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lauraJul 31, 2002 (23h42)
Does anyone know if the song books are sold in england? and if they have the music for piano in them? Im really keen to start playing the piano again and want a book that I will have an urge to learn!!
Thanks Bye! ;)

BKJul 31, 2002 (23h05)
Hi to all you summer soft Stevie fans.Nice to hear about FFFinale .It is a very smooth almost seamless work.One of my faves is "Bird of Beauty".That intro,plus the backing vocals,its just pure delight.By the way i possess the Biography by John Swenson,which is by Plexus Publishing,30 Craven Street,London WC2N 5NT.first issued 1986.160pages.Black and White photos,plus discography.Generally pretty good.Well presented.Check-out "The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook"by James Haskins and Kathleen Benson.(Cassell Ltd,part of Macmilan Publishing..New York)1978.Its very good.Haskins wrote "The story of Stevie Wonder",which came out in 1976(Lothrop,Lee and Shepard Co.).I am sure there must be other books.Songbooks are widely available.
Talking about overlooked Stevie Wonder albums,it still bugs me how "Characters"got largely ignored.Tracks like "You will know","Dark'n'Lovely","Free","Skeletons" ,"Crying through the night" ,and "My eyes don't cry"(Originally only on cassette versions!)show the immense talent he has.
Anyway i don't know if the french guy who set-up this site is about,but merci encore une fois,pour me permettre de
communiquer avec les gens qui adorent la musique de Stevie.Grosses bises a tous les francaises qui visitent le site.
A bientot

lauraJul 31, 2002 (22h52)
Hi! Only me again, just thought that I would mension that I am listening to one of Stevies albums right now, Innerversions. Thank you so much for writing all those great songs Stevie!!! :):):) I love you!!

LauraJul 31, 2002 (22h47)
Hi, I'm only twelve and I would just like to say that I love Stevie's song: Golden Lady, it is my favourite and I think whoever thought upthis website is excelent! Thanks!

heleneJul 31, 2002 (21h01)
hello, i'm french and i've heard about a recent best of stevie wonder in my country. do you know someting about that ? and, if not, which is the best best of stevie wonder i should buy ? thanks very much for answering on my email !

KerryJul 31, 2002 (18h31)
To Secret Vows:
Thanks for replying. Have you read any other books - I was looking for a biography / autobiography. I would be really grateful if you could help.

I've been listening to Stevie for a few years now - What I would say to 'K' is - in my opinion, a good album to listen to would be 'At the Close of a Century'
It is a compilation of his best songs (4 CD's). This will give you a wider range of songs from over a long period of time. I v. highly recommend it!

ZukaeJul 31, 2002 (18h21)
Today's music is getting worse, day after day. There are no singable tunes, no creativity at all.
It's like: all the good music is allready composed, and remakes are the only good music lately.
I'm 22, and in the past 5 years or so, I've been really enjoying rediscovering the beauty of music,
with Stevie Wonder's songs.

secret vowsJul 31, 2002 (15h39)
this is for kerry,
i read the book six years ago, and i can say it is a great book
indeed with lots of details about his albums. My all time
SW song got to be the two unreleased songs called "how will i know
she loves me" and "fear can't put dreams to sleep", they are realy
realy good songs.

KerryJul 31, 2002 (14h52)
Hi all. Kerry here again. With reference to my previous message on the forum (re a book about Stevie), I have found a book called
(ironically) "Stevie Wonder" by John Swenson (If anyone else is interested, I have found it though ''). Have any of you read the book? If so, I would be grateful to hear any reviews.

To 'K' the young (well, i'm only 23) new Stevie fan, like everyone else who appreciates his music, I love all of his songs. But the songs that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up are
'Superstition' 'Pastime Paradise' and 'Village Ghetto Land' to name but a few!!

Stevie, if you read this, there is nothing more to say than 'Thank You'.

DezJul 31, 2002 (02h18)
FFF is a terrific album indeed. This album is a very spiritual. Some of these songs were wriiten and/or recorded after his near death accident in 1973.
One of my favorites from that album is "Smile Please". The chorus is contagious. I read that Stevie was supposedly down when he wrote this song.
I could'nt tell from the way the song swings! F.Y.I. -"They won't go when I go" was the third thing Stevie ever wrote on the synthesizer in 1971.
It's amazing how he builds his catalouge of songs and picks out the ones he needs for the albums. Creepin' is also worth mentioning. This song in my opinion is one of his best.
Plus the harmonica solo is sweet. Basically for any Stevie fan the four essential albums are Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions, and Fulfillingness
First Finale. I think Songs in the key of life is a great album but a tad bit overrated. It s the most talked about Stevie album indeed and rightly so. Yet lets not forget the fab four
it followed.


abdouJul 31, 2002 (01h58)
hello every fun of Stevie ;
I think he is the best singer in the world in the hole univers and I am so happy to discover that you share this with me
I know all his songs by heart so if any body needs something just contact me and I ll be ready to help
to Mr Stevie what a great opportunity that we have to write you .It always been my dream to get in touch with you to congratulate you for your big job as a great artist who produces master peaces .I let you know that I know to sing all your songs nearly as you do and i think "songs in the key of life" is the top of all your albums whit the secrete life of plants
if i could give you my eyes i "ll do it for you but i think you see beter than every body in the world i feel it in your wonderfull songs
hope to see you neer me any day good luck mister stevie and hope that god gives you all that you want.

