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CubeOct 31, 2001 (23h51)
The next few weeks is crucial if we are gonna hear anything brand new from Stevie in terms of of a new single or album after that we'll have to wait untill the new year as Christmas is coming up it would be nice to have this new album as a christmas gift.

I really do thing this new album is going to be something real specail and I agree with someone who sent a message in an earlier entry , it would be nice to have real instruments again , Innervisions', 'Songs'....
these albums had an edge and feel.

Stevie its coming up to 7 years come on we're all waiting. You are amazingly talented , blessed by God please share it with the world again.

JaneOct 31, 2001 (23h37)
And..... yes, I agree! Those albums from the 70's are absolute timeless masterpieces.
What a sensitive and creative soul!

JaneOct 31, 2001 (23h33)
I think Dancing to the Rythm (from Natural Wonder) is such a wonder...full song.
What a great way to start the album, and I still remember the goose bumbs I had
when he opened his last concert in Australia with this song.
I'm just looking forward to his next timeless creation.

maggsOct 31, 2001 (18h15)
a double album would be nice , as in songs in the key of life , but something like innervisions or talking book would be nice too! I'm not talking about him recreating his 70's sound , just the feel of the albums , you know , either would be good!

maybe he'll surprise us with something totally unexpected . I don't have a fave album , thay're all equally as good . I just can't wait !!!

Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream Oct 31, 2001 (14h08)
I'd be excited to experience any new Stevie.... single album or double, doesn't matter..... BUT please please please... real instruments......... preferably played by The One and Only...Shteevie!

love's in need of love todayOct 31, 2001 (13h49)
Love's in need of love today
Don't delay
Send yours in right away
Hate's goin' round
Breaking many hearts
Stop it please
Before it's gone too far

faisal aliOct 31, 2001 (13h47)
i'm sure that the new album will be release sometime next year between
june and november, but no way its gonna be release before that time.
i know stevie, he will take his sweet sweet time to complete his album.
but i hope that after all this wait it's gonna be a double album with no less than 24 song.
tell me guys what do you think, would you prefer a single or a double album.

maggsOct 31, 2001 (13h18)
I'll bet he won't release his new album 'till at least christmas time !! October's nearly up and still no sign , D'OH!!!
patientce is a vertue and all that .
It'll be good and worth the wait I'm sure , but it's been a long time now .

Jhante'Oct 30, 2001 (22h12)
Hi Stevie I realy enjoy your music. My whole family loves your music.For one thing I know is that yor music will always fulfill my dreams.YOUR #1 FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

KrisOct 30, 2001 (16h01)
i cant get away from the fact that songs in the key of life is the ultimate album ever. sorry to be obvious but it needs saying, cheers stevie you absolute diamond!

JaneOct 30, 2001 (14h11)
I was wondering when Stevie's new album is coming out.... and when we might get it in Australia. Would anyone know when we'll be treated to more Stevie?

CharlesOct 30, 2001 (01h45)
Hey Stevie,
How are you feeling? I was in Sam Ash two days after you arrived last Saturday. I am in search of a Roland Keyboard for the home. If you get this note, please let me know what you think. I particularly like the Fender Rhodes sound. I'll be talking with you again soon. God has got his hand on you. All the best.

linoOct 29, 2001 (22h09)
Hello, too bad Stevie can't get e-mails... I've often felt like sharing so many things with him after listening to his beautiful music. I love your heart, Stevie, it talks about many things I know in my heart as well...
Anyway - will you ever come to Denmark?????? I'm an Italian woman living in Denmark, and during these long winters missing the warmth (and the food!) from my land. But now I have a son who is handicapped, so it's best for us to live here. Come to Denmark, Stevie! I would be the happiest woman... With love, Lino

nick StevieFREAKOct 27, 2001 (17h48)
Hello everyone, I assume stevie will never hear about this message, but That is fine, I am a Musician in the middle of a Bachelor degree in music and have to thank stevie personally for the courage and determination He has shown, that has helped me along the way in my missions with a visual "Situation"... I am legally blind, but morally sighted. I would appreciate like minded individuals as pen pals or the like, I have been listening to the title track from coonversation peace for the last day non stop... those voicings are incredible... I play Bass, Guitar and drums in various styles... I am 23 and sure as hell about this career, Cheers from New Zealand... Mail Me at I might then give you my homepage...

normOct 26, 2001 (19h42)
greetings from kansas city-
stevie is definetely a blessing in the world of music. i actually have 2 questions. one, is ribbon in the sky only found on the musiquarium? also, itd be great to have a lyrics area on the site. otherwise, nice work and Yah bless stevie.

