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Alexandra MorrisonDec 31, 2002 (20h24)
Hi Stevie,
I gotta say Stevie, you are my favortie artist of all time, your music touches my heart, soul, and mind. Your voice is so sweet that melodies must have been made to be sung by you. You are also my srtongest influence as a song writer, as I am a flautist in a funk band in Halifax, Nova Scota by the name of Dr. Yellow Fever and the Jive. I have never hear a musician to this day as talented and gifted as you...sorry to be so full of compliments...but what's a girl to do, you ROCK!!!
If you have one piece of advice for a young musician/songwriter what would it be?
Again, you are my FAVORITE and I enjoy the pleasure of sharing May 13th as my birthday as well, so every year I send you a special b-day wish.
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year Stevie!!
Best Wishes,
Alexandra Morrison

sarahDec 31, 2002 (18h52)
Hey Tony!

Thanks for your message! I am glad i got to know you as well and of course Dez also!! Hope to hear from you soon, take care!

Happy New Year to everyone reading this!


tonyDec 31, 2002 (09h08)
Hi Everyone!!!

"I Wish" a very Happy New Year's to all of you. BK, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother!!!! You are truly a dedicated Stevie fan and "I Wish" you had an e-mail to where I could reach you. I've met so many "Wonder"ful people on this site. Peace to Sarah and Dez!!! I miss you guys and I hope to hear from the both of you really soon!!! Dez, I hope you had a great vacation and I can't wait to talk to you in the near future. Sarah, you're a great fan of music and I enjoyed chatting with you just recently. Dez I just scrolled down and you were asking about the events that lead up to "Superstition". I know this was an old question but I remember it if this is correct that "Superstition" was supposed to be a gift to Jeff Beck for playing on the "Talking Book" album but Motown wasn't having it and they released it and to no one's surprise Jeff Beck was not too thrilled about it. BK, I was at the "House of Toys" benefit concert on Dec. 21st and I felt so fortunate and blessed to be 20 rows from center stage. There were too many talented artists there and the whole concert took like 5 hours. If you want to chat BK, hit me up on AOL. My screenname is Wonder51350!!!

Happy New Year's everyone and take care!!!!


SonseareDec 31, 2002 (05h56)
To start happy New Year to everyone. My husband asked me why do I love Stevie so much. I told him when my father died when I was 8 years old after the funeral my family gathered around the piano and started singing "mistraknowitall". I will never forget that. We cried and played Stevie for all day. My family is very musical and Stevie was a big part of my youth. When I married Stevie was played while I and my bridesmaids came down the isle. At the reception he was played some more. Our second child was born on Stevies birthday and that was not planned. She was actually late. I say all that to say Stevie will be forever in my heart and it is my dream to see him perform live one day.

bkDec 31, 2002 (01h05)
Happy New Year to Stevie and all his fans.2003 will be a brilliant year for Stevie.
It was great to see Stevie at no.2 in the top 70's soul acts.This was on british tv channel 4 last night, and showed his
brilliant rendition of "Close to you" on the David Frost Show in 1972.Plus his masterful cover of
"Papa was a rolling Stone" live in 1973.The comments of Margouleff and Cecil indicate the genius of Stevie,plus the phenomenal number of songs he was then laying down,many that lay unheard in the vaults sadly.
Now certified..."I can't imagine love without you" is a classic.Can anyone tell me what songs did Stevie play on "House of Toys "gig?
Can one listen to the show on Yahoo broadcast??I could not get a thing.
Anybody got any official chart info/position on "The Definitive Collection" album?Anybody in the USA know the situation with Angela MacAfee???
Thanks BK

nick romainDec 31, 2002 (00h34)
Happy new year to all the fans.
from Belgium

Cerys-Aziza DiamondDec 30, 2002 (20h15)
Dear Stevie,
All I can say is that I have been listening to you since I was a child..
You are SOOOOOOO Wonderful!!
Thankyou soooooo much for evrything..
I can tell that you are a REALLY nice's in your voice..
You are so full of love..
From Cerys-Aziza.

DavidDec 30, 2002 (19h26)
happy new year to all stevie's fan! !!!!

Fruch'sDec 30, 2002 (12h31)
Hi !

I am a musician and I have a little gift for you! I have a special version of "LATELY"(stevie wonder) creates! You can download it on my site.


SherryDec 30, 2002 (07h51)
Stevie special request. You are a beautiful and unique person all on your own. My fiance Jusfre who passed away was a fine beautiful and unique person but the two of you carry such similarities. Listening to your music is my way of holding on to him. Especially, You r the sunshine of my life and Ribbons in the sky. However, he used to sing My Cheri amour to me and sounded similar to your voice. My name is sherry so it was special. He also looked a lot like you. His mom Baheeja know a lot of people in Motown- I believe they knoew you. My heart is still aching over his death but you help me relive those precious moments I shared with him through your music. Plese write. that song Overjoyed is how I feel. We had a perfect, beautiful relatoinship. He was my soulmate. Please write back

Phil SykesDec 29, 2002 (22h36)
Natural Wonder.
We are a nine piece band who play the music of Stevie Wonder. Our web site
is available for further information about us.

We will be playing in the Quays Theatre at Salford Quays, Manchester on January 19th.
If you require any information about tickets then drop me a line.

You may never get to see Stevie play live again, but to see a tribute to Stevie has to be the next best thing.

RaniaDec 29, 2002 (18h46)
Happy New Year You are the Man!

JacobDec 29, 2002 (18h43)
Hey stevie and all you others...
I'm a 14 year old boy from denmark, and i just went to buy his collection "The Definitive Collection",
and i think he is a wonder!! His music inspires me, and i just love it!! When i hear the number "I Wish" i just go crazy!!
Anyway... Happy new year to Stevie and all you others!!

Jacob Brøndlund, 14

peteDec 29, 2002 (18h28)
He's the man with a plan,and you've celebrated Gods master plan,by bringing peace & joy
to everyman, so continue dear brother stevie as you began,
and on that day when the lord calls your name,He'll say "Well done.My good & faithful servant"
thank you for sharing your gift with us...

AshleyDec 29, 2002 (01h12)
dear stevie,
i wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Also i just wanted to tell you that you are not just great
because of your song its because you belived you could play the piano and drums ect. even know you are
blind. i want to tell you you are the most wonderful man on earth!
best wishes #1 FAN ASHLEY

AshleyDec 29, 2002 (00h26)
hello stevie,
my name is Ashley Bodenhamer and i am 11 years old. i just found your website one day and i downloaded
all your songs. i got your cd of love songs. it's fantastic. i play the piano to. please reply!!!

MarinaDec 28, 2002 (22h27)
Merry Christmas Stevie and a Happy New Year.

MarinaDec 28, 2002 (22h20)
I've always enjoyed Stevie Wonder's songs. I love everyone of them. My favorite is I just called to say I love you. Who could not love Stevie Wonder. God bless you Stevie Wonder.

vocalexcel@aol.comDec 27, 2002 (22h22) Dec 27, 2002 (22h20)
Stevie is better than ever. I know that's hard to believe but he is!! I saw that commercial last night with him and India and I just shook my head. Thank you Lord. The reason why I feel he is better now is because the songs he recorded in the 70's was in his head in the 50's and 60's. That's right. And the same with the 80's and 90's and even now. Granted he has music on his mind most of the time but still a lot of what you heard has always been there from the beginning. One more thing. There is no such thing as a Stevie Wonder style. He has some trade marks but his stlye is never the same.