ThymeJul 31, 2002 (01h14)
Stevie your music touchs me in a very special way. I may be only sixteen but I know great music when I hear it. I am trying pusue a career in music I sing and wright music. you are my idol one of the greatest ever and number one in my heart. Maybe oneday you will hear of me and we can do somthing together. I love all your songs but I think you should come out with Rain Your Love Down again because it really sticks out about whats going on right.

your number one fan,

whitetornadoJul 30, 2002 (21h15)
Speaking of "Fulfillingness First Finale" I have to agree it is an awesome record. Innervisions and Songs In The Key Of Life are always mentioned along with Talking Book, but I think this might be my favorite Stevie Wonder album. It has a certain atmosphere that gives it a real life of its own so I reccomend this one if you have overlooked it. Also Music of My Mind is an excellent one if you just give it a chance, I know some of the songs are super long but hey do what i do, edit those babies down from 8 minutes to maybe 6 if you want to, the little sound recorder on your computer will work great if you have a newer computer. Good songs like "maybe your Baby" from Talking Book or "As", or "Another Star" are great songs but I find they really drag towards the last few minutes. Also "Love Having You Around" and "Keep On Runnning" from Music Of My Mind really benefit, in my opinion, from some trimming. Hey you've got a computer and it can really save you some space on those homemade Stevie compilations. Of course the results will probably be a lot better than the hack job that is "Song Review" lol.

StacyJul 30, 2002 (16h41)
Stevie Wonder will receive the much-deserved Walk of Fame award from Black Entertainment Television in October! Look out for the show on the network.

orangrooveJul 30, 2002 (07h28)
I picked up Fulfillingness' First Finale about about a month ago; what a fantastic album!!! I think I listened to it 5 times the first day I bought it, and instantly feel in love with tunes like "Boogie on Reggae Woman" "Creepin'" and "Bird of Beauty." Talking Book, Innervisions and "First Finale" burned on to one cd (my car stereo has an MP3 decoder) and I must say that it has not left my stereo since I put it in. Fantastic!

boopinetteJul 29, 2002 (21h19)
y'a-t-il un Français dans la boîte?(ou un francophone)pour m'expliquer une bonne fois pour toutes et CLEARLY ENOUGH comment télécharger des MP3 à partir de Kazaa et sans me choper de méchants virus comme ça a été le cas lors de ma dernière tentative????

une âme charitable en gros pour une Parisenne en détresse?
P.S/je sais que ce site est consacré à Stevie dont je suis très très fan mais c'est aussi un espace d'échange et à ce titre, je souhaiterais partager avec vous le bonheur, presque aussi grand qu'avec Stevie, d'écouterTTDA(Terence Trent d'Arby pour les non initiés): des chansons telles que "turn the page", "holding on to you".........Voilà, tout ça pour dire qu'on peut être fan de SW et apprécier d'AUTRES artistes!!!!!

whitetornadoJul 29, 2002 (05h04)
The song " If Ever" is on the soundtrack to the film "Down In The Delta"...also:

7/2002 - Wonder on next album, Eminem

There's been more than the usual length of time between Stevie Wonder
albums -- four years this time. When will we see the new one?
"September or November," Wonder said Friday. Why the long hiatus? "I had
to live some life, go through some things," he said with a smile.
Detroit was obviously on Wonder's mind, as he suddenly asked his
interrogator: "What do you think of Eminem's new CD?"
More to the point, what does Wonder think? "I love it. Here's a kid who
grew up in Detroit, influenced by the rap and rock. I could hear Detroit in
him right away, he's got the attitude."