KimOct 26, 2001 (16h36)
Just wanted to say that Stevie rocks our world..... Good luck in your new life with your new baby and wife. Thank you for all the pleasures you have given us through your music. Kim in Uganda.

johanOct 26, 2001 (10h07)
hello steveland, give us more news about you
we miss too much, maybe three much.

johanOct 26, 2001 (10h06)
hello steveland, give us more news about you
we miss too much, maybe three much.

CNDOct 26, 2001 (06h18)
Mate i just here to say that stevie wonder is one of the greatest musicians that i've ever heard. i only wish i could be so talented. i am currently playing "I Wish" i can play it fine but i was "wonder"ing for any tips on how to really spice it up just a fill here and a trill there. mate you are the greatest, please come to Australia for a performance. Keep it real boys

SamanthaOct 25, 2001 (15h48)
Hi! I live in Newfoundland Canada and was doing a project and I decided to do it on Stevie. I have never really listened to any of his music before, but I seen him on a episode of the Cosby show. I was flicking threw the channels and seen him singing a song with the mother of the Cosby show and heard some more after. So I was just looking for an autobiography on Stevie and if anyone has any idea where I can find one please let me know! Thanxz so mUch! Stevie you have touched so many lives!!

esenOct 25, 2001 (14h37)
i like how come how long.but stevie yoy are the best

nbtOct 25, 2001 (11h06)
I would love to Stevie Wonder play live - ca some one tell me when he will be playing in the UK next? answers to the entire collection on CD is a great night in !

hueOct 25, 2001 (09h32)
Stevie Wonder is genius....My favorite song is 'Lately'
Beutiful Midus....¢½

JeffffOct 25, 2001 (03h03)
I have just rediscovered the sheet music for the 1980 song Lately. It is such a beautiful piece, so simple, so human. My goal is to sit down at the piano and be able to play Lately by Christmas. I might even try singing it out loud. Thanks for this wonderful song, Stevie.

HaileyOct 25, 2001 (01h43)
I'm doing a report on famous people with disabilitys and i need some information on how stevie wonder's blindness

Drew mC COct 24, 2001 (23h50)
First and formost my thanx to the universal divine power, for blessing us all with such an amazing human being such as Stevie. Music is my sustinance and at times my salvation and in my head every minute, but You're music has reached me deeper than any other...inspired, enlightened, and motivated me in so many ways..thankyou....I'm from Sydney Australia, and I'll be touring the east cost of U.S.A in November with a childrens entertainment group, The Wiggles!!..I'd love to see Stevie live if possible....will there be any live performances druing this time??...I'm sure the presence of a new born will occupy most of your time, so I'm sure there lay your priorities!! =0)...once again, thankyou..Peace & Harmony,Drew

whitetornadoOct 24, 2001 (23h37)
Just to reiterate for those who were asking, Stevie's new wife is Karen-Millard Morris, and they have a baby boy who was born last month. The arcticle I read it in is at and it is actually a very negative arcticle having to do with Stevie's ex-girlfriend. Obliviously she is bitter and has resorted to telling lies. I was shocked to see ANY bad press about Stevie but no one is immune from accusations I guess. Can't wait for the new CD(what a shock, huh?)

liliOct 24, 2001 (23h27)
hey! i'm doing a project on stevie and i was wondering if you could tell me some stuff about how stevie copes with his disability! thanks!stevie rox!

faisal aliOct 24, 2001 (16h14)
stevie, we are still waiting for your new album. please give us all
a sneak preview of the new album.

