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NadiaJul 31, 2001 (23h01)
Stevie Wonder

Hi chacha.You're the sunshine of my life for you've made me see the beauty through your music. You dissolve fear of time. O my Stevie, the wonder of your kindness reveals the truths in a world where blasphemy prevails. I must say, in the very spasm of despair I see your face, hear you music, remember your laugther and I know everything is gonna be fine. I want to say to thee, my Stevie. The music of your soul blinds my eyes with joy and I find peace and love through your songs when hate is breaking my heart.

"You knock me off my feet!"

angikkJul 31, 2001 (23h01)
hi everybady!!I'm a great fan music of Stevie since 12 years and if sombady wants to conversation with me about his music ,please contact with me .I'm 28 years old and I think I'm only one who like his music so much !!(course in my country).TAKE CARE PETER.

Jean-JacquesJul 31, 2001 (21h17)
Hello everybody from FRANCE !

Just a positive vibe my favorite
artist and all his fans.
STEVIE his like a clear star when your
mind or your music or something else
seems to be in trouble !!!

For ever thank you STEVIE

ReneeJul 30, 2001 (17h20)
Stevie was great in Detroit! I almost gave up trying to see him. There were 1.6 million ppl there!!!!! I had a great time though. I stood for about 5-6 hours LMAO It was worth it. I finally got to see Stevie Wonder. All the ppl knew the words to all his songs even if they didn't know ALL the words they knew some. We all danced and sang it was great. I hope they will sell tapings of it :-)

anthonyJul 30, 2001 (03h43)

I've heard a few live recordings of Stevie Wonder from '73 and '75 (in New York I believe).

Does anyone know how to get a hold of these recordings? They are not for sale anywhere.

Please email me at


FondueisgoodJul 29, 2001 (16h34)
Hello everyone. I figure this is a good place to tell you about a site I have - it's kind of a forum for chords and tabs of jazz/funk/soul artists to be exchanged. Right now, Stevie Wonder is my main concentration. In order for the site to work, people need to tab out songs and keep checking back often, so I invite anyone who has musical talent to come. I'm trying to create something that the internet does not yet have - a really good forum for classic jazz/funk/soul tunes:


SarhJul 28, 2001 (15h54)
Hi! Stevie is just great and I would like to talk to some Stevie fans. My e-mail address is Much love to Stevie and to all his supporters!

PaulJul 28, 2001 (00h07)

Uptight - Fantastic performance with a really rocking Bass solo from Nate. Great stuff! He also got the crowd into the boys singin "I'm feelin it" then the girls "I'm feelin it baby!" at a much higher key. The crowd really was into this chant!

Signed Sealed Delivered - Standard

Living For The City - Standard with "just ain't right" crowd chants and a really nice ending.

Sir Duke - Standard
I Wish - Standard
You are the Sunshine - Standard
Superstition - Standard w/ We gotta go y'all then the crowd shouting NO!

Dancin In The Streets - This was another really great moment. During Superstition he started to slip into this and the band eventually got the clue. The earlier acts of the day came out. I am not sure if everyone is present because I couldn't see but I know that the Spinners and Temptations were out there probably Take 6 as well. It was a really great version with the crowd singing along the whole time then stevie starting it from the top once more. He had been playing an hour longer than he was suppose to at that point.

Happy Birthday - From dancing in the streets Stevie slipped into Happy Birthday and the end was near. A great version with the crowd singing in a lot during the tune. Stevie introduces each member of the band then ends the tune.

PaulJul 28, 2001 (00h07)

Send One Your Love - Stevie Cries at this point after Send One Your Love thanking the people of Detroit and also god for everything. It was a really touching moment. I think Stevie says that he recently lost someone very special but this was hard to hear from where I was. Hopefully one of you guys will be able to clear this up a bit

All I Do - GREAT version with lots of audiene participation. The crowd on the entire show is really great because of the great energy level that was there.

