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PaoloMay 31, 2002 (17h58)
Anybody knows if there's a musical score of "Have a talk with God" from "Songs in the key of life"

katrienMay 31, 2002 (12h55)
is here anybody who can tell me when stevie has a concert in Europe.Because I would like to buy a ticket for my husband as a surprises for his birthday!I'm living in Belgium....PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss

JaneyMay 31, 2002 (12h51)
Kia Ora ki a koe Stevie, I've finally figured this message board out. Awesome web-site, thanks to the everyone that put it together. i've just been listening to India Arie's salutation song to Stevie Wonder, and its been such a loong time that I've heard your music on our radio stations here (NZ), but I know how great & inspiring, moving, spiritual, intelligent and beautifully crafted Stevie's music is I went straight to the web and found this site. So great illuminious shout outs to The Great One for his/hers/its wisdom in giving us Stevie Wonder's music....Songs to the Key of Life is my fav. album, but who can choose....every album has the coolest songs.
Kia ora anoo Stevie Wonder and a hi to your family too.

JaneyMay 31, 2002 (12h43)
Sorry, that's my e-mail.....Aotearoa, New Zealand. Yeah, Stevie Wonder is totally the man!

DavidMay 30, 2002 (23h55)
"I have a dream" say Martin Luther king
Me too: A new album of stevie and a fifth world trophee for brazilians team soccer

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on!

RaymondMay 30, 2002 (20h09)
Can anyone provide some info about Stevie's 44th birthday performance at the United Nations? I've been looking all over and haven't found anything. I want to know what songs he played and of the availability of this recording. I heard a cut on the radio last night and thought it was the most beautiful song I had heard in a long time, if not ever. The lyrics had something about the man on the moon frowning, the whole world gone blind, and a million babies dying? Sorry I don't remember more... Thanks if you can identify.

GedMay 29, 2002 (07h38)
Just listening to the man on Tony Bennets "Playin with my friends- Bennet sings the blues"
Does Stevie ever give a half hearted performance? Nah -check it out. Awsome vocal range
matched by an awsome harmonica.

jimmyMay 28, 2002 (20h11)
if anyone knows where i can get stevie posters from for the uk, could you please email me? also if you know of any other soul legends posters, such as marvin, smokey and diana ross, and blaxploiation films, especially the mack. my address is, anything would be so well appreciated, i'd definitley be too high if you could pull it off!

nick OmarMay 28, 2002 (03h53)
Please, visit

jeromeMay 27, 2002 (22h32)
bonjour tous les fans, et specialelement les francais (pour repondre a aurore)
je trouve qu'il n'y a pas assez de communication sur ce forum, chacun pose sa question mais persone repond..essayons de changer.
I Think that there's not enough communication on this forum, everybody ask his question but noone answers...let's change.
Stevie is the best musician ever.
I hope that his new album will be more personnal and not "actually like"

MangiMay 27, 2002 (15h22)
Hi There I thank God for His generosity to breath a wonderful life to you as for you to share your love wih the entire World. You are the best thang ever happened to us, I love you and the feeling is so indiscribable... FROM MANGI in South Africa BENONI CITY

k1koMay 26, 2002 (15h47)
Hi! I´m from a Spain and i want to ask you a very important thing to me (about Stevie Wonder)
Well, in August 6 (1973) he had a accident. After that, he reapeared and he weared a shirt. What says in that shirt?
If anyone know it, please ... SAY TO ME!!