"September or November," Wonder said Friday. Why the long hiatus? "I had
to live some life, go through some things," he said with a smile.
Detroit was obviously on Wonder's mind, as he suddenly asked his
interrogator: "hat do you think of Eminem's new CD?"
More to the point, what does Wonder think? "I love it. Here's a kid who
grew up in Detroit, influenced by the rap and rock. I could hear Detroit in
him right away, he's got the attitude."

whitetornadoJul 29, 2002 (04h55)
In 1990 Stevie released a single called "Keep Our Love Alive". It is a great song and I remember buying the cassette single and then the 12" record that had a remix. I saw the video once and heard it once on the radio- It was released before we went to war with Iraq and he was on Arsenio talking about it. I remember the song was #24 on t he R & B charts.... You can get the mp3 on the internet if you look on the programs like Kazaa, etc.

donata ITALYJul 28, 2002 (22h14)
HI, I'm a great italian fan and I'll be in the US from 13 to 31 august.
Can you tell me if there will be some concert of mister Wonder in this period?
Thank you very much!

MPCjrJul 28, 2002 (21h37)
Sometime between 1988 and 1991 Stevie put o9ut a song that I only heard once... or saw once rather. It was a video that was playing at a ski lodge in NY. I've never heard the song again and can't find it anywhere. I know it has the word love in the title and every cut I've heard is not it. Is it possible he put out a love song in a movie that didn't get a lot of attention. It is not from High Fidelity and I'm am reseaching songs on Poetic justice now. Any help?

ZukaeJul 27, 2002 (23h24)
Hey how about the "Jesus Children Of America", second part of "Ordinary Pain",
"Skeletons", " All Day Sucker", end part of " I Believe ( When I Fall In Love...)"
Those are the funkyest tunes I ever heard.

BKJul 27, 2002 (22h47)
"You can feel it all over" is the chorus line from the track "Sir Duke" ,which is on "Songs in the key of life" NATASHA !
The song "if ever" ?I am not sure about this one.I'll let you know.

liliJul 27, 2002 (14h04)
Hi! Im looking for the song "if ever", do you know where can I foud it?

natashaJul 27, 2002 (04h48)
Can anyone tell me if Stevie sings a song that has a chorus ..."you can feel it allllll oooover...."

ebonylocksJul 26, 2002 (23h42)
Nice to see a site with so many people in love with Stevie as much as I am. I first fell in love with Stevie when I was 10 years old. He was being interviewed by Johnnie Carson. His genius was soooo compelling that I cried and told my mother that I wanted to marry him. Ok, that didn't happen, and two kids later, my adult child and teenaged son were taught to appreciate the genious of Stevie as some folks teach their kids to appreciate "classical" music. Not only is Stevie a musical genius but he is a civil rights activist- who can NOT think of him when we celebrate MLK Day. His version of "happy birthday should be the new standard. It is in my family.
I have made a promise that I would always be in the company of Stevie via his concert, any time that he is in town.
Stevie, when are you touring again? WE MISS YOU AND WE LOVE YOU?
Cone back to Chicago!!

Kween215Jul 26, 2002 (22h31)
I love every song he has ever made, it's amazing how talented he is and he has a beautiful voice

LoisJul 25, 2002 (13h07)
K, I have got loads of favourite Stevie songs: Knocks me off my feet, Golden Lady, Ordinary pain, Do I do, That girl,
Superwoman, Ribbon in the sky, These 3 words, Rocket love, Another star, Overjoyed and loads more

KJul 25, 2002 (08h24)
'S up y'all!.....I'm new/young fan of Stevie's and I wanted to know if some of y'all could tell what your favourite Stevie Wedding Song is. My favs are "OVERJOYED", "YOU AND I" and "RIBBON IN THE SKY". Please feel free to add more. Like I said.....I'm a new fan. So I don't know all of his songs.

Thanks for the beautiful music Stevie!



EddieJul 25, 2002 (00h53)
Stevie Wonder: the best the world has ever known!

Nathan DeGuzmanJul 25, 2002 (00h49)
Mr. Wonder is truly the most talented artist ever...God gave us all a gift when he brought us
Stevie Wonder...

Maty and AdjaJul 24, 2002 (20h39)
My name's Maty, Adja is my daughter. Just send you this mail to tell we love Stevie.

sabrina Jul 24, 2002 (19h42)
i am only 19 but to me is the best male singer in the world. i grow up listening to him and will keep on listining to him until i die.

David BrophyJul 24, 2002 (03h25)
Hello People! Can somebody please tell me where I can get hold of a Tevie Wonder Tee Shirt, andy good websites? I'm desperate for one. You can leave a message or email me

Yours in Stevie


Stevie JrJul 22, 2002 (18h03)
Hi Stevie and Fans,

This is my first time submission to this group. I find it incumbent on me to bring to your attention a bright new artist who is being crucified for being a junior version of Stevie Wonder. The artist in question is YOGAN. He recently performed on a SA television show called POP IDOLS. His performances we exceedingly well received with one tiny area of criticism: He sings far too much like Stevie Wonder! The fact that this artist is blind complicates the issue. The problem apparently is YOGAN has not developed a style of his own. He was voted off by the public in favour of sighted artists who had the illusive x-appeal. YOGAN is now producing his own music but is a bit despondent. I would like to urge all who read this, to support this up and coming artist. Mail YOGAN at and show your support. A handicap is extremely difficult to battle but it is more difficult in the face of prejudice.

majJul 22, 2002 (04h23)
stevie wonder should do an unplugged album

HAIKOJul 20, 2002 (10h46)
It is my dream to see you Stevie.
Pleas help me.
I have a song that i will lake to sing with you.