Love's In Need of Love Today - standard

Give Me Sweetness? w/ Syreeta - This was a really special part. I thought that I had notice that syreeta was there because I saw her for a second on the jumbo screen but then stevie started to introduce her and she says some great stuff to stevie. Then stevie plays this song on the paino and Syreeta sings. Give Me Sweetness is my best guess for a song title. Her voice sounded so great! A really touching special moment. Syreeta ended up singing backup the entire show.

Overjoyed - Standard

?????? w/ Ray E. Parker - This was another great highlight out of many of that evening. Ray came up and said thank you to stevie for teaching him everything he knows. Then said that they should get on with a song or they would be crying like babies all night recalling old memories. Ray sung this tune for which I have no idea of the title. It was a good tune though and I'm pretty sure one of us will know it.

PaulJul 28, 2001 (00h06)

So to the good stuff. It was almost nightfall when Stevie took the stage and at first the host David Allen Grier had to stall because stevie wasn't ready. He did a decent job of stalling asking the people to sing happy birthday.

The people were really juiced to see Stevie and as soon as he stepped out the place just totally lit up. Master Blaster was the first tune and there is an extended intro. I think stevie missed the mark or let it slide because they basically just play the intro twice.

Here is the setlist.

Master Blaster Jammin

Higher Ground - standard but a bit slower, more groove heavy

If You Really Love Me - This one was a real treat. If You Really Love ME ala 1972 with the extended intro "let me know just how you feel" and also the "I'm takin out!" lines that were call and response. A really tight performance.

Don't You Worry Bout A Thing - Standard with end jam.

Ribbon In The Sky - He starts playing it at first then stops, and starts making little sounds into the mic while sort of moving his lips over it, just joking around teasing people, it was pretty funny. Then at the end there is the jam that stevie did at the Japan 95 show. The vocals are really stunning. I know there was a debate about how stevie's voice was becoming more whiny but he must have been reading because his pipes are clean!

Send One Your Love - Stevie Cries at this point after S

PaulJul 28, 2001 (00h05)
Here is some more Detroit 300 info for all of those who shared in the experience and all of those who only wish they could.

Hi all hope everything is well, I know this is a long time coming sort of but it has taken me a bit of time to truly absorb everything that went on that day. So we were suppose to leave the night before the Stevie show so that we could get there before most of the crowd started showing up but on the way to driving out we discovered that an oil change was needed and it was too late to get that done, so we planned to leave in the morning instead. We got up to Detroit around 4 oclock and it looked like a ghost town. After checking into the hotel and settling we rushed down to Hart Plaza. Hart Plaza is right on the river and is also next to a big ampitheater (i dont know why stevie wasn't in there) It was super hot and as soon as we got down there we were amazed at the ammount of people there were. I mean we just couldn't really move and that was a good 3 hours before the show was to begin. . As I came back in I could hear Stevie's soundcheck doing Joy Inside My Tears. I quickly tried to get my stuff together so we could hear / see but it was a bit too late. I was still in a huge moving crowd so it would be hard to get anywhere. We ended up getting all the way to the right side of the stage where we could see past the curtains that they had put up for Stevie's soundcheck. The first thing that I really heard is the amazing clavinet intro to Do Yo

Paul Jul 27, 2001 (23h58)
Here it is for all of you who shared in the same feelings of Detroit 300. For all of those who couldn't make it the love will be felt from that night on the recordings of the show.

Stevie Set
Master Blaster Jammin
Higher Ground
If You Really Love Me (w/ extended intro from 72)
Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing
Ribbon In The Sky
Send One Your Love / Stevie Cries -
All I Do
Love’s In Need of Love Today
Give Me Your Sweetness? w/ Syreeta
A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do) w/ Ray E. Parker
My Cherie Amour
Signed Sealed Delivered
Living For The City
Sir Duke
I Wish
Dancin In The Streets
Happy Birthday

I also have the songlist for the soundcheck if anyone wants it. The concert can't be described in words it was so amazing! WE LOVE YOU STEVIE!

