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<; is also gorgeous. Yes it 7 minutes in length, but you get so into the song that the 7 minutes go by very quickly.
"Summer Soft" (my fav song from SITKOL) is mind blowing. I've read that this album was going to be called "Let's see life the way it is"
However he decided to change the title at the last minute.

adwareApr 12, 2007 (06h15)
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DezSep 30, 2002 (22h45)
Creepin is a classic I also remember absolutly falling in love with that tune, awesome especaily the harmonica solo. absolutly amazing.
I love ,'Happier than the morning sun' as well as 'I love everything about you'.
I am quite suprised there is'nt absolutly any info or even a title for the new album.

The question is will it be released in January I doubt it as very few artist new albums are released on that month as everybody has spent there money at Christmas I reckon March again and that would make it 8 years since Conversation peice.

'Spread the Love is a beautiful song and I hope that song is released.

josanSep 30, 2002 (18h28)
hello everybody!!!
I'd like to know if stevie is recording a new album, I can't wait to listen to a new one.
he's the best

josanSep 30, 2002 (18h28)
hello everybody!!!
I'd like to know if stevie is recording a new album, I can't wait to listen to a new one.
he's the best

The ClarkeSep 30, 2002 (14h28)
Hi to everyone,
Can anyone tell me if Stevie is touring soon in England.

ralphySep 30, 2002 (09h05)
Hi to all. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I was wondering if someone from the states could tell me if they had heard anything about Stevie coming back to Australia for another concert? He is my idol, i must see him live.

AnotherMusicianSep 29, 2002 (22h14)
"Whereabouts" is another song from his mid-80's digisynth era, that I actually love. I can
actually envision that song being recorded in the 70's era as well. I myself have been
listening to "Have A Talk With God" alot recently. I love the snare sound in that song. I'm
trying to think of words to describe the rhythm on that track, but it's kind of hard. The drums
have a lazy backbeat to it, but the music is very active. And the vocal melody, although
relatively simple as compared to other Stevie tracks, provides the perfect counter rhythm to
the music. But back to that snare's hypnotizing. Similar to the snare in "Creepin'" in
which Dez was referring to earlier. As I mentioned before, the drums on "Creepin'" obviously
follow the music instead of the other way around. Later yaw'll....*Go Cowboys* lol.

DezSep 29, 2002 (18h39)
I forgot to mention "If its magic". I really like this song. I think the harp sounds alot better than the piano versions he's done
before the album was released. The harp was more expressive and gave it a celestial sound. Right now for some reason
"Creepin'" is in my head. This song is one of my favs as well. They synths here are put to very good use. Minnie brings out
her angelic soprano and takes the song to another level. Plus his harmonica solo is so cool. I like Luther Vandross's version
but it lacks the uniqueness of Stevie's. It did however set a trend with Luther's slow jam period. You're in a trance woth
Stevie's version until the songs goes off. He sounds very serious on this song. Like with "Too Shy Too Say", he didn't
have to go into his upper voice register to get his point accross which is the norm for a Stevie ballad (You and I, Lately,
Seems So Long" for example).

I've noticed we've talked about SITKOL alot lately. What about "Saturn"? I for one dug it because it gave off a different sound.
Plus the lyrics were really meaningingful (how many Stevie songs aren't meaningful....right?)


DezSep 29, 2002 (12h11)

I've also heard the live version of "Taboo to love". Actually this verision was from 1984 at the Capital Center just
outside of Washington D.C. Most of the time, Stevie's setlist in concerts is the same. In the 1984 concert he did
the same "Taboo to love/Send one your love" combination.

As far as a Minnie Ripperton tribute by Stevie, I believe he dedicated Ecclisiates from SLOP to her.


HeleianSep 29, 2002 (01h25)
Hi, please tell me, in this site, we realy can speak with Stevie Wonder? If I say that I like so much all the things that Stevie represent, He read or is like many sites that don`t know the famous person and recive the message I say the opinion. Please someone say somethig, sorry... :)

CubeSep 28, 2002 (20h36)
Hi Dez
Superwoman is one of my all time Stevie favorites his vocal is so free and he just glides thru the track beutifuly( excue my spelling LOL)
I love 'If its Magic ' is another one of my favorite songs I love his rich voice flowing with the harp, the harpist has now sadly died and the sad thing was she never really got noticed I'm so glad that Stevie used her talent she was the perfect choice for this song.

I have heard a 1983 live version of Taboo to love and man its mind blowng he does it slightly differernt from the recording.

he sings the chorus at the end and the bands slowly kicks in with the bass and the drums with a slight latin fell he also marries this song with a samba version of' Send one your love' which is awesome he does some interesting dynamics with his voice.

Just a quick question did Stevie ever do a vocal tribute song to Mini Ripperton and if he did what is it called?

DezSep 28, 2002 (13h03)
For some reason I truly like "Moments aren't Moments" from the "Woman in Red "I know I know.... we really put down the 80's compared to his legenday
70's period, but this is a song that I really dig by Stevie from that 80's era. He didn't sing it but, the song is still beautiful. Dionne Warrick did the lead. I wonder how the
song would sound with Stevie doing the lead. Plus the music alone is soothing. Larry Gittens's sax solo adds to that feel.


DezSep 28, 2002 (12h34)
Here's my list
1.Reggie McBride.................playing bass on "Higher Ground" from the Rainbow concert 1974
2.Mike Sembello...................playing lead guitar on "Contusion"
3.Nathan Watts..................playing bass on "Do I Do"
4.Minnie Ripperton...............background vocals on "Creepin'"
5.Ollie Brown......................playing drums on the Rainbow and Musikladen concers
6.Ray Parker Jr...................playing lead guitar on"Maybe your baby"
7.Buzzy Fieton...................playing lead guitar on "Superwoman (Where were you when I needed you)"
8.Jeff Beck.......................playing lead on "Lookin' for another pure love"
9.Herbie Hancock..............playimg keyboards on "As"
10.Ben Bridges..................acoustic guitar on "Send one your love" especially the instrumental version.


whitetornadoSep 28, 2002 (07h50)
I woke up this morning with a song stuck in my head and it was a song that I had kind of forgotten about. The song I am speaking of is "One Of A Kind" from "Characters"(1987)
That is one catchy song, it has a great vibe to it. Put that on and give it another listen y'all. If you don't get into it at first, put it on again while you're doing something around the house. That, by the way is how I break a new Stevie Album in. No lyrics to read and no hard listening at first, that enhances it for me. Also "Come Let Me Make Your Love Come Down" is another
song I really like but at first I just thought it was ok. I love ya Stevie fans!

girlblueSep 28, 2002 (07h18)
track list to "The Definitive Collection," coming october 29th

1. Fingertips (Part 2)
2. Uptight
3. Hey Love
4. I Was Made To Love Her
5. For Once In My Life
6. My Cherie Amour
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
8. Superstition
9. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
10. Higher Ground
11. Living For The City
12. You Haven't Done Nothing
13. Boogie On Reggae Woman
14. I Wish
15. Sir Duke
16. Masterblaster (Jammin')
17. That Girl
18. Do I Do
19. I Just Called To Say I Love You
20. Part-Time Lover
21. Overjoyed

Irene PorterSep 28, 2002 (01h54)
Mr. Wonder,
My name is Irene Porter. I currently reside in Ridgecrest, CA and I have just recorded my second project. All songs and even the melodies were written by me under the anointing of the Holy Spirit after a traumatic injury. At the blessed age of my early sixties, I believe God still has plenty of work for me to do, and I know music is my gift from Him to the world. He is using me at this age to let people know that it's never too late and that giving up is not an option.
I would like to attend the Back to Holiness Conference, but at the present time, I am unable to be there in person. However, the information seems to be of great importnace. If you will have another one in the future, I look forward to attending. In lieu of my attendance this year, please visit my website at The name of the CD is "Have Mercy on the Children".
I look forward to your review of this new project and I would appreciate any assistance you may offer me to better serve all of God's children-those who know Him and those who do not.

Sis. Irene Porter

AnotherMusicianSep 28, 2002 (00h17)
I just love the interaction between the acoustic piano and the Fender Rhodes on "All
Is Fair". Especially the verses prior to leading into the choruses. I would love to hear
that song without the vocals..(as well as many other songs). I've got like 4 or 5 albums
by Marvin Gaye with different outtakes and unreleased versions of the final songs. Very
interesting. Of course this was all done posthumously.(Motown and CBS knowing there
are Marvin Gaye fans such as myself who are willing to spend money on Marvin). I would
love to hear some of the "rough/early" versions of Stevie's songs. With the different mixes and all.
Speaking of which, I feel so left out of the convo in here because I've never heard or seen the Rainbow
Concert tour/album. Or any other live recordings..(except NATURAL WONDER). But I hope to come across
some of them one day. Aiight yaw'll I'm out, peace everybody!

JORDISep 27, 2002 (18h51)
Me llamo Jordi, me gusta mucho tu música, especialmente la canción "I just called to say I love you", que me encantaría tenerla como tono en mi móvil, pero no sé cómo puedo conseguirlo.

nick Mr CarlaoSep 27, 2002 (16h22)
Si vocé seu Deus, eu quem seu ????? A Diávolo, acláremenlou....

nick Mr CarlaoSep 27, 2002 (16h22)
Si vocé seu Deus, eu quem seu ????? A Diávolo, acláremenlou....

Mr. CarlaoSep 27, 2002 (15h36)
Stevie, ok, eu voy a recomendar vose, mais vose ya me debe moitos favores, este seu o uchimo favor que eu hago.....

Mr. CarlaoSep 27, 2002 (15h32)
Vose seu um groso, como eu !!!!

mattSep 27, 2002 (11h43)
try power flower

girlblueSep 27, 2002 (02h18)
does anyone know of any other songs with the same kinda vibe as "send one your love," (i LOVE this song) "you've got it bad girl," "i love every little thing about you" (i LOVE the beginning to it) & perhaps "superwoman"?