T.M.T.Jul 20, 2002 (01h22)
Sometimes i feel lonely, sad, hurt, angry or just happy, even though i know how i feel i can't always express that feeling enough. However i feel there is always a Stevie song to help me, he has helped me in some hard times just from listening to his songs. I don't know how to thank you enough Stevie, i don't know what i would do without your music, i thank god for you every day. Stevie you're the greatest, love you always.

Brazilian KeyboardistJul 19, 2002 (21h48)
We all know that most of Stevie Wonder's musicians have been played only with him for a long time. I'm worried about them. What are they doing this time? My father plays trumpet with a famous brazilian singer named Roberto Carlos, and since that singer's wife has dead, the performances came down and my father can't find a job with other singer, because no one can imagine that trouble for a Roberto Carlos's musician, but it really happens. I hope that Stevie Wonder's managers remember to support those amzing musicians. (sorry for my bad english, I hope you all can understand...)

KerryJul 19, 2002 (14h09)
Hey All!
I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan!
I am a long time reader, first time 'poster' on this site!!
I would be really grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of getting hold of a
biography or autobiography.
I have searched the internet, but cannot find anything.
I love his work, have got numerous albums, but I want to know more about his life and who he is.
I would really appreciate some help on this one!
Thanks to anyone who can help!

Brazilian KeyboardistJul 19, 2002 (07h47)
Where are Steve Wonder? The world miss this amazing man. When will Steve give us a brand new album? We Brazilians are waitting for a performance of him.

SarahJul 18, 2002 (16h55)
Yeah, i saw "John Q" and i was thinking that the music in the background was Stevie. I wasn't sure though. I was looking for the Soundtrack but couldn't find it anywhere. But the songs were really pretty!! Does anyone know if there's a soundtrack to that movie, which was a pretty good movie by the way.

Thanks, Stevie is awesome

LeeseJul 18, 2002 (03h31)
Does anyone know where I can get Stevie's ; " At The Turn Of The Century" ( 4 disc set) for under $30.00 dollars?
I know Stevie is worth every penny of the $56.00 for the set, but my budget is small! Help! Please!
If anyone can direct me on where to go, who to write to, or any info available, I would be in your debts!
Contact me at;

CubeJul 17, 2002 (21h37)
Hey guys the DVD is out, John Q , you hear a couple of clips of the song that Stevie wrote with Brenda Russell,:Justice of the Heart'
Man its awesome. Its a classic vintage Stevie song, its the best song he's done in years.
He's in very fine voice, its a real shame that this will not be out on CD , I do hope he releases it on his new album or at least as a single. The song is entitled: 'Justice of the Heart'. his voice goes really high towards the end.
All you Stevie fans will love this.

tJul 15, 2002 (21h54)
hi stevie . for two hole weeks i have ben running my own marithon about you

sarahJul 15, 2002 (20h37)
Stevie Wonder is the best!!!! Any fans who wanna write me are welcome to!

The song AS was a cover song by george michael and MARY J. BLIGE (i never know how to spell her last name...)

Stevie is great!!!

DezJul 15, 2002 (20h35)
I beleive the woman singing with George Michael on "As" is Mary J. Blige.

PmzJul 15, 2002 (16h52)
for Deanna: 'I'll be loving you always' is taken from 'As' on 'Songs in the Key of Life'. Something of a must-have...

George Michael also covered it in 2000, but it was a duet with a lady and I'm damned if I can remember who it was... any offers?

GedJul 15, 2002 (08h43)
What I like about this forum is that it makes you go and listen to the songs again,

Can anyone answer this. "Cryin through the night" Characters. On the credits Stevie is
given all the usual synths. No horn players are credited though. The tune has a great Sax
and trombone piece in it (with an unbelievable musical ride up to them) Now I'm not the
greatest fan of synth horns and drum machines, but if those horns are synths,
who the hell built and programmed them to sound that good?

whitetornadoJul 15, 2002 (06h01)

7/2002 - Wonder on next album, Eminem

There's been more than the usual length of time between Stevie Wonder
albums -- four years this time. When will we see the new one?
"September or November," Wonder said Friday. Why the long hiatus? "I had
to live some life, go through some things," he said with a smile.
Detroit was obviously on Wonder's mind, as he suddenly asked his
interrogator: "What do you think of Eminem's new CD?"
More to the point, what does Wonder think? "I love it. Here's a kid who
grew up in Detroit, influenced by the rap and rock. I could hear Detroit in
him right away, he's got the attitude."