JoeyJul 27, 2001 (22h11)
If any of you are on AOL and want to talk about Stevie Wonder IM me or send me an e-mail because I am hungry for knowledge regarding this man.

JoeyJul 27, 2001 (21h23)
Stevie's music can really make those 800 mile drives I make each month go by smoothly. It takes my mind off of my problems and leaves me smiling and with my jaw almost hitting the floor in amazement.
I truly am in love with Stevie's music.

Latasha MJul 27, 2001 (20h42)
I have loved Stevie Wonders Music since I was five years old, his music just touches your heart and soul. Everyone of his songs from past to the latest are my favorites. I donot have just 1 favorite song all of them are a hit to me. Stevie I love your music.

stevievisionsJul 26, 2001 (20h08)
Just a note to the site owner, the clip of "Superstition" that you have on the Multimedia page is not from Madison Square Garden NYC from 1975. It is from London, England at the Rainbow Theatre 1/31/1974.


PS- Thad, I am the owner of you can email me at the address on my page if you have any questions.

BrentJul 26, 2001 (08h38)
I like Stevie Wonders Superstition. I download the live 1975 Madison Square Garden concert of the song but I having trouble of playing it. Can you help.

eviJul 26, 2001 (02h32)
You won't believe but last Sunday they had a program for three I repeat three hours on Jazz FM about and WITH Stevie Wonder being interviewed as it is 25 years since his album " Songs in the key of life". It was so wonderful, breathlessly beautiful and as I had to go nto Hosptal the next day a most wonderful gift for me. Iam old no not old by ancient but believe me there is no one like Stevie Wonder. Thank you for being who you are. Evi

thadJul 25, 2001 (21h53)

does anyone have any information about this site? there are some things on that site that i have never seen before.


mattJul 25, 2001 (10h26)
I was wondering if you record or recorded all your shows? If so ,do or would you release any of it? The first and only time I saw you play, was at the Assembly Hall in Champaign, Il. The " In Square Circle Tour", not to sure of the year, but Im guessing 83, 84, or 85... maybe earlier? I remember you two guys bringing you out to a circle stage, that rotated through out the show. I think their might have been 2 sets, but Im not sure. The music was great from what I can remember....I was only 8 or 9 yrs. old at the time. If you or anyone else can help me locate a recording of my first show, I would be forever in debt.
matt hernandez
"like some sort a ritualistic dance"

L.Jul 24, 2001 (23h15)
Saw Stevie in Detroit last Saturday. God bless this man! He gave an incredible, moving, exciting, amazing performance -- and all for free for the people of Detroit! When he got kind of emotional at one point, everyone around me in the crowd was crying too and screaming "We love you, Stevie!" He played for 2 full hours! It was just one of the greatest concert experiences of my life -- whole families were down there from ages 2 - 82 and everyone dancing and singing and clapping, white, black, young, old, men, women, girls, boys. Stevie's music is timeless. Thank you thank you Stevie Wonder! Detroit loves you!

YoramJul 24, 2001 (21h29)
does stevie have any plans for another concert...i really need to see him...i dont care where it is bc i will fly, walk, drive, rn to see hm live....any help or info would be greatly appreciated :)

VandalJul 24, 2001 (21h08)
I was at the Detroit show was one of the best performances I have ever been to (I even enjoyed the cameo appearance by Ray Parker Jr.). He didn't mention anything about any new music; in fact, most of the songs he sung were his hits from the 70's and 80's. Wonderful performance though.

P.S. - to smoore630@msn - O'Brien (sp?) remade 'You and I' in the 80s.

faisal aliJul 24, 2001 (15h07)
did stevie play any songs from his upcoming album or did he mention anything
about the new album in the detroit concert. please help me.

smoore630@msn.comJul 24, 2001 (07h16)
I was wondering who remade the Stevie Wonder song, "You and I", in the 80's?