Just a Fan Dec 27, 2002 (19h30)
I have just been informed that it is ( or was) Stevie's birthday. Even though it may be belated, Happy Birthday! Whati originally wanted to say is that I have never really listened to your songs before. I just heard one of your songs at my friends house and I keep playing it over and over again. If ever you feel not so great, just remeber that a 15 year old girl thinks you are!


nick Tony Dec 26, 2002 (21h08)
Hi Everyone!!! I hope all of you had a "WONDER"ful Christmas and I hope all of you have a Happy New Year!!! I saw Stevie at the "House of Toys" concert on S

vocalexcel@aol.comDec 27, 2002 (22h20)
Stevie is better than ever. I know that's hard to believe but he is!! I saw that commercial last night with him and India and I just shook my head. Thank you Lord. The reason why I feel he is better now is because the songs he recorded in the 70's was in his head in the 50's and 60's. That's right. And the same with the 80's and 90's and even now. Granted he has music on his mind most of the time but still a lot of what you heard has always been there from the beginning. One more thing. There is no such thing as a Stevie Wonder style. He has some trade marks but his stlye is never the same.

Just a FanDec 27, 2002 (19h30)
I have just been informed that it is ( or was) Stevie's birthday. Even though it may be belated, Happy Birthday! Whati originally wanted to say is that I have never really listened to your songs before. I just heard one of your songs at my friends house and I keep playing it over and over again. If ever you feel not so great, just remeber that a 15 year old girl thinks you are!

nick TonyDec 26, 2002 (21h08)
Hi Everyone!!! I hope all of you had a "WONDER"ful Christmas and I hope all of you have a Happy New Year!!! I saw Stevie at the "House of Toys" concert on Saturday night and it was so awesome!!!!! There were about 18 acts altogether and it was about 5 hours long. K-Ci and JoJo, Wyclef Jean, Luther Vandross, Deborah Cox, Nelly and India.Arie were just absolutely fabulous!!! Stevie, "I Wish" you were able to sing more songs so we could be blessed even more with your talent but I understand that you wanted other artists to be able to perform and share what they had to offer. If anyone wants to know about the concert feel free to e-mail me or if you want to chat you can find me on aol. My screenname is Wonder51350!!! The #'s of course representing his b-day!!!

Take care everyone,


TiffanyDec 26, 2002 (04h57)
Hey Stevie, for Christmas i got your CD, At the Close of the Century. I just adore it. All day long i've been listening to it. I first fell in love with your music when one day i has the urge to listen to Ribbon in The Sky, and ever since then I've been addicted. I so much want a poster of you so i can put it on my wall and let the whole world know about your music and your personality. I saw when BET payed tribute to you, and how they did all your hits. I especially enjoyed the end when you sang As. Your lyrics is an inspiration to us all and you touch our hearts. I wish that you could live forever, so future generations will know about you and your music instead of all the songs about sex, drugs, and money. But guess what! You will live forever, through your music and in our hearts. I love you so much. I hope to one day meet you in person. Your voice and talent will be with us forever and ever. Love you with all my heart. And i hope that you and your family have a happy holiday and that you all will be graciously blessed all the daysof your lives. Remember that god will always be with you, he will guide you and love you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

SarahDec 25, 2002 (21h45)
Hey Mark!!

Ist ja cool, endlich auch mal was von fans aus deutschland zu lesen! Stevie is the BEST!! :) I always like talking to people from all over the world

secretvowsDec 25, 2002 (13h36)
stevie once mentioned in france in 1995 that he gave prince (the artist) COLD CHIL and he did
an incrideble version of it, does anybody know anything about the remix of this song and where
can we find it since i'm a big fan of both artists.

LisaDec 25, 2002 (09h38)
I want to know if Stevie will be touring the UK at any time in the future as me and my boyfriend really want to see stevie live. I f anyone has any in fo please please contact me on I really want to surprise my boyfriend.

MarkDec 25, 2002 (01h05)
Hey Stevie!
I'm just a 17 years old guy from germany but my father was black and when I was young he used
to listen to your music. I'm into hiphop and modern r'n'b music but also interested in soul music of
the 60's and 70's and the last weeks I listened to many of your records. I have to say that I'm
admiring you a lot because you have such an impressive voice and such a soulful way of bringin
your moods across. I love funk songs like "Living for the city" or "That girl" or "I wish" and the slow
love stuff like "Creepin" or "Knocks me off my feet"(which was ripped by Bobby Brown and Ja
Rule for "Thug lovin") is workin real hot at checkin out sexy ladies! As I also sing and play the key
board you're really an idol for me, man! You're THE man and I'm a big fan! Bye, it's Mark

CellarDwellerDec 24, 2002 (20h45)
In the early 70's I came across a Stevie Wonder 45rpm with a song called "Gemini" on the B-side. Does anyone remember or know about it? It doesn't seem to be on any LP, and I'd love to hear it again if I could get a copy. It's a great song, and I haven't heard it in almost 30 years (wow! has it really been that long??). I think the A-side of the single was "You Are the Sunshine Of My Life".

MuxDec 24, 2002 (18h19)
Musicman - THANKS A MILLION! I am bummed to hear that it is not on any album. It is in my point of view one of the best
things I have ever heard! If there was a way to contact him...he should somehow slip that onto a future album!
Happy Holidays to all!

= )

nadiaDec 24, 2002 (04h37)
Hi Sevie I love your music Im only 16 but I just enjoy listening to your music!
My dad is a huge fan of yours also.

AnotherMusicianDec 24, 2002 (04h25)
The song to which you are refering to is "Perfect Angel" A song written by Stevie Wonder in which
he's never recorded (to my knowledge) but has played many times in concert in the early to mid '70s.
Often, he would play the beginning of "Perfect Angel" then go into "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life".
However, the late Minnie Riperton (former background vocalist for Stevie) did record it on one of her
albums. By the way, I can understand your curiousity for that song, because those lyrics are great.
And the music and melody is classic Stevie.

MUXDec 24, 2002 (00h11)
I have a question. I have what appears to be a live recording of somesort, it sounds like early 70's. The 1st song has these lyrics:
I would really like to find out what the song is. The recording I have is incomplete. If I can find out what it is I would like to buy the CD.

What will making his history
Fooling impossibility
Makeing love not a fantasy
love is true
love is you
making storybook dreams come true
feeling just enough love for two
there's something magic in me and you
and its true I love you


any info would be greatly appreciated!