Ci-CiJul 15, 2002 (04h06)
What can I say about Stevie except that you are the greatest, and I am truly humbled by your talent. My mother once told me that the BIBLE is a book that you can turn to and find any life situation. Your music is parallel to that comfort and during my years in college ( I just graduated) I seemed to have "found myself" and your music has been my soundtrack. I know that people tell you this all the time, and most of it becomes redundant, BUT you are the greatest songwriter of life, and I absolutely love you. God bless you and keep you..

Deanna Jul 15, 2002 (02h06)
Is there any Stevie-fan who knows what album is this song on with the lyrics I'll be loving you always.

KikoJul 15, 2002 (00h32)
En mi opinión usted es una guía para el resto de los grandes músicos de la actualidad, he seguido desde toda mi vida su obra tanto en los momentos mas alegres, como en los mas tristes. Siempre he soñado verlo en vivo e incluso mis difuntos padres me auguraron que algún día tendría la dicha de conocerlo, pues espiritualmente su música forma parte de mi vida, ya que he tratado desde el año 1972 ir coleccionando de acuerdo a mis posibilidades su música. Soy Cubano, abogado y agradecería alguna comunicación. Gracias. Pedro Roberto Valdés Paredes.

BKJul 14, 2002 (21h52)
Stevie Wonder-full discography.....Illustrated discography..1962-1985,Omnibus press,
isbn 0.7119.0616.5 op43223,by Rick Taylor.F.A.O. Diver3074,regards BK.

Diver3074Jul 14, 2002 (12h53)
Back again!! Problem 2 : Can anyone tell me where i can get a list of the b sides that were released.
Thanx for your help and thanx to the people that replied to me previously.

Sheri AmoreJul 14, 2002 (05h40)

bkJul 13, 2002 (01h34)
plus "Hey Harmonica Man",Stevie even says his harmonica playing was not up to scratch.
But after all he is only human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which is probably why the album is delayed!
Send in your "Bum" moments by Stevie!Just for fun eh!

bkJul 13, 2002 (01h30)
"I don,t know why(i love you)" was the flip side to "My Cherie Amour" single.It was originally
the A side!P.s. to the guy who wants Stevie Wonder's live performance from "Musik Laden" in Germany
The tape of this is somewhere in my video collection.Bob Harris and The Old Grey Wjistle Test also played tracks way back.VH1 broadcast it two or three years ago.Ps i also have
an original Radio Luxembourg broadcast of Stevie at The Rainbow theatre.Infact the live version of
superstition is downloadable from this site!I suppose the most amazing live tv was when Stevie did "Papa was a rolling stone" plus
Bacharachs "Close to you" back in the seventies.
By the way "I gotta have a song" is a brilliant track from the "Signed ,Sealed,Delivered"album
Its superb guitar opening,the superb vocals,plus the brilliant chorus.Small wonder Jeff Beck
thinks it is a classic cut.Check out "Don't Wonder why"for a magnificient vocal performance onthe same album.
Something new STEVIES BUM MOMENTS>>>>>>>>
"I just called to say.".........that opening....yuck!
"Jungle fever"....err..well lets forget that one....
"You met your match"...pretty crap....
"Some rather depressing parts of S.L.O.Plants"
Stevies" I wanna talk to you!".....
"Workout Stevie workout",&qu

Diver3074Jul 12, 2002 (22h17)
Does anyone know the B side to the single My Cherie Amour. Thanks for you time and help.

secret vowsJul 12, 2002 (19h37)
i will really be mad at you stevie if you did not include the unreleased song called "how will i know'
she loves me" on your new album because it is simply a number one song and a classic one too.

AndyJul 12, 2002 (19h30)
Hello there... I am trying to find a live recording by Stevie that I am not even sure exists. I see the videos from this "session" all the time (on VH1 Classic and other outlets) but I am wondering if there is a CD or DVD I can purchase. It is actually the only live performance I have ever seen, which probably means it is the most mainstream of all his work in the 70s... BUT I DON"T KNOW WHAT THE SESSION or PERFORMANCE IS CALLED!!! Stevie sits at his Clavinet (sp?) during the whole show and he has a whole band behind him. There is a banner hanging in the background of the stage that says "Musik Laden" ... and I saw an extended version of "Superstition" from this session that actually flashes credits at the end in typical Stevie Wonder phonetic type (similar to what Prince adopted i.e., "anotherloverholeinyourhead" ... and Musiq Soulchild also has used... i.e., "juslissen") Hopefully this well help explain what I am trying to find. Sorry if none of this makes sense.... I just don't know where else to turn!! I MUST HAVE THIS ENTIRE PERFORMANCE ON DISC!!! IT IS JUST SO UNBELIEVABLE...