BKSep 26, 2002 (22h02)
SUBLIME MUSICIANSHIP(excluding Stevie for the moment!)
1)GREG PHILLINGANES ........ON S.I.T.K.O.L...n.b."Joy inside my tears"/"Isn't she lovely".Keyboard
2)HERBIE HANCOCK.............ON "As"..Keyboard
3)M.SEMBELLO...................ON "Contusion"....Guitar
4)D.PARKS.........................ON "Visions"..Guitar
5)S.MADIAO.......................ON "Superstition"...(30TH ANNIVERSARY COMING UP)..Trumpet
6)N.WATTS........................ON."I Wish"

mattSep 26, 2002 (19h30)
the keyboard and bass going together thing...I meant on You Are the a bit excited there ! of course They are all the same in that respect .

mattSep 26, 2002 (19h28)
hi Dez , ' You Are The Sunshine.....' is great on the rainbow . That intro is so great . I sort of wish that it was studio recorded , but then it would lose the certain vibe you get from it and others . But yeah , it's great . I also like the superwoman intro , when he's talking to the band . Ooh ! and that living for the city mid section , it's a nice funky jam and Stevie's voice is right in there getting down . Also , listen to the way the keyboard and bass go together . Nice .
I still say Stevie and Mike are really standout on it . But (to my frustration ) getting hold of the Musikladen video or music is proving to be really hard . I've seen Superstition being played on Vh1 a few times ( By the way I'm sure MIke Sembello is there , correct me if I'm wrong ; ) ) But it's great , I'm prety sre I've seen Tuesday Heartbreak as well but memory does not serve me well .
1 more thing . I've seen the video to Living for the city maybe once , anyone else ? It has stevie in the studio , playing drums ect. I'd like to know more . Can anyone help?
AnotherMusician...nice one . You just said what I tried to say about' He's misstra...' . Spot on .

Tace care ,

AnotherMusicianSep 26, 2002 (18h45)
Thanks again for the url. I'm amazed by what you told me about his recording process
that evolved into "Power Flower". And Matt, "Misstra" is such a mellow song. It has that
lilt to it. By the time "Don't You Worry" goes off, you're all hyped up, but then out of nowhere
comes "Misstra" bringin' you back down to earth. I love the way he arranges his songs on his
albums. "Love's In Need" was the perfect song to set the atmosphere for SITKOL. Just as
"Evil" closed out MOMM in a "leave you hangin'" kind of way. Dez, I'm actually in Va Beach/Norfolk
area myself. I'll be in DC sometime next month to work with this singer. Aiight.? peace!

DezSep 26, 2002 (18h18)
You're speaking my language. That pause on "Visions" at the Rainbow is magnificent!!!! How about the live version of "He's
Misstra Know It All" from Musikladen??? DY-NO-MITE!!!!! If you love his live concerts, I suggest the 72-74 years. Not only
do you hear lots of unreleased songs, but he funktifies (I know thats not a or adds a rock edge to the songs you're
familiar with (Uptight, & I was made to love her for example). There was a PBS Special on him from 72 that was mind blowing.
I've seen this on Ebay a few times. Believe me when I say that his earlier 70's concerts make Natural Wonder seem very very tired.


P.S. Matt, what did you think of "You are the sunshine of my life" from the Rainbow concert?

DezSep 26, 2002 (17h19)

I am from Washington D.C. I aactually live outside of the city. I dig your comments on the synths. Stevie's music is very very detailed.
I can go back and listen to the same song and here things I didn't hear before. Its kinda of like the left and right speakers are playing two different versions
of the same song.....that's pure genius!! Plus he layers instruments like baking a cake. I was fortunate enough to speak with one of the engineers
of SLOP. He told me the story of how Stevie came in on night and layered the rhodes, drums, synths and harmonica without even listening
to them until the last instrument was recorded. This by the way turned into "Power Flower". Plus I've read other stories of how Stevie
writes and records. By the way here's the URL you asked for.


mattSep 26, 2002 (17h00)
no mention of He's Misstra Know It All . I like the way that song flows so gently bit really packs a punch . What about ( if you're lucky enough to hear it ) that hhuUUGGGGGGEEEeeee pause in visions live at the rainbow . He brings his voice in slowly with an incredable tone for the last half of the song .

fantastic goose bump raising stuff .

AnotherMusicianSep 26, 2002 (13h27)
It's 3 different harmony notes he could have played at one time as a simple chord, but
he wanted to tweak each note differently. Detail, Detail, Detail!!! Dez, I'm glad your
local radio station wised up and started playing "Each Beat". By the way, where are you
located anyway?? And if you don't mind, I need that URL to that interview with Stevie
explaining some of his earlier recording processes. Thanks.

AnotherMusicianSep 26, 2002 (13h21)
Cube and Dez, I can never talk enough about "Each Beat". But Dez, you had to go and
bring up "Smile Please". Man I could listen to that song all day (I say that 'bout all his songs).
The way it starts out with that jazzy guitar...and then his vocals start off kind of "lazy like",
but in a good way...And then the background vocals that mimics horns in the chorus...truly awesome.
"A smiling face earth-like star, a frown can't bring out the beauty that you are". Come on now,
who else could write something like that?? I didn't realize that "Superwoman" was released as a single.
And Dez, yes that interlude between the two parts is beautiful. That's another example of him putting
detail into his craft. He not only had to worry about getting the sounds out of the synths he wanted.
but he had to think about pitch and harmony and everything. I'm sure most of the boards he was using
were monophonic, so he had to layer each sound one at a time to make it sound like a orchestral arrangement.
Just like when he recorded his hallmark, "Living For The City", man the ending of that song just blows me away!!
In the making of SITKOL video, Stevie explains how while recording "I Wish", the little quirky mute guitar synth
sounds were also layered one by one even though he was using a polyphonic keyboard by that time. It's 3
different harmonic patterns, bu

JeanfSep 26, 2002 (12h40)
To Rasmus.I guess u don't understand me when I told "new fashion singers"; so I am frenchy and no natural
english talking. You see what I mean? Wanted to spaek about "commercial music". Sometime in the Stevie has
made commercial music perhaps under pressure of his house of music edition. Then and unfortunately the last
singles he chooses was not the best of his albums ( Skeleton, ...)
Of course all of the Stevie's music isn't at the top. It is not possible. The fact of all creators.The best is often not
on radios waves.
Definitly Stevie is able of the best, we know thatand we hope he 'll do soon.
Stevie is a very great figure of modern music. It is fascinating to see the progression of his voice all over the years.
Unique in the story of pop music.
His style also is very personal. Melting of funk jazz gospel rap latin music.
Finally he is great melodist overgifted, able to do something very moving with a simple melody ( see Lately Ribbon in the sky
All is fair in love Innervision They wont go when I go ....)
To me the top of the top is Songs in the key of life. Perfection between perfection. Master of piece .26 years already .
Then came Hotter than July; very energic album very successful and excellent invoice.
After , I consider the following albums without true unity ( 2 movies musics Woman in red of minor interest and Jungle feaver;
Square circle and Characters ,

DezSep 26, 2002 (12h21)
"Look Around" and "They won't go when I go" have a classical feel to them both. Only Stevie could pull these kinds of songs off. His harmony
on both songs are superb. These two may not make the air waves, but the hard core fan can't deny the masterpieces. I can't stress
enough that people slept on "Where I'm coming from" as a whole. Granted, his harmonica solo on "Something out of the blue" could have
been a tad bit longer, it was a lovely song never the less.
AnotherMusician, I agree with you on "With each beat of my heart". I can't decide what I love most about it, the harmonica
or his harmonies. You know, the radio stations near where I live are starting to play this song more often. I think someone finally
got a clue.....or common



DezSep 26, 2002 (12h19)
Cube ,
You hit the nail on the head. "Garden of Love" and "Refelections of you are beautiful. They really sound like outakes
of SLOP. I've heard his late 70's concerts and these songs are some of the hilights of the show. I also love
"When you've lost your way".

"Superwoman" has to be one of my favorites of all time from Stevie. I never tire from this song. There are so many
things I can say about it. First off are the rhodes (on both parts) are dynamite. But if I had to choose my favorite part
of this two part song, it would have to be the transition between the two. I've played many keyboards, and I've found
sounds similar to the ones in this song. Then I realized these are sounds Stevie created! Meaning he 'tweeked' the synth
until he found the sound he heard in his 'mind'."Smile Please" is another favorite. It starts off FFF on a happy note. I don't think any synths are here but you rally don't need then in this

"Look Around" and "They won't go when I go" have a classical feel to them both. Only Stevie could pull these kinds of songs off. His harmony
on both songs are superb. These two may not make the air waves, but the hard core fan can't deny the masterpieces. I can't stress
enough that people slept on "Where I'm coming from" as a whole. Granted, his harmonica solo on "Something out of the blu

peterSep 26, 2002 (05h02)
Lift Every Voice And Sing (Melba Moore)
I'm Too Close (w/The Williams Brothers)
How Come, How Long (w/Babyface)
True To Your Heart (w/ 98 Degrees)
Wild, Wild, West (Will Smith)
Superstition (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Too High (Norman Brown) if there is anyone who want to change with me - write I need "kiss away your tears" and any Stevie's concerts .Quality is not too important

peterSep 26, 2002 (04h58)
1998 - Mastablasta '98 (w/Wyclef Jean - How Stella Got Her Groove Back OMPST)
1998 - If Ever (Down In The Delta OMPST)
1998 - If Ever (Ballad Collection)
1998 - Higher Ground (Live) (For The Children Of Liberia)
1998 - Peace Wanted Just To Be Free (Live) (w/Pavoratti - For The Children Of Liberia)
1999 - Loves Me Like A Rock (w/ Dixie Hummingbirds & Paul Simon - Music In The Air: 70th Anniversary Celebration)
1999 - To Feel The Fire
1999 - Have A Talk With God (w/ Dixie Hummingbirds - Music In The Air: 70th Anniversary Celebration)
1999 - A Song For Children
2000 - Misrepresented People (Bamboozled OMPST)
2000 - Some Years Ago (Bamboozled OMPST)
2000 - Brand New Day (w/Sting - Brand New Day - Album and Live At The Universal Ampitheater DVD)
2000 - Jesus Children Of America (w/Bebe Winans & Marvin Winans - Love And Freedom)
2000 - Nobody Else In The World But You (w/Don Henley - Inside Job)
2000 - Finally (w/Daine Schuur - Friends For Schuur)
2000 - I Love You More (w/Kimberly Brewer)
2001 - Dark Diamond (w/ Elton John - Songs From The West Coast)
2001 - Everyday (I Have The Blues) (w/ Tony Bennet - Playing With My Friends: Bennet Sings The Blues)
2001 - I Love You More Live (w/ Kimberly Brewer - A Very Special Christmas Volume 5)
2001 - Merry Christmas Baby (w/ Wyclef Jean - A Very Special Christmas Volume 5)
2001 - Love's In Need Of Love Today Live w/Take 6 -(America:

peterSep 26, 2002 (04h56)
rest of songs of Stevie :1990 - Feeding Off The Love Of The Land (Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal)
1992 - Too High (w/Norman Brown - Just Between Us)
1993 - Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan Celebration Concert - VA)
1993 - Come By Here (Kum Ba Ya) (one of seven soloists - Motown Comes Home)
1994 - For Once In My Life (w/Frank Sinatra & Gladys Knight - Duets 2)
1994 - Why I Feel This Way (w/Take 6 - Join The Band)
1994 - O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion (w/Take 6)
1994 - Let The Good Times Roll (w/Bono & Ray Charles - Q's Jook Joint)
1994 - I'm The One Who Loves You (A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield - VA)
1995 - Dream Come True (A Tribute To Berry Gordy - VA)
1995 - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Inner City Blues: The Music Of Marvin Gaye - VA)
1996 - How Come, How Long (w/Babyface - The Day)
1996 - Seasons Of Love (Rent)
1996 - Simply Say I Love U (w/Johnny Gill - Let's Get The Mood Right)
1996 - Redemption Song (Get On The Bus OMPST )
1996 - Kiss Lonely Goodbye (The Adventures Of Pinocchio OMPST)
1996 - Hold On To Your Dream (The Adventures Of Pinocchio OMPST)
1997 - Gone Too Soon (w/Babyface - MTV Unplugged)
1997 - How Come, How Long (w/Babyface - MTV Unplugged)
1997 - I'm Too Close (w/The Williams Brothers)
1998 - St. Louis Woman (Gershwin's World)
1998 - Summertime (Gershwin's World)
1998 - True To Your Heart (w/98 Degrees - Mulan OMPST)
1998 - Mast

peterSep 26, 2002 (04h53)
I'm writing from Poland. I want to ask you whetehr don't you change with Stevie's song.
I need 1 of song
1996 Kiss Away Your Tears
and I need informations about this project of Stevie
"1970- Live at the Talk of the Town"
I've got almost all of his allbums and song besides few of his career.
If you will not to change with me write.
I've got 3 song of Stevie from Poland in 1989year during his Europen turnee.
So take care and write me please.Peter mail- or>
And you can see me here but site is now in Poland language but soon I'll made in English .
This is a list what I've got- it's not all and if you lokking for anthing write;
1980 - Let's Get Serious (w/Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious)
1982 - What's That You're Doing (w/Paul McCartney - Tug Of War)
1983 - Used To Be (w/Charlene)
1983 - The Crown (w/Gary Byrd)
1985 - Just Good Friends (w/Michael Jackson - Bad)
1985 - That's What Friends Are For (w/Dionne Warwick, Elton John & Gladys Knight)
1985 - Upset Stomach (The Last Dragon OMPST)
1985 - We Are The World (USA For Africa)
1988 - My Love (w/Juilo Iglesias - Non Stop)
1990 - We Didn't Know (w/Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight)
1991 - We Didn't Know (Extended Remix)
1990 - Lift Every Voice And Sing (one of twelve soloists - Soul E

CubeSep 26, 2002 (02h52)
Hi Another Musicain, I agree, 'With each beat of my Heart' just blew me away when I heard it , the harmonies are so tight & sweet.
And his lead vocal is strong and sensitive excellent control. Your right that song could have easliy passed on SITKOL.

It ain't no use as another favorite early Stevie again excellent vocal.

Superwoman I really love I remember when the single came out I never knew there was a second part to it & in the early eihties I started to get into Stevie and when i brought Music of my Mind it blew me away and the 2nd part of Superwoman ,'Where were you when I needed you' made me smile.

I also love 'Same Old Story' Beautiful rhodes and guitar work mixed with harmonica throughout, I would love to have heard unreleased songs from that period < I have heard a few and they are amazing there 's a song called 'Garden of love ' which is great also 'When you've lost your way' I hope Stevie does release thease songs one day. Also 'Reflections of You' He use to do these songs live around that time.

Does anyone have any news on the new album or a new single?

GedSep 26, 2002 (02h31)
My biggest favourite Stevie moment.

It comes when I have enjoyed a different track for a week or so:-
had all the old and new buttons pushed by it:-
and then the awe that there are all his other numbers out there
to choose from next. Hopefully the new stuff too.
Fans of most other artists just aint this lucky.

tonySep 25, 2002 (21h01)
could somebody please help me.I am looking for the track Feeding off the love of the land,credit track from the jungle fever film.cheers

mattSep 25, 2002 (13h35)
hello all........I was listening to sitkol , I really like the the way the tracks flow . It starts off instantly letting you know you're in for something special . By the time you get to village ghetto land , you're probably thinking 'man, this is fantastic ! ' . get contusion . It throws you way off and is like the album has a second opening , building tension and hopes....then POW!!! Sir duke .

I love the way sitkol does that .
works like a charm every time .

anyone else get that ? .................or am I just weird ; )

DezSep 25, 2002 (12h40)
My favorite Stevie moments are:
1. The clavinet into to "Higher Ground"
2. The orchestra on "Feeding off the love of the land"
3. The two harmonica solos on "Too High"
4. The Fender Rhodes on "You've git it bad girl"
5. Stevie's drum solo on his live "Talk of the town" album.
6. All of "Venus flytrap and the bug".
7. "Alfie" live
8. All of Superwoman (Where were you...)"
9. The funk ending of "I believe when I fall.....)"
10. The unforgettable clavinet intro to "Do yourself a favor"

this list could go on and on.


AnotherMusicianSep 25, 2002 (03h43)
Some of my favorite Stevie moments...(for this

1) every single solitary aspect of "Send One Your Love"!!
2) the light and breezy piano and guitar solos at the end of "Ribbon In The Sky"
3) the fender rhodes intro to "All I Do" on SONG REVIEW (not on HOTTER THAN JULY)
4) as previously mention by Bk..the final "why didn't you stayyyyy" on "I Never Dreamed..."
5) his vocal ad libs on "You Haven't Done Nothing"...(sing it jackie!!), (stand up be counted)
6) "Earth's Creation"/"First Garden"...yes, I actually like the detail he put into aspects of JOURNEY
7) the key change in the last verse of "My Cherie Amour"...(maybe someday....)
8) the drum work on "Creepin'"..obviously this is another song he recorded keyboards first,
then added drums later. Very hard to do. What an internal clock he has.
9) "Try Jah Love"...I didn't know up until almost 5 years ago that Stevie wrote this song. I absolutely used
to love this song when it came out in the spring of '82. Now I know why.
10) His part in making Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday. *

*- this list is in no particular order, obviously #10 is not a musical moment but a social and political moment
that truly is a testament to his character.

RalphySep 25, 2002 (03h31)
Hi to all. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I was wondering if someone from the states could tell me if they had heard anything about Stevie coming back to Australia for another concert? He is my idol, i must see him live.

amine from algeriaSep 25, 2002 (00h09)
wwwoooowww stevie i like you verry much you'er th bst for me
i know all your songggggggggsssss and all your album and i wayt to a new songs ;-)

NickSep 24, 2002 (22h17)
Anothermusician, yes definitely. "With Each Beat Of My Heart" I love that song. His voice is smooth and powerful in that one. Actually, I could place it at the same level as "Same Old Story" from JTTSLOP. It kinda has that same style.

AnotherMusicianSep 24, 2002 (22h06)
Once again I agree with you. "It Aint No Use" is definitely a shining example of how much
detail Stevie puts into a song. I burned a cd of some Stevie songs that won't ever get
played on the radio or make any of his greatest hits albums for a co-worker of mine. He
called me at like 2am one night just to tell me how much he liked that song!! But he actually
flipped over "With Each Beat Of My Heart". "each beat" is one of the few mid-80's songs
that I can actually envision being on one of his 70's albums. The lyrics to that song are out
of this world. And the background vocals..(all Stevie) are just beautiful. And Dez, I could listen
to the first part of "ordinary pain" all day, that groove is in the pocket.

norahSep 24, 2002 (14h08)
I need your help please. Somebody could tell me where I could get in London the Sweatshirt or T-shirt with Stevies's face on it

NickSep 24, 2002 (11h25)
Hello Stevie fans. I decided to post as well. I am 17 years of age and a musician. People say my music has the same kind of universial sound as Stevie. Everyday I play a long the 470 Stevie songs I have on my keyboard. lol. Everytime I listen, I hear something new. I think I know all of the chords and melodies. I learned so much from Stevie, I have a disabilty myself; I am in a wheelchair, but I never give up. I can play and record all of my emotions into my music. Anyway, what do you guys think of one of the older Stevie songs "Sunshine in their eyes"? Personally, I think it's great. You can really hear the Stevie Wonder we know now in it. I have a lot of favorites however.

StaceySep 23, 2002 (22h11)
What can I say? I send dis one out fo' you... youse a WONDER and I just chill listening to you every day of ma life !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know if there will be somebody in dis world who will name Stevie just ANOTHER STAR like you...!!! Keep it real !!!

JohnnySep 23, 2002 (21h50)
Stevie my man, I just wanted to tell you i just love YOU man !!!
thank you god for giving us stevie

rasmusSep 23, 2002 (17h30)
to jeanf!how can u say stevie is influenced by "new fashion singers"???and u r telling him to be himself!!??obviously u don't know what u r talking about.still it makes me real mad:<

BlokheadSep 23, 2002 (16h59)
Querido Stevie: Muchas gracias por tu música, tu genialidad, tu bondad, la hermosa poesía de tus canciones. Gracias por haberme hecho pasar momentos estremecedores escuchando tu música. Gracias por haberme acompañado durante tantos momentos en mi vida...(Muchas de tus canciones van estrechamente unidos a hermosos de recuerdos de mi pasado). Gracias por haber venido a tocar a mi ciudad (Valencia -España-), hace ya bastantes años (Volveremos a verte?). En fín, doy gracias a Dios por haberte dado esos maravillosos Dones, que compartes tan generosamente con todo el mundo. Muchas gracias por todo. Que la Paz de Dios sea contigo. Un abrazo.

majSep 23, 2002 (05h36)
My top five stevie songs for others are
1. buttercup by carl anderson
2. stick together by minnie riperton
3. I can see the sun in late december by roberta flack
4. The real thing by sergio mendes
5. I can only be me by kieth john

majSep 23, 2002 (05h26)
I cant wait for the new stevie album It already made my top 5 and I
didn't even hear it!. I'm sure that all the songs will be wonderful.

JeffsrvSep 23, 2002 (04h19)
Steve..we really want a good concert DVD. I have the SITKOL DVD (excellent),
but I'm really looking for some jammin. I'm been a fan since age 8 starting
with fingertips. Thanks Jeff (SRV)

Stevie gaySep 22, 2002 (20h30)
Stevie is a gay.