= )

MUXDec 24, 2002 (00h07)

kimmiDec 23, 2002 (03h17)
i luv stevie wonder he is so kewl i wish i could meet him in real life to see how he does whwt he does

KimDec 23, 2002 (00h44)
Where do I begin. This is a man who can do more than anyone I know. He is worthy of more than an award that we just can't find more to give to him. This is a man that everyone has grown up listening to and still do listen to. This man has had more songs copyed Than know beacuse he is just so great. This man that I am talking about can not go on not be ing called Stevie Wonder The Greateset because that is what he is the greatest. My he contuine to make great music that keeps us dancin! God bless you Stievie. I love you;we all love you!

fifiDec 22, 2002 (19h04)

Pastime Paradise chords?Dec 21, 2002 (19h58)
Hello good people,
Quick question: any advice on where I might find the chords to "Pastime Paradise"? Can't find any sheet music for it. Just that it's an extraordinarily beautiful song which I'd like to play with some friends.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
-Longtime Stevie Fan

Pastime Paradise chords?Dec 21, 2002 (19h49)
Hello good people,
Quick question: any advice on where I might find the chords to "Pastime Paradise"? Can't find any sheet music for it. Just that it's an extraordinarily beautiful song which I'd like to play with some friends.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
-Longtime Stevie Fan

Pastime Paradise chords?Dec 21, 2002 (19h47)
Hello good people,
Quick question: any advice on where I might find the chords to "Pastime Paradise"? Can't find any sheet music for it. Just that it's an extraordinarily beautiful song which I'd like to play with some friends.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
-Longtime Stevie Fan

CubeDec 21, 2002 (19h31)
Kobi i toatally agree with you.
I really love the sensitivity of his voice in 'Summer soft'
with that beautiful ripple of notes from the top end to
the bottom end of the piano.
Stevie really has a God given gift and writing the most beautiful melodies.
And his incredible vocal range on this tracks really shines.
The way he starts of soft and goes loud.

I also see abit of this in 'Rocket love'.
I really looking forward for the new album .
'I can't imagine love without you' is one of the best
new Stevie songs he has done in years.
his voice is getting that life back and energy.
Keep it up Stevie.

Eric BDec 21, 2002 (03h16)
Stevie was on GoodDay Live (NY), talking about the concert, and he did his Target version of Christmas Song (without India Irie, but with a harminica solo thrown in), and then did Ribbon In the Sky.

marthaDec 20, 2002 (19h02)
I hear your new song it comes on television for a comursial for target and i like the song but don't now the name.

FranklinDec 20, 2002 (15h20)
Does anyone know if "Justice of the Heart" from the John Q.
movie will be included on Stevie's new album?

Melissa Dec 20, 2002 (15h17)
How do u love thee................. How do i love thy lyrics................... How do i love thy beats that create .....
Oh how i love Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... Hope to see you there.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............Emphasis on see you there !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kobi AradDec 20, 2002 (01h52)
Stevie ! I Love you From All my heart already for 15 years !

Stevie Lovers ! I feel sometimes we make a people of our own.
My 10 Favorites are:
1. Bassline and Falsette in Power - Flower (Also genious Voicinings)
2. Moments aren't moments Very sensitive song
3. Creepin
4. Soft and delicate Beginning with Fender Rhodes of "I Love I Love I Love I Love everything about you Baby..."
5. The incredible and also sensitive energy and singing in "All I Do"
6. The Whispering Bass of fender Rhodes in the grove of "Jesus Children"
7. "...and I'm Looking for another pure Love..."
8. Of Course the The Increeibly sensitive beginning of Summer Soft (the Voice)
9. The energy of "Knock me Off My Feet"
10 For It's interestingly rejoicing and non - wearing out characteristics: "I Love you Too Much" (and It's Beat also...

I Love and appreciate all of you. May God Bless people who love this Wonder - Full Music !!!

LeaksDec 20, 2002 (01h37)
I thank you and I thank god for you. The talents and gifts he bestowed upon you and how you have in turned given back to so many. Again Thank you, and may god continue to bless you.

Phil SykesDec 20, 2002 (00h45)
Natural Wonder
Hi Everyone.
Just a quick note to everyone in the UK. Natural Wonder, the UK's only live tribute to the man himself, are playing at the
Lowry centre, in Salford Quays, Manchester. Anyone who fancies coming down, get in touch and i'll give you the ticket information.

You may never get to see Stevie play live again, but you can now see a live tribute to him and his fabulous work.

Also see

bkDec 20, 2002 (00h22)
Hi to all of ya,
pity i am too far away to get to Stevie in house of Toys show!
Anyway i am a bit down today folks,as my mum passed away today.
However i am pleased to say that ma was a big Stevie Wonder fan.
My cd of "I can't imagine love without you "is very much played at present.
"mother,thank you for loving me all the way"was Stevies first recording just
forty years ago.It seems very apt just now.
Anyway cheer up bk and take up that course in happiness,i've still got my georgeous wife
Ruth plus my Stevie cd collection.I hope i can get some of the recording of the Toys show
via Yahoo!Not long til the new album now.What styles would the fans like to see?Any guest artists
should appear?(India.arie?)Let me know what you think!

DirkDec 19, 2002 (22h31)
I have a pair of FRONT ROW tickets to Stevie's House Full of Toys show in Los Angeles (Sat 12/21) and I can't go. Just looking for face value ($250 each) or best offer. Thanks ... Dirk ---

DimitriiDec 17, 2002 (16h12)
Hello everybody. This is a voice from snowy Russia. We here are very fond of Stevie-s music it keeps heating the air around.
I would like to thank SW for all that hi has done, especially for the song about Mississipi and Love in Need and of corse Sir Duke.

myraDec 17, 2002 (01h17)
Some day at Christmas, is a song that describes how feel during this holiday season.
thanks stevie for such a wonderful song, and all the great songs you've written during the years.


gillDec 16, 2002 (16h55)

Montila FrancisDec 16, 2002 (16h39)
hi sevie my name is montila and doing my project on you and i'm doing a great job
and every body loves it.
Love Montila Francis your fan.

majDec 16, 2002 (02h44)
For all of you who are stevie fans and appreciate music for what it is. I have a artist that I like to turn your ears onto by the name of andreas vollenweider. Most of you, or none probabley have heard of this guy. He playes an electric harp as a main instrument, but also playes many other instruments. He also produce, arrange ,and write all his work. I'm talking to the people who are daring to escape to another genre only to hear this great musician who is so talented in many ways just like Stevie . I'm not a big fan of New Age, but I must say this artist will have you listen to his albums from begining to the end. If you dig stevie wonder's journey through the secret life of plants album that was out way ahead of it's time. You will surely enjoy all the albums of Andreas vollenweider. I've been listening to andreas music since the late 80's till now. If anyone need info on any albums I'll be glad to post excited for the new stevie album can't wait!!! Peace out!!!!

AnotherMusicianDec 16, 2002 (01h24)
I've always wondered why he called the song "contusion" I know it probably came from his
accident. That's one of those classic cases where the song is better performed it was
meant to be. Excellent points Naes and Dez and EricB.

shout out to kimmie.