TrueJul 12, 2002 (05h17)
Thank you for having this wonderful site. For a few years, I've been trying to find "I Gotta Have A Song" and now I know what album it's on (I'm only 23!). I can't wait for the bio. If you see Steveland, tell him I said, "Thank you for sharing your gift and having music that stayed in my heart from my baby days till now. Even my son sings your songs!"

shayJul 11, 2002 (21h14)
I keep asking and asking and get no reply- when is there gonna be a stevie tour? I'm hearing all sorts of rumours but nothing concrete. Stevie your the greatest man. Come to the UK and I'll be happy to have you round for tea and scones.

RedJul 11, 2002 (20h05)
I've heard rumors that Stevie is going on tour! Does anyone know anything about this? I will fly anywhere to see him if he doesn't come to Denver! Thanks

SarahJul 11, 2002 (19h26)

The K-ci and JoJo song by stevie wonder is called Lately.(Somebody asked about that)
Stevie Wonder is the best!!
Greetings from Germany, I LOVE STEVIE!!!!

JeffJul 11, 2002 (14h14)
is it known if or when Stevie will release a new album and when he do a tour again (especially Europe)?

VicJul 11, 2002 (05h08)
Does anyone know chords to Lately please email

CholaJul 11, 2002 (04h12)
All I know about it, is that KC & JoJo did a remake of it while they were still together as Jodeci...
I aslo know part of the song...
"cause this time could mean, good, goodbye."
Please if anyone knows it will you send it to me at my e-mail, you dont have to send the lyrics...
just the name of the song...please!!!

JoyJoy77Jul 10, 2002 (23h47)
Greetings from Finland. My favourite Stevie moments are:

1. The piano at the beginning of 'Golden Lady'... oh my!
2. The whole mix of 'Send One Your Love', it sounds unbelievable to my ears.
3. The melody in 'Rocket Love' that starts the song and repeats in the middle where Stevie just sings 'do-doo-doo'..
4. The amazing jazzy melody of 'You Got It Bad Girl'.
5. Last three songs of Talking Book played in a row.
6. The synthesizers in 'Superwoman... Where Were You When I Needed You'.. and the overall production and feeling.
7. The chorus in 'Keep Him Like He Is' by Syreeta. One of the finest moments on Syreeta's first album.
8. The heavy bassline in 'Love You Too Much'. One of the coolest things he did in the 80's and a great example of 80's production style..
9. 'Outside My Window', such a beautiful moment in the Secret Life of Plants record.
10. The jazzy touches in the melody of 'I Can't Help It' sung by Michael Jackson.
11. The warm feeling I get listening to the whole of Fulfillingness First Finale album.
... I could continue forever.

Dan Jul 10, 2002 (11h27)
" I aint gonna stand got it " Do I Do or in fact I dont know ? Does anyone know about up and coming tour dates please ? Stevie is the No 1 a beautiful vessell communicating the spiritual message of love that keeps us all in the key of life.

phredJul 10, 2002 (09h28)
Does anyone know who did the remake of 'As' on the Snow Dogs soundtrack?

StashyJul 10, 2002 (07h44)
I was nothing nothing but a hiphop fan from the time I was a kid and since I started digging up old records it was inevitable
that I was going to run into you work. I've collected a lot of stuff and needless to say you are by far on a level of your own.
I would love to see you go on a tour doing outside venues. I can't think of any more of an enjoyable thing then a Stevie
concert on a summer day. If you have it we will come. I'm young, and haven't had the privalage to see you perform. Hopefully
You come to Pittsburgh Pa before you decide to hang it all up

BrandiJul 10, 2002 (03h32)
Mr. Stevie Wonder you are a true genius. I don't know If your staff will read these comments to you, but I wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. I recently got engaged and would be both dumbfounded and overjoyed to have you sing at my wedding. Everyone thinks that this dream would never happen. I think there's no harm in asking. Thanks, Brandi Austin

Fabio from ItalyJul 9, 2002 (23h43)
Hi!A question for everybody...i want to go in USA for a concert of Stevie!!Do you know something about this?
How much time has passed from the last concert of Stevie Wonder??Thanks!...and sorry for my english...