EVELYNSep 22, 2002 (07h29)


jeanfSep 21, 2002 (22h12)
Hello guys!
"As" is the most beautifull song I ever heard.
It has been replayed; who are the performers?

We all dream about a " not influenced by new fashion singers"STEVIE.

CubeSep 21, 2002 (20h36)
Sorry guys I think i accidently pressed the curser to hard.

CubeSep 21, 2002 (20h35)
Yes Dez I toatally agree. Stevie is definatly gifted by God.
Apparently there are hundreds of unreleased material from that period, I would love to have heard all thease other songs.

Its a real shame there is not an officail live Stevie video appart from SITKOL which I enjoyed although they could have done more on breaking down how he performed the ballads but having said that it was a treat to wacth.

There is also talk of a gospel album plus a jazz album. Recently Stevie did a tribute to Billy Joel and performed ,'Just the Way you Are' I would love to have heard his version I could have imagined him really going to town on the vocal gymnastics on this one.

CubeSep 21, 2002 (20h35)
Yes Dez I toatally agree. Stevie is definatly gifted by God.
Apparently there are hundreds of unreleased material from that period, I would love to have heard all thease other songs.

Its a real shame there is not an officail live Stevie video appart from SITKOL which I enjoyed although they could have done more on breaking down how he performed the ballads but having said that it was a treat to wacth.

There is also talk of a gospel album plus a jazz album. Recently Stevie did a tribute to Billy Joel and performed ,'Just the Way you Are' I would love to have heard his version I could have imagined him really going to town on the vocal gymnastics on this one.

CubeSep 21, 2002 (20h25)
Tim I think your talking about the song entitled,'This Town' which has never been released , I also heard him doing this live, & I agree its awesome. His voice is really strong and emotive , I saw him twice in one week in the mid-eighties.

I hope he releases it on his new album.

Tim HuskissonSep 20, 2002 (23h48)
Does anybody know if a recording was made of a song Stevie used to perform live in the mid-eighties with synth/string backing. Lyrically, All I can remember of it was 'This Girl'. It was a beautifull ballad. I stress that I'm not referring to 'That Girl'.
Best Regards, Tim

soulwriterSep 20, 2002 (22h18)
Hey People,
I have been a Stevie Wonder fan since 1997 and I sorry that I didn't start earlier. I absolutely adore him and his music. I have a Stevie song for almost every emotion, every mood I am in and for every season. My two favorite Stevie songs are "Overjoyed" and "Higher Ground." Another song to be considered is "Girl Blue" from "Music of my Mind" This is my absolute fav song to listen to whenever I am feeling down. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Peace

DezSep 20, 2002 (19h24)

I also love "Ordinary Pain" I love both parts but, I wished he'd done more of the first part. Those chords are beautiful.
"Loves in need.." is also gorgeous. Yes it 7 minutes in length, but you get so into the song that the 7 minutes go by very quickly.
"Summer Soft" (my fav song from SITKOL) is mind blowing. I've read that this album was going to be called "Let's see life the way it is"
However he decided to change the title at the last minute.


CubeSep 20, 2002 (18h51)
I agree guys 'Summer Soft' is one of my favorite Stevie mid tempo ballads so is 'Ordinary pain' and Love's In Need' the amazing thing about ,'Love's in Need ' is that its over 7 minutes long but the song is so beautiful it leaves you wanting more.

I adore 'Outside my window' which has a real playful cacthy melody .
All is Fair in Love ' is so moving I never get tired of this song , I would love to hear him do it now, does anyone know if he still sings this song live in his recent gigs.

And Dez about his songs for other people I also love 'Heavy Day and 'Just a little Peace of You' I love the song he wrote for Dioone Warrick , 'With a Touch'and I believe he's guesting on the piano on that track. A really haunting melody.

Its good to see so many new write ups on this page keep it up guys.

DezSep 20, 2002 (16h11)
Ah yes...Angela Winbush is dynamite.I forgot to mention her as a Wonderlove alumn......

I know I mentioned this song earlier but, "It ain't no use" is seriously being slept on. Those 'bye bye byes" are very
catching. Vocally he is giving it his all. However in this song Stevie is the heartbreaker instead of the heartbreakee!
If you listen really close you can hear the vocoder voice bobbing in and out throughout the song. The ladies are worth
mentioning as well. They lay beautiful background vocals to compliment Stevie's. Like "I love every little thing...",
I wonder why this song never got much radio play. "Power Flower" should have recieved more radio play as well.

AlandaSep 20, 2002 (05h38)
Hello-I'm new to this site and I love Stevie's Music, I have loved it since I was a child. Can anyone tell me if He ever does any concerts or performances that give fans an opportunity to see him perform? Thanks

OleSep 19, 2002 (20h54)
Is there anybody out there??? Hit Steveland, are you "still" working on a new cd?
Greetings from Germany

DezSep 19, 2002 (19h39)
Oops...I meant his output is very


DezSep 19, 2002 (19h38)
I also love "Your're playing us to close" by Third World written by Stevie.

Man, when Stevie wants to, he can write.I think the mark of a good artist/producer/musician/singer/dancer (did you see Stevie tap dance at the superbowl a few years ago?)
is that his outout is very unique. For instance "Innervisions" doesn't sound like "Talking Book" even though songs from both albums
were written around the same time. Also songs that he's done for others don't carry a Stevie quality yet are great songs none the less.
For instance, when he worked with the late great Minnie Ripperton, he produced songs that would bring out her beautiful voice rather than trying to
make her sound like a female Stevie Wonder.

AnotherMusician, please keep talking about "Seems so long". Although that song and album may not be remebered as commercial chart toppers,
its very important for people to recognize the complexity of this album and this particular song. This will remain the most pivitol album of his career.


1dermentSep 19, 2002 (19h20)
Dez: here are some of my favorite Stevie songs he's done for others?

1. I can see the sun in late December - Roberta Flack
2. I can only be me - Keith John
3. To Know you is to love you - Syreeta
4. Tears of a clown - Smoke Robinson
5. My love - Julio Iglesias
6. Lets get serious- Jermaine Jackson
7. Try Jah love - Third World
8. I can't help it -Michael Jackson
9. Tell me something good - Rufus
10. Hamour Love - Syreeta

AnotherMusicianSep 19, 2002 (18h08)
Couldn't agree with you more on "Superwoman" and "Too Shy". "Seems So Long" also
belongs in that category. I'm sure yaw'll are tired of me talkin' bout "Seems", but I don't As far as Wonderlove, Angela Winbush (Rene' & Angela) and the late, great
Minnie Riperton (loving you, memory lane) also have spent time in that group. That's Minnie
singing the female harmony part on "Creepin'". He also gives a shout out to Wonderlove
during the horn vamp at the end of "Sir Duke" (go on wonderlove!!).

DezSep 19, 2002 (18h01)
We've listed favorite Stevie songs and albums but, what about your favorite Stevie songs he's done for others?
I would have to say my top ten in no particualr order are:
1. I can't help it -Michael Jackson
2. Perfect Angel - Minnie Ripperton
3. Lets get serious- Jermaine Jackson
4. Tell me something good - Rufus
5. Heavy Day- Syreeta
6. The Crown- Gary Bird
7. Take a little trip- Minnie Ripperton
8. I wanna be by your side- Syreeta
9. Feel it- Wonderlove
10. Universal sound of the world- Syreeta

I've heard Stevie do versions of "I can't help it" and "Let's get serious" and he sounds amazing. I wish some of these songs he would've
released on his own but, being the giver that he is you gotta love Stevie for his heart.


kortezSep 19, 2002 (09h57)
can someome please find me the lyrics for "I can only be me" ?
it was sang in the movie school days. e-mail them to if you have to

stobbySep 18, 2002 (23h41)
glad to be of some help pleasehelpme, got to set up new email account blah blah bah, look out and i will let u know when i've set it back up. I can't play much Stevie yet but had great fun playin "He's Misstra Know it all" WOW!

mattSep 18, 2002 (21h13)
well said , it shows on early live sessions .

DezSep 18, 2002 (19h21)
More on may have heard of some of the musicians that spent time in Wonderlove: Ray Parker Jr.(Ghostbusters)
Mike Sembello (Maniac), Denise Williams (Free, Lets hear it for the boy). Myfavorite Wonderlove period has to be in the mid 70's.
If you were fortunate to hear and/or see them perform live, you could see an almost personal relationship with them and Stevie.


DezSep 18, 2002 (19h16)
Wonderlove is Stevie's backing band. If I'm not mistaken, they were (are?) a band by themselves. They were formed
when Stevie struck out on his own in 1971-72. When Stevie first released "Music of my mind", he was worried that the public would
not accept his new music. He said that if things didn't work out with his new music, he would drop the name Stevie Wonder
and become a member of Wonderlove.


DezSep 18, 2002 (19h14)
Wonderlove is Stevie backing band. If I'm not mistaken, they were (are?) a band by themselves. They were formed
when Stevie stuck out on his own in 1971-72. When Stevie first released "Music of my mind", he was woried that the public would
not accept his new music. He said that if things didn't work out with his new music, he would drop the name Stevie Wonder
and become a member of Wonderlove.


rasmusSep 18, 2002 (18h23)
just a question:is stevie involved in Wonderlove?or who are they?

DezSep 18, 2002 (17h33)
I'd like to add to that list of heartbreak songs....."Where were you when I needed you" and "Too shy to say"
are among some of his most moving biographical songs. He indeed must have been beat up by love a few times
in order to write songs like these. One of the most underrated Stevie breakup songs by the way is "It ain't no use"

This comment may be a good and bad thing but, have they ever done a VHI "Behind the music" on Stevie? I think I
did see something but I'm not sure. I say a good and bad thing because lots of times the artists they present are
washed up or outdated. I definitely don't want to people to view Stevie that way. He is a long long long way from either
of those categories. His music will be relevant far after he is gone.