DezDec 15, 2002 (20h42)
I understand your views on Stevie's live concerts. Especially since some of these concerts contain unreleased
material. For instance Stevie started performing "Taboo to love" around 1983, then releasing it over ten years later.
As far as professional sounding live concerts, we rally only have "Natural Wonder" and The Rainbow" from '74.
For the hard core Stevie fans, I suggest his 1972 PBS television special. I was lucky to see this one. It it
probably the only concert that he does "Maybe your baby" and "Keep on runnin" live!!!!
I do know that Stevie is very protective of his material and that he's a perfectionist, so that may be the reason
we haven't officially recieved some unreleased stuff. These are real gems as they are not only
rare but he always puts a twist on his live stuff....he makes the studio albums seem so pedestrian:)

Yes the VHI special was Musikladen from '74. However the televised portion only shows him doing
the "Talking Book" and "Innervisions" songs. Oh yeah, in this show he does a too funky version of "Contusion"
(supposedly the first song written after his accident).


Staying GoldDec 15, 2002 (04h46)
First became enamoured with Stevie as a 6 year old in the mid 70's, my stepfather was a Motown Executive. Stay Gold brings back teenage memories. Driving through Belgium will always be associated with Robins Will Sing. My favourite Stevie memory will always be coming home from my stepfather's funeral in the late 90's. He had been out of the music business for 20 years, but when we played the message on the answering machine we were stunned to hear Stevie Wonder leaving a message of condolence. A man with a full a life as Stevie took the time to comfort the family of a man he hadn't had contact with for many years. Thank you Mr. Wonder for a lifetime of beautiful memories.

NaesDec 15, 2002 (03h12)
So I'm listening to the Superstition performance from this website...what is he talking about when he says his live performances weren't that good???????

NaesDec 15, 2002 (03h07)
Conitnuing on the Live from the 70s topic...I understand that the casual fan would probably not delight in hearing extended versions that differed greatly from studio versions, but Stevie Wonder is household name and I'm sure he has a big enough base of dedicated fans to release some archival stuff and have it turn a profit. Is this message board the only resourse we have for getting voices heard on the subject? As for Mr. Wonder being a perfectionist...what musician isn't? But the great thing about the live setting is that perfection is unattainable and therefore other qualities can be emphasized. No, the Uptight-Satisfaction jam doen't sound the same as putting those two songs on in a row, but that's not the point. Hendrix was a perfectionist as well but we have volumes of his live performances (even one with Stevie!). A few bands are setting up their own record labels to release archival material, some with great success (Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead), while others are just getting the ball rolling (The Doors, The Allman Brothers Band). How many of you would absolutely love to hear a few Stevie Wonder concerts from the 70s? It's just frustrating to have to hear second rate bootleged copies of what could be some of the best music in my collection.

Ron WDec 15, 2002 (00h22)
Hello Stevie,
I would like to offer my appreciation for you allowing us to share the innervisions by putting on your web site the words to all of your wonderful music
Fan Appriciation for the Master Blaster

SarahDec 14, 2002 (21h29)
To Stevie Schreibvogel - that is a funny name. Did you know that it means something in German? :)
If anyone is interested in talking to stevie fans in all over the world, just contact me ;)

Stevie SchreibvogelDec 14, 2002 (20h14)
hi this is Strvie Schreibvogel yes that is my real name don't u love it i do to i just wanted to say i LOVE STEVIE"S SONG VILLIGE GHETTO LAND!!!!!!!!!

CubeDec 14, 2002 (19h15)
I did have the musicladen video until my house got robbed.
Excellent I was pleasantly suprised with
the unreleased ballad ,'I can see the Sun in Late December'
Excellent lyrics and beutiful melodoy , I love the way
the song builds up and he really exicutes those hi notes.

There should be more officail live stuff.

Hopefully in January we'll have a
new single from the album.

I think we all gonna get a pleasant suprise from the
new album. There's gonna be some cracking out-
standing ballads I predict, something new and fresh
from this God gifted musicain.

nick AntonellaDec 14, 2002 (11h44)
I'm 25 years old and I love Stevie. His songs are so divine and I want to express
all my admiration. With love, Antonella Iovino from Naples (Italy)

Eric BDec 14, 2002 (06h06)
Was Musikladen what was played on VH1? I'm not sure, as I don't remember Superstition and I Can See The Sun In Late December on it. I do remember Higher Ground with all these electric guitars added, but hey, those clav. songs don't need any guitar help (unless it is a solo like in Maybe Your Baby. He probably added the guitars in the live versions to cover the layers, which he obviously couldn't do all at once). Solid Clav by itself (or with Rhodes or Moog Bass) is one of the things that made Stevie sound so unique back then!

donnyDec 13, 2002 (23h12)
Don't get me wrong I appreciate how Stevie united people with I Just
Called to Say I Love You and how it's for Nelson. I appreciate all that but
that's just one side of Stevie and this Cosby Show side is all we get and
somebody needs to read him the quotes on about
Stevie's guest star on Cosby. I think Stevie should also be going harder.
And be the cool version of the prank caller that gets Reps with the kids
as well as the socially conscious and also the lovable pop Stevie that the
older people love.

nick donnyDec 13, 2002 (22h59)
Hey reader for Stevie can you tell him that I think he should do a new
kind of concert. One with real good, maybe top Jazz Musicians or even
rock but probably Jazz. Emphasize Jam versions of songs and maybe do
a few new ones like Blowin' In the Wind that are covers which become a
social statement. But more modern of course. The main thing is that the
show should not be an oldies show but one with a larger than life Rock
style sound but of course probably in the form of really well played Jazz
translations of Stevie Soul- I.E. not Fusion wallpaper. Then at the end
we want stuff like a long Jam version of Fingertips with a real soulful
harmonica solo and maybe a harder version of stuff like We Can Work It
Out with Stevie getting off on the keys- hopefully a real sound and not a
Korg. The key is to make it the opposite of a bad broadway style
Motown revue. Stevies been real soft he needs to change. Maybe he
can get a top producer to get him a harder sound that can compete with
the new stars of R&B. Maybe a rock out jam that is in a harder spirit of
We Can Work It Out or a work with top Jazz sound gone Soul that has
the consistancy of Talking Book. But he needs to stop being cast as this
oldies guy who the older White people think is so cute. I dig the phone
pranks and Stevie acting cool but Stevie should be many things not just
this Christmas clothes duet.

gipolitoDec 13, 2002 (11h18)
how can i get lyrics of "One little Christmas tree"?

DezDec 13, 2002 (06h57)
OOOPS......I meant to say that the line up of musicians was the same on "Musikladen" as the Rainbow concert '74.

DezDec 13, 2002 (06h07)
Eric B,

If I'm not mistaken here is another circa '74 concert of Stevie's called "Musikladen". This is actually on video. a
freind of mine made me a copy onto CD. Stevie and Wonderlove jammed on:
Higher Ground
Don't you worry 'bout a thing
I can see the sun in late December
Misstra know it all
Living for the city
Its the same line up as musicians as Anothermusician stated (add Marlo Henderson on rhythm guitar). I think this show
is available on DVD (don't hold me to that). My fav on this show is "Higher Ground". He still plays the clav as usual but
Mike (Sembello) and Marlo Henderson add those guitars and send you into orbit. The "Contusion" on this concert is too funky!!
I read the Swenson book and he was right when he said the live versions of Contusion sound better than on SITKOL.


Eric BDec 12, 2002 (17h03)
"Voyage to India". I wonder if that itself is based on Stevie's song in Secret Life Of Plants.
As for an older live version of Contusions, VH1 used to play some live jam session with a bunch of songs from Innervisions, plus Contusions (so it must have been from sometime in 1974 between his accident and FFF). Could that have been the Rainbow concert? As Swenson says, the live version soulded better than the album version.