SenatorJul 23, 2001 (23h48)
I was lucky enough to see Stevie play in Detroit on Saturday, and let me tell you, it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. I've seen other idols of mine give washed up, mediocre performances, but Stevie has still got it! His voice is as beautiful as ever, and his keyboard skills are still intact. In short, he was on fire!
The Detroit Police Dept. estimated the crowd size at 1.6 million, but this seems somewhat inflated. I'd belive 1/2 million for sure. It was amazing to see how much love the people of Detroit have for Stevie, even after a nine year absence. The place was packed and everyone was singing, clapping, and dancing.
The show itself was great. His backup band was smoking. The set list included (from memory): Master Blaster, Higher Ground, Superstition, Love's in Need of Love Today, Sir Duke, I Wish, Uptight, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, My Cherie Amour, Overjoyed, Happy Birthday, and several others that escape memory. There was lots of audience participation as well. Stevie would give all the men in the crowd a part to sing, and then give all the women a complementary part, all on the spot. It was great! Hundreds of thousands of people all singing together. This is what Stevie is about. Words fail me in any attempt to convey how great the show was. It exceeded all my expectations. The best part: It was FREE!! I would have paid top dollar for such a show, but to have seen it for free just blows my mind. I hope that Stevie sees fit to bring his

DetroitJul 23, 2001 (17h40)
Detroit Celebration 300.

I wish i had a setlist to write down. I can tell you the show was very awesome. Much of his set was similar to the Natural Wonder double disc. And he was awesome to see in concert! A personal dream of mine, to see him concert, has finally come true.

One part of the show, Stevie got very emotional. It was like he could feel the size of the crowd that was there to watch him perform. He started to cry. As he was weeping, he told his fans that he was so excited to come home and perform in Detroit.

At 11, stage managers were kind of signaling to the band, that show had to end. I guess Detroit had a some kind of curfew. Either Stevie did not know, or did not care. He played until 12.

Please do not email me asking me more questions about the concert. I have written all that I remember. It was a dream come true. I never thought I'd say this. But I am lucky to live in Detroit.


faisal aliJul 23, 2001 (17h15)
according to VH1 stevie is featured on the new elton john' new album playing harmonica and clavinet.

faisal aliJul 23, 2001 (17h04)
please we need more details about stevie 's performance in detroit on saturday night.
if anyone was there please share some info with all of us.

AlphaJul 23, 2001 (09h17)
Are there any upcoming concerts. Please inform.

ZachJul 23, 2001 (06h38)
Can any one help me with figuring out a song title? If any one can remember the episode of
The Cosby Show Stevie was on,
I am trying to remember the name of the song he sang on the show.

DaveJul 22, 2001 (23h17)
Well let me tell you.....I drove from Buffalo to Detroit to see Stevie perform yesterday.....and it was BY FAR one of the greatest shows of musical talent and pure emotion that I have ever seen. I would encourage anyone to go - if the chance arises - and see Stevie perform. The entire crowd is into it, whether it be dancing, singing, or just clapping their hands. Nobody leaves dissapointed. Stevie, Thank you.

scottJul 22, 2001 (18h41)
Man! just caught the Stevie Wonder concert in Detroit and oh man Stevie! You ojust got to start doing that more regularly!

AlphieJul 22, 2001 (00h30)
I Love you to much.

Ellen Marie ;bJul 21, 2001 (01h48)
Hey Stevie! ;) Will you be touring the NJ/NYC area
any time soon? If so, please put me on your email
list. Your the best! Thank You, Ellen Marie ;D

RoryJul 19, 2001 (15h12)
These 3 words sweet and simple and pure and kind. I love you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mathieuJul 19, 2001 (10h53)
i would like to know what is the next concerts of stevie ?????

