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faisal aliDec 31, 2001 (21h24)
happy new year stevie,
what the world needs right now is your healing music and your words
of wisdom. Please show to the world that love and hope id the best medicine
for all our pains.

DwightDec 31, 2001 (01h58)
When I die , I do not want to go to heaven
unless Stevie Wonder is there making music.

Dwight Williams
Gary, Indiana

LuisDec 30, 2001 (18h44)
I just want to say that there is a few of new generations that adore Stevie's works. I mean he is Wonder. The man who can't see sees things better then most of the people in the world. That voice of his is absolutely perfect. The rhytm end the beat of his songs is so full of life. I only wish he could sing and play forever...

EricDec 30, 2001 (17h15)
Any news on a tour yet??? Would love to see Stevie in person!!!! Great music!!!!

limboqueen44Dec 30, 2001 (08h47)
p.s. can i meet you?

limboqueen44Dec 30, 2001 (08h45)
STEVIE!!!! whats up man? your music is sooooooooooooooooo good. you are like a god. a music god. whenever i listen to your music it makes me happy and i think i am a better person because of it. you are an amazing man and i wish i could meet you. i hope you have heard india arie's tribute to you, i think it is very nice, eh? well i hope you have a great day and keep making good music for the world.

NavindDec 29, 2001 (15h34)
Thank U for the music!

NavindDec 29, 2001 (15h34)
Thank U for the music!

Jani Dec 29, 2001 (11h50)
Hi Stevie i love you so mutch i have all you songs ribbon in the sky live and rain your love down and that girl and conversion peace and all in love is fair and you singing whit luciano pavarotti peaces wanted just to be free i have all your songs bout one i dont have it is my favorit!!!!! you are singing like that 1994 you came over only sor seven hounderd years Bout remeber that i love you you are the BEST IN TH E WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! Please can you write to my hotmail stevie please CYA bout when gona you make a new Album Cya bout dont forget write to me on Bye!!!!!!!!!

MikeDec 28, 2001 (09h28)
If anyone has the chord structure for "Too High" from Innervisions, it'd be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find much of anything on this tune... to

whitetornadoDec 28, 2001 (07h38)
where has anyone heard "fear can't put dreams to sleep" or "how will i know she loves me"? if anyone can tell me where they heard these songs i would greatly appreciate it.

reneDec 28, 2001 (07h37)
To whomever:
If anyone can help me out on trying to talk to/ write to stevie please email me. It would be greatly appreciated.

faisal aliDec 27, 2001 (18h05)
i may not agree with nick who said that "ribbon in the sky" was his
last masterpiece but i'm quit sure that "how will i know she loves me"
is his new masterpiece.

jjTorresDec 27, 2001 (02h21)
Hola, soy español y aunque me defiendo en inglés prefiero escribir en mi idioma para asi expresarme mejor.
Bueno pues yo tan solo le quiero decir a este genio de la música que desde que lo descubrí a muy temprana edad (tendría 9 años) no puedo dejar de escucharlo, bueno realmente ahora lo escucho poco porque ahora hay que dedicar mucho tiempo al trabajo, pero lo llevo su musica en el alma, cuando me siento mal tan solo tengo que cantar y recordar una canción suya y ya estoy como nuevo y esta es la grandesa de su música. Él trnasmite paz su música en definitiva hace que navegues dentro de tu alma. Yo también soy al igual que él un seguidor de Sr. Mandela, he admirado su persona desde hace mucho tiempo y es de agradecer todo lo que ha sufrido este hombre por su pueblo es un Big-Brother.
Bueno pues me despido, esperando oir un nuevo albúm que me sorprenda y me haga volar. Feliz Navidad y espero conocerte algún día. Suerte en esta vida, un fuerte abrazo. Aquí tienes a un amigo.

nick steveland63Dec 27, 2001 (00h08)
ribbon in the sky was your last masterpiece. I'm waiting for a new one

GABIDec 26, 2001 (22h03)
Stevie sos lo mas grande que existe! Estas terminando algun disco?

