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Ciller & NajJan 30, 2003 (11h20)
Hello. We love you! You rock... We wearship you, God... Bow, bow... You go girl(boy/man)....
Love you, and hope to see you on monday as usual.... My place or yours? Call us, baby! My
phonenumber is 555-3894... Just pulling your leg!

Imagin Jan 29, 2003 (19h11)
I'm looking for "Imagine"that he sang with the piano after Olympics at 1996.
Please give imformations to me!
television pictures or instead of it, for example compact disc etc...,
Sorry,,I'm not good at English.

GeoffJan 29, 2003 (11h42)
I was looking for the agent of Stevie Wonder and how I could get to contact him. I would like a number or email.
Please write back.

GeoffJan 29, 2003 (11h41)
I was looking for the agent of Stevie Wonder and how I could get to contact him. I would like a number or email.
Please write back.

GeoffJan 29, 2003 (11h41)
I was looking for the agent of Stevie Wonder and how I could get to contact him. I would like a number or email.
Please write back.

Love And HopeJan 29, 2003 (11h26)

I think the song you're looking for is "Used To Be". A great song. It's a duet Charlene featuring Stevie.

eleaverJan 29, 2003 (04h59)
Trying to track a song I think was done by Stevie Wonder. Got a lot of airplay in the US circa 1982-83. Partial lyrics were: Can your teacher read, can your preacher pray, does your president have soul?" If anyone recognizes this, please contact me at Thanks.

alanrobson2002Jan 28, 2003 (21h21)
hello there all stevie wonder fans i think that stevie is one of the greatest songwriters ever and his voice is when he is singing is brilliant the best song of yours i think is i justcalled to say i love you for a man who is blind is briliant that you dont let being blind get you down because you are a fabulous singer and your music will go down in history for ever my mum remembers your first song finger tips her favourite song is i just called to say i love you she is one year older than you and my dad is the same age as you stevie iwas born in 1982 so the first memory of you is in the nelson mandela concert at wembley stadium in 1988 and the way the crowd started sing along with you when you were sing i just called to say i love you bye for now big alan

alanrobson2002Jan 28, 2003 (21h21)
hello there all stevie wonder fans i think that stevie is one of the greatest songwriters ever and his voice is when he is singing is brilliant the best song of yours i think is i justcalled to say i love you for a man who is blind is briliant that you dont let being blind get you down because you are a fabulous singer and your music will go down in history for ever my mum remembers your first song finger tips her favourite song is i just called to say i love you she is one year older than you and my dad is the same age as you stevie iwas born in 1982 so the first memory of you is in the nelson mandela concert at wembley stadium in 1988 and the way the crowd started sing along with you when you were sing i just called to say i love you bye for now big alan

KristenJan 28, 2003 (20h41)
Here's to music that is absolutely timeless... You were my favorite artist growing up and you're now a favorite of my teenage kids. My 14 year old daughters' favorite song is "Superstition". It just goes to show that truly fantastic music and talent are everlasting. Thanks and God Bless.

JuicyJan 28, 2003 (16h26)
I have a Question about a Song i've heard the name of it is I Love You More Today Then YesterDay and when I wanted to find the lyrics for it i never found it at this page.. i really like to have the lyric for it... and i'm wondering when the biograhpy is commin to the page i wanna read about him.. have a nice day.. bye..

AlexisJan 28, 2003 (05h26)
I am looking for a song that I have only heard a very few times. It's a very slow song, with low notes and part of the chorus says something about a merry-go-round. The song is about life and it's so beautifully done (like all your other works) It was remade by a young man several years ago, but I don't remember his name. I know that's not a lot to go off of but if you know what I'm talking about, please tell me the title of the song. Thank you so much.

j-cJan 28, 2003 (00h29)
I Stevie.I would like to know what kind of harmonica do you play whith and in what key.Sorry for my english. Wish you love.

Unni Wonder WomanJan 27, 2003 (16h46)
Hallo Arnegull!
Etter den utrolig flotte gaven jeg fikk av deg så må jeg nesten begynne å kalle meg Wonder Woman:)
Stå på Balloo!
Tjafs tjafs tjafs

DezJan 27, 2003 (10h26)
You are right. There has been a change in his voice the past few years. Actually it seems with every decade
his voice adds a new dimension. For instance in the 60's he had that soul-strained voice complete with the
"ha ha yeah" (Nothings too good for my baby). As we approched the '70's we hear a Stevie that has mastered
breath contro and phrasing "You and I" ,"Seems so long", "All in love is fair" etc. In the mid 80's we hear
Stevie's voice sounding still well controlled "Overjoyed", "With each beat of my heart". The 90's is where
I hear a very distictive sound with Stevie. Of course he is still able to controll his riffs, yet the is a more nasal sound
to his voice. "Natural Wonder" is a good example of this sound. His voice is his best instrument I'll say.
It continues to evovle. Its amazing just to listen through the years!