jenniferMay 26, 2002 (12h20)
hye! steevy wonder!!!!!
I'm french! i love you very very very much!!!!
I want to see you! I want to sing with you!
because I love singing very much and I want to be a singer!
but I don't now how!
I singing all days your songs!
I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

oh! my family is in israel and we love you very much! my cousin she is 6 and we singing your songs!
i'm singing whis my cousin! > I'snt she lovely! she love this song! ah! ah! ah!
we love you so much steevy!
I want to be a singer! and i want to sing with you!
we love you! i love you!
muah!! big kiss!
oh! i'm 15!
kisss! kisss! kisssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric May 26, 2002 (09h48)
Stevie wonder My "spiritual Walker" , and inspiration a lyrical geneus ..I know he's a close friend of Gospel artist Jon Gibson
I Love the remake of have a Talk with God . Guess what song this Verse is from " We pledge aligence all our lives to the Magic colors Red, Blue and white, but we are must be givin the liberty that we defend for were just "just" not for our men and still we will repeat again. Its time we learn this world was made for all men.???
Answere. "Black Man" Songs in the Key of Life...

NichellMay 26, 2002 (08h31)
There are two musicians who are simply the best in the world: Stevie Wonder and Djavan. Period. Stevie Wonder is to the United States and the world what Djavan is to Brazil and the world. Hands down, there are no two who are better.

Stephane "Teknostep" VeraMay 25, 2002 (01h03)
Stevie: You are one of the main reasons I became a musician / producer. I grew up listening to you and consider you to be one of the greatest musicians / songwriters/ singers to ever live. I hope that I will meet you one day, maybe even jam with you brotha.

didiMay 23, 2002 (15h58)
you're the best,great,awsom......thank you.

didiMay 23, 2002 (15h57)
you're the best,great,awsom......thank you.

RussMay 23, 2002 (05h33)
Dear Stevie!

I don't know what to say..
Coz words doesn't really means to much.
Music is a way to communicate, right?

U know,I think it was in 1991, and it was my first year in US after leaving
Russia. I came to RadioCity to see you. It was concert with a Harlem kids.
Sound check wasn't to cool. But I didn't care.
I was probably the only white person in auditorium and pips was looking at me
like I'm from the moon or something.
When U come out to the stage every body started to jump and scream
like crazy.
It was an earthquake.
And I lost timing, ground and everything that we call human balance.
I was in shock.
I was frozen.
At the moment, when U sang Sir Duke, I was crying like a baby.

U know I don't have that much English to explain, how much influence U have
in my life and in my professional music career.
I even wrote a song about U.

After that concert I sad to myself-
I saw Stevie - now I can die- doesn't matter.


BzRzealMay 22, 2002 (23h25)
Tell Quincy to call his nephew Joseph Conroy

BrandonMay 22, 2002 (23h20)
Just want to say that you are such a huge part of my music listening, I cant get enough of Innervisions! Keep on being beautiful!!!!!!

Master TMay 22, 2002 (22h47)
I truly think Stevie Wonder is a legend in music. And this goes to Stevie" we really enjoy your music" and look forward to ore of your talent.

vernMay 22, 2002 (04h02)
YOur a great fan

DanielaMay 21, 2002 (16h50)
Sorry for my bad inglish and for some errors, but i had many emotions inside of me. Anyway, i hope that you can understand.

DanielaMay 21, 2002 (16h41)
Dear Stevie, my name is Daniela and i'm italian. I write to you speaking to you about a italian singer: Alex Baroni. He was 36 years and on 13 of April 2002 died on the road. He very much loved you and this wasn't a secret for us italian people. He was a good singer and specially sing with heart. His death has left us so bad and so sad. Every year in Rome there's "The Party of the Music" on 21, 22 and 23 of June and this year it will be dedicated to him. In the last one day many famous italian sinders will sing his songs for his memory. I believe that you dindn't know Alex and his music, but i'm sure that he continues to love you from the sky and that should be happy to listen you that sing one of his song. I know that i'm a lot asking you because you are a many important person, but i believe that to make happy someone it's beautiful also for a person so famous, specially if you are big inside of you, in your soul. I was only a Alex's firen and his family doesn't know that i'm writing you. His parents and his brother maybe think that to see you in Rome in those days singing his one song is only a dream and me too, but i however wanted to try to ask you this. Anyway, if you will not answer me, i'll always hope that you'll buy his cds and will listen his music. Thank you.