Michael RossDec 26, 2001 (19h12)
The GREATEST!!!!!!! musician to capture the essence of your entire
mind body and soul. The broad spectrum of issues from politics to
social injustices to opening your mind to the parallel heart felt issues
that take place in the Mother Land as well as our community ghetto's in America. Your entire musical endeavors has been a life long educational plight through out my
entire spiritual life. I Love You Brother!!!

VeroDec 26, 2001 (19h08)
Hi, is there any way to contact Stevie Wonder? Is there any remote possibility to send him an email? Thanks, love to the world... xxxx Veri

ReneDec 26, 2001 (07h15)
to Mr. Stevie Wonder
I am a 20 year old student who has just now began to really listen to your music and realize how powerful and inspirational your words are. But more than anything i want to tell you how much your music means to my girlfriend. She was the one who put me on to your music. Your music and what u represent are a great inspiration in her life. more than anything else in the world she would like to meet u or speak to you. I was writing with he hopes that i could get in contact with you so that she can at least talk to you. I just want to make her happy and i know that hearing from you would definitely do that. If whoever gets this message could reply it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (

JonDec 25, 2001 (07h41)
There's a Stevie Wonder song I really like but don't know the title. I know the melody but only a few of the words. Something like "baby cause I want you, and I need you, and........" I know this isn't much to go on but if it rings a bell, please let me know. Thanks!

RickDec 25, 2001 (00h35)
Does anybody have "I believe" tabbed out. I heard it on High Fidelity, and just fell in love. Please email a link or the guitar tab if it can be found.

FudgeTekDec 24, 2001 (20h09)
Stevie Wonder and his music has always been an inspiration to me since I was little. His lyrics tug at your heartstrings; it's thought-provoking, and invites you to see the world as a potential abode of love and happiness.

faisal aliDec 24, 2001 (18h05)
marry christmas stevie,
i hope you are composing right now the best music ever made on earth.
we deserve atleast to know something about your new album, even the
title would do for us at this point. please include in your new album
"fear can't put dreams to sleep" and "how will i know she loves me"
because they are really great great songs.

AchimDec 24, 2001 (17h35)
Steve Wonder ist der größte

VictorDec 24, 2001 (08h11)
Hi from Russia! In our country, buying of Stevie's single, or any rare recording, or some another material is very difficult, nearly impossible. But where and when to love someone was easy? Stevie Wonder' music helped us to feel the joy in Soviet times; this great music helps us today. Thanks for it.

I hope, someday Stevie will concert in Russia. There is many people waiting for this event.

Great music helps to live on. Thank you.

"sunny"Dec 24, 2001 (05h31)
To Stevie Wonder:
I hope you one day read this. I want you to know that I think you're the best person on Earth and I firmly believe that you're one of God's chosen ones. Your songs have been a great influence in my 16 years of life. The way you care so much about this world is enough, but when you put it into words, it's so unbelievably beautiful. When people remake your songs, it's never better than when it actually comes from you. Listening to your music is like taking a trip straight into your heart. I don't think I can leave this Earth without meeting the person that I admire most in the world, and I really hope I get the honor of meeting you one day. It's my main goal in life. I don't want to take up any more of your time, but I just wanted to personally tell you that. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. You truly are Wonderful.

girl blueDec 23, 2001 (23h50)
What to say after all theses expressions of love and admiration...Unfortunately I won't be original,cause I'm not a very original personn ,it's just to thank U.I'm going through a very hard time and every time I think it's not worth living if living means suffer that much,your voice,your words are the ray of sun that light up the darkness I'm captive of.
Thank you savior,thank you.Love U

scottigotbeatsDec 22, 2001 (20h04)

David (france)Dec 22, 2001 (17h59)
If you like Jazz like me, there's a new song of tony bennett with Stevie wonder (vocal and harmonica)
"everyday, I have the blues"