What about his other instruments? A lot of people, me included where wondering how could one of the worlds hottest
drummers ditch the sticks in the 80's. He is whiz on the skins. We all know he did most of his own drumming
on his albums. He also did some drumming for others. The song I'm thinking about now is Minnie Ripperton's "Reasons".
The song kicks off with the man of the hour pounding away! I'll rewind the song sometimes just to hear his fills!


Bruce ChesterJan 26, 2003 (21h43)
Dear Stevie-I have been a fan for so long-I have been greatly blessed by your music since I was very young. I am a musician today because of you and I just wanted to say that everytime I play or write a song I think of you. Thank you for being you. I look forward to a time where we can meet and even perform together. That would be a life-long dream for me. God Bless. Bruce Chester

GedJan 26, 2003 (12h05)
him sharing his gift more. Instead of these bonus gems we could be getting albums. I was very
perturbed to see the comments regarding his legacy of unrleased work, that it would be
destroyed should he be taken. What is the scource of this info? I could envisiage him trying
to protect his family from tearing itself apart over ownership rights, but surely completed stuff
in the can should have instructions as to who owns? Surely we couldn't be denied when we
would be at our most desparing?
I think his voice will also change, its going higher though if anything. This man has looked after
it though andpushed himeself. Just look at photo's from the seventies to footage now. Have you
noticed the muscles in his neck? I'm not a singer of any kind but if there is a book on training
your voice then no doubt he's re-writing it! I feel confident we can expect acceptable
performances from him in his 70's even. hey thats where I came in!



GedJan 26, 2003 (11h56)

Agree with your sentiments. People had huge success in the 70's with landmark albums. But still
today nobody comes near the man for depth detail and innovation. Its a old cliche on this board
but you do still hear something new every time you run those tracks. It even applies with the
later stuff although perhaps not to the same extent because of the use of sequenced drum
machines etc. If its not already happening then one day it will...that kids will be able to
university degrees in the study of this mans work and the humanaterian aspects of his life.
I also do not wish to see to much indulge in the eminem and hip hop scene, perhaps unless he
is bringing it into areas were it can flourish into truly positive music. This may be a
furtherment of of his career tactic of reaching out to new audiences, but along with earlier
thoughts on here I too would like a little indulgence of us older fans with an album using the old
Moog Arp Clavinets Fender drums horns along with Nat's bass ripin along. I am all for the
compilations if only to have a new one slipped out with them. When tracks like "Kiss lonely
goodbye" surface they've gotta be worthwile. These tracks emphasise my point earlier about
him sharing his gift more. Instead of these bonus gems we could be getting albums. I was very
perturbed to see the comments regarding his legacy of unrleased work, that it would be

"SoulJAHr"Jan 26, 2003 (00h29)
Is not many time i listen your muzic,but quikly hit me,and give me inspiration as reggae muzic,my first love give me.
I'm a singer and you are good teacher for me.Irie from italian brother!

PeterJan 25, 2003 (19h09)
Stevie, why not have a Russian site

Lots of my friends simply love your music.

Best regards,
Peter Shablovsky

CubeJan 25, 2003 (17h40)
i really hope we don't have to wait too long for the new album
as the years ago by I think Stevie's voice will go thru' a slight change.
You can notice the differnce.

I noticed the slight xhange during 1991 when he brought out,
'Keep our love alive' but he will never lose that magic.
I am sure we'll hear something very soon from motown
about the new album.
I hope he does'nt go too R'n B & hip hop
with folks like Dr dre and
Eimenem. I know working with young
producers they would like you to stay
with the times.
To be honest a lot of morden r'n B stuff is
quite boring with the same old hooks and
mainly not much strong melody.
I am sure Stevei will give us all what we've been
waiting for.

nick jackoJan 25, 2003 (17h39)
Did Stevie ever record tell me something good?

secret vowsJan 25, 2003 (16h16)
since there is no news yet about any new release whatsoever from stevie (single or an album)
this leads to the conclusion that the new album will not be released before october of this year.
i respect stevie's move because he wants to give us his very best, you know what, man if (how will
i know she loves me) or (fear can't put dreams to sleep) are included on his new album then i can wait
another five for it to see the light.

DezJan 25, 2003 (09h55)

I feel the same way. I wonder if Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney as you mentioned said
'Steve, whats the hold up"? I for one share the view point of a freind of mine. If Stevie
never sang another note, could we blame him? The man has given us 40 years of music
that will never perish. If you rode in my car you would swear "Innervisions" came out However, we've all heard about the various albums that were to come our way. We
have our appetites wet again for this May release. Plus I've heard serveral unreleased tracks that if they were to be released
officially, Grammies would fall from heaven for our hero. We have to stay in the positive and just look
at what he has done thus far. Has any one come close to his 70's output yet? Thriller? I love
MJ and "Thiller probabaly sold more units that Stevie's, but the complexity of Stevies music and
the pure songwriting ability as AnotherMusician mentioed earlier is without match. Plus
I think" Off the Wall" was Mikes real classic!

Oh yeah we were talking about the 80's stuff. I love the other cut Steveie did with Third World
called "You're playing us too close". It has that "Master Blaster" feel to it yet its not as flashy
(no horns). I think he's playing the rhodes on this one.