StephenJul 19, 2001 (09h04)
Stevie - if only my words could sound as sweetly as your music I would say more. keep singing and someday love WILL reign throughout this world of ours!

Aamir YaqubJul 19, 2001 (03h52)
What can I say? Stevie Wonder.....truly a natural wonder. I am 18 yrs of age and have been listening to Stevie for about two years now, the guy has inspired me so much both as a musician and as a singer. Not only that, his songwriting skills have bettered mine, his vocals have bettered mine, his manipulation of the keys and chord progressions has changed the way that i play piano. He has also taught me lessons in life and love and made me a better person. I love Stevie and all that he stands for. It seemed that God took away his sight, but replaced it with something so special, that has spread throughout the world. I would name some of the songs that have touched my heart, but i'd be here forever. There isn't one song i have heard of his that i do not like, and i doubt i ever will not like one piece of music he comes up with. I would give the world just to meet him and speak to him and to sing with him and jam with him. I would give an arm and a leg to see him perform live here in the U.K. If there is anyone from Motown reading this..........please organise a tour of the U.K. With all my heart and soul.......Stevie......You are the Sunshine of my Life.


muzikJul 19, 2001 (00h57)
Are you going to an NSYNC perform @ the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca this summer? If not, here’s a great way to win a pair of tickets to see NSYNC. Just check out the Dante Thomas site to enter to win the contest. Dante Thomas will be opening for NSYNC and will be performing his hit single “Miss California”. Check out the Dante site to get more info on Dante and to win a pair of NSYNC tickets!!!

EricJul 19, 2001 (00h12)
There are far too many wonderful things to say about Stevie Wonder. I think he is one of the greatest men who has ever lived. He plays multiple instruments, exceptionally well, sings as if a gift from god, he contributed to the success of Martin Luther King's birthday becoming a national holiday, and a bajillion other things to say the least.

I would like to see Stevie Wonder live. If anyone knows whether or not he performs anymore, could you e-mail me? I'm so tired of seeing that he has to perform with people like Sisquo and other cheesy pop acts. One thing I can say is that I wish Stevie would take it back to the old school. I'm not a fan of digital keyboards and all that, although I support anything he does.

One of your biggest fans,
Eric Venuto :)

AlphaJul 18, 2001 (12h11)
Come to Alaska. You'd love it. And stop in to see me. :)

ashaJul 18, 2001 (01h45)
i love stevie wonder so much!!
i have always wanted to meet him bur i never got to.
i have been inspired by him and the Cleptomaniacs!!
they are great to!
i also luv his sweet voice!
it sounds as if it was sent from heaven!
i listen to your music all the time and i luv you so much!!!!!!!
you help my friends mom get over being blind and now she luvs u 2 because she knows you can still do things like sing when you are blind!!
thank you from her mom and a big thank u from me!!
u might not be able to read this letter but if someone reads it to u know that this is real and all 4 u!!!

faisal aliJul 17, 2001 (15h07)
I don't think that stevie will release an album this september or even this
year, because i know stevie and i know that he loves to take his
sweet time in completing his album, i hope that afer all this wait
that he will finally release a double album with no less than 24 songs
i really wish he will do it this time. please stevie, we all love you
and can't get enough from you.

SpewisJul 17, 2001 (13h19)
Great site, Thanks.

Carlos R. DuqueJul 16, 2001 (18h48)
This is a fantastic site! I really enjoyed the quick visit, so I'll do it again. Thanks to the webmaster as well as to the sunshine of our lives. Mr. Blue

HeatherJul 13, 2001 (23h07)
My dream is to meet Stevie Wonder.

Otis Jul 13, 2001 (23h05)
Stevie Wonder is awes. Not just his music but the way he came so far being blind.

JasonJul 12, 2001 (22h58)
Just wanted to let you know that Mr. Stevie Wonder will be singing in Detroit next weekand ( July 21 ). It is not a complete concert but he will be performing for at least 1 hour. If you need information call 1-877-DET-2001.