LukeOct 24, 2001 (02h49)
Does anyone know the Stevie Wonder track that Bob Sinclair's 'Outro Luger' was based on? Been look for it for ages.... Thanks.

ianOct 24, 2001 (01h23)
Thanks white tornado for reminding us what this site is all about. Rather than focussing upon Stevie himself it enables us to reafirm what he stands for. We have at our finger tips the ability to become the universal family he and all of us envisage. So let us all feast upon the good memories we have about the man and his musical message. I think at times we all expect to much. He has become a source of inspiration for so many people throughout the world. maybe its our turn now to turn his dreams into reality. keep talking!!!!!!!!!

ZacOct 23, 2001 (21h05)
I just wanted to know when the next UK or Northen Europe dates are going to be I have been raised on a whole host of music from Hendricks, Hayes, Jackson (Millie and the Family Jackson) Elton John Rolling Stones etc and have seen all but you live. If you havent sorted out a date what US dates do you have planned that fall on a Sunday or Monday.

PaulBOct 23, 2001 (12h39)
Stevie you have touched my heart and soul.Thankyou.
Can anyone give me some info on work Stevie did with Tonto's Expanding Head Band ?

camilliaOct 23, 2001 (12h16)
I grew up in the belly listening & feeling Stevie's muzik~ he expresses
so eloquentlee some of my heart of hearts prayers perfectlee
we all be one~ I love you wonderchild, everthing- the song...

nickCiciOct 22, 2001 (23h09)
He whitetornado, does Stevie really have a new wife and BABY???????? Tell me more please, thnx.
Love Cici.

nickCiciOct 22, 2001 (23h07)
Stevie, he's my hero.
I love him.

carlosOct 22, 2001 (14h14)
when will we have a new studio album of Stevie?

whitetornadoOct 22, 2001 (01h08)
Stevie's not going to email, call or sing at your wedding, ok? This is just a website for fans to post things for each other. Maybe he reads it sometimes, who knows? But let's be real and REALISTIC. He has a life of his own, a new wife and baby that I'm sure keep him busy. He appreciates us for sure, but c'mon. Really, folks...just enjoy the music and the posts. I Love you all...

DonOct 22, 2001 (00h23)
When will Stevie release a new album?

Woo-Jin KangOct 20, 2001 (19h08)
Hello! I'm a musician in Korea. I respect on Stevie Wonder!!
Whenever I listen to his music, I'm in sadness..
Stevie wonder is my strength..
All Korean loves U~!
see ya!

SanderOct 20, 2001 (14h00)
Hey Stevie
everything all right
can you email me back

bey Sander

J & TOct 20, 2001 (11h31)
It's so long since you came over to England - please come back soon!

johnathanOct 20, 2001 (02h01)
Hello Stevie as you can gather my name is johnathan and i,m listening to your music right now. My mum and my uncle both listen to your music and so do i. Iam eight years of age and i live in york in england. I think that you are really special because you do so many things yet you are blind. My uncle has been to all your concerts and i hope that one day i will see you my self. God bless love you always.

SaraOct 19, 2001 (21h07)
HeyHey Stevie~
You gotta give us a tour......Speaking on behalf of The Loyal People and for the Love of Wonder Music......Bless us with some Live Showz!!
ThanksThanks for the tunez ~ Sara

DavidOct 19, 2001 (19h09)
Within the last year my uncle tragically past away. He was a huge Stevie Wonder fan. As a child I remember listening to his albums for hours. One song always stuck out in my mind, however I cannot remember the title. I only remember one of the lyrics. "Sneaking out the backdoor, hanging with some good old friends of mine." (or something to that effect) If anyone has any idea of this songs title could you please email it to me. I am desperately searching with no luck. God Bless

DentonOct 19, 2001 (15h50)
Hey, I'm a huge Stevie fan. Does anyone know if he will be giving any concerts or going on tour any time? I would love to see him in concert. Please reply if you can. Email me at

SanderOct 19, 2001 (14h08)
Hello Stevie Wonder
I'm a big fan of you
Do you want to email my back PLEASE
this is my email aderes

SanderOct 19, 2001 (14h06)
Hello stevie Wonder
ik moet een werkstuk over u maken
Ik vind u muziek heel goed ,vooral how come how long
maar ik ga weer ,veel succes met nieuwe nummers.