AnotherMusicianSep 18, 2002 (14h59)
Matt, my overseas buddy...Yes B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) is a cable channel
here in the States. Basically they're going to have various artists honoring him through song
and speech. And yeah, Stevie is a master at making a song sound simple but actually being
hard to learn to play. "Send One Your Love", "Rocket Love", "If You Really Love Me" and the
intro to "My Cherie Amour" are perfect examples. It took me a long time to learn "send one".
But I've heard it said that it takes practice and work to compose an effective "simple" song.
I've also heard it said that a songwriter will only become better after he experiences heartbreak.
If that's the case, then Mr. Wonder must have band-aids on his heart. (lately, you haven't done nothin',
and seems so long).


mattSep 18, 2002 (12h19)
anothermusician , a sneaky link to summersoft ( october ) ! ; ) , How can anyone not love that song . although it probably isn't , it just seems so simple . I think it takes a great person to make complicated music sound simple . A mark of a true musician . Great buildup at the end , probably one of my fave outros along with I believe .
p.s what is B.E.T.'s Walk of Fame special ? I'm in the UK , is that a US show ?


pleasehelpmeSep 18, 2002 (08h19)
THAT YOU?? *sigh* damn, i meant THANK YOU, sorry, its 2am, i just got home, and i'm tired as hell, nighty night time

pleasehelpmeSep 18, 2002 (08h15)
stobby, that you for showing me those chords, i play guitar mainly, but i wana try and learn to play the actual piano parts, i just have one question for you, if your a relatively new player, how on earth did you figure out the chords, i feel like such an idiot now, cause i'm 23, and i've been playin music since i was 16, and i couldnt figure it out, but i dont have the greatest ear. I love stevie wonder so much it makes me sick, i have listened to "you and i" about a million times, and i still cant get over how amazing it is, so i told myself i wana learn it, do you have yahoo messenger, or msn, or icq, i would love to keep in touch with you and trade chords and things to stevie songs

GedSep 18, 2002 (00h00)
Re the Stevie/Prince combo. When Prince first broke, I'll bet many of you on hearing him ,
immediatley brought to mind "Maybe your Baby" I remember I did.

AnotherMusicianSep 17, 2002 (21h20)
Matt, I couldn't agree with you more on "Seems So Long". That's got to be one of the
most beautiful and underappreciated songs that he's ever done. The music is lush.
The lyrics are personal and heartfelt. And his vocals reflect the lyrics. And yes, I've
heard the Stevie/Prince collabo...very good. Everybody make sure to check out B.E.T.'s
Walk of Fame special next month. A tribute to Stevie Wonder. And speaking of October,
isn't "Summer Soft" an outstanding piece of work??

mattSep 17, 2002 (19h27)
ahh! Bruce Leeroy , magic glowing fist kung fu , The Last Dragon is a top film !
anyhow , to bring another thing back again.... everyone here heard the Prince and Stevie thing ? Where they play maybe your baby ?
I think it's great . just thought I'd throw that in . And Seems so long is such a great song , vocals are spot on , synths are put to great use .
cheers all ,
Matt .

KrisSep 17, 2002 (17h35)
Hello , anyone know what type of harmonica and what key Stevie used to record Boogie On Reggae Woman??? Thanks.

TiggerSep 17, 2002 (14h28)
1derment: Thanks! I've been looking for that info for like 15 yrs...

1dermentSep 17, 2002 (13h41)
Hi Tigger,
That song is called 'Upset Stomach' It's on the soundtrack to the movie called 'The Last Dragon', released somewhere around 1986.

GedSep 17, 2002 (13h05)
Tigger.....Is that the "Upset stomach" Track I've seen people write of on here?
....good sample anyway

TiggerSep 17, 2002 (04h25)
Yea, one more thing. It's positively NOT Ordinary Pain, it sounds rather like Spiritual Walkers or Go Home...
I put up a short sneak preview here: Wonder-Pain.mp3
It's short, it's low quality, and lacking the ID3 tag, but it's there for you to check out... Enjoy!

TiggerSep 17, 2002 (04h09)

Finally I managed to get that vinyl, to dub it, clean it, convert it so I can present you a Stevie Wonder song none of you have ever heard. Even I don't know a thing about it, except that it was released on a Bulgarian Best Of... album somewhat after In Square Circle. It's title is Pain. In a few days I'll put it up on the web, so everybody can hear I'm not kidding, although I'm not sure about wheather it's legal, or not. In case you know ANYTHING about this particular track, drop me a line, and do so, if you're interested in this song. My e-mail is

StobbySep 16, 2002 (19h17)
The chords for "You And I", Fmaj7, Bflat/F(bass), Bflatminor(F Bass), Fmaj7, Bflatminor (F bass), then on the "fall" in "God has made us fall in love.." he plays Esus, and on "love" he changes to A7+ (I don't know what the + means, I'm a relatively new player), on the "true" he changes to Dmaj7.

This is gonna take ages, what I am going to do is just type the chords out and you will have to figure out where they come in etc..

F#m7, B7+, Em7(flatten the fifth) - "I've really found .."

Csus, C, Csus C

Chorus - C, Gm7, Gm7(flatten fifth), F, D9, G9, C9, F.

Hope that makes some kind of sense to you.

What instrument do you play?

1dermentSep 16, 2002 (13h44)
Hi Tony,
The song is called 'Feeding off the love of the Land'. However its not on 'Get on the Bus', but the end credits to 'Jungle Fever'. Sadly though its not on the 'Jungle Fever' soundtrack. It can be found on the 'Gotta Have you' single, a song from 'Jungle Fever' as well on the Charity Album called 'Nobody's Child' an album of various artist to raise money for Romanian children.

TonySep 16, 2002 (06h56)
Help! Im hoping someone can answer a Stevie mystery. In the film for Get on The Bus there is a song that Stevie Wonder sings in the closing credtis. Its NOT "Redemption Song" but another with lyrics that go " off the goodness of the land..." Anyone know what this song is and where I can find a recording of it? THe soundtrack only has Redemption Song on it.

pleasehelpmeSep 15, 2002 (19h48)
hello everyone, does anyone here know the chords to "You And I" , those music books are so expensive to buy, and there are no stevie wonder tab sites, if anyone here knows the chords to "you and i" or knows where i can get them, please tell me, it would make me so so so happy, please and thank you.

nanouSep 15, 2002 (17h28)
Stevie Wonder is the singer who have the best voice of the world. C'est le chanteur qui a effectué la plus belle prouesse vocale que j'ai jamais vu ! Un grand artiste !

FriSKoSep 15, 2002 (07h43)
HEY YALL please help me, i've been looking for months without luck, but do any of you know where i can find stevie's harmonica solo in the 98 degrees song? if so PLEASE email me the url or send it to me at , thanks

mitch rockWELLSep 15, 2002 (05h32)
Hey all,
I'm looking to get my hands on an old Stevie wonder song entitled "Everytime I see you I go wild" and can't seem to find it anywhere.
If this is the song I'm looking for the chorus is similar to the chorus used in "Wild Wild West" atleast bassline wise.
Someone please email me back if I'm right and if the can help me get a copy of this GREAT tune!

bkSep 15, 2002 (02h13)

KerrySep 14, 2002 (12h27)
I have the answer to our prayers!! I was searching for a site on the internet that sells Stevie Wonder posters. The search engine pointed me to ''! Wow, what a site. I searched for all of the Stevie Wonder items for sale..there a LOADS! I don't know if anyone of you has ever been on ebay, but you can bit for the items for sale. The other day, I bid for Stevie Wonder 'Songs in the Key of Life' DVD and bought it for £6.00! I have received it today! Like I say, there is loads of stuff on there - singles, posters, DVD's, CD's, books (all for Stevie) and you can bid for them! I was debating whether to actually tell you about it, because we would all be bidding against each other (I wanted the site to myself!)

If you do visit the site, then be careful. One of my friends bought an 'X-Box' from the site, paid £350 for it, and ended up with literally the box - an empty box, but because of the description of the sale, there was nothing he could do about it! There is a history of the person selling the items, so just make sure that you check out their profile first!

I'm off to put my feet up with a cup of hot chocolate, to watch my new DVD now! What a life, eh??

Happy Bidding!!!!!

whitetornadoSep 14, 2002 (05h52)
Check out the "Justice Of THe Heart" clip from the movie "John Q". Stevie's voice keeps getting better and better.

katelSep 13, 2002 (20h04)
Stevie still does have that lovely voice but i honestly feel he is sounding a bit harsh lately and has'nt quite got that same sensitivity such as summer soft or the original version of Overjoyed . I've heard him singing overjoyed recently and it was no where near as good as when he did it in 1985. I'm just hoping the new album will see him return to that natural richness, and the little sutleties he does with his voice. it could be he is just getting older and his voice has matured i don't know .

DezSep 13, 2002 (19h33)
I couldn't agree with you more. The Rainbow rocks!!!! Its that time Wonderlove was considerably small
with no horns yet I would say it surpasses the NW tour. It just feels more intamate. This is one of the first concerts
after his accident, yet he gives it his all. The intro jam alone is a funk/jazz masterpiece. Mike Sembello (which you spelled correctly)
shined on every song. That's Mike playing the synth on "Living for the city". This really shoud've been his live CD release.
my favs from this concert are "Higher Ground" "Superstition" and "Superwoman". This is a must have period. Plus the sound quality
is superb. There were songs that were missing from this concert

The actual line up of musicians for this concert was
Stevie Wonder: Keyboards, Drums, Vocals, Harmonica
Michael Sembello: guitar and synths
Reggie McBride :Bass
Ollie Brown: Drums
Denise Williams: Background vocals
Lani Groves: Background vocals
Shirley Brewer: Background vocals


KaisaSep 13, 2002 (13h59)
Hi! This question was asked sometime last year, but I don't know the answer to it and I'm Dying to know. What is the name of the rap band that made a song called "the crown" or "who wears the crown"? Stevie wonder produced the song, if anyone knows the name, please send me an e-mail. Thanks so much!

mattSep 13, 2002 (12h19)
the rainbow concert is one of my fave stevie albums . Although nat wonder is good , I don't think it really compares with the rainbow . It just feels a lot more like he's just written the songs and is really giving his all ( allthough he had just written them and allways gives his all ) , hard to explain , maybe just a bit more intimate . the beginning of you are the sunshine of my life and the closing song You've been better to me than a lot of my dreams , is beautifull , simple and full of feeling . amazing stuff .
I'd love to see Mike Sembello ( not sure of spelling , sorry ) back , I think he's great with stevie . he and Nathan watts with stevie would be incredable .

blind twatSep 13, 2002 (11h56)
If he was blind how did he read the music??? eh? answer me this!!! in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is supreme! robots build robots. think about it! white canes and eye dogs to y'all lotsa love cyclops x x x

DezSep 13, 2002 (03h25)
Thanks for the info. I greatly appreciated it. I've heard most of his 70's concerts and noticed in 79' he started
performing "Where were you...". Alot of times he goes through the time line and performs songs in a chronological
order starting with "For once in my life". These songs are almost done in medley form. Unfortumately Superwoman
(Where were....)" get kind of caught in that form.