LucileDec 12, 2002 (14h40)
My name is Lucile, I am 14 years old. As i loved the song "Taboo to love" my father has made a translation. I tried to sing it. I would like to know where i can send this song to Stevie. I sould be so happy if he could listen to it. Lucile

AnotherMusicianDec 12, 2002 (04h44)
I couldn't leave without mentioning the musicianship on THE RAINBOW CONCERT. Ollie Brown-drums;
Reginald McBride-bass and Michael Sembello playing his heart out on guitar. Not to mention on the
Fender Rhodes electric piano (my favorite instrument of all time second only to the piano) is the man
himself Stevie Wonder. Not that I ever doubted his live playing ability, but upon listening to the intro
to "Contusion", I briefly had to question if it was really him playing, as I had never heard him play like
that before. Naturally it was him. I can safely say he could play with any top notch jazz band.
He's always toyed with the idea of doing an all jazz album as well as a gospel album. I would love
to see those come into fruition....soon.


AnotherMusicianDec 12, 2002 (04h28)
I too welcome you to the site. Like you, I was also curious as to know why some of his live performances
from the 70's were never available to the public. I've been told that being Stevie is a perfectionist
he just wasn't happy with the outcome. Which is hard for me to believe as I totally love it myself.
Like Dez, I liked how Stevie stretched out certain songs and turned it into a jam session. I really love
the intro jam and "Contusion" found on THE RAINBOW THEATRE CONCERT of 1974. Naturally I'm a bit
biased when it comes to jam sessions being that I'm a musician. Although I'm sure a diehard fan would
have liked the album had it been released back then, I wonder if the casual fan would have been expecting
the live album to sound exactly like the record and if they could sit through alot of instrumentation with no
vocals for minutes at a time. As much power as Stevie had with Motown back then, the big wigs may have
also have input as to why his live "albums" were never released. And Naes I also agree with you on the
NATURAL WONDER album. Stevie and the musical directors and conductors did a brilliant job of arranging the
orchestra to Stevie's songs. A really lavish production with nice results. But it seemed to have lacked the raw
energy and spontanaeity (sp) of the simple 4-7 piece bands he used in the 70's.


AnotherMusicianDec 12, 2002 (03h58)
The young lady who accompany's Stevie Wonder on the Target Christmas commercial is India.Arie.
Indeed, it is a nice song. Probably my favorite commercial of all It really is a nice duet
between to gifted people. And they are labelmates (Motown) as well as good friends. The arrangement
is awesome, not to mention their voices blend beautifully together. Her new album is entitled "Voyage To India",
and is in stores now, although the duet with Stevie is only available at Target. A pretty slick marketing scheme
by Target if you ask me. You may also want to check out "Acoustic Soul", India's debut album. It contains a song
entitled "Wonderful" in which she makes many excellent references to Stevie's music as he has been a positive
influence on her, both musically and spiritually.

TamDec 12, 2002 (03h20)
Does anyone know who sings with Stevie on the new Target commercials? I have been trying to found out who she is everywhere....I love her! Let me know, thanks!

LauraDec 11, 2002 (21h52)
I'm 41 years old and my children have a way of making me feel old even though I still think I'm 26. I thought you might appreciate last night my 10-yr old saw your commercial. She asked if you were blind and I gave her a brief history of what I know, concluding that I listened to your music when I was her age. She replied, "For being so old, he is still good-looking!" Merry Christmas. xx

mattDec 11, 2002 (12h11)
can anyone tell me more about the stones/wonder stuff . I know he toured with them but can't seem to find any audio or video of this . I also know there is a stones documenrary called 'c********* blues ' which I think has Stevie on there but would love to know for sure . Has anyone seen it or any other ?
anyone ?
Matt : )

DezDec 11, 2002 (07h02)
You guys are all talking my language. Stevie 70's concerts were thrilling!!! I am truly amazed that he didn't release
a live album in his peak period. I guess the "Rainbow Theater" concert in '74 is as official as were going to get.
What I really like about those concerts in the '70s era was that Stevie strech out his hit songs and turned them
into impromtu jam sessions. For instance in a '72 concert Stevie does a hip version of "Signed Sealed Delivered"
and then goes for the vocorder on "Papa was a rolling stone". Also worth mentioning is Stevie with the Stones.
They closed the end of each show on their '72 U.S. tour with a jam session of "Uptight and Satisfaction".


Eric BDec 11, 2002 (06h27)
Also about She's Leaving Home; he even makes the Clavinet sound like a Fender Rhodes on some of the high notes
(seems to be an echo effect done with layers of sustained chords). Pretty nice sound.
The second side of the second album is comparable to the first side of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, and the second side of the Beatle's Abbey Road, the way the songs blend together and lead to a finale. Pretty classic work.

Osman GurtuncaDec 11, 2002 (00h25)
Hello Mr. Wonder! My name is Osman Gurtunca. I came to the AIDS dedication concert that you were a part of in the early '90s. It was at Butler University in Indianapolis IN. I will NEVER forget shaking your hand & meeting you. I have loved your music ever since I was a child. When I hear that you will be on TV, I flip out!! I enjoyed VERY much the dedication on BET that took place, honoring you. Well deserved and it was way over due.... Please take care of yourself and continue to do what you do best. Sincerely, Osman
Osman Gurtunca 2103 Lawrence Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46227

BKDec 11, 2002 (00h24)
Welcome to Naes,
yes i agree there is a load of live recordings sat somewhere.Radio luxembourg has two full cocert recordings.Plus there is ample
material from the Stones tour.Perhaps after Stevie's next album the penny will drop and Motown will open up the vaults to these many jewels.

NaesDec 10, 2002 (21h17)
This is my first time here. I was just listening to several Bootlegs from the 70s and wondering (ha, ha, ha) to myself...Why don't we have any live shows from this period on the record shelves? Has Stevie ever spoken about the possibility of releasing material from the past? I mean he was on stage at various times jamming with The Stones, Marley, Buddy Miles, etc. He really streches out on some of the material and it sounds great. For me, Natural Wonder is just a different thing altogether, good in its own way but not the same. Is he against the release of past shows for some reason? Many artists have begun a series of archival releases, (Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, to name a few) the responses to these have been positive. Any thoughts?

nick LisaDec 10, 2002 (17h04)
Stevie-I just heard "My Baby loves me" on the radio. I love this song. It gives me chills everytime I hear it. It is so sweet. Stevie-you are a wonderful person and have truly used your gifts to make the whole world smile and you make my day a lot better every time I hear your voice. You are a special good person Thanks so much-Sincerely Lisa Greco

TigerDec 10, 2002 (16h53)
Stevie you're one of the reasons I hope to be a record producer, I'm from Pine Bl
Bluff, Arkansas, We really need someone here to watch our talent, we need
concerts more often. Check out my production company's website


I'm Distric Manager South Division. I play bass guitar and keyboards.
i want to be on an artist's road and stage crew to get my foot in the door.