bey Sander

SanderOct 19, 2001 (14h04)
Hello stevie Wonder
ik moet een werkstuk over u maken
Ik vind u muziek heel goed ,vooral how come how long
maar ik ga weer ,veel succes met nieuwe nummers.

bey Sander

WeaseOct 19, 2001 (13h06)
I'm totally in love with "Lately" could anyone point me to somewhere I could find the piano music for it? Cheers Louisa :o)

frankieOct 19, 2001 (12h13)
hello stevie wazzup i'am jour bigests fan i love your songs

alanOct 19, 2001 (00h27)
I think the song u sang at the TRIBUTE TO HERO'S touched us all(LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY.)U have many fans in Scotland,and we would love u to do another concert in the UK.Please replie and tell us if u would bring ur musical genius to the UK.ALAN,14

alanOct 19, 2001 (00h26)
I think the song u sang at the TRIBUTE TO HERO'S touched us all(LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY.)U have many fans in Scotland,and we would love u to do another concert in the UK.Please replie and tell us if u would bring ur musical genius to the UK.ALAN,14

alanOct 19, 2001 (00h25)
I think the song u sang at the TRIBUTE TO HERO'S touched us all(LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY.)U have many fans in Scotland,and we would love u to do another concert in the UK.Please replie and tell us if u would bring ur musical genius to the UK.ALAN,14

alanOct 19, 2001 (00h22)
I think the song u sang at the TRIBUTE TO HERO'S touched us all,u have many fans in Scotland,and we would love u to do another concert in the UK.Please replie and tell us if u would bring ur musical genius to the UK.ALAN,14

alanOct 19, 2001 (00h11)
hi this is Alan from Scotland,age14 and am a big fan of ur's

CharlesOct 18, 2001 (23h48)
Stevie, I'm just waiting on your next CD, whatever the title is. I personally don't think that you can top "Conversation Peace". Thank you for bringing its relevance to our time today. May our Lord continue to bless you. I wanted to tell you in Sam Ash that afternoon, Sensous Whisper is a musical masterpiece. Hope to see you again soon when you come to New York City.

CharlesOct 18, 2001 (23h47)
Stevie, I'm just waiting on your next CD, whatever the title is. I personally don't think that you can top "Conversation Peace". Thank you for bringing its relevance to our time today. May our Lord continue to bless you. I wanted to tell you in Sam Ash that afternoon, Sensous Whisper is a musical masterpiece. Hope to see you again soon when you come to New York City.

The UndertakerOct 18, 2001 (19h26)
Hello Stevie,
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm an Dutch boy.
When you come to the Netherlands?
If you wants to come come then to Zaandam.
It's great her.
Of your biggest fan.
P.S. Als iemand van Zaanlands Oost dit leest de groetjes van klas 2E.

The UndertakerOct 18, 2001 (19h21)
Hallo Meneer Wonder,
Je maakt te gekke muziek!!!!!!!!!!

The Undertaker.

NeillOct 18, 2001 (17h33)
Hi Stevie, My name is neill and I'm ayoung musician. I just wanted to thank you for giving your unique music to the world. your voice is pure and freely resonant and all its amazing facets inspire me more than i know how to express it. of what little i know of your philosophy from your songs and the efficient forthright emotiveness of your music and words i love. you are amazing. my Love flies to you and your loved ones;

And I,ll be loving you always
Peace and Happiness

whitetornadoOct 18, 2001 (09h42)
Not only does Stevie have a WIFE...... they just welcomed a NEW BABY BOY last month!!! Congratulations on the new child to Stevie & Karen!!!!!!!

robinOct 18, 2001 (03h36)
In the song Sir Duke, when Stevie is naming the jazz greats, it Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) not Schimo. Stevie kind of drags it out like "Satch-a-mo." Satchmo was Louis' nickname, as in satchel mouth. Geez get your lyrics right if you're going to have a website.