As far as "Yester Me..", I don't know why he never really performed this number. I do know for a fact that Stevie
performed "He's Mistra Know It All" on Musik Laden and it was very cool. Wonderlove was in very rare form in the mid 70's.
You never know with Stevie he'll pull out a song that you never thought he would do live. I've heard him do a live version
of "Lookin' for another pure love". You just never know. He leaves you on the edge of your seat.


GedSep 13, 2002 (02h53) the round was the concept of having the set on a revolving platform in the middle
of the arena instead of at one end. It brought him closer to more of the fans but may have
had some accoustic considerations..the horns maybe. I only know that Sir Duke sounds
a different number with real brass for example. The synths loose a lot. Your'e correct re Higher
ground though (Also like the ending to Master B..?) I never had the pleasure
of the 70's concerts. Footage of those in the UK was rare. I have recently seen some Musik
Laden clips and they look good. As regards "Where were you.." I can only summise they could
not re-create the synths and rich vocal echo to his approval or it was a time factor. I read
about the Stones support tour and remember Jagger begging him to give him Maybe your Baybe...he refused.
I have seen around 20 gigs to date and he covered all his hits except "Yester me...and Misstra Know it all.
Can anyone shed light on why? Misstra Know it all especially...awesome piece. We all know one of those
too don't we? Sorry can't help further Dez

DezSep 13, 2002 (01h08)
OOPS!! I forgot my top 5 favorite concerts

1.The Rainbow Theatre 1974
2.Musik Laden 1974
3. San Francisco 1973
2. NYC 1972
5. JCanada 1975


DezSep 13, 2002 (01h06)
I see you are a fan of his latter concerts. What did you mean about "in the round style gigs"? You know,
I heard many concerts but some songs are even better without the horns. For instance "Higher Ground" sounds
alot better without the horns. I love this song and how he vamps and ends the song though.
I've heard other live versions of this song (Musik Laden & the Rainbow both 1974), without the horns and they
sound great.

He always goes an extra mile in his concerts. His voice as you said Ged gets better and better. I have a question
maybe you can shed some light on. In his earlier 70's concerts he performs "Superwoman", but he didn't do "Where were you...".
Do you know the reason for this? On the other hand I really dug how he spruced up his older 60's songs like "Uptight",giving it a rock feel..
I especially liked the medley he did with the Rolling Stones in 1972 doing "Uptight" and 'Satisfaction" respectively at the end of their tour dates.


GedSep 13, 2002 (00h29)
Cont'.....Anyway that aside
I have taken people to gigs who aren't avid Stevie fans and they have
all come away either stunned at an artist actually sounding live like
he does on record or at the quality of his band. Regretably I feel that
his best performances 93 Nat Wonder sufered low ticket sales due to the
80's tours/albums. The best performance I saw was 95 at the Albert hall UK
It was the Nat Wond set at a one off gig for the Royal society for the
blind fundraiser. Him the orchestra The HORNS the setting....unforgettable
Finally I could say something that shows what a consumate pro he is for
his audience.....from the 87 in the round tours. I won't though as I
think his security people wouldn't appreciate it. Those of you who went
to more than one of those gigs may have spotted it, but believe me, even
as a legend/superstar this man is still prepared to go the extra mile
for the performance. My best 5 tours....(for uk..suppose other countries)
won't align)

1. Albert Hall RSB 95
2. Nat Wonder 93
3. HtJ picnic 80
4. 1984
5. 1989 in the round

GedSep 13, 2002 (00h27)
Up until 1980 my "biggest" live experience was Roxy Music at a provincial
UK theatre. In that year though I had one of the hot tickets for Stevie
at Wembley arena. It was his first after the 70's albums and so huge. I
remember being blown away by being in a ten thou audience at Wembley
arena. I was even more blown away by the sound of the horns during the
opening "For once in.." I think that moment has made me want horns on
everything since..He returned in 84 then 86 87 and 89 if I remember
correctly doing "In the round style gigs" It was never to be refused of
course but I thought these events suffered due to no horns. I don't
know if it was a technical or cost descision. I have commented before
on whether these tours led to the "Easier option" being taken on those
80's albums...but we can't have it both ways can we? What we can say for
definite though is evry time I have seen him live his voice has got
better and better. You also get full value in that he performs for nearly
three hours. I recall being taken to a Luther V gig in the 90's by
a person who rated him and not SW. Vandross was on stage one hour and the
ticket was more expensive than SW's. My only pleasure that evening was
when LVD sang "Creepin" and my friend went into raptures about "One of
LVD's best numbers!" boy did I enjoy telling him......Anyway t

DezSep 12, 2002 (21h57)
We've talked about the albums and the production behind them, but, has anyone ever seen him live? I was fortunate
enough last year to see him in Detroit. Despite his late 80's and 90's carrer, he's still rocks live. He's never lost that
stage presence. The only downside to his concerts is that he may not do your favorite song. For me it was "Superwoman".
He did warm up backstage on this song though. Also worth mentioning is that he didn't go beyond "Hotter than July" from
1980. To some people that was a good thing.

As far as his past concerts go, his 1974 Rainbow concert is EXCELLENT!! I would even say that this concert rivals "Natural Wonder"
21 years later. This concert was going to be his live album but, unfortunately Stevie felt this concert was not technically up to standards.


SJ RobertsonSep 12, 2002 (16h40)
A young British singer from Leeds has recorded a fantastic cover of SW's 'I Love Every Little Thing About You' on her debut album out this Monday in the UK called 'Get On'.

Check out this site for more info (discography) >>

WShakesphereSep 12, 2002 (09h42)
DEZ all I have to say after what I read what you wrote is AMEN! What other artist has earned the wirte to holf the title MUSICAL ?GENIUS", STEVIE WILL FOREVER be the GREATEST!! Regerless of how well his albums do!

WShakesphereSep 12, 2002 (09h42)
DEZ all I have to say after what I read what you wrote was AMEN! What other artist has earned the wirte to holf the title MUSICAL ?GENIUS", STEVIE WILL FOREVER be the GREAYEST!! Regerless of how well his albums do!

rcskinn681Sep 12, 2002 (06h16)
does anyone know about a tour that he is supposed to be doing soon?

MajSep 12, 2002 (05h45)

Top 5 stevie tunes are: 1.I Iove every little thing about you 2. Maybe your baby 3. golden lady 4. It ain't no use 5. J.oy inside my tears

CubeSep 11, 2002 (22h22)
My top five are:

!. Send One your Love

2. Please don't go

3. Summer Soft

4. All is Fair in Love

5. I am Singing.

Plus any news on the new album such as at least a title, if it is out in January then soon we'll have a new single hopefully within the next month.

Kepp hoping guys then again we may be hoping for ever.
I am been realistic here A new album was promised the september before last.

DezSep 11, 2002 (22h02)
I basically share in your views. This album is very pivitol in that A.) it will determine to his past loyal fans
if he still has it and B.) will he be able to draw a new generation to his music. Stevie is known as you said for songs
that stand the test of time as well as songs that samplers can't wait to get the hands on. After 7 years it almost seems
as if he has to prove himself again. I for one am a Stevie Wonder completist. He could make an album of him sneezing
and I would be first in line to get a copy or two. He's won my stereo over with his '70s albums alone. I've heard
of FFF part 2 other would've been albums. I've also heard unreleased songs he's done in concerts. So I hope this album
is a mixture of the things he should've released more that 20 years ago. Regardless of this albums success Stevie
will remain tops for me. People ask me what the big fuss is about him. I just want to be able to play this new album
for them and not say a word more.


Kyle BlumSep 11, 2002 (21h24)
hi stevie wonder.My name is Kyle Blum.I know you dont know me but you are friends with my father.His name is Bruce Blum.You spoke with my mother on New Year to wish her a happy new year.Her name is Lori Blum.We live in Florida.Do you mind if you can call my dad
(Bruce Blum) so i can say hi to you?Thankyou.
Kyle Blum

bk/ukSep 11, 2002 (21h23) perhaps we will be jumping for joy the way its coming up to the thirtieth anniversary of 1)"Superstition"Nov72
and "Talking Book"late 72 US/jan73 UK.Stevie likes releasing stuff around Xmas.So i wonder what styles/songs/influences Stevie has
soaked up in the years since "Conversation Peace".Will he still cut it/will he try something different/above all will todays audiences
"turn a blind eye".Theres no doubt that C.Peace was not a big enough commercial success."For your love" was a pleasant love song,but much of the album seems too unchallenging.Ironically,many fine songs that Stevie has written for others/and for himself lay in the can.This album probably will say whether Stevie is a boring old fart,or perhaps he might just totally surprise us.
Rap must surely be influencing him e.g.Eminem.I hope he's taken on board some good musicians for this album
I hope its a double.There are several old artists who have enjoyed renewed success.e.g.Elton/Steely Dan/Springsteen etc.but do you think
Stevie will cut it good.Or could this be his last real chance.After all ,most of us don,t want a seven year wait for nothing!!!!
Good luck Stevie.Let me know what you think via the forum

bk/ukSep 11, 2002 (21h07)
Hi there Stevie fans.
Total respect today on the anniversary of 9/11.Love's still in need of love today,as Stevie sang last year.I guess going to war with Iraq is not love but war.Saddam Hussain may not love America,but many innocent people die in wars.Those who perpetrated
those terrible atrocities should be warred against.
God knows the answer i suppose,but we humble folk can only pray for those who suffer and those who cause the suffering too.
Back to the music.Another Stevie hits compilation?A smaller collection at a cheaper price thats all.
What about all the unreleased tracks(about 250 from 72-75).The other half of "Conversation Peace"?The second part of FFFinale that all lay in the vaults.How about some live stuff?Anyway since the new album is in the can,and its just a matter of Stevie deciding which tracks to include!
Currently i'm listening to "Dont you worry bout a thing ","Smile Please"......both uplifting pieces of
music.One thing about Stevie's music is that it is very uplifting,and rarely dates.Infact it sounds better as time goes by.
I notice more Stevie sampling...A current one lifting a lot of "Do I do" .Rappers/R,nB all alike know Stevie is a good source.e.g.Anastasia.......samples "I believe..."from "Talking Book"with "Dontcha ya wanna..."on her album"Freak of Nature"
So perhaps we

bk/ukSep 11, 2002 (21h05)
Hi there Stevie fans.
Total respect today on the anniversary of 9/11.Love's still in need of love today,as Stevie sang last year.I guess going to war with Iraq is not love but war.Saddam Hussain may not love America,but many innocent people die in wars.Those who perpetrated
those terrible atrocities should be warred against.
God knows the answer i suppose,but we humble folk can only pray for those who suffer and those who cause the suffering too.
Back to the music.Another Stevie hits compilation?A smaller collection at a cheaper price thats all.
What about all the unreleased tracks(about 250 from 72-75).The other half of "Conversation Peace"?The second part of FFFinale that all lay in the vaults.How about some live stuff?Anyway since the new album is in the can,and its just a matter of Stevie deciding which tracks to include!
Currently i'm listening to "Dont you worry bout a thing ","Smile Please"......both uplifting pieces of
music.One thing about Stevie's music is that it is very uplifting,and rarely dates.Infact it sounds better as time goes by.
I notice more Stevie sampling...A current one lifting a lot of "Do I do" .Rappers/R,nB all alike know Stevie is a good source.e.g.Anastasia.......samples "I believe..."from "Talking Book"with "Dontcha ya wanna..."on her album"Freak of Nature"
So perhaps we