I will see you there!

Paulo SilvaJul 12, 2001 (20h29)
I Love Stevie Wonder Sound !!!
I have Cds the Stevie Wonder Song in My Home, in My my Life. Greatest Hits and Bass Sound is the best united

vincenzoJul 12, 2001 (11h11)
je voudrais dire quelque chose de spirituel.
un compliment aussi bien trempé que ce stevie peut nous offrir,je me contente simplement de ceci en attendant.

-Ital Iman IJul 12, 2001 (01h25)
Pure lyric is he in rays of the sun-all the flowers know it and are laughing(c)2001...
That so many voice their love for him,the many hue's of the original one;of all ages and places through out orb earth is evident that he is LOGOS CIRCLE SEVEN;has any one ever told you o ones of the one that he is The liberator of The Black People-"if some one would have aproched you yesterday and told you that today you would be 'jamming' you wouldnot have belived it,save you best to belive it cause you feel your body jamming" once we were in the middle of the makings of the MASTERBLASTER JAMMING, now that the jamming is through,we hope you like jamming too,cause when you moving in the positive your destination is the brightest star-{a seeds a star a stars a seed}
-POTOLO-? I am THE MASTER of the esoteric side of Stevie wonder-Author of THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER(still in progress) Founder of THE WONDER PROJECT... I/I say unto ones who are doubting Thomas;remember,that,by the faith of One-Noah,THE ELDERS were given a good report...(peace until the gathering of the Masters)-Chilam Balam :-Ital Iman I

-Ital Iman IJul 12, 2001 (01h25)
Pure lyric is he in rays of the sun-all the flowers know it and are laughing(c)2001...
That so many voice their love for him,the many hue's of the original one;of all ages and places through out orb earth is evident that he is LOGOS CIRCLE SEVEN;has any one ever told you o ones of the one that he is The liberator of The Black People-"if some one would have aproched you yesterday and told you that today you would be 'jamming' you wouldnot have belived it,save you best to belive it cause you feel your body jamming" once we were in the middle of the makings of the MASTERBLASTER JAMMING, now that the jamming is through,we hope you like jamming too,cause when you moving in the positive your destination is the brightest star-{a seeds a star a stars a seed}
-POTOLO-? I am THE MASTER of the esoteric side of Stevie wonder-Author of THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER(still in progress) Founder of THE WONDER PROJECT... I/I say unto ones who are doubting Thomas;remember,that,by the faith of One-Noah,THE ELDERS were given a good report...(peace until the gathering of the Masters)-Chilam Balam :-Ital Iman I

yoramJul 11, 2001 (19h34)
i just started "really" listening to stevie a year ago and his music has changed my life...if i ver meet you stevie i'll have to give you a hug b/c your music makes me so happy

chickenlegs67Jul 10, 2001 (17h40)

chickenlegs67Jul 10, 2001 (17h25)

chickenlegs67Jul 10, 2001 (17h24)

rkJul 10, 2001 (05h00) let you know the above link now appears prominently at our renovated site at a new location--
and feel your link is still the best Stevie (overdue) web site around.

Thanks for an excellent resource and (I truly love you) best thoughts,
R K Puma

CubeJul 9, 2001 (00h48)
I tell you man, this site is brilliant,
This is the only Wonder site that has update info with his fans writing in.

The thing that really strike's me about Stevie is his amazing chords progression.
Also the way he works his melodies around them for instance ,'Golden Lady' 'Lately' 'Summer Soft'.

'You & I' towards the climax of this particular song the chords are heavenly and the way he holds the note with his voice as he moves those chords, also the way he uses the bass in his songs the way they constantly move.
In the 70's also the early 80's was his best creative period and I have a funny feeling that his brand new album is going to capture a lot of that magic, so Music Lovers beware

CitizenPrimeJul 8, 2001 (23h32)
I am currently enrolled in a leadership class. I had to choose someone to do a presentation on and Stevie popped into my head. You are an inspiration to many. God bless. ADam

JanJul 8, 2001 (21h24)
Is there an English fan club, and if so what is the address please?