Merry Christmas of all stevie's fan
Take care

DanDec 22, 2001 (15h33)
Can anyone help, I am after the lyrics and the song itself by Stevie called "I can see the sun in late December". Does anyone know where I could obtain these? Many Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.

jeffDec 22, 2001 (13h58)
Dear Stevie,
My daughter plays the harp in her high school orchestra. Is it possible to get the sheet music for the harp part to "If its Magic" from your "Songs in the Key of Life" album. Please let me know how I can obtain this as she and I were considering performing this for her seniior solo. Sincerely, Jeff
P.S. I grew up about a mile from where you stayed in your Detroit years.

eddy Dec 21, 2001 (19h37)
hi stevie i just leaving a message to say your site is wonderful also your best song for me is isn't she lovely it's the best thing i heard and i'm only 15
lost of best wishes and merry christmas

peteypotnoodleDec 21, 2001 (19h25)
for the most important event in the history of the world.

The events of September 11th have blown the Spirit Aid team off course. The initial funding has run out, and with the American’s looking inward all attention is focused on raising funds for New York.

Many of the team have been working for nothing for many months, and heavily in debt, have been forced to seek other employment simply to keep a roof over their families’ heads. But still they refuse to give up. This is a dream which refuses to die.

Please visit and give the team your support and encouragement.

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I would appreciate you forwarding this message to everyone you know.

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peteypotnoodleDec 21, 2001 (19h24)
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This is our chance, as a family, a community, a nation, and a global brotherhood, to come together, united in love and spirit to demonstrate that all change comes from within, and that when enough people change, the world will change.

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peteypotnoodleDec 21, 2001 (19h24)
they truly are, be the love that they currently hold inside of them, and express it, in ways and means that will astound even them.

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peteypotnoodleDec 21, 2001 (19h23)
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Spirit Aid has the potential to change the world, as we currently know it, forever, by those of us who are willing to become part of it. But we need you, and others like you, now.

Now is the time that we can talk to our neighbours, our colleagues at work, our friends and family about Spirit Aid, and invite them to join us by putting their energies behind it too.

It doesn’t matter who or what these people are today, because even the most hardened, skeptical, and maybe even hostile people that we know will want to become involved with Spirit Aid. Because this event is about the future of our home, the planet Earth, and the future of our children, and our children’s children. By becoming involved they too will be able to express who th

lagapaloozaDec 20, 2001 (19h31)
Man I'd forgotten how sweet the music was until I saw "High Fidelity" and they ran "I Believe" over the end credits, which was a nice touch after Jack Black's character was slagging "I Just Called".

Rediscovering this music is even better than hearing it the for the first time, as I'm older and much more appreciative of the gift.

Thanks Stevie! Your music is in my heart again.

Leslie CastilleDec 20, 2001 (09h41)
Stevie..I don't care what anyone else says. I am your BIGGEST FAN. After I started piano lessons @ age 5, I fell in love with your music. You are a big inspiration to me. You always sing from the heart. I've learned almost all of your songs by ear, and have several books of your sheet music, greatest hits and so on in my collection. I've met you before, but neither one of us probably remembers. One of your old KJLH buddies was a good friend of the family and you came to some family function, reunion or something. Well I was there and only a baby, but you put a spell on me and I''ve been in love ever'since. You'll always be the GREATEST singer/songwriter/composer/producer/performer in my book. And speaking of books...why can't I find GIVE YOUR LOVE in any sheet music stores? or the right lyrics for that much? we need to parlez about that one Steveland.

XinDec 20, 2001 (08h23)
Hi, Stevie. I have been always a big fan of yours. Recently, I started to play Chomatic Harmonica, and I have been trying to imitating how you played. But bending notes on my harmonica never sound as good as you did. Can I ask what brand of Harmonica did you use to record "Isn't she lovely"? Thanks so much, and always love you! Sincerely! ~Xin~

stevievisionsDec 20, 2001 (06h05)
I am the webmaster of and I have 2 links to the Yahoo Broadcast of Stevie's performance and interview from the House Full Of Toys Benefit Concert at the following address: Yahoo is only broadcasting these clips until December 26th, so get watching before they are gone!