TigerDec 10, 2002 (16h53)
Stevie you're one of the reasons I hope to be a record producer, I'm from Pine Bl
Bluff, Arkansas, We really need someone here to watch our talent, we need
concerts more often. Check out my production company's website


I'm Distric Manager South Division. I play bass guitar and keyboards.
i want to be on an artist's road and stage crew to get my foot in the door.

numDec 10, 2002 (15h20)
There is a wonderful video version to "Free", anyone knows where I can get it? Thanks

bkDec 10, 2002 (10h44)
Yeah!Good to hear about Syreeta's two albums.At the time these were hailed by people like Pete Townsend,Eric Clapton and Ringo as
The albums let Stevie expand even further his developing sound."She's leaving home"is a brilliant rendition of the Beatles song.The vocoder work is magnificent.The gurgling and outright cheek in "I love everything little thing'bout you"is a sheer joy.More sublime genius comes out with"To know you is to love you" with it's superb guitar solo work(Feiton).
Of course the smooth medley on the second album,second side, is a master stroke."I wanna be by your side" in particular is astounding.The fun,ease,and seemingly effortless musicianship is testament to Stevie's genius.I have often wondered why more
collaborations have not been done.Certainly the early seventies saw great female singers working by Stevie.e.g.Minnie Ripperton and Denise Williams .Shirley Brewer
and Lani groves too.
The best thing about this period is how enduring those two Syreeta albums sound, even today.Some of the ballads like "How many days","To know you is to love you","What love has joined together","Spinning and spinning"(Brilliant single that unfortunately did not score).
On a final note the epic "Cause we've ended now as lovers" remains for me an astonishing production of an amazing song .This of cou
rse was a true life heartfelt lyric that appl

OneManUnderWonderDec 10, 2002 (08h59)
Stevie Wonder, you are without a doubt, the best singer/songwriter/performer/person I will ever be blessed to know. You and your songs are so important to me. I don't know how else I could pay tribute to you besides buying your albums, but actually I am working on a extensive paper about you for my African-American studies class. I will always be a fan and I'm sure my children will come to be devout fans as well.

Eric BDec 9, 2002 (04h38)
Forgot to add that Olazabal was now co-producer with M&C (sort of passing the baton), and this makes me wonder how the project that eventually became SITKOL (originally FFFII, with songs such as "The Future") would have sounded had M& C stayed and things didn't get so hectic. (He did say "different songs, same instrumentation")

Eric BDec 9, 2002 (04h35)
The second Syreeta album is like the missing link between the Margouleff/Cecil period and the Olazabal/Fischbach sound of SITKOL and JTTSLOP. It is so different from FFF, which was released a few months later. You start hearing some of those new synth sounds that weren't on his albums yet (Spinning Around, Your Kiss is Sweet are examples). I still prefer the FFF/Talking book sound, though, as they are much more refined and unique. Universal Sound of the World is like the grand finale of the Margouleff/Cecil sound, though Please Don't Go is more like the official end, and their influence remained in some later stuff like Contusions (which was probably written before that anyway).

DavidDec 9, 2002 (03h47)
Dear.Mr.Wonder(Steve Morris).My name is David MY mother was telling me that she was in Logos,Nigeria for festag 1977.And had the honor of meeting you and your brother Calvin in the studio through her friend Beverly Martin.And i figured that i should write u and ask a favor.I am 16 and would like to get into the music buisness for rap.All i need is a chance or a start.Please help me.Or i f u cant give me some advice.

DezDec 8, 2002 (23h37)
Eric B,

I agree with you on the Syreeta albums. Her version of "I love every little thing..." is a killer. The man of the hour of course
goes to town on the clavinet on this version. Plus the bass is so funky that I woiuld listen to the instrumental track alone.
I also love "What love has joined together". I don't think that is a Stevie song, (Smokey Robinson actually) but it still very good.
Her second LP is even better. The last few cuts are rolled into one. Its funny, her second album was called "Stevie Wonder presents
Syreeta" My favs from this album are "Heavy Day", "Universal Sound of the World" and "I wanna be by your side"
Stevie pokes in and out from time to time on the singing. Actually Stevie & Wonderlove altogether supply the music.
You can't have a Stevie Wonder collection without these.


StevieDec 8, 2002 (12h12)
Stevie- My friend Steve Johasen brought you some Kursweil stuff a few years ago, said he had some of your Moms
peach cobbler, and played some songs with you. He was the west coast Rep for the company, and had a wonderful
time. I just want to listen to you in concert in San Diego and share all of your beautiful compositions with you.
I also have a few Kurzweil keys in my own arsenal, forgive the expression, but most of all, I would not be able to
move foeward much longer without hearing you in person. My most loving regards, Steve Smith Music Productions,
San Diego, CA. Peace be with you, my dear friend...

JoeyDec 8, 2002 (05h03)
Does anyon know the bass tab to "I just called to say I love you"? I would relly liked to have i Please email me at Thanks!

JustinDec 7, 2002 (21h34)
Steveland,Genius,you're my one true inspiration,If i'm feeling down at anytime, i'll just pop on anyone of your cd's and shivers literally run through my spine.I've been listening to you my whole life (15 years).and i just can't get sick of your music.The chords in Joy inside my tears...WOW!,i havn't noticed it until recently, but i can almost sing every last one of your songs word for word.just picking them up through the millions of time's my mom and i have listened to them.I have a jazz-funk band up here in Halifax, Nova Scotia and we cover your tunes like there's no tomorrow,I wish, Superstion,living For the city,Higher Ground,Too High,For once in My life anything and everything we can figure out.I Wish you'd come to Halifax to play another played here before my time,but all i have of it is pictures my uncle took.I have to see you live.If it's the last thing i do.You are my hero.You should see my room ,wow!, it's Wonderland

Eric BDec 7, 2002 (04h17)
I never did tell everyone that I ordered and got the first Syreeta CD several weeks ago. someone here had told me the website I could get the import version from. Thanks alot.
Pretty interesting hearing it in CD quality. (Before I only had an old LP I had bought from a used record store). Interesting to hear the typical Margouleff & Cecil production style of Moog Bass in the same song as standard strings (which were not used on Stevie's albums of this period, nor the Isley albums they co-produced at the same time)
Also, you all have to hear Smokey Robinson's "I Can Tell That Christmas Is Near" (from their 1970 Christmas album). It was written and produced by Stevie and Syreeta, and you can definitely tell. The ups and downs of the chords are mezmerizing. Similar to another song they gave to Smokey: "We Had A Love So Strong". Both of these songs really stand out on their albums, as everything else is the standard orchestra based sound. The latter is from 1972 and has the Moog Bass (along with piano, e.guitar, and probably a Rhodes as well), while the Former is straight up piano, and is before Margouleff & Cecil, but still has the sound, especially with the background vocals.
With this, plus the two nice new versions of Christmas Song (the Target version, and a clavinet version from some show ir something), he should do another Christmas album.

joshDec 7, 2002 (03h21)
does anyone know if WHERE IM COMIN FROM will ever be released?? i want
to buy an import of it but i don't want to see an official remastered release come
out afterwards. please email me if you know. thanks!