How does everyone feel about all these greatest hits repackages?


GedJan 25, 2003 (08h52)
Happy New Year Folks! Just lyin low ready to go..........if there is any word of the
new album yet? Noticed the comments regarding Ebony and Ivory. Just in case
you do see the video it might be worth bearing in mind that it was recorded
in two parts ...seperately! Both artists cut the track together. If I recall correctly
PM called SW and demanded he take a break in Monserrat. SW reluctantly agreed
to disrupt his schedules but was happy to go. Couldn't do it for the later vid shoot
though so if you look closely you'll see the tell tale super imposing signs! PM was
especially elequant in his praise of the importance of SW's workaround this time.
I know they all have huge respect for eachother but I sometimes ask whether
these other artists couldn't persuade SW to get more material out whilst the gift
lives. Then again (I'm true Libran) maybe a ten year break will stimulate massive
interest in a new SW release?

amandaJan 25, 2003 (03h12)
hi! i am wondering if anyone knows anything about a movie that "journey through the secret life of plants" is soposed to be the soundtrack for. i would love to get a copy of the movie if there are any out there or if anyone knows where i can find one. i've searched the net, but all i find is info about the soundtrack. any help or info would be greatly appreciated. you can email me at thanks!

UnniJan 24, 2003 (17h59)
Does anybody know about a consert or a show with Stevie anywhere around the world???

UnniJan 24, 2003 (17h58)
Does anybody know about a consert or a show with Stevie anywhere around the world???

HAHAHAJan 24, 2003 (09h03)
He is damn blind fools why he need a website :D

AnotherMusicianJan 24, 2003 (04h28)
Like you, I've always loved "whereabouts". I would have loved to have heard it sung live with just
the piano and vocals as well. That's one of his 80s/90s songs that I imagine him recording in his 70s
style. Or acoustic, like in the concert you mentioned. But please don't get me wrong, I love the original
track found on IN SQUARE CIRCLE as well. You can tell that the heart of that song is the melody and
chord progressions and not the digi synth sounds that was popular at that time. As good as a singer,
musician, producer, performer and innovative artist he is, to me, he's a songwriter first and foremost. But
when you're speaking of Stevie, you can't separate one talent from the other. All facets of his genius
tend to overlap each other. And the beautiful thing about it is, he's truly gifted and talented at each and
every thing. He is truly gifted. Like we all are.


darcyJan 24, 2003 (01h37)
i really don't know much about you, but the ladies do and there's nothing wrong with that.
i have a friend and she is going to school at USF and she told me that you're the best artist around,
she don't lie. it would be kind if i could get more information about you MR. WONDER

thank you and have a god blessed day & life.

MFoxJan 24, 2003 (01h33)
You are the most talented writer,composer in history. You have been an inspiration in my life
for many years. I have missed your music. I was at the St Louis concert back in the 80's at Busch
Stadium. The concert began at 6:30 pm on Saturday and did not end until 6:00 am Sunday morning.
You were last and I waited. I came to hear your music. I am a dedicated fan of yours. Best Wishes
and God Bless.

CubeJan 23, 2003 (20h32)
One of my favorite Stevie songs that I've heard
him do live was 'Whereabouts' That songs sounds
really beautiful with just vocals & piano.
Once in Africa Stevie was doing a big concert and
I think the had problems getting band members there
& he did the whole gig with just vocals & piano.

I would love to have been there.

rashaadJan 23, 2003 (19h07)
wuz up im am relley insired by your song for your love =) i think when i get discoved it will be by that song keep comin' wit da good groves=)

marius from franceJan 21, 2003 (21h02)
it's me again..always to say that i love still love you and your music...i can't write the fellinngs i have when i heard your song..
your music mister stevie is one of the best thing that in my changed my life after love and friend and family..your music is the most important for me..
pleasse steveland...come in france. just for one's reallly my dream..i already said that but it's true..please..I love you..
peace and love..god bless you marius

KirstineJan 21, 2003 (12h43)
Like everyone else I just love your music. You have a great personality.
May God bless you!
With love from Denmark

YoshiJan 21, 2003 (10h31)
I met Stevie at NAMM show which was held in Anaheim, CA. I took a picture with him, shake his hand, hugged him, and had a short conversation with him. I was very very happy, because he (you?) is the person I respect him best in my life. Thank you so much, domo arigato, Stevie. I hope I can see him again.

justvistingJan 21, 2003 (06h39)
for those of u who wish to know, ebony and ivory does have video, it's on my pc .. it's downloadble from Kazaa ..
of course Paul is in the video too .. they sing their respective verses .. they sit and sing in front of the piano .. do the high five .. Stevie plays the keyboard while Paul plays the bass or guitar (dunno which) .. it's great

DanVJan 21, 2003 (03h40)
What hasn't already been said about the greatest artist ever.... ?
Nothing.. because words can describe this man. If I have just one wish it would be to wake up one day and have the voice of Stevie.
You are an innovator, a musical genius and everyone in this world should pay their respect to the greatest artist ever.
I am hoping for a new album soon, and maybe a tour.
May you have a nice life full of joy, you deserve it.

saarah "brooklyn" jonesJan 21, 2003 (02h05)
I love your song isn't she lovely and i wanna say happy birthday to doctor king and thank you for working so dillegently to make
his birthday a national holiday. You are so beautiful.