David & DanielDec 19, 2001 (20h52)
The last email-our screenames are

David & DanielDec 19, 2001 (20h50)
Hi Stevie,
This is David Mitchell and Daniel Tedesco and we are from
Caravel Academy in Bear, Delaware. We are in a website contest and our
website is about superstitions. We would like to know if you would let
us use your song on our website because it would work perfectly. Please
respond as soon as possible. We do have a deadline and would be honored
if you would let us use it thank you.

P.S. Please respond A.S.A.P.

edo kelkDec 19, 2001 (17h39)
This is just an idea,I know he probably won´t receive this message but I have to say it.I know all Stevie Wonder songs and I am a great fan of his but I think the fella is getting a bit lazy.Instead of constantly re-releasing new versions of his "greatest hits" aLbums he should follow Michael Jacksons footsteps and create something new.He´s too young for retirement!!!
Just to let u know I´m not a 50 year old "couch potato"-I´m a 23 year old student/dj from ireland and I know many young Stevie Wonder fans.
This message will probably anger millions of S.Wonder fans,but thats just me-
I say what I think.

TimDec 19, 2001 (17h27)
Hi Stevie,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words and the way they're sung in the song 'Think Of Me As Your Soldier'.

robdrabDec 19, 2001 (13h47)
Are ther available MP3 of Stevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants

whitetornadoDec 18, 2001 (21h12)
C'mon everybody. It's obvious he doesn't respond to this site and he rarely ever tours, so i think it's safe to assume he's not coming to the UK. Why does everybody think this is like Stevie Wonder's answering machine?? It's just a fan website, that's all. But it's cool...

CarlaDec 18, 2001 (20h27)
maggs or anyone - can you give more info about stevievisions? is it a website? I'm a big Stevie Wonder fan. He makes me smile.

CarlaDec 18, 2001 (20h15)
maggs or anyone - can you give more info about stevievisions? is it a website? I'm a big Stevie Wonder fan. He makes me smile.

maggsDec 18, 2001 (19h26)
check out the site..STEVIEVISIONS.
you'll find out about where to get house of toys info .

I like that site . got to see 35 mins worth of recent stevie footage .
top notch me thinks !

faisal aliDec 18, 2001 (07h53)
did stevie play any new songs during the house full of toys concert.
can any one tell me if he did so or not.

kym16Dec 18, 2001 (01h36)
I am Stevie's biggest fan I know Everything about him including his albums and he is a success as a person.

JennaDec 17, 2001 (23h52)
stevie, i just want to let you know how much you have impacted my life, you are an amazing amazing person, musician and inspiration, your words and are so powerful. and your purpose is truly awesome. thank you, i love you and God Bless always! Jenna

GDec 17, 2001 (23h24)
Dear Stevie,

I think personally that you are the greatest entertainer of all time! You have came over so many boundaries throughout your life and career. God has blessed you with so many talents and you have done a good job representing real music, feeling, and the word of god. I would like to see you make another album in the next few years. I think that someone ought to teach these new singers how to play in the game of music. I got a lot of your cds and listen to them every day.

God bless you,

StevieDec 17, 2001 (22h16)
Do you remember the "cafe" across the street from the Metropolitan Theater in Chicago in the late "60s, the Southern waitress.....and family friend?

SweetestabouDec 17, 2001 (01h12)
Sunday, the day after the House Full of Toys benefit. Stevie has once again blown the roof off the Great Western Forum!! This performance was AWESOME!!! and the line up was perfection! If anyone missed it, you better plan on goin' next year. Opening performance included Babyface, IndiaArie, Bryan Mcknight, Soulchild, JaRule, etc.. I'm still in awe right now..

AndresDec 16, 2001 (23h37)
Hi, I would like to know which other albums from Stevie Wonder plays harmonica as fine asi his album "Eivets Rednow"
Thank you all and Stevie for his music!