JanJul 8, 2001 (21h18)
Does anyone know when the new album is being released. Like many other I cant wait. He is my ultimate idol.

RandyJul 8, 2001 (14h10)
Hey guys
I am from holland
I am only 14 jears old
And i say that stevie is one of the best artists

DavidJul 8, 2001 (03h12)
Bon j'mexcuse mais pour une fois j'vais paler en français.
Juste pour dire que dans la vie il y a des moments difficiles et pour remonter
la pente rien de telle que d'ecouté l'artiste numéro un, j'ai nommé Stevie Wonder!
Depuis que je les decouvert en 1995 ma vie a changé grace à cette homme qui compose, produit, ecrit
arrange des morceaux de music venu d'ailleurs.

Vivement le nouvel album en septembre!
say: lalalala........;

SamiJul 7, 2001 (23h43)
Like everyone here,I would also like to thank you for all the great music you´ve come up with during the years.I hope you´ll come to Finland and play for us!Best wishes from the sunny Helsinki!

kasterJul 7, 2001 (10h51)
The greatest artist ever! I am 22 and I have done my listening and studying of Stevie! The best era for Stevie, no question, was the 70's! Also, I hate when people always say that he was there inspiration! How many of them do you think listened or felt "Journey through the Secret Life of Plants"?

herbJul 7, 2001 (06h05)
can't begin to explain how much of a fan i am--i am 52 years old --although i havent always been able to afford to buy the current record , tape or cd , i would listen to every one as often as i could--and as far as im concerned--each one of those songs was the very best.--hope you are always there for our pleasure-STEVIE
-------a HUGE fan and friend --------Herb

Rob T.Jul 6, 2001 (00h50)
Stevie is easily my favorite artist, and Brian McKnight is my second, so I've been waiting for the day that the two would have a duet, and I'll be the first to buy it. Stevie's amazing vocal ability, unmatched songwriting talents, deftness at the harmonica and his fervor for social and political involvement puts him as close to an ideal musician as anyone that I can think of. It almost makes one forget his considerable handicap. My some of my favorite songs are ribbon in the sky (the live version from Natural Wonder), Visions, and knocks me off my feet. I'm so glad he's now using his music to give God the praise He deserves.

wild98Jul 6, 2001 (00h14)
Don't suppose Stevie's considering any tours, huh? I heard on the radio the other day he performed in Pasadena at an event - I'd have given anything to see him live.

Stevie, your talent is unmatched and what you bring to the music industry is more than you can believe. Keeping going.

CubeJul 5, 2001 (02h55)
Also just a quick note to all you die hard Stevie fans,
He is also doing a duet with Brian McKnight called, 'Without You'.
I have'nt yet heard the track but I believe Brians 's album is due late August, & I am not sure if its the same song that Nilson done called 'Without You'.
It could possibly be that one or a brand new song.
I am looking forward to hearing it as they a both brilliant song writers and I am sure this will be a treat.

PolockJul 5, 2001 (02h54)
He's song is So Fantastic materials to me... when the day's begining, turn on the cd palyer and stevie's with me... I really enjoyed... I really wanna meet him, just once.. "Your songs are the sunshine of my heart!!"

CubeJul 5, 2001 (02h50)
Has anyone heard that classic song Stevie had with Dianne Schuur , the female blind Jazz singer, the album came out last year its called ,'Friends of Schuur'.
And the song Stevie does with her is entitled , 'Finally'.