Dudu TelischewskyJan 21, 2003 (00h23)
you are a very very good and lovely person and singer, guy!!! I hear you since boy.
and my father doesn´t see very well. Eduardo. Brasil.

claire Jan 20, 2003 (21h50)
Hello! My name is Claire, I'm a french singer...Well I try...( it's not easy).I know that what I'm going to say is not very original but I don't care!
Your music is one of the greatest things in this world.I can't even describe what I am feeling when I hear your songs because it is magic.I love the song "overjoyed" and I love you.

einavJan 20, 2003 (12h58)
hi, my name is einav im 17 years old and im from israel,
and i also like all the pepole in this forum love stevie wonder's music very much..
i plays the piano and the harmonica like stevie and he is my insperation
in the music i compose\d my self.
i wish stevie will make a new album soon and make more instrumental stuff such as-
'' journey throgh the secret life of plants'' which is amazing...
the condition my country is in is not as bed as everyone around the world think it is,
so please stevie come to israel and make your fanes happy then ever.

marius...:-)Jan 19, 2003 (20h29)
please stevie... for all your french fans...come in paris..just a's our dream..

AnotherMusicianJan 19, 2003 (06h19)
You were right on when describing the background vocals on "That Girl". That song is definitely a toetapper.
Precision is the focal point of that song. From the bass line doubling up on the Fender Rhodes bass line. To the
synth work. You mentioned the brilliant harmonica work. That harmonica solo has that kind of hook that'll have
you hummin' it all day!! He even put alot into the sound of the drums. A technical marvel for it's time. That single
came out in early '82 which was a busy year for Stevie. In addition to the 4 singles bk mentioned, he also had his
duet with Paul McCartney "Ebony & Ivory", a duet with Charlene "Used To Be", he composed "Try Jah Love" for
Third World wich came out that year, his first attempts at music videos (ebony and Ivory, Do I Do). Not to mention his "Original Musiquarium" greatest hits compilation which yielded those 4 singles was also realeased that yearl. Very few greatest hit colletctions have garnered the respect which "musiquarium" have. An essential addition to my album collection a few years later.Jermaine Jackson's
"Let's Get Serious", which Stevie also wrote and produced, came out in the latter part of '81 so I'll include that also.

bkJan 19, 2003 (00h14)
Fpg the album you seek is either "Eivets Rednow" or "The jazz soul of Little Stevie"
Its probably the former with "Alfie" ,"A House Is not a home"etc.
Welcome to Bernard,Fe,Glen ....the site is better for this great love .
By the way Dez "That girl" is a classic.The vocal backings alone put it up there.Plus the great harmonica.
I loved those four singles....."Ribbon in the Sky","That Girl","Front Line" and "Do I Do".
I was listening to "Innervisions "last night.It sounded better than ever.
" Golden Lady" what great synthesized sounds.What wonderful piano.
That pulsating bass on a SuSp.G9th chord On "Living for the City"; its magnificient
final verse and layered triple vocal .The rolling thunder of "Higher ground".
The manic crazy opening to "Don't you worry bout a thing".The resounding finale
and pure pop of "He's misstra know it all".And not forgetting the double tracked harmonica solos
on "Too High",plus the brilliant acoustic guitar of Dean Parks on "Visions".
On a final note i learn that Stevie is nominated for a Grammy with Indie-Arie.
I suppose his track record is not bad when you already have 16 grammy awards already!!!! As well writing
two other grammy award wiinning artists'songs.And singing on "We

DezJan 18, 2003 (18h26)

Come to think of it, I do remeber the "Ebony and Ivory" video. I think there is a scene where Stevie
is sitting on a huge piano key. I had to have been around 6 or so. I remember also around this time
Stevie was honored with an award and performed "That Girl". He was so overcome with emotion,
he cried through the whole song. I'm assuming this was '82-83. As you said, the instrumental
version of "Send one your love" is by far one his sweetest instrumentals. Ben Bridges on his acoustic guitar
only adds to that romantic feel. Plus he adds the background chatter I totally dig.

As we remember and honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I can't help but also remeber
this time almost 22 years ago. This was the first time I ever saw Stevie in person. He was on the mall
near the monument in Washington D.C. I don't remember him singing too much, although he did do an
a acapella version of "Happy Birthday". I was too young to really appreciate the real reason why we all were
down there. I can honestly Stevie's music allowed me to gain insight to the fact that
"This world was made for all men".