AndreDec 16, 2001 (09h49)
I would like to see "stevie" do a Gosple album with the "Enon taberncal Baptist Church Mass Choir". The sound fo thr two spitits would surly "make a joyful noise". God and the two spirits can make that noise.

steveDec 15, 2001 (19h57)
PLease please please can some one tell me when steve is touring the UK nxt.

JoeyDec 15, 2001 (19h29)
See you in concert tonight Stevie :)

Ana FláviaDec 15, 2001 (13h52)
Hi,my Stevie. I´m a brazilian girl and I love you so much.You can´t imagine how I wish someday touch in you and say: I love you...I will wait for this,in this life and in next...

IraDec 15, 2001 (10h36)
Dear Stevie
I am a 42yr old female and been listening to your music since i was 13 yrs old, i have gone through life love heartbreak, joy, children and marriage with your music, my children now grown and all sing hum and go through life with your music, as what you sing is about life, love hate pain,i have had the great oportunity to have seen you 21 times in concert, and also been blessed when you said hi to me, you have seen me through the good times and bad times and a mentor you are in my life, i just look forward to seeing you for the next 21 times, if any one knows when stevie is next in concert please tell me, we love you stevie xxxx

ManyDec 14, 2001 (20h54)
Hi Stevie,
I'm a German, living in Munich, and I know you and your songs nearly 35 years. I love you and all your songs. I'm searching for a mp3 from your wonderfull tribute-to-heroes-song. It was so wonderfull. I hope, your music will never ending.
Much love from Munich, merry x-mas and a happy new year ... Many & Dany

Jez BrownDec 14, 2001 (20h03)
Dear All,

It has been a very painful year in many aspects, eg War in Arabia, September 11th, starving people all over the globe. I just want to say Stevie Wonder your Someday at Christmas song, just makes all the worlds problems go, for that 2 minutes or so it plays for. Stevie re-release it as a single, and everybody make it Christmas number 1. What do other fans think, if you want it to be re-released as a single then sign your name below:
1. Jez Brown - UK (add replies to this forum message with your name and thoughts.)

ericDec 14, 2001 (19h42)
Hello. I am trying to determine if Stevie made an appearance on the 1990 television special "The Sammy Davis, Jr. 60th Anniversary Celebration." If you can help me answer this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

maggsDec 14, 2001 (19h29)
That ''SUGAR..ect.'' song is called................................................wait for it.........
it's called 'Sugar' , from the 'signed , sealed , delivered ' album .

good song , good album !
hope that's of help .

SarahDec 14, 2001 (16h13)
Dear Mr Wonder,
I don't know if you really get chance to catch up on these messages, I'm sure your extremely busy, but I wanted to tell you how much I love your music. You have to be the greatest singer/songerwriter of our time and I intend to make sure that when I have a family of my own I will introduce them to the wonder that is you, just as my parents did for me.

I would love to see Stevie play live, I live in England and would really appreciate it if anyone knows a website or information line where I can find out about concert dates.


John LMDec 14, 2001 (14h24)
I need the chords of "Part time Lover", please help me!

Eric MorrisDec 14, 2001 (02h15)
I could never say how you have affected my life, but it is like I was blind, but now I see. I wish I could write a song for you someday that could ever compare to I Believe, or any of them. I Love You, Stevie! And now I love music too.

SearcherDec 13, 2001 (12h25)
Anyone can tell me why the hell I can't find the Lyrics of "Sunshine in their eyes" (from Where I'm Coming From) nowhere in the net??? I need these lyrics. If someone can help me...

K1llahdDec 12, 2001 (22h44)
what is the name of the song that goes, "sugaaaaaaar, sugar, i want to be your main boy"

mauritsDec 12, 2001 (14h39)
does anybody know if mr. wonder will be touring europe soon?

MarquisDec 10, 2001 (18h32)
Dear Mr. Wonder,
My wife Candace and I will be celebrating 10 years of matrimony on July 3, 2003. I know this is way in adavance, but I was wondering if there could be any way that you could sing "Ribbon in the Sky" and video record it? It would mean so much to her and me as well. Please let me know what your fee would be so that I may prepare now. We are great fans of your work and appreciate all that you do.