DezSep 11, 2002 (18h52)
I'm loving everyones top Stevie songs. There were some songs that people have mentioned that
were not released as singles but great no less. "Do like you" for instance I though was a smash. Granted no
one may have wanted to hear Stevie's kids before and after the song but the rhythm and horns superb. Even
earlier album's songs were looked over. I rate "I love every little thing about you" up there with "You are the sunshine..."
Plus the some what sounded the same. I wasn't around when "Music of my Mind" was released, but when I look at the
charts from '72 I have to ask why this song never took off. Its sad sometimes that when Stevie originally releases
a song, its thought to be a dud, but when some one else releases the same song years later...its a smash. I love(d)
Jodeci, but their version of Lately was'nt as moving to me as Stevie's. Yet it was a big hit for them. The same
goes for "Ribbon in the sky" by Intro.

Oh yeah, Aaron, I strongly suggest you get a copy of "Hotter than July" from 1980. I know you've heard of the dreadful
80's albums but, this and Musiquarium are the worth picking up. Its kind of the last efforts of that Stevie era we've come to


mattSep 11, 2002 (12h49)
drums on shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day are really fantastic !
my faves at the moment ....

1. to know you is to love you
2. feeding off the love of the land
3. never dreamed you'd leave in summer
4. superwoman
5. light my fire

joker16225Sep 11, 2002 (09h00)
hi everybody!
today i dont know what i should say. i try to get all songs from stevie, but there are so much.....and all songs are wonderfull... i cant believe took my breath

DouglasSep 11, 2002 (06h15)
As was an exciting and simple explaination of what love is and means. Michelle raised an intresting point. Show Me How To Do Like You and Never In My Sun are two that never made it big except to me.

AnotherMusicianSep 11, 2002 (03h33)
My top 5 for today:

1) Smile Please
2) Whereabouts
3) Weakness (with Dionne Warwick)
4) All I Do
5) Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thang

Top 5 Stevie songs of the past week:

1. Go Home
2. These Three Words
3. I Just Called....
4. Bird of Beauty
5. Part Time Lover

Most-listened to album: 'In Square Circle'.

RodneySep 9, 2002 (19h37)
Does anyone know if Stevie will ever do concerts again?

joker16225Sep 9, 2002 (08h04)
Hi @ all!
Does anybody know, where i can get a list of all his songs, including the songs where not made published at a single.
if there are any mistakes, please excuse me. i am from germany.

Much thanks to all of you

KarSep 8, 2002 (21h35)
Anyone know where I could get a poster of Stevie from the 70's or 80's?

secret vowsSep 8, 2002 (20h18)
did you know guys that:
conversation peace was a double album, but stevie unfortunatly
changed his mind and re-packaged the album to a single album. Just
imagin the number of songs that were left out from that album and it
kept in the canes for all these years.

AnotherMusicianSep 7, 2002 (22h07)
Hello all. I was in and found an artist named Nnenna Freelon. Apparently she
has an album entitled TALES OF WONDER. You all may have heard about it before but
it's new to me. She does some jazzy acoustic versions of Stevie's songs. Send one your love,
another star, my cheri amor, black orchid, overjoyed, lately, etc. But I'm warning you, if you're
used to hearing songs a certain way you may be in for a surprise. I enjoy the way arranges these
songs, it shows creativity. And the band backing her up is awesome!!

AaronSep 7, 2002 (16h58)
hey it me again. i'm still looking for where i'm coming from, then my collection will complete. i have music of my mind, talking book,innervisions fff, songs in the key of life, and hotter than july. i won't by the 80's cds because i heard it not good than the 70's. but hey here to say hello to steviewondergenius you have the cd how much is it in the us money and what is hmv.oh to stevie and all the fans all around the world i like to leave you with the words of stevie " love in need of love today, don't delay, send your right away, (preach) hate going around, breaking many hearts, stop it please, before it's gone too far. peace

CubeSep 7, 2002 (15h42)
I don't know about you but I'm beggining to get a bit fed up of all these greatest hits collections don't get me wrong I've got the last 4 CD set 'At the close of the century' and it was great hearing those classic album tracks and hit singles's remastered.

But I was disappointed that there was'nt any new material on it. I mean we've had , 'The Song Review' 'The love songs' 'At the close of the centuary' and now 'The deffinitative collection' .And I bet you there is not any unreleased stuff even if he had different outtakes of songs like a voice & piano of 'Golden Lady ' or 'Send one your love' or I remember hearing him on a programme when they were promoting ,'In Square circle' and he did just a piano version of 'Whereabouts with just his voice and grand piano it was amazing.
It adds a personnal touch to a song when you hear it raw.

Well lets hop the new album is out as stated January and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

1dermentSep 7, 2002 (09h57)
Hi Cube
Lyrics to 'Hold On...' that should be
"To busy keeping sorrow's tally" not "To busy keeping sorrows telling"

AnotherMusicianSep 7, 2002 (02h48)
Man!! How beautiful is the background harmony on "Bird Of Beauty"?!?! And up until
a few years ago, I didn't realize that Stevie was doing all of the background vocals
on "Send One Your Love". I always thought it was a group of females singing those
high notes. Everything about "send one your love" just blows me away. From the bell
sound at the beginning, to the acoustic guitar playing at the end. It took me a while
to learn that song on piano. His chords are so full and lush. And I am the biggest fan
of the Fender Rhodes electric piano. And I've got 2 to prove it!! I sure hope he utilizes
it on his newest works. (and a clav, arp, minimoog, B3, live drummer, harmonica..etc. lol)

thaREALSep 7, 2002 (00h07)
stevie is an icon, an innovator, a mogul for the times to come....

girlblueSep 6, 2002 (21h42)
steviewondersgenius...i'm planning to :)

on, you can pre-order a new stevie wonder cd called "the definitive collection." it's coming out october 29th, i think. does anybody know what songs will be on it?

CubeSep 6, 2002 (21h12)
This world is filled with peaks & valleys
with Rivers we think we can't cross
To busy keeping sorrows telling
You say your at your end and
that you'll never win
And then a light comes on
In your mind, telling you to

Hold on to your Dreams......

(Middle 8)
You wanna hold on
to something
You'd better hold on to your dreams
Hold on to your love

So if they try to burst your bubble
Its cause they have none of there own
So if you think you are in trouble
You feel like giving in
& that you'll never win
And know that you are never alone
Just as long as that you'll


Hold on to your dreams
Cause they're always worth having
Hold on to your dreams
Like a father to a son
don't let anyone
Ever stael you dreams from you
Hold onto your dreams &
Just remember to always wear a smile

I think thats it , i might have got a few phrases wrong as its a while since i've heard it.
Correct me if i am wrong anybody.

CubeSep 6, 2002 (21h00)
In life we have our pains & sorrows
There's Mountains we think we can't climb
Don't worry cause there's always tommorow
You feel like giving up, you say you're out of luck
And then you hear a voice in your mind
Telling you to:

Hold on to your Dreams
Cause they're always worth having
Hold onto your dreams
Like a father to a son
don't let anyone
Ever steal your dreams from you
Hold onto your dreams
Until the day that life is said and done

Thats all I can remeber folks sorry but its a great song.
There are two versions of it on the soundtrack to the new version of, 'Pinnocio'.
One is done with an orchom you
Hold onto your dreams
Until the day that life is said and done

Thats all I can remeber folks sorry but its a great song.
There are two versions of it on the soundtrack to the new version of, 'Pinnocio'.
One is done with an orchestror(excuse my spelling) And there other one is very funky with a big gospel choir.

Also there's an great orchestrated version of ,'Kiss Lonely Goodbye' which to me I think is one of Stevie's most beautiful recent songs.
Lovely chords and key progressions.

ShadowsSep 6, 2002 (18h43)
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (Hip-O/Motown) is the soundtrack album to the feature documentary of the same name. By the end of their phenomenal run, this unheralded group of musicians had played on more number ones hits than the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, Elvis and the Beatles combined - which makes them the greatest hit machine in the history of popular music.
hit machine in the history of popular music.

check out

Nice message, Jennifer. U should post here more often!! :o)

girlblueSep 6, 2002 (09h35)
What can I leave me absolutely breathless with your music. I do not know what would I do without it; it has helped me in bad times, it has made me bawl with the deepest of my emotions. I am a 17-year-old Salvadoran-American with a helpless Stevie Wonder obsession/love. For chrissake I even dreamt about meeting you... and it is one of my ultimate dreams to meet you someday, although at times I feel as though we’ve already met.
I have no idea if you'll ever know of this message, I don't know if it has any significance among your millions of fans heartfelt remarks. It's just good to know that I at least made an effort to let you know how I feel and how much you influence my life. If I could ever have a little of your insight or your beauty, I would be forever gracious. Please continue on with your music...but although it would be nice to have something new, I will be eternally discovering more of your genius within the legacy you have already created.
Love and blessings?

Jerrod CarmichaelSep 6, 2002 (02h22)
Will somebody please post the lyrics to the song. Hold on to your dreams. This is a wonderful song. Also If Stevie Wonder gets the messages. Please e-mail me and promise that you will release at least 1 more album with all new songs.