biancaOct 18, 2001 (01h16)

belitaOct 17, 2001 (01h26)
i mad ea few mistakes in the paragraphs so im going to fix
it up the word that says blian is really blind and im twelve years old turning thirteen

belitaOct 17, 2001 (01h19)
hi im a 13 year old girl and i just have to say that i love stevei wonder soooo much
my mother and brother and father got me into his music.when i was3. i went to my mothers wedding
and all we played was his music.even if he is blian he still have experince in his music.when my mother played one of his songs on the radio i knew who he already was at the age of two.
stevie a.k.a stevland morris really got a big influence on me by his music.
you may think im ot other kids are in new school these days .im a old school.i get excited over stevie wonder than stevie i just called to say i love you.and you are the sunshine of my life forever you stay in my heart.i love you.. and i have all your album. #1 fan for life.

stacy geeOct 16, 2001 (17h26)
I'll be walking down the aisle to "You and I" on Dec. 1, 2001. Thank you Stevie for such a beautiful song!

PeterOct 16, 2001 (01h53)
HI people!!!!I'm the same fan like you music of our Stevie,and I have a question for you .who can help me to find Stevie's song with Kimberly "I love you more" Please have mercy !!help!!!Mayby anybody knows when Stevie relese his new album??? Stevie do it please, we all waiting on your new records but nothing- what is a rison?? tell us please.

PeterOct 16, 2001 (01h51)
HI people!!!!I'm the same fan like you music of our Stevie,and I have a question for you .who can help me to find Stevie's song with Kimberly "I love you more" Please have mercy !!help!!!Mayby anybody knows when Stevie relese his new album??? Stevie do it please, we all waiting on your new records but nothing- what is a rison?? tell us please.

MirakOct 15, 2001 (23h27)
The show on Oct 14 2001 was the Greatest do it again.

babouOct 14, 2001 (21h02)
dear stevie
i wanted to say that i love your music. there's no artist like you, your songs are so beautiful.. your songs keeps me smiling and felling good all the time. thanks for your music and please come in france soon !

BaxieOct 14, 2001 (21h02)
Hi, stevie fans, I have a question: what is the chorus singing at the end of "don't you worry 'bout a thing". I really can't understand it (don't blame me, I'm dutch 8-)) It sounds like "don't go stop feelin' cheveny"... Help me out!!! (it's in none of the lyric pages on the net..)

MAHMOUDOct 14, 2001 (02h28)

CharlesOct 13, 2001 (19h47)
Just a note to say hello. I was one of the fans in Sam Ash Music on 48th Street in New York City that told you that "Conversation Peace" was your finest work ever. God has blessed you to be one of his musical prophets.

TomOct 13, 2001 (10h57)
If I'm not mistaken, Stevie hasn't recorded a real album of new material since 1995 - that's SEVEN YEARS! Does anyone know if he considers himself retired from the recording studio, if he still has a label, if he has any plans? Damn, I could see him coming out with a 3-CD box of new material and defining the new century. Stevie, come out of hiding!

BazOct 12, 2001 (19h55)
Please can anyone help me, trying to find Stevies version of "papa was a rolling stone" been looking for about six months with no luck so far....
thankyou Baz

whitetornadoOct 12, 2001 (07h40)
I just read that Stevie is married. Did anyone know this? I'm not sure how long it's been, the name given in the arcticle is Karen-Millard Morris. Anyway Congratulations, Stevie!! And good luck with that bitter ex-girlfriend, she's just telling lies.(I hate when people try to make you look bad, rare as it is) Here's wishing you and Karen the best for the future!!!

AgnesOct 11, 2001 (23h51)
Just to let you know that I am born the same day and month as you did: May 13. But with 20 years after you. I have always promessed to myself to contact you for my thirty's. As we were both passing an important step in our life! Well I have done it. I wish you all the best. Agnès from France.
ps: I love what you do!

BradOct 11, 2001 (21h59)
I'm a huge Stevie Fan. I have a question about his operation though. I could've swore I saw him doing an interview with someone that was going to implant chips into his eyes so that he may see partial images. Has there been any update on that yet? I though he was to have that operation earlier this year but have heard nothing about it. It brought tears to my eyes because I thought what a gift it would be to give the gift of sight back to a person who has endeared our ears and hearts for 2 generations.

MaggsOct 11, 2001 (18h33)
No , but I've seen him do some live stuff too !
I'd like to have it!!!

Anyone ?
that's two of us now!!!!!!!