Be Blessed,

Marquis Harper

IndyDec 10, 2001 (06h57)
I gotta agree with mike, I've got a report due on you by tomorrow and I need some facts;)

KristofferDec 10, 2001 (01h34)
Does anyone know the title of stevies song in the movie "allmos famous"?
It is played only shortly in the scene when penny lane takes an OD and gets
treated by some doctors. I don't know if it is a stevie song but I'm pretty sure.
I just love that song so please help me out!!!

mikeDec 9, 2001 (22h02)
Stevie u need to get a bio. because i have a report due and its on u

NicolaDec 9, 2001 (15h06)

Come on Stevie, don't you think it's time for a new album? We miss ya

JaneDec 9, 2001 (14h31)
Marcus, the song with "Always"... is called "As". One of the BEST songs EVER!
It is from Songs In The Key Of Life, a classic album. The video of the making of it
is also well worth checking out.

Steve GDec 7, 2001 (06h24)
I love you man, you're the greatest talent beyond words and I literally grew up on your stuff.

MarcusDec 7, 2001 (05h52)
What was the Song in the Movie "The Best Man" Stevie keeps repeating the word "Always"

MaureenDec 6, 2001 (22h44)
Stevie my husband Larry and myself are suffering withdrawal symptoms. We have not missed a UK tour in the past and we so long for you to visit us again very soon. When are you coming . We have followed your music since we were about 14 years old and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

GuyDec 5, 2001 (22h45)
I just wanted to express how much I love the Song I Believe...I was watching the movie High Fidelity, and when I heard this song....... it moved me in a way I havent been moved in years, Thank You Stevie

SilviaDec 5, 2001 (18h50)
Dear Stevie, we love your songs! We would like to send You 3 versions we arranged of your marvelous song "You are the sunshine of my life". If possible we would like to know what you think about it.
We are 3 people from Umbria, Italy, we work in the recording studio we built and we would be extremely honoured to do this.
Thank You in advance for attention.
We wish you the Best for everything, health and joy!
Silvia, Paolo & Alessandro

just meDec 4, 2001 (20h54)
I am a Belgian fan of Stevie Wonder, I must say that he and his music are also a wonder, a beautiful wonder

AlDec 4, 2001 (06h21)
Your music has always released my inner most thoughts and feelings as it relates to God, relationships, reflection, joy and pain. You is one of the most respected artist and humanitarian of all times. During one of our greatest crisis, we as inhabitants of the palnet need your gift of music and lyric.

Peace and blessings to you Stevie,

Al Ferguson

NaoufelDec 2, 2001 (22h23)
I live in France and I think you are the best singer of the world.Your voice is wonderful.That's it.

Alain RobertDec 1, 2001 (23h26)
STEVIE WONDER is one of the few artists who can really moved you.When you look back at the seventies,very few discs have remained fresh in our mind,but those of STEVIE WONDER have succeeded in doing so.Every award he received during those years were deserved of this great artist that we had the joy to know.But i am talking about the past while STEVIE is still creating great music today.When i guy like him comes out on the scene,you discover that music is not only a industry.Thank god for STEVIE WONDER!

CristineDec 1, 2001 (22h14)
Do You Like It When People Treat You Like You Are A Baby.???????
I'm such I Won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CristineDec 1, 2001 (22h14)
Do You Like It When People Treat You Like You Are A Baby.???????
I'm such I Won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CubeDec 1, 2001 (18h18)
I think its well out of order for folks to take the mick out of people for being blind, I just feel its insensitive , I know Stevie often takes the micky out of himself in gigs and on chat shows but thats different.

God has blessed this man to bring happiness to many people thru' his wonderful songs.

nickKevinDec 1, 2001 (04h33)
Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that begins , "Superman was Killed in Dallas, thers's no love left in the palace. I want the words or a copy of the song . E-ail them Thanks