Its a beautiful song and thier voices blend smoothly, the intro reminds me of,'Send one Your Love'.
And towards the end of the track they both do a bit of vocal gymnastics, its great to see Stevie back on form again.

sammigirlyJul 5, 2001 (02h30)
I think he is just soooo amazing.His songs could brighten up anybodys day and night. He is truly a gift from God

WillJul 5, 2001 (00h23)
Hi im Will and im 16, I love Stevie Wonder sooo much, he is by far my best solo artist, he is so talented at what he does and without the use of his eyes to. Its impossible for me to choose a favourite song but some of my favourites include SIR DUKE, LATELY, ISNT SHE LOVELY, DO I DO, LIVING FOR THE CITY and DONT YOU WORRY. Stevie deserves every bit of praise he gets, does anyone find it strange that im 16 and listenin to Stevie? hope not! :) hehe

valharioJul 4, 2001 (15h39)
I just love him ! Wish I can meet him in personal.

Katrina Jul 4, 2001 (07h01)
Hello Stevie Fans,

I believe Stevie Wonder has the greatest voice ever known to man. He has the greastest range, adlib abilities, poetic and God inspired lyrics I have ever heard. I believe I am his biggest fan. I would like to know if he can squeeze in a trip to St. Louis or any near
by city in the near future.


WendiJul 4, 2001 (02h56)
In 1977 I use to sing a song to my unborn child, "Isn't She Lovely", to which my husband would laugh as this baby was going to be a boy. She was born in July and I sang this song to her over the years as she was growing up.
My daughter will be 24 next month, and I went to see her yesterday to find her singing that very song to her newborn daughter. So Stevie, your songs are now moving on to the next generation, a beautiful song for your daughter and mine, and now a lovely grandaughter. Such beautiful music will live on forever.

Shilla BitJul 4, 2001 (00h34)
To my opinion, "As" is the best song ever!

Shilla BitJul 4, 2001 (00h34)
To my opinion, "As" is the best song ever!

Bro. WesleyJul 3, 2001 (17h19)
Peace and Blessings to all Wonderlovers!
I am really excited to share my love for Stevie with others who love him. I had the priveledge of meeting Stevie and presenting him with an award through his Brother in law who is a very strong God fearing man.
I have just learned from him that Stevie will be performing in Detroit this month and that he will give me the complete hook-up on the whole deal, I hear that the concert will be FREE.

~~Jazz Girl~~Jul 2, 2001 (21h40)
Hi to all ~STEVIE WONDER~ fans!!!
PLEASE, If someone know where can I find his tourdates, tell me!!!! and if you have any midi of stevie song please send me!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

~~Jazz Girl~~

JesseJul 2, 2001 (20h55)
Stevie Wonder's voice trickles into my ears, through my spine and into my soul. When he is heard is provides a warmth for the heart and our human spirit. The music is genius. The lyrics are immaculate. The performance is insprirng. But all is nothing without the man and what lies within him. Stevie Wonder is a blessed angel to our minds and we should thank him. Thank you Stevie.

trickle_onJul 2, 2001 (19h39)
I love "Overjoyed". It just lifts me up from the depths of loneliness.
Keep on making music forever, stevie.

TracyJul 2, 2001 (14h42)
Pleaaasssseeee ..... I need to know if Stevie will ever visit Australia. Please could someone let me know, or give me some contact details of a Manager or Promoter.

LeroyJul 1, 2001 (16h52)
Still I'm dyin' to know if anyone knows about a song called "Reflections of You"? People who visited his '81 performance in Ahoy R'dam must remember this, since they chose afore-mentioned song above "Ribbon in the sky". Let me know........

WayneJul 1, 2001 (05h41)
Hi all you stevie fans.isnt this site great.I was wondering whats every ones favorite Stevie song
mines Do i Do ,its got such a great vibe to it.Its almost like its being performed live with its ad libs and free feel i never get tired of listening to it.lets have more of the same Stevie.

eviJul 1, 2001 (02h52)
will someone please tell me if there really is going to be a new album release in September.I can't wait for it- There is no one else like him-