LiOct 11, 2001 (13h44)
Hey everybody !
I am a big fan of Stevie's music for a long time .
I have a question and I'll love it if someone give me an answer :
I saw a live prefomence by Stevie in VH1 , it was recorded in the 70's , I am trying to find that on an album . Did anybody hear about that album and can help me find it ??

Thanks a lot !

JESUSOct 10, 2001 (15h20)
I love Stevie Wonders`music, i`m spanish fan, somebody know something about new album, please , send me e-mail. Thank you

StoicOct 10, 2001 (06h04)
I have never been the one for heros, I guess I never really trusted anyone enough for my admirance to reach that level. But if there was a hero in my life, it would be Stevie Wonder. The man encompasses UNREAL talent and true soul.....I love this man for all of the music that I grew up with, one of the first songs I remeber in my life was "Isn't she lovely". I trust in your music Stevie...I guess you are my hero after all. All the love and empathy for you and all who *feel* your music. You are wonderful...God Bless!!!

john gOct 9, 2001 (21h57)
You are the best by far! Please go on tour so one of my biggest dreams can come true!

RoseOct 9, 2001 (16h51)
Hello, I had to a report on Stevie Wonder and now i love hime!

RoseOct 9, 2001 (16h50)
Hello, I had to a report on Stevie Wonder and now i love hime!

nick kazOct 9, 2001 (08h41)
hi i love stevie's song very much. and i think you do too!
so,i really love stevie's fan all over the world. thanks.

AlbertoOct 9, 2001 (00h13)
Special songs;hello young lovers, part-time lover, stay gold, i wish, as, he´s misstra know it all, chemical love, ebony & ivory, dancing to the rhythm, a place in the sun, i don´t know why, seems so long, joy inside my tears and love´s in need of love today. (beautiful with Julio Iglesias "my love" and with take 6, almost the live tribute concert to heroes UUEE, and Andrea Agassi. i want hear your new CD, i big hug for stevie´s fans and the world, god bless you.

AlbertoOct 8, 2001 (22h46)
Stevie thanks for your songs, you are my second daddy, and your fans are my brothers, ;)))))) bye

AlbertospanishOct 8, 2001 (22h44)

nessybeeOct 8, 2001 (20h56)
Hi, Stevie -
I just wanted you to know that I, like many, many others, have loved you and loved your music all of my life. I am 30 years old now, and my parents played your music for me when I was still in my mother's womb, in Pittsburgh, PA.
You have been my role model on how to be a loving, giving, and compassionate person. You have been my example of how to stand up and fight back for what I believe in. You have been my religious foothold - when I felt lost but had no one to turn to, I held on because you held on to your faith. And I listened to your music yet again at those times and felt renewed. You have been an amazing artist who has given so much to this world that my head just spins. And course, there is the music in and of itself. I have always wanted to let you know how I felt, and hoped that you knew that your fans and listeners out here in the world at large love you and appreciate you.
Today, I heard strong rumors of people antagonizing you in your personal life, and I can only hope that they stop... and realize that this is the antithesis of the message of love and compassion that you have been spreading out over the world for at least as long you have been a musician. I hope they stop it and leave you in peace - you deserve it.
For every one of us that thinks to come to your website and actually sends you a message, there are hundreds more who don't, and who feel the same we we do: you are loved!
Vanessa Buckner

markOct 8, 2001 (17h59)
I have started a casestudy of the great man himself as a piece of mutimedia coursework and would appreciate any little known information or
links, books etc that may help me. cheers mk

Rick RoseOct 8, 2001 (17h16)
I finally saw the movie High Fidelity this weekend and was amazed that I had forgotten the impact the movie's final song, I Believe (when I fall in love), had on me when Talking Book was released. The piece has a greater impact on me today than it did back then as I have just found new love where only bitterness and emptiness once lived in my empty heart. We are so blessed to have this shining star in our universe. I hope to someday touch a small portion of the lives Mr. Wonder has influenced. God bless you all.