FeJan 18, 2003 (07h02)
Just wanted to say, "I love you Stevie". I've been viewing this site for some time, but
I never had the courage to write. My love for Stevie borders almost on obsession, but I
wouldn't change it for the world. To read the posts from so many Stevie lovers brings
chills to my spine.
Stevie, you are my absolute favorite musical artist. I feel priviledged to live in this time
where I have heard but one note of your mastery. I thank God for you. Its rare to hear
such perfect music. I understand what love is when I hear your music.
I can always count on you to make me laugh, cry, smile, feel pride, secure, bang my
fist on the wall etc.
I would consider it an honor and a priveledge to meet you one day.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Love, one of your biggest fans,
Fe from Chi-Town

maryJan 17, 2003 (19h26)
I'm a room mom for a kindergarten classroom. For African-American month (February), we'd like to celebrate with the music of Stevie. Does anyone know of a book, poster, etc. that we can get to show Stevie at different stages of his career? We'd love a book with lots of photos. We have the music, that's for sure. Thanks for your help - mary

robertpdJan 17, 2003 (17h21)
for sale on ebay
stevie wonder uk tour prog and ticket stuub from 1969

GlenJan 17, 2003 (15h55)
Hi, I live in London, a complete and utter Stevie nut. The man is a genius, no artist I have heard since comes close to the consistent level of music excellence he has produced. Pure beautiful music. I am also desparate to find some black and white photos of Stevie from the seventies, if anybody knows where these can be purchased online(US or UK) or offline in the UK, I would be eternally grateful. I cannot find these pictures anywhere! Help me

DrewJan 17, 2003 (14h52)
Stevie im 16 and i love your music it makes me happy as larry (however happy he is) and people wwhen i go and buy an album look at me funny coz i normally get a cupple of CDs or LPs at a time and the other 1 is normally something like Metallica and iv even had 1 person say "oh is this 4 you mam or dad?" "no its for me" "well is this one 4 your bro?" "no its for me" i think your music is gr8!!! and i think you are really sweet and kind from what i can gather just from you saying "To Yolanda, If Love Was What I Sought, Then You Have Given Me More Than I Ever Knew Existed!" a note in songs in the key of life and when i read that i just felt so happy.

keep making the world smile have fun with life dont wast it loads of ppl love your stuff stay happy from Andrew Matthews

testJan 17, 2003 (10h12)

Sl@pinouJan 17, 2003 (08h31)
An album is coming???

BernardJan 17, 2003 (06h58)
I only discovered stevie wonder a couple of months ago, and if i wasn't already slightly religous, i would say he was god. he cant write a bad song. it's amazing. stevie i love you.

FPGJan 17, 2003 (00h15)
I'm a very fan of stevie but i get a question for all the fans,, do you know under what another name stevie wonder recorded a jazz music cd?? o playin just his harmonic??? could you tell me the name of the records?? thank you FPG

nick fpgJan 17, 2003 (00h04)
I'm a very fan of stevie but i got a question for you,,, do you know under what another name stevie wonder recorded a jazz music cd?? o playin just his harmonic??? could you tell me the name of the records?? thank you FPG

AnotherMusicianJan 16, 2003 (23h18)
Yes indeed there is a video for "Ebony & Ivory". I remember it well. It had a lot of special visual
effects and stuff. Stevie and Paul looked like they were having fun. Everything was either black
or white. As far as instrumentals, I really love the instrumental version of "Send One Your Love"
on SLOP. It's got that French bistro type of vibe. And the thing I like about it, it's in a totally different
key and tempo than the version with vocals. Another testament to his versitility. I can't pick an
absolute fav Stevie song..but "Send One Your Love" will always be in heavy rotation in my cd player.
His harmonica solo at the end is simply beautiful. As are the background vocals. For years I thought
those were female singers backing him up at the end. Come to find out it's ALL STEVIE. That's just
like Stevie.

rexJan 16, 2003 (21h19)
you are sooooooo cool i wish u were here at my school then i could really meet u

DezJan 16, 2003 (19h11)

You hit the nail on the head again with "Easy Goin' Evening". That time around Stevie's
instrumentation did all the talking. Those harmonica solo's are really full of emotion.
As far as harmonica solos go, I totally dug "Too High"'s dual harmonica. .
"Finale" from SLOP was good as wellhowever I'm not sure its as
memorable as the previous serveral albums.
What about the instrumentals? There were a few that
dig get released. I fell in love with "Alfie" way way back.
A few years ago I found its album "Eviets Rednow" (Stevie Wonder spelled backwards).1968
Some songs I really dug. You have to be a die hard fan for this one though. To some
people who heard me playing this, they thought it was elevator

I know I'm jumping all over the place but, was ther a video for "Ebony and Ivory"?
I could've sworn I saw one back around '82-'83.


SarahJan 16, 2003 (17h04)
Hey Stevie! what's happenning? I think you have the best songs ever recorded! I listen to it every day!

