joyful day. Waiting for you to come to New Orleans, La for a concert, we missed hearing your wonderful music. Hope to see you very soon.
Love and Kisses,

Whenever you decide to come to New Orleans, please e-mail me so I can be the
first to get my front row center floor seat. I can also be reached @
Have a great day.

SaxysiMay 13, 2001 (14h12)
A truly insperational guy. As a musician, it says it all by the amount of friends and fellow mucisians who have been inspired by Stevie. A true musical hero.

Thorsten May 13, 2001 (10h49)
Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Stevie, I'm a great Fan of your WONDERful music. Keep on playing and make us happy!!!

cuzMay 13, 2001 (09h03)
Happy Birthday Stevie!

You are truely an inspiration.

MakotoMay 13, 2001 (06h14)
You're always My Musical God.
I'm looking forward to having New Album.

bobMay 12, 2001 (21h29)

boing!May 12, 2001 (20h44)
Stevie.. Oh please release some of your unrelesed stuff (from Electric Ladyland
period) someday :)

Thanks for the wonderful music. You've made my life better.

TGKWMay 9, 2001 (21h42)
(continued) music has helped me through hard times, and made joyful times seem even more joyful. Every one of your songs that I know invokes hundreds of memories every time I hear it, and every time I see a picture of you it brings a smile to me. Your music has made me a better person. I've always wondered, Stevie, what your views are on homosexuality, because although I'm young, probably too young to be putting labels on myself, I do consider myself gay. This doesn't make life easy, and when I was going through some really difficult times, I put on "Fulfillingness' First Finale" to cheer me up. "Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away" began to play, and something beautiful happened. Until then, I had never considered myself religious, but while I was listening to that song, my heart opened and I "sho 'nuff could feel His spirit". God spoke to me then, and I have been speaking back ever since that night. This is just one of the hundred ways that my life has been changed by you and your music. Stevie, I doubt this message will ever reach you, but I pray that one day you will know just how much happiness you have brought me. I also pray that one day, I will meet you. Perhaps not on this Earth, in which case I can only pray that I will do enough good to join you, and all the other great men and women of history, in that good place, when the time comes.

All my Love,
TW (

TGKWMay 9, 2001 (21h41)
Hey everyone,

I notice everyone talks to Stevie on this forum, but I wasn't aware that is was an official webpage, or even that one existed. Does Steve actually read these postings? I'm going to address this posting to him anyway, just in case he ever does read this and, even if he doesn't, I would be better able to express how I feel about him if I felt that I was writing it to him.


I notice that everyone writes "I've been your biggest fan my whole life", so I won't bore you by repeating it. I'm only 15, though, so I haven't been listening to music that long. It was 1998 when I first heard one of your songs. (Well, I had heard many before that, but was unaware that it was you). Anyway, I heard "For Once In My Life" on the radio, and I loved it. It announced at the end that "that was the Master, Stevie Wonder". Knowing that my dad had a "Best Of" collection of yours, I rushed to look it out and put "For Once In My Life" on repeat play. Then I started to listen to more of the songs on that CD, and I was overcome with the brilliance. Until then, I had never really listened to music. But then, I started to find out more about you from books, the internet, and began to buy more of your music. Your music has changed my life. Again, this is probably boring you because I'm sure you hear it all the time, which wouldn't surprise me. Every time I hear your voice it gives me goosebumps. Your musi

Jason May 9, 2001 (18h58)
Just to let EVERYBODY know Mr. Stevie Wonder will be singing LIVE

in Detroit on July 22 (Sat.). In honor of "Detroit 2000."

Marcelo MonteiroMay 9, 2001 (16h09)
Thank you Stevie for give us this website.
I use to say the God exists because there is your songs (I really get some emotion when I hear "Superwoman" and all the " Orignal Musiquarium") . You are great man !!! Think about this. You gave hope and joy to millions and millions in the world. My four year old son, here in Brazil loves yours songs too !!!!