whitetornadoOct 8, 2001 (16h49)
I know everyone is eager to see Stevie perform, the fact is that he rarely tours anymore. The last tour was in 1995. Since it has been so long I think maybe we can expect a tour when the new album comes. However, he does do many individual appearances at various places. I saw him at a shopping mall in Alpharetta, GA at the opening of a JC Penny's in 1993. There were about 100 people and he played a very short medley of "You Are The Sunshine of My Life" and "I Just Called To Say I Love You". It was breathtaking and he played a nice piano intro, very jazzy and amazing. The event was called Golden Rule Day and the five dollars I paid to get in was for charity. Miss Georgia was there and Stevie helped in a drawing where names were picked to win a few prizes. It was cool to see him participate in something different. He also gave about a five minute speech about... well, you know how those go! Kind of a State-Of-The-World type speech I guess. Well, I took my video camera and got right in front and recorded it the medley. I'll never forget that day!

juliaOct 8, 2001 (05h12)
What do you think of stevies lyrics?

nick Ligia Oct 7, 2001 (22h31)
Dearest, Mr wonder.
Though I've grown up far here in Korea,
sometimes I wonder if I could live without your music.
I don't know how many nights I have stayed up because of your music.
I don't see the word that can describe your world.
I just like you to know ...
"You are the sunshine of my life !"
I love you !!!

brianOct 7, 2001 (17h02)
i'm ready to fly my fiance' ,anywhere, to the next stevie wonder performance. He's is beauty and wonder since day 1. I'd appreciate any info on where he'll be performing next or in the future.
awaiting in NYC, thank-you kindly, brian

brianOct 7, 2001 (16h57)
i'm looking to fly my fiance' wherever i hear of a upcoming performance by the greatest, stevie wonder.
any info on where stevie will perform next?
waiting in NYC, brian, i'd appreciate any info, thanks.

faisal aliOct 7, 2001 (13h03)
i just want to know wether stevie have mentioned anything about the new
album in the past four year. please let us know if you know anything
about it.

ianOct 7, 2001 (02h29)
Please Stevie we all know how important it is to you in helping those less fortunate but your fans really need you now ! give us the strength to carry on all that you admonish. you are our rock and foundation. enable us to continue your message through what you do best. The power of music .it touche,s our heart,s and souls and gives us clarity of mind to understand all that your about.We need you to give us something whether that be a song a message or just words of wisdom.Please hear my call!

JohnGrisOct 6, 2001 (21h14)
While we're waiting for some news on the progress of Stevie's next album, you can catch Stevie on Elton John's new album, "Songs From the West Coast." He plays harmonica on "Dark Diamond," a song that is a little reminiscent of "Master Blaster." This is probably why Elton asked Stevie to play on this song. The album as a whole is not only a return to form for Elton, but possibly *better* than many of his "classic years" albums he put out from 70-76. The difference between his albums of the past 25 years and this one is like night and day--it's as if he has been musically reborn. I love all of Stevie's recent stuff, but I hope Stevie follows Elton's lead.
Anybody who happens across a scoop on Stevie's upcoming album, please let us in on it!

CubeOct 6, 2001 (17h18)
The song your looking for is called ,'Used to be' and its a duet with Carleen.
I never forgot when I first heard this in the early 80's when I first started getting into Stevie, what comes through in this song is the richness of his voice.

Its a hard song to get but you would proberbly find out on a Motown duets album.

lshughesps@aol.comOct 6, 2001 (09h49)
I once heard a song that I believe is yours, the words where "Superman was killed in Dallas. there's no love left in the palace, someone stole the Beatle's lead guitar.." there were, of course other lyrics, the few I remember, I cherish to this day, but I don't know the name of this song, nor when how to find it again. Hopefully someone can help me find this long lost song.

wheelsOct 6, 2001 (03h08)
my name is brook evans and while i was looking for some harmonica tabs of any of your songs which ended me up in this web page. Anyway i too have a disability, incomplete quadraplegia, after a tragic mountain bike accident and will have to live with being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life as you have gone through with your blindness.
It has been 3 years now since my accident and i started to pick up playing the mouth organ and the pennywhistle. i see how much joy you get out of playing all of your instruments now that i have been playing.


GeorgeOct 6, 2001 (01h27)
Just wondering if Stevie ever does any touring or if there is any site that shows when and where he will be playing? I live in Seattle, but would travel as far as LA to go see him! Anyone?