AnotherMusicianJan 16, 2003 (17h00)
Like you, it's hard for me to single out one good album closer due to the fact that there are so many.
But if I had to choose one I'd have to say "Easy Goin' Evening". It concludes SITKOL in a peaceful kind
of way. No words, just some real soft music to listen to and reflect on how much of a landmark album
you've just experienced. It's ironic you should mention "Mistra Know-It-All". A few days ago I was in the
grocery store and while perusing through the kool-aid section I vaguely heard a melody and some chord
progressions that sounded familiar. After further review, I realized it was "Misstra". I stood right underneath
the speaker for the remainder of the I've also heard muzac versions of that song as well as "Bird of
Beauty" recently in another store. Affirmation that Stevie's music (even songs never released as singles) is
accepted throughout the world. And as we near closer to Martin Luther King Jr.'s day of observance, in addition
to remembering all that Dr. King lived for and died for, let us take pride in the fact that Stevie was THE VOICE
that garnered the attention in getting Dr. King's birthday recognized as a national holiday.

DezJan 16, 2003 (13h35)
One thing that you can conunt on with just about anyStevie album,
is a good album closer. Especially his the 70's albums. I can;t pick really but If I
had to choose I would say that mt fav is "I believe (when I fall in love it willl be forever)".
Plus I love that part where he changes the tune before the fade.
I wish he would have made that a song itself. I felt and still do, that his
albums are like movies and that last song is actually the credits
rolling. Stevie is amazing. Not only did he have the gift of writing songs, he knew where
to place them. Come to think of it, even "Sunshine in their eyes" from "Where I'm coming from"
has that closing feel. To me the 'good-time' album closer was
"He's mistra know it all". Yeah, the song is about someone who is 'jive'
as they use to say, but the instrumentation has a gospel like feel to it
and you can't help but sing along. "Evil" just builds up to a climaz that
is unbelievable.


majJan 16, 2003 (07h13)
About the 80's stuff I was introduced to Stevie's music in 82. I still remember the day when I first came to the united States. I was on an airplane when i first heard Do I Do man! that jam Had big impact on me then. I loved that song the moment I heard it. I began immediatley listening to all stevie's music.Thats when i found out about his 70's work which was like finding a treasure chest full of the best music known to man.

majJan 16, 2003 (06h56)
To everyone It seems that Stevie is about to make another first! He has been nominated for a grammy on his target rendition of the Christmas Song. according to the Academy of the Arts this will be the first time a recording for a comercial will be nominated for a grammy. the only down side to this if stevie gets the grammy the song will be out of print for his fans.

DeeSwiftJan 16, 2003 (05h32)

Does anyone know if this film can be found ANYWHERE at all? If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

Sup Steve..

CubeJan 15, 2003 (22h34)
Dez I toatally agree with you regarding 'Jungle Fever'
I think there were some classic songs there. i.e These Three Words'
The lush ,Make Sure Your Sure'which could have fitted the,
'Characters' era and 'Sailing' wonderful harmonies also I really love,
'Lighting up the Candles' beautiful tune with nice
harmonies and that lovely laid back feel with the most awesome
melody in his higher register. I love the way he uses the bass esecailly
in the bridge section and the chords. A great song to end the album.

A question for everyone, 'Was this years 'Toys of Benefit' concert
aired on american TV and if it was I would love if anyone can e-mail me
I would love a copy of the video or tape.



kristianJan 15, 2003 (13h26)
Stevie you are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and your musik is so good

from a fan in Denmark

KelseyJan 15, 2003 (03h22)
Happy Birthday Stevie,
My name is Kelsey and I got one of your cd's for x-mas I sam you on a commercial singing A christmas Song and I feel in love with your music my favorite songs are Cherie Amor, For once in my Life, and We can work it out. I am now doing a speech on you for Language Arts. Maybe one day I will be able to meet you and what an honor that would be.

alexJan 15, 2003 (02h22)
hey stevie im from montreal and im 16 and godddddd your music and your voice make me feel so great man its almost a miracle.I totally agree what you say in your song and ebony and ivory sounds so good to my ears and the message also.
IL miss you stevie and i mean it i hope one day to meet and to have the honor and the pleasure to discuss about you me and life.
Maybe your blind but god gave you a extraordinairy voice and you took avantage of it. i respect you stevie and i love you..take care budy and stay with us the longest as you can... see you...maybe at leats i hope...alex

rexJan 14, 2003 (21h52)
hey its me rex i love ur cds and you are so good at singing

AnotherMusicianJan 14, 2003 (18h53)
bk and Dez,
Excellent points as always. I appreciate what you both bring to this site. "Finally" is just a beautiful
ballad which should not be overlooked. Stevie's and Dianne's voices mesh wonderfully together. I'd
have to say that probably my favorite song from him in the '90s is "Why I Feel This Way", the collaboration
with he and Take 6. I would love for him to do an entire album of collaborations with artists that he respects.
Other albums concepts I'd love for Stevie to do:
1) mainstream and smooth jazz
2) gospel
3) an album of songs made famous by other artists
4) of course, previously unreleased concerts
5) previously unreleased studio material
6) an "unplugged"/ acoustic album
7) a "vintage synth"/fender rhodes/clavinet album (would love to hear samples of this on his new venture)
8) of course, as many new studio albums as possible
9) dvd's on any concerts available
10) and a collaboration album of a relatively unknown musician from Va. by the name of Carl...aka "anothermusician"