SonicMay 21, 2002 (07h41)
Hello Stevie!!! Happy belated 52nd birthday. My fiancee' and I just had a daughter Thursday night and the song that was on the radio, coincidentally, was "Isn't She Lovely". I felt real good knowing that my favorite artist's song was on the radio at the time of Ausionet's birth. You and my mother are the same age, how enlightening. My first daughter's birthday is a day after yours and my other daughter's birthday is 3 days after yours. I feel so special to have my daughters' birthdays right along with yours in the same week. I love you. I'm looking forward to your CDs in a couple of months. Keep up the great work.............

You are often imitated, but NEVER duplicated!!!!!!!!

AmandaMay 21, 2002 (01h40)
Hello Stevie
I am 16 years old and I've been into you for my whole life. I don't want anything from you and
I really don't want to ask for much but. I would like to say that not just your music touches people
it's also you. When times get ruff for me(and believe me they do) I always just relax and listen to your
music. My words can't express the amount of joy you bring to me, there is nothing that anyone can
say to describe the feeling that I get when I see you or hear your voice. Like I said I don't want to ask
for too much all I want to say is thankyou.foreverything
I want to thank your mother and father for creating a handsome,talented,and unique man
love alwaysand forever more
Amanda Morton
From atlanta/douglasville Georgia

MusashiMay 21, 2002 (00h51)
Great site, really wonderfull, some of the cover pictures did not work (check links). Maybe the forum shouldn't be so wide ( make the scrollbars go away) Thanks for a great site from Sweden.

rickMay 20, 2002 (23h06)
Daughter Darci's wedding June 29, 2002....theme..."Love in the Key of Life".....Father/ Daughter dance...."Isn't She Lovely"......Dinner invitation open to Stevie Wonder and family.

Revelations Group from RussiaMay 20, 2002 (19h48)
This is wonderfull music . We like him music very much. And you american people must be proud what you can live with this great man in one country.

DanielleMay 20, 2002 (01h59)



whitetornadoMay 20, 2002 (00h08)
/2002 - News from

Stevie Wonder's Next Album

"Stevie Wonder is working on a new album. The Motown legend's last project
was Conversation Peace, which was released in 1995. Stevie's yet untitled
forthcoming album, is expected to feature a couple of today's hottest
producers. Among them are, Rockwilder, who worked with Missy Elliott on the
Grammy Award winning re-make of "Lady Marmalade"; and Raphael Saadiq, who
spoke with the Wonder man last week. "We just talked about a couple of
things. We both work out of LA, so I just told him we need to get together.
That's the icon right there, you just got to rub elbows with Stevie. You
can't pass that up, there's not to many living legends around that's in
great shape and healthy like Stevie. Stevie will out sing anybody, you can't
open you're mouth to much around Stevie to sing, not me I wouldn't."

Raphael has also been talking to Justin Timberlake about working on his solo
effort, but nothing is confirmed just yet. Stevie's new album is slated for
release sometime this fall. -- From the Morning Facts on MTV News

auroreMay 19, 2002 (17h34)
hello everybody: as I see, not many French fans know that site, anyway...;I just wanted to thank Stevie for all the joy and emotion he brings!I have never heard someone like him before, can hear anyone else by the way.....Hope he'll perform in France very soon, I can wait any longer!!!!!!!!
aurore (from Paris)

Golden LadyMay 17, 2002 (23h01)
I would like to where Chicago can I obtain Higher Ground, First F? Finale, Hotter than July Songs in the Key of Life, those are some of my favorites. After your first 2 Greatest Hits Volume. Did not you make anymore? I had all the early 70's and early 90's. I'd like to know what's available on CD or cassette. Thanks you one of the best!!!

PK_UK stevie fanMay 17, 2002 (21h16)
WHAT DATE??????????