TomOct 5, 2001 (10h15)
I want the notes.....Music notes i want to play....
because i like this song so much but where can i find the notes TELL ME ...


SlOct 5, 2001 (03h30)
I'm 13 years old and i just dont know what to do the terrible things that happen to America I just was so afraid
but when i saw you sing on tv it just made me cry. please Stevie if i can call u that your are so wonderful i wish i could see u in concert.

sdOct 4, 2001 (17h25)
Love's in need of love today. My heart is hurting. The recent events in our country has left me sad and bewildered. I need something to believe in again. I need to feel that life is worth living. We are in such limbo that it seems as if we are just biding time until we are attacked again. One thing that would often me comfort right now is a full blown Stevie Wonder concert. Stevie, will you consider going out on the road? I think we all need to hear you healing message right now. Love and Peace to my beautiful brother.

natalieOct 3, 2001 (21h22)
i love stevie!your music has changed my life so much.i always fall aslepp listening to superstition.please carry on singing forever!your voice is like an angel!xXx

merakOct 3, 2001 (19h10)
I am an aspiring lyricist and an admirer of you and your clean, soothing , enchantment stevie.I only wonder if I would someday be basking in the blessings of having you sing one of my lyrics.Love Merak ....a member of Juxe Rave

vinsonOct 3, 2001 (19h05)
Hey Stevie. I just wrote to say I love you. Last week our school had a karokee night. I was so nervous but still managed to get up and sing. The song I sung that night was "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". It was beautiful to hear the crowd ohhs and ahhs. To make a long story short continue to make songs there isn't one song of yours that I don't like. My favorite song of all-time is "Overjoyed" I sing both versions (Mary J. Blige and yours) everyday.

Lots of Love

essieOct 3, 2001 (17h59)
hi stevie, I'm a fan of yours since I was small. I admire u allot and hope that even though u receive so many greetings everyday, u could reply me. Esther 19 years from Curacao

ElsOct 3, 2001 (17h15)
I know u must get MILLIONS of people telling you what a God you are everyday, but im telling you anyway! I am 13, i live in England and I am planning on becoming a Jazz singer. I love everything about music and i would really love it if you wrote back and told me things about what it was like for you and tips on how to become a great singer! you're the best :)

leanneOct 3, 2001 (13h14)
I would like to say thanks to stevie or wrighting and singing the best songs ever esspecially I just called to say i love you. its my song

leanne 16

SamuelOct 3, 2001 (12h55)
Dear Stevie/Symther
I am a young Prophet Samuel from Ghana.
I want to know if you have received my last letter that you should
please sponsor me to attend Bible School.I believe it was the last
tragedy that delayed things but now that everything is normal I hope
we can continue.If Symther can come for meThen try and send me invitation letter for my visa process
and some cash for ticketing and other fees.I know if you do help me
you have helped awhole souls in need of God,s word.I will be around waiting for your reply.

Thanks you and may God bless you.

Young Prophet Samuel.

chrisOct 2, 2001 (15h30)

thank you,

peace XXXX

NollanOct 2, 2001 (10h00)
Hello Stevie!

I'm a big fan of yours and I wonder when your new album is in the shops?

Please answer me..

VincentOct 1, 2001 (17h15)
Hi Steve

I'm a big fan of your music and i want to know when your future album will be released.
Excuse me for my english....I'm a french.

I want you to know that your duet with Omar in the the french TV whith nagui was very beautifull.

I hope you will come back very soon


Christine Oct 1, 2001 (02h22)
I was wondering if there was any way that I could get in touch with Steive Wonder directly. I'm the head chair for the disablities (all types- blindness, hearing, physical and mental) unit at a massive girl scout function (est. 8,000 girls and adults to attend) that's being planned for this up coming year and we want to have a section of our unit to honnor those with disabilities that have over come thier challages and done wonderful things with thier lives, such as Stevie Wonder. I've been trying to find a way that I could get something donated to display in the section to comemerate Steive Wonder, such as a blown up picture. Ideas would also be apprecitated.

HarleyOct 1, 2001 (01h36)
Check out these guy's website: -they play some really cool music.