DezJan 14, 2003 (13h28)
"Finally" with Diane Schurr is great!! I could hear that song being on
"The woman in red" for some reason. They do sound great together.
I wonder how some of those songs that Stevie gave to others
would have sounded if he kept them. I think for instance
"Lets get serious" would have been a bigger hit for him
than with Jermaine Jackson. Don't get me wrong Jermaine
doesa good job on that track, but Stevie would have drove the point home
a bit more. Also "Tell me something good" would have been one of his funk
classics. I could hear that clavinet galloping through that song.
Also "You are my heaven" by Donny Hathaway and Robrta Flack is in the same vein
as "You are the sunshimne of my life". The list goes on


bkJan 14, 2003 (00h53)
Yeah Dez long live that voice box!!!!As Margouleff says they are just monkeying around at the moment.
Stevies sublime use e.g."Love having you around","She's leaving Home" etc shows genius.
Chers "Do you believe in love".........well just an accident apparently!!
I agree with your comments about Jungle Fever and Conversation Peace.Both cute in a way.
Perhaps missed opportunities ."Taboo to love "almost makes that ethereal heaven."For your Love"
is a very classic melody."Fun Day"is just a laugh.In fact it would have fit into "Woman In Red"
Stevie has often aired brilliant songs in the pre-album stages,only to then abandon them.He is a perfectionist
and does not often compromise.I often feel he is at his best when working with others e.g.Babyface
India -Arie.
He did a track for Diane Schurr called "Finally" which i'd like to hear.
In fact Stevie has a bit of a problem.Which way does he go?
The commercial route?The..i'll draw on modern influences mode?
It would be difficult to totally go down a different track.Could he be
drying up?It would be interesting to team up with Margouleff and Cecil
again.I suspect he may yet surprise us.I hope he does not go m.o.road
but challenges the norm.At the moment so much Tv hyped /Fame Academy/
Pop idol /Reality Tv/Boy Band Girl band is destroying true original talent.

DezJan 13, 2003 (23h27)
I meant era not ear.....sorry:)


DezJan 13, 2003 (23h24)

Stevie's rendition of "Papa wa a rolling stone" is so cool man. He totally
blew people away with that. I wish he used that bag voice more than he did.

I hope this new album is a new dirsction yet, still convey
that unmistakable Stevie sound. I've heard that Dr, Dre
and Eminem were on the album. I don't know if that will work
but I'm dying to hear it none the less. I know this may sound crazy but
"Jungle Fever" wasn't a bad album. I mean there were song that probabaly
won't make my playist, but there are gorgeous songs."Make sure you're sure"
"I go sailing" and "Lighting up the candles" are really terrific. I think many people
didn't give this album a try. They should re-think that! I would go out on a limb and
say that this album rivals the only other 90's studio album by Stevie,"Concersation Peace".
If you haven't noticed though, I'm a HUGE fan of his 70's ear. As a matter of fact
I'm hoping he realeses some of that material that those blessed people got to hear
during his 70;'s concerts.


andrewmattJan 13, 2003 (11h47)
Has anyone heard the John Lennon bootleg Toot and a Snore in 74 where John Lennon
Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder are jamming and John Lennon offers Stevie some
cocaine? Funny stuff on there.

nicolasJan 13, 2003 (03h11)
wonder: gracias por tu musica, me salvaste en un momento muy dificil de mi vida, si no fuera por el poder de tus melodias, no se que seria de mi ahora, desde aca, te mando un abrazo, no me conoces pero me gustaria, ¡¡GRACIAS!!

papeJan 13, 2003 (01h49)
your the best stevie let us listen to your songs on the my num.1 favorite r&b singer the song i like the best is ribbon in the sky.luv it!

barryJan 12, 2003 (21h30)
When is stevie going to be touring (Seattle?)

AmandaJan 11, 2003 (18h09)
There are no words to descripe how fantasic I think Stevie is.
No words to descripe how much he means to me.
No words to descripe what genious he is!
Stevie's got the power!
Much Love from Amanda

french fanJan 11, 2003 (17h38)
hello stevie

bkJan 11, 2003 (01h23)
Thanks Tony for the great info on "The House of Toys"gig.
Falafel or Amir "Always" is on "Songs in the key of life".My suggestion is buy it on cd.Plus the
Dvd of its making.
Its the fourtieth anniversary of "Fingertips part i and ii" going to no.1 in the States.(August 1963,Oriole label)
peace throughout the world bk

TonyJan 11, 2003 (01h14)

The song that you're looking for I believe is called "As" instead of "Always" even though the word "Always" is repeated many times in the song. You can find that song off the album "Songs In The Key Of Life". If you have any more questions pertaining to Stevie Wonder's music, feel free to e-mail me anytime.