Kathryn MoorbyJul 9, 2002 (18h22)
Stevie i love ur songs especially "I Just Called to Say I Love You" i know every word im 11 and i live in Cape May Nj i saw you on the Cosby Show cause i watch it every night . if you read this please e-mail me please i know its probably hard for you but please just e-mail me i love your songs so much your such an inspiration to me.Please e-mail me.
Kathryn Moorby

tigerJul 9, 2002 (17h40)
i need the news music, for my heart

nicktigerJul 9, 2002 (17h38)
stevie you"re simple the best

DaniJul 9, 2002 (15h56)
Stevie, you're one of the greatest songwriter and singer ever.
I love your 70's albums. Some songs are fabulous and very tricky
to play them with a band. A lot of work for all musiciens playing
Stevie Wonder Songs. My favourite one is Do I do ! Hope to see you on tour !
Claude Nobs would like to welcome you on the Montreux Jazz Festival next year
hope to see you then - All the best / Dani from Switzerland

maggsJul 9, 2002 (13h38)
fave bits....
1. the funky end of 'I believe...'
2. the funky start of Do yourself a favour
3. the horns on Do I do
4. Summer soft , all of it!
5. the backing vocals on Blame it on the sun
6. the intro and beginning of drums on shoo bee doo da day..
7. vocals on Do I love her
8. fullness of the outro on Please don't go
9. the bell kind of noise and harmonica on Have a talk with god , superb!
10 . last bit of vocals on Lateley .

have a thousand more as well ( don't worry , I won't list them!!!)

gunnarJul 9, 2002 (01h02)
dear stevie,
i hope that you are working on a new album. your music is the grooviest i ever heard. after finishing the album, i want you to come on
a european tour. there are so many fans exept me, wishing see you playing live. greetings from germany

OskarJul 8, 2002 (23h23)
10 favourite Stevie moments:

1. The drums on "Sugar".
2. The bass synthesizer on "Black Orchid" (a great song, by the way...).
3. The powerful groove of "You Haven't Done Nothin'".
4. "Boogie On Reggae Woman".
5. The chord changes in the second part of "Superwoman". That's as much soul as there is to get...
6. The vocals on "All I Do".
7. The intro on "I'm Goin' Left" (on Stevie Wonder presents Syreeta).
8. Innervisions.
9. The performance of "Overjoyed" on Saturday Night Live.
10. His vocal on Syreeta's Harmour Love.

sid viciousJul 8, 2002 (22h05)
HA HA HA Stevie Wonder is dead and I am alive!

SPIRIT771Jul 8, 2002 (06h44)

nick COOKEFANJul 7, 2002 (21h38)
Hello Stevie,
I've been a fan of yours since 1969. I grew up listening to your music in Kuwait and the UK. Let me say this straight...I believe that YOU and Sam Cooke, are the greatest singers this world has ever known. May God bless you.

Amman, Jordan.

saidJul 7, 2002 (20h48)
dear stevie
l'm from algeria l send this message just to tell you how much l'm proud of your songs your rythm
and your idilology l started hearing your music 1980 please continue and have a good chance
and god bless you bye bye your admirer said benfeghoul from algeria

ZukaeJul 6, 2002 (23h31)
That's Oprah show there sorry.

ZukaeJul 6, 2002 (23h29)
Hello everyone.Just want to say: be patient about the new album. I'm sure Stevie is going to whip up something golden.
Once on Opray show, Stevie said that he is still about to write the best song of his life.
But for now, I think all the songs that Stevie wrote, are the best music of my life.

UrchinJul 6, 2002 (17h58)
I was a fan of Stevie's from the first time I heard him. I was working as a DJ at a radio station in New Mexico, and got a promo copy of a song called (as best I can remember) "I call it pretty music, and the old folks call it the blues." It came out before (or at about the same time as) Fingertips. I've searched every music/record collection sight I can find, but to no avail. IS there a recording of this song anywhere! I'm willing to BUY it at whatever price! Love ya, Stevie, and thanks everyone.

nonpareilJul 6, 2002 (01h10)
Stevie, I am 20 years old and your music still hits closed to home. My mother has been a fan since "Lil' Stevie" and her love has been extended into my generation. I just want to say that your music is inspiring and God-given. I hope you make your way to Atlanta so I can have the pleasure of witnessing some of the "Natural Wonder". I love you man, and you deserved that Award. God Bless...

coprahJul 5, 2002 (14h00)
Stevie, ta voix me donne des frissons. Je suis une fane de la première heure et je t'écoute tous les jours. Je ne me lasse pas de l'album Innervisions. Une de mes chansons préférées reste Overjoyed, quelle douce mélancolie... Je suis venue te voir à Bercy (Paris) dans les années 80 et je ne m'en remets toujours pas tellement ce moment était magique. Tu me manque terriblement. Je souhaiterais avoir de tes nouvelles. Savoir si tu comptes encore nous gratifier d'un nouvel album. Que fais tu ? Ou es tu ? Merci d'exister, merci d'être toi et de nous donner le meilleur. Big kisses and god bless you :o)

Thomas AndretzkyJul 5, 2002 (13h23)
Hello Stevie,I just mailed to say I love your music !

majJul 5, 2002 (04h33)
i'ts almost a year now stevie, whats up with this new album? still waiting peace!

nickseyi kayode,NigeraJul 4, 2002 (20h18)
pls, does anyone know how I can communicate directly with Stevie?
I'll really appreciate it if there's a way round it.