DavidDec 6, 2002 (16h34)
Stevie is better than ever. I know that's hard to believe but he is!! I saw that commercial last night with him and India and I just shook my head. Thank you Lord. The reason why I feel he is better now is because the songs he recorded in the 70's was in his head in the 50's and 60's. That's right. And the same with the 80's and 90's and even now. Granted he has music on his mind most of the time but still a lot of what you heard has always been there from the beginning. One more thing. There is no such thing as a Stevie Wonder style. He has some trade marks but his stlye is never the same.

JonathanDec 6, 2002 (05h44)
Hey! How are u doing everyone!?
Of course it's impossible to feel bad... when listening to "the master of music" STEVIE WONDER! ;)

I have a question which I hope someone can answer...
A fellow fan (Marcellus Roberts) have posted a message on this forum about Stevie Wonder
doing a song with Boyz II Men on their latest album... I doubt this to be correct, but
as a big fan of both Stevie Wonder and Boyz II Men I would be grateful if someone could confirm
the information to be correct or not... and in the first case would you please disclose the name
of the song if you know it... :)

As I can remember, Stevie Wonder hasn't done anything at all together with Boyz II Men except
"Jungle Fever"... Anyway, I don't live in USA so it's harder to get such information, but if anyone
knows about this, I would be happy if you could post it here on this forum... :)

Give LOVE!

moshichiDec 5, 2002 (18h40)
i'm japanese.speak english a little.
but i am inspired his music & sound & spirit &more&more...
so i play music & instruments.
please listen music on my page.

my page(sorry , japanese only)

DavidDec 5, 2002 (18h32)
Stevie Wonder is a Bottomless Pit when it comes down to music. If you think this man hasn't grown musically since the 60's and 70's you are crazy. Most people that write about him only concentrate on the 60s and 70s. His music is equally good now you just have to understand were he is going with it. Listen to the Jungle fever cd. That cd is awesome. "Fun Day" is just.......I have no words. Do you hear the riffs he does in "These Three Words". Think about it. The time that song came out everybody was trying to riff but when Stevie did what I call the riff of all riffs on "Always Kindle" that blew everyone out of the water. What about "I go sailing"or "chemical love". What songs do you know sound like those songs. Conversation Peace was of the hook. The Song "I'm New" bought another style to the table. And what about "Sensuous Whisper"(I hope I spelled that right) If you listen closely, especially toward the end you can picture Anita Baker Whispering in his ear and he gets more and more excited until he is almost out of his mind. He also does this ultra fast riff on the word "that"!!! I know I went over board but I wanted to say these things.

GreggyDec 5, 2002 (18h13)
Signifigant emotional event....
I am a 48 yr. musician and have played many, many of Stevie's songs and even worked with some guys who have hung with him.
Well, I am a new grandfather and last night (12/4/02) spent time with grandson (alone) for the first time.
We laid back, put on Herbie Hancock "Gershwin's World" and he was so content. The tune "Summertime" came on and it was as though
three very spiritual people floated into the room; Herbie, Joni, & Stevie.
Sometimes things happen that bring all the events of your life together in focus. This little experiance was such an event.
I thank God for the gift of life and promise not to take it for granted..
Love, Greggy

CubeDec 5, 2002 (14h04)
One of my other early 90's Stevie songs was a duet he
performed with 'Marva Hicks entitled,'Strong is our Love'.
This song has that typical Stevie melody and his
voice blends nicely with Marva's.
Its hard to get and its on Marva Hicks solo album .
The strange thing is that Stevie is not listed as
being on the duet on the album notes.
I think he should perfom this track again and
release it with someone maby like Reborta Flack.
has anyone hear heard this.
Also there's 'I love you more' with 'Kimberly Brewer'
Which is sweet,Stevie is one of the only male
singers that can deliver vocally when he
sings with a woman, notice when he sings
'We did'nt know' with, 'Whitney Houston' he sings
up there in her register with ease, at
times its hard to tell the difference who's
singing what plus he does it full voice.

CubeDec 5, 2002 (13h57)
I would also love a copy of the BET show.
I would be happy to pay for postage & package.
Please e-mail me and can anyone tell me
what other numbers Stevie performed other than
the magnicifant,'I can't imagine Love....'

GedDec 5, 2002 (08h18)
Best pop song(commercial)"You are the sunshine of my life"
Best artist ever? Perhaps only Elvis/The Beatles have bigger profile. Creatively overall
he has no better but respect the jazz greats.
The technology Stevie had could have developed those guys further
Whats your list look like???

(Best ballad should have read "although NOT a100% ballad")

GedDec 5, 2002 (08h13)
Best album cover ever.......SITKOL - the man at the center with it all radiating outwards
Best funk song ever........I wish
Best album.............Probably between Talking book/S.I.T.K.O.L./Innervisions
Agreed- first was the breakthrough masterpiece.Innervisions was his peak spiritually.S.I.T/K.O.L. has the most music on it.
FFF has the best flow track to track but I suppose S.I.T.K.O.L. accelerated the most and greatest changes in music.
Best concert.......Natural wonder..the orchestral additions are needed to do the tracks real justice
Best instrument....Harmonica- only Adler in the same league but equally has anybody done the fender, arp/moogs such justice?
Best collaberation...with Syreeta Wright. Notable duets with Macartney, Bennet, Iglasias Warwick...not keen on Jacksons
Best ballad "Too shy to say" Although a 100% ballad "If its magic" is so original always
Best vocals "Don't you worry bout a thing" "Yester me yester you"
Best meaningful lyrics for todays world "Loves in need of love today" "Have a talk with god" "You haven't done nothin"
Best cover by another artist..Ross "Blame it on the sun"
Best Stevie cover of somebody elses song"Blowing in the Wind"(Bob Dylan)
Best instrumental "Stevie ray Vaughan blues - Nat Wonder ".
Best Stevie tribute - "Sir Duke"
Best pop song(com

nicholasDec 5, 2002 (02h14)
Who is lad?

Phil SykesDec 4, 2002 (22h21)
Hey Everyone.

To Everyone in the UK. Natural Wonder, the Uk's only live tribute to Stevie are playing at the
Lowry Centre at Salford Quays, Manchester on January 19th.
Get in touch if you would like ticket info.

LitalDec 4, 2002 (21h30)
I will be soooo greatful.

thank you

DavidDec 4, 2002 (20h53)
You haven't heard anything yet. All the music that Stevie has put out so far is just leading to something greater musically and spiritually. I just want to be around to hear it. Believe me!! He hasn't put out his best material. A lot of his songs are songs he wrote for the public not what is really in his mind. Now, I do believe the subjects that he has talked about(Love, hate, politics etc..) were and continue to be on his mind. But, the music he had to bring a lot of it to our level of musical understanding. Thank you Lord for this gift(Stevie Wonder).