DebbieMay 9, 2001 (15h50)
I am trying to find out if Stevie Wonder has any gigs planned . It doesn't matter where in the world it is. If anyone has any information could they please e-mail on Thanks

HowardMay 9, 2001 (07h15)
To anyone that might know something:

I'm trying to track down "Feeding Off the Love Of The Land." It was on the B-Side of "Gotta Have You" from his Jungle Fever Soundtrack. My 12" vinyl is all scratched up (bad needle) and I'm fiending for another copy (vinyl, CD or a tape). If anyone can be of any asistance, please hit me at Thanks!

muzik2myear111May 7, 2001 (23h44)
Hey everyone! I’m helping to spread the word about a new artist named DANTE THOMAS. He sings that new hit “Miss California” featuring Pras from the Fugees. Get the latest info, win cool prizes, and help spread the word like me by joining the official DANTE THOMAS online team at

elioMay 6, 2001 (18h03)
Hi everyone, I have a silly question...
A few days ago, I downloaded from napster a concert of stevie that apparently dates back from the seventies...
In this concert there is a crazy version of superstition.... It might help you...
Anyway, did this concert take place in 1973 or 1975 ?
If anyone could help me, please leave me a message on my e-mail :

to all the stevie wonder fans,

zeinaMay 6, 2001 (16h53)
hey all u stevie fan, im going to do a raport about stevie wonder and i need all tips or information or help u can give me i really would apreciated thank, luv from stevie fan to all u stevie fan

WonderlucaMay 5, 2001 (19h30)
IMPORTANT!!!!!...If you are a real SW fan you can add your name to the list:
You will find many friends and a lot of people very kind and always ready to answer to your questions!
But you MUST be a real SW fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

aliMay 5, 2001 (18h33)
This is a gift from me to you all die hard stevie fans out there just to prove to the world that stevie is the genius of this century without any dougt. This is an unreleased song called "Fear can't put dreams to sleep" that was supposed to be on the conversation peace album but didn't make it. It's one of the best songs I've heard from stevie in a long long time and I hope it will be on his new LP, so injoy it and my e-mail is :
From out of the blue, there came to me a question, the kinda tell you answer won't let you be, the question was, if I was blessed with a gift of sight, what most in life I want to see, that made me think of an old story, about a boy who had no control of his feets or hands, who was asked if he could walk and touch again what he would do, and he said as I understand,
If my eyes would to see , let them be the witness of a world that is color free,
If my lems would to move let them touch and walk this land when hate no longer be,
And if my ears would to hear let it like the sweetest music be unity and harmony,
And should my mouth start to speak let me talk about a land where love's for all
And fear can't put dreams to sleep.

Lim E-langMay 5, 2001 (16h51)
My name is elang and I'm 19 years old..
I live in Korea..and my favorite is always Stievie Wonder
When I listen 'sir duke'
I feel very happy and compotable..

I belong to Stevie wonder..

aliMay 5, 2001 (15h09)
i adore your music stevie, can't wait for your new double album

bobMay 4, 2001 (23h40)

PaulMay 4, 2001 (15h45)
Dont know if anybody reads this apart from some of the nutters you have on this site, but if anybody important is, do they have any info on when stevie might be playing in a small venue or maybe studio in england. Maybe something like Jools Hollands "later" on the BBC. Any information would be greatfully and surprisingly recieved. thankyou

DaveyboyMay 3, 2001 (20h14)
I have been recently listening to those early classic albums remastered and have been really imppressed as you can now hear every detail and there is a fuller sound also the way you use the rhodes and the way you run that bass synth, absolutley amazing runs.

I am also a singer and Stevie you have been an amazing inspiration to me , you sing in many registers with a clean and clear tone.
God has really blessed you with a beautiful gift that has blessed many people and enables us all to celebrate the gift of life.
And I am really amazed at your lovely ballards the colours in those chords also the way you are sensitive in falsetto range as well as your full voice power.
I just know that the next album is defenatly going to be worth the wait It would be great if it was a double album .
Please don't keep us fans waiting too long.

MwanikiManMay 3, 2001 (19h59)
I can't wait to the new Stevie Wonder album comes out.
I remeber going to a few of his gigs , I have seen him about 8 times now.
He sang some amazing unreleashed stuff one really lovely song entitled, 'Children still live with a Dream' it had a slight reggae feel and the melody was awesome

He also sang this beautiful ballard called ,'This Town'
in which he used the keyboards and gave it a voilins in the backround feel and his voice was really rich , I just hope he releases them lastly I remeber this other song called 'Spread the Love' with a choir the melody is amazing and also really high.

"w"May 1, 2001 (20h48)
What is the best SW album???? You tell me..

sjoerdMay 1, 2001 (20h46)
Just listening to "Songs in the key of life" again....incredible.....


DCMay 1, 2001 (00h43)
You are the greatest Singer in the world! Thank you!