BUSH1Jul 4, 2002 (01h03)
What the heck is Queen Neka on about!Mentioning the events of September 11th in this way is offensive.Have some respect.Whatever your on about ,can you make it clear.

MatthewJul 3, 2002 (09h35)
Hey Stevie, I enjoy your music!!!!!! My Favorite song is "I just Called To Say I Love You"

SEYI KAYODE,OAU Ile Ife,Osun State,NigeriaJul 3, 2002 (05h57)
I would really want Stevie himself tell me how he expresses himself in his songs-the captivating fast and smooth transitions into very high notes,
the timeless adlibs and all.He left me mouth agape the first time I listened to his version of "Redemption Song" originally by Bob Marley.
Men,you are a genius Stevie!

nickSEYI KAYODE,OAU Ile Ife,Osun State,NigeriaJul 3, 2002 (05h47)
Stevie Wonder is a phenomenon.I think he lives forever.There is really no disability in him

seyikdoctor@yahoo.comJul 3, 2002 (05h39)
To me,as long as Stevie remains a living soul,he remains the best singer on the planet.I seem to see him any time I listen to his songs.
For a fellow singer,there remains something new to be learnt in every song.Stevie is not a musician.Music is spelt "S T E V I E".
I love you Stevie!

DavidJul 3, 2002 (01h43)
HI everybody!

VIVA BRASIL PENTA CAMPEAO 1958-1962-1970-1994-2002

The year will be perfect if stevie published a new album

Viva brazil and Stevland morris

Mike IJul 3, 2002 (01h08)
Stevie will you ever plan to do anything in the U.K. I'd love to hear you live again and again and again ...

LarissaJul 2, 2002 (19h50)

sarahJul 2, 2002 (18h55)
Hi! Stevie wonder is great!!! This is a message to George881!! I do have the songlyrics to how come how long, but you didn't leave your e-mail adress! So if you are still interested in getting the lyrics just let me know!

pennyJul 2, 2002 (18h09)
I am 38 years old and your music continues to grow with me as a meaningful part of my life.
The heavens truly bless you for all that you ahve given everyone in your songs.

Queen Neka IJul 2, 2002 (02h00)
The Wonder Project is now 23 years documented within "The Holy Book Of
Wonder", written by Ital Iman I over a 23 year span of time. For more information on the
protest or The Wonder Project e-mail or visit our website at

Queen Neka IJul 2, 2002 (00h45)
The Wonder Project is now 23 years documented within "The Holy Book Of
Wonder", written by Ital Iman I over a 23 year span of time. For more information on the
protest or The Wonder Project e-mail or visit our website at

Queen Neka IJul 2, 2002 (00h43)
For Press Release:
"The Wonder Project"

A Directive From - Ital Iman I
Coordinator: The Republic Of The New/Original Rastafari
Director Of The Rastafari Jihad
Founder Of The Wonder Project
Author Of The Holy Book Of Wonder...

Ontological Terrorism

On September 11 2002, The second phase of "The Rastafari Jihad" will explode with
the brilliance of a billion suns in commemoration of the parable of the September 11, 2001 TwinTowers incident - the target being Black Bull Studio, Burbank California, A Stevie Wonder

Representatives of The Wonder Project will picket/demonstrate at Stevie Wonder's
studio, 4616 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank California, to bring attention to The Wonder
Project and the fact that Mr. Milton Hardaway, Stevie Wonder's brother, has been keeping
messages from his blind brother, thus hindering the progress of The Wonder Project. Ones
should call Black Bull Studio and ask for Mr. Hardaway's voicemail, you will see by its
unprofessional overtone, that it is used for his own personal use and not for busines as normal.

The Wonder Project is now 23 yea

SabrinaJul 1, 2002 (20h17)
I was fortunate enough to meet Stevie this weekend @ a club in Hollywood, he is the sweetest man!

SpikeJul 1, 2002 (10h21)
Hey vicious, don't make me kill you all over again, like I did in the last episode of cowboy bebop

tychoJul 1, 2002 (02h09)
hi sid - if you don't like stevie then why bother posting? i don't surf for sex pistols sites cos they're shite...nuff said

tychoJul 1, 2002 (02h07)
edu - get sonds in the key of life - it's a double but well worth the money. Also secret life of plants... really cool stuff...