MikeDec 4, 2002 (17h54)
Can someone please help me find the title and lyrics to a Stevie Wonder song. All I know of the song is one line "Love your neighbor's wife and daughter." I'm not sure, but I think it's a duet with a female. If someone can help me, please e-mail me at I really love that song. Thanks

marius..a little fan from france :-)Dec 4, 2002 (12h32)
hi mister wonder...
i'm french and escuz me if my english is not so perfect..but i'm going to try..
I just wanted that i love you i love your mucic..i'm listenning a overjoyed live. it's marvelous..!! you are really a genius..i'm only 15
and not very teen like me listen your music but it's not important i think nothing will be able that i stop listen great song like supersition as free jammin' overjoyed..but i think that my favorite song of you's other throat or fun day from jungle fever of my dream is to see you in truth ..and pleassee i 've nerver seen tou on scene !!it will be marvelous..i think i'll cry of happyness..and i will be so marvelous if you wil do a concert in paris..soon...but i know that i am just a little boy for you nothing but i love you so much ...your the king of ths music stevie!!!!!!!! god bless you..i will listen you 'til death!! I hope..
i'm not the one to love you in my family my father too..ihe s fan of you for 30 years!!!

Johnny LakeDec 4, 2002 (00h34)
Hi i"m a musician from Canada and inviting you into my page at
Thanks for all the inspiration Stevie
Johnny Lake

nickJohnny LakeDec 4, 2002 (00h30)
Hi I'm a musician from canada I' inviting you into my site at
thanks for all the inspiration stevie
Johnny Lake

AnotherMusicianDec 3, 2002 (23h33)
Anybody who can listen to "Seems So Long" and still think that Stevie doesn't write from his heart is
just plain crazy. Excuse me for being so blunt. And the vocals on that song are out of sight. Faint and
whispery at times, and strong and convincing at other times. And the synth work is truly phenomenal.
Yet, the synths don't make the song. A true song (such as "seems") can be played in a number of different
arrangements and still have the same affect. He could have gone acoustic with it, jazz, heavy guitar or
whatever. He could have even gone real simple with it, like just the vocals and a harp, ala "If It's Magic".
I could never pick an absolute fav Stevie song, but this will always be in heavy rotation on my cd player.

amandaDec 3, 2002 (21h31)
hey yo waz sup
do u wanna do anything tonight?
untill 6:00pm?
e-mail me back! plz.

bkDec 3, 2002 (15h21)
Best album cover ever.......probably Talking Book.
Best funk song ever........Superstition
Best album.............Probably between Talking book/S.I.T.K.O.L./Innervisions
The first is a very rich,and was his first masterpiece.Innervisions was his peak spiritually.S.I.T/K.O.L. has the most music on it.
All in all its a tough call,but i suppose S.I.T.K.O.L.gets the nod for its influence.
Best concert.......2nd show.Finsbury Park Rainbow London in the early 70's
Best instrument....harmonica ,by a mile.Only Adler was in the same league.
Best collaberation........with Syreeta Wright .At times astoundingly good(How about a Stevie Unplugged or
even a duets album)
Best ballad "You and I"
Best vocal "Living for the City"
Best meaningful lyric for todays world "Loves in need of love today"
Best cover by another artist..Colio's interpretation of "Pastime Paradise"
Best Stevie cover of somebody elses song"Blowing in the Wind"(Bob Dylan)
Best instrumental "Alfie ".
Best pop song(commercial)"You are the sunshine of my life"
Best artist ever?Perhaps only Elvis/The Beatles overshadow him.Musicianship, overall he has no better.
Only the Beatles have a catalogue of more self-penned classic songs.
Whats your list look like???

JanineDec 3, 2002 (03h15)
Stevie anybody I was wondering if anybody could find the lyrics for my favorite Stevie Wonder song
Hold on to your Dreams I really like that song and Stevie congratulations on BET when you got your
walk of fame you did a wonderful perfomance PEOPLE PLEASE HOLLA BACK!

CubeDec 3, 2002 (00h48)
I think your right Jose I really like 'I can't imagine Love without you'
I love the way Stevie plays those block chords with jazz voiceings.

This new song has that Stevie touch of old I am looking forward to hearing
the album.
What esle did he perfom on that BET show?

jamie OKLA.Dec 2, 2002 (22h54)
hi stevie,
you are a great inspiration to so many people including myself. you are my favorite artist of all time! you have done so much for so many people. i'm 16, so i can't say i've remember when you first came out, but i grew up listining to your music. in my english class, we have to write an essay about our hero. well, i chose you not just because of who you are, but because of what you've done. you're blind but you can see in the heart of every starving child, you can see the needs of millions all across the world! even though you don't know me, i thank and also congradulate you for all the accomplishments you' ve made for African Americans. i love your music, your kindness, your style, and most of all, I LOVE YOU!!!!


valerie goughDec 1, 2002 (20h34)
steve i have been following you for years and i truly beleive you are not only blessed with talent but blessed with a sight that sighted people do not have. your faith in god shows throughout every song and every appearance you make. i live in baltimore md and what you did at ravens stadium was tremendous to put together a show like that in such a short amount of time was unbelievable but only you could have pulled that off people often refer to you as a genius but i personally think you are a blessing to mankind with the happiness you show in your performances and the messages you send through your music you have to be a man of god and a beleiver i have most of your cd's and songs from the key of life is just what it says it's remarkable to be in an era with a man like you and your blessings will never stop because what you do you do from your heart and god controls the heart so some of us can really relate to you on that level because you are definitely a message deliverer.
may god bless and keep forever.
love you steve

ekelienDec 1, 2002 (16h19)
i red a story, from a woman who could see after 52 years. because she bounced her head to a tractor. that woman coul see. and you know. i wished stevie bounced his head, so he could see ' how precious is he.' how people love him and praise him for the so much beautyfull things he has done. made with his life. isn't he lovely. ekelien

laurentDec 1, 2002 (15h35)
Hi to all you, Stevie fans,
I am so far away from the States. I live in France but a real lover of Stevie music.
Does anyboby know about a concert or a show woth stevie anywhere around the world ? I is my dream to hear singing live.
thank you for your answers

AnotherMusicianDec 1, 2002 (07h27)
I agree with you completely. Stevie is just that...a visionary. Actually, many artists are visionaries,
in that they envision how the song will sound upon completion. But it's the time and effort that one
puts into the music that makes the difference. That's what separates one artist from another. I know
I use this phrase alot but "attention to detail" is what I feel separates his work from others. That's why
he's so proficient in the many facets of the music business (composing, performing, producing just to
name a few). Even the technical aspects such as engineering and synthesizer work. It's simply in his nature
to push the envelope. And believe me, he really pushed it on "As". "Summer Soft" is another shining example
of detai. I'm especially fond of the lyrics. Jose made some excellent points on Stevie's new song "I Can't Imagine
Love Without You", in describing it's musical progression. The lyrics are also the type that we've come to know
and expect from Mr. Wonder. The pattern, progression and overall direction of the song, calls to mind "Make Sure
You're Sure". Not so much lyrically, but the general movement of the song. He ends each verse with the title of
the song. "Visions" entails that same philosphy "as" well. lol.

JoseDec 1, 2002 (03h54)
"Can't Imagine Love Without You" on November 30, 2002.

I was trying to find the root of the song as I listened,
but couldn't find the "bed". Stevie has taken modulation
to another dimension, as in the year 2030.
I don't think he repeated one chord in the entire song.
A Master Performance if I ever did see one.
I don't think Stevie should be called a "musician",
This man is a Composer and a Visionary, way ahead of us