My Top 5 Stevie songs of the past week:

1. Sir Duke
2. Queen in the Black
3. Make Sure You're Sure
4. Another Star
5. Do I Do

nick MekaSep 5, 2002 (06h34)
Mr. Wonder i am so in love with your music. There is a song that i would love to remake over.
But i know that i have to get your yes or no frist. If you don't mind can you write back to me
and let me know? If you say yes i would like to do one with you if its alright with you?
LoveAlways, your Ribbonand the Sky.

deeswizzleSep 5, 2002 (02h43)
I have come to the conclusion that it`s impossible to have a favourite Stevie track.
There`s so many but off the top of my head and in no particular order here`s a few
I think are his strongest. I dunno why I`m doin` this.. hehee..

All Day Sucker
Too High
Do Yourself A Favor
Living For The City
Golden Lady
Higher Ground
Jesus Children Of America
Love`s In Need Of Love Today
Have A Talk With God
Black Man
I Wish
Pastime Paradise
Summer Soft
Joy Inside My Tears
Smile Please
Love Having You Around
I Love Every Little Thing About You
Girl Blue
My Cherie Amour
Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday
Rocket Love
Sunshine In Thier Eyes
Power Flower
I Was Made To Love Her
I`d Be A Fool Right Now *my current fave!!, this track is too awesome
We Can Work It Out (funkier than a chicken pie! I much prefer this to the original)
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Look Around
Thank You Love

deeswizzleSep 5, 2002 (02h34)
I want Stevie posters, -- like a giant `Songs In The Key Of Life` poster would be so cool to own.
Has any of you guys seen any? I can never seem to find anything like this..

deeswizzleSep 5, 2002 (02h31)
For anyone wanting Where I`m Coming From on CD, I ordered mine through HMV and it cost
£12.99, took about 2 weeks to arrive. I also just found a USA import of Looking Back on triple vinyl,
mint condition for only £7!! yippeeeee!

blondinSep 5, 2002 (01h22)
le plus grand chanteur de tout les temps

KezSep 4, 2002 (17h21)
Hey SWG! I found 'The Forum' and signed it - I also put a message on there for the people who run the site. Check it out!
Are you signed onto the chat rooms in MSN?

KezSep 4, 2002 (17h20)
Hey U (SWG) I found you on 'The Forum' and signed it - I also put a little message for the people who run the site. Check it out!
Are you signed with the MSN chat rooms?

Last tiem Stevie performed in the UK ticket sales were incredibly low for some reason. I'm sure now though - so many younger people seem to be catching on now, myself included - it would be different. I've replied to your post at dotmusic, by the way!! You need to start posting loads, be my new mate ;o) What other music do you like?!

Matt - the only reason it costs that much is that it's a kind of limited edition. It's in a jewel case rather than the UK version which was a digipack!!

KezSep 4, 2002 (15h20)
Hey steviewondergenius! I'm logged in to dotmusic as 'Black Rose'. I can't find where I need to sign for the SW forum.....
And yes - I did see TOTP 2 last night. Amazing! We have out TV connected through our stereo - I had the volume REALLY loud
and the neighbours were banging on the wall - it was really funny! It was great, though. My little sister is only 11 and she has only ever heard Stevie's songs and has never seen him perfom. She was at my house last night when he was on the tele and didn't believe me that he was 15! She was blown away though!
Have you any idea whether Stevie will ever do a concert in UK again?

mattSep 4, 2002 (15h12)
cheers , will get it soon . By the way musiquarium cost me £13.99 @ !!!
might want to check it out .

It's available on CD for about £12.99. The copy of 'Original Musiquarium' is a lot more expensive coz it's an import: £23.99. I dunno about all HMVs, but my local in Newcastle definitely stocks it. They go through a few copies a month!!

mattSep 4, 2002 (12h55)
you can get where I'm coming from at HMV ??!! on CD ?? How much is it then ??I've been looking for aaaaagges for a decent copy .

Hey, why am I up so late?! I always forget the time when I'm listening to Stevie's albums. I don't think I'll ever get tired of them - EVER!! I'm buying 'Where I'm Coming From' and 'Original Musiquarium' at the weekend in the UK coz my local HMV has got them both back in at last. Quite pricey, but definitely worth it!!

Kerry - did you see TOTP2?! Didn't Stevie look strange?! Only 15 - it's unbelieveable!!

Kez - you need to go into the Forum er Forum ;o) Look for my Topic entitled 'Stevie Wonder Forum'. What have you joined as?!

Russ HayesSep 4, 2002 (02h17)
Hey Braysky, the chords to 'Another Star' are as follows (each chord lasts a single bar);
Verses; Fmin, Ebmaj, Dbmaj7, Cmin7, Bbmin7, Caug, Fmin9, Fmin9
Chorus; Ebmin7, Ab7+9, Dbmaj9, Dbmaj9, Ebmin7, Ab7+9, Dbmaj9, Dbmaj9,
Fmin9, Bb7+9, Ebmaj9, Gdim/C, Fmin7, G7, Csus4, C7

KerrySep 3, 2002 (20h01)
Hey steviewondergenius aka 'DANGEROUSMARK2' I can't find you on the site.....
I've logged in etc etc, but cannot figure out how / where you need people to set up a SW forum.
Give me a few more details, mate!
Luv Me.
x x x

KAY PRESTONSep 3, 2002 (15h59)

KerrySep 3, 2002 (14h27)
Hi Jim.
I don't know how extensive your knowledge is about SW's songs
(i'm not too bad, but I don't know half as much as some of the people on this forum!)
but, the only song I can think that you are looking for is Fingertips.
I have noticed that you haven't posted anything on this forum (not using 'Jim' anyway)
so i'm guessin that you are not a SW guru.....
If Fingertips is the one you are looking for, then the 4box-set
you might have heard if from is 'At the Close of a Century'.
I hope this helps......

Oh, one more thing to add for all you UK residents....
don't forget TOTP2 on BBC 2 this evening at 6pm - they are showing Stevie
singing 'Uptight'

HI, guyz. I spend most of my online life on a website called: It is Europe's busiest entertainment website, and I've been a member of it since early 1999. I'm trying like crazy to get a Stevie Wonder Forum set up, but I need more signatures. If any of you would join dotmusic in the Community/Forum part of the site, I'd appreciate it lotz!! My name on that site is DANGEROUSMARK2. Hope to see you all there. :o)

nick henri Sep 2, 2002 (22h06)
je cherche les paroles et la musique de ( i just call ) si je mexprime bien
merci henri sanchez et

nick henri Sep 2, 2002 (22h05)
je cherche les paroles et la musique de ( i just call ) si je mexprime bien
merci henri sanchez et

jimSep 2, 2002 (19h35)
Hopefully someone can help me with this one...I heard a scratchy recording of a very young Stevie Wonder (an announcer who introduces him even says his name) performing live at what I believe was a gospel music gathering. I have been searching for this song ever since, but cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know the title or what album I could find this on? It seems that I might have heard it on the four-CD box set.

matSep 2, 2002 (19h26)
ok.......after some serious searching I found this site..

check out the stevie vids .
have not tried to order any yet but will do so soon .
The Musikladen vid is there along with others that I would give my left armpit for !!! So if anyone gives them a try b4 me , post how they are right here .

p.s good to see that people are actually talking to one another here at last !

p.p.s hello everyone . this new album is exciting isn't it . even if a lot of us have been checking this and other sites for news for aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss !!!

KezSep 2, 2002 (18h08)
Cheers steviewondergenius. I have indeed tried Amazon - that is where
I got the John Swenson book from.
They did not have any record of any other book being written! (bummer!)

If you find anything, keep me posted. I will let you know if I hear anything.
Don't forget tomorrow night 6pm (I'm gunna tell work that I have a docs appointment
or something and leave early to make sure I dont miss it!)

Cheeaz, Kerry!!

I can't wait for it now!! I too am desperatly searching for a Stevie autobiography. Have you treied!

KerrySep 2, 2002 (13h43)
Following on from 'steviewondergenius', I have discovered
that TOTP2 will be showing 'Uptight'.

Following on from my last post a few weeks ago re 'Stevie Wonder' by John Swenson,
I am very disapointed. I was really looking forward to
learning more about the 'master', but the book is more focused on the style of music and
how his albums were produced - which is fine - but like I say, I want a book regarding Stevie's
life and who he is. Does anyone know of an autobiography or biography that has been written?
Also, does anyone know when the biography on this site is due to be completed?

I would really appreciate your help on this one, people!!!

To anyone in the UK: Stevie will be on TOTP2 on Tuesday evening 6pm. I'm not sure which siong he'll be performing from the archives, but I'm sure it'll be live and fantastic!!

majSep 1, 2002 (08h09)
It's too bad that we lost napster because I was able to download alot of stevie's recordings from there. For example I downloaded some of the stuff he did with sergio mendes. the 2 songs were love city, and The real thing were classic 70's gems. also I found some tracks stevie wrote for The originals a bunch of great mellow songs to layback to. I have 2 entire cd's of just songs that stevie wrote for other artists that were recorded in the "high time period". Stevie was an incredible song writer and still is. Alot people think he lost his touch but I think he's getting better. The only thing stevie needs to do is to stay away from those drum machines! they are just waste out his true talent. In square circle and characters are outstanding! no artist could of pulled that type production. He is truley the ultimate one man band.

majSep 1, 2002 (07h34)
To Eric B, you can purchase syreeta's first cd at It's a special import store that has many great artists. I've bought this album from the same web site. the recording quality is out of site!!

majSep 1, 2002 (07h34)
To Eric B, you can purchase syreeta's first cd at It's a special import store that has many great artists. I've bought this album from the same web site. the recording quality is out of site!!

Eric BSep 1, 2002 (04h00)
The first Syreeta album available in CD in Japan? OK, I'll start looking in the Imports section (no luck today at Virgin in Union Sq), and perhaps online. Good to know that the CD has been pressed somewhere.

Eric BSep 1, 2002 (03h57)
Children living a Dream was a nice song I heard at his 1986 MSG (NYC) concert. He said it would be on his next album, and it certainly would have done "Characters" some good.

I had always noted that it seemed that Stevie followed others rather than innovate in the '80's. Especially with a lot of the synth sounds. Even the live string orchestras and realistic sounding synthesized strings, which he seems to put in almost everything now, I associate with what everyone else did/does. The Arp&Moog ensemble was so different and unique. Perhaps he feels that is so outdated and he has "moved on" to much better technology now, but the sounds are so unique, even though it might be a move "back", it still would stand out from everyone else, which is the most important thing to me. I'm also afraid that he may feel he has "grown" now, and no longer wants to "rebel" with all those non-conventional sounds, and stick with traditional stuff like the orchestras; emphasis on vocals over instrumental riffs and harmony, etc.