FaLaFeLJan 10, 2003 (23h46)
hi there!
love and peace to all.
i havent been able to find it on the site. on what album does the song "Always" appear?
thank you,

tonyJan 10, 2003 (19h10)

What's up? Just wanted to let you know what songs Stevie sang at the "House of Toys Concert". Here's what I remember off the top of my head. He dueted with K-Ci and JoJo with "Lately" which was really good, he also dueted with this gospel duo Mary Mary for "You Will Know". He also dueted with Deborah Cox but unfortunately I don't remember the song that they sung together. He also sang "All I Do", "Overjoyed", "Superstition", "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway, he also dueted with India.Arie for "The Christmas Song" which was fabulous and he even went a little old school in terms of "Little Stevie Wonder" with a little rendition of "Uptight" and "That's what Christmas Means To Me" which I never thought I would ever see him sing live. He didn't get to sing as many songs as I think everyone there wanted him to sing because there were so many guests (18) and it was becoming time constraining. It was 5 hours long. Anyways, hit me up when you have time and I'll talk to you later!!!



bkJan 10, 2003 (11h09)
Hi guys and gals........well said Dez on the songs of the 80's."Characters" is still an outstanding
album. i must relisten to "The Woman in Red" album too.
Does anybody know if and what Stevie performed on this years "House of Toys"?????
I noticed that "The Definitive collection"re-issue recharted at 15,according to Q-magazine.
Well 2003 is gonna be a crucial year for Stevie for sure.Its 30years since "Innervisions" and
also his near fatal car crash.We must be thankful he came through that one.
Will Stevie change his style?How's the voice going?Will he encorporate any modern influences
of soul ,hip-hop and rap?
Ps i have been playing an audio recording of Stevie doing "Papa was a rolling Stone".Its
I hear"Until you come back to me "has been re-covered by a new artist.One of the the
girl groups has done a cover of "I love everylittle thing about you"????Please help on naming these
gals.So Steviss influence lives on.
Bye for now BK

pip stylesJan 10, 2003 (00h41)
I just gotta be reminding any Stevie afficionados in the UK that Natural Wonder will be attempting to reconcile themselves with the diversity and genius of THE man's music very soon: Sunday 19th January 2003, 8pm, at the Lowry Centre, Salford (Manchester). Come down, sing, dance and clap your hands with like minded people in a nice warm theatre.
(sorry for looking like an ad, but i just didn't know where to turn)

Dorota Jan 9, 2003 (10h25)

I would like to contact Stevie Wonder's manger. Does anyone know the page with the contacts. I am sure you are the best source for the information. Wish you all the best music, the best concerts and albums in New Year. Great Page.

DezJan 9, 2003 (00h53)
Good point Eric B.


Eric BJan 8, 2003 (19h57)
"Do Like You" is also like a followup to "Isn't She Lovely", as the first song was dedicated to his first child, and this one was dedicated to his second.

kmadJan 8, 2003 (18h08)
I just read all your notes guyz and they totally rock. i'm writing a paper on stevie and was hoping you could email me asap with any info. i can't find any.

DezJan 8, 2003 (07h54)
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Lets pray that this year is filled with Peace and Love and all that good stuff
........and Stevie Wonder of course!!!!

I know I know we've been down this road before but I still have to say that although the
80's weren't as good to Stevie as the 70's, some songs are still magnificent. From the
albums that we did get in this era there had to be at least one songs you sad to yourself
"Stevie's still got it"! "All I do" was very radio friendly. I loved the fender rhodes on this
song. "Do like you" was like a remake of "I wish" only this time his children are the subjects
of childhood stories. I absolutely love "Moments aren't moments" . He gives the lead vocal
to Dionne Warrick that isn't half bad. "With each beat of my heart" will remain a Stevie
love classic. In fact I'll say that this is the last real Stevie slow jam of this era. His vocals
get an A+, and his harmonica is very sweet. "You will know" is very good as well.
I wish I had a version of this songs with just the piano and vocals. There are more
to come


TadpoleJan 8, 2003 (05h03)
I have been a Stevie wonder fan for as long as I can remember. I remember being a little girl and dancing with my Father to "Ain't gonna stand for it". It was his favorite. Being a african american during that time was difficult (not that it's easy today). I think that song and that album represented african american culture the way it needed to be. We had an athem that would let everyone know "we ain't going stand for it!" Thanks Stevie!

DanielaJan 7, 2003 (12h48)
Hi, didn´t know wherelse to ask. Does anyone of you guys know if stevie´s having any concerts or things like this in 2003?

nickericaJan 7, 2003 (01h06)
ok i am new to all this, and infact i am not that much of a stevie groupy or anything, the reason i am here today is because i was wondering if there was a chance stevie wonder would read this message, you see i have something i have to say to him. and if there is a chance he will read this thats better then nothing, so here goes. stevie i had a dream about jesus. jesus came to me in a dream, and i hope you are a christian because if you are, then you know that doesn't come to every one in there dreams. i didn't see his face but in my dream he wanted to talk to me, but this is the thing see he didn't only want to talk to me, he had his chosen people he wanted to talk to, and there was a lot of people waiting for him. then he can and told us what he wanted to tell use, after he left i did not know anyone there but you, you was kind of leading the group, like in prayer and everey one was holding hands. look stevie it was a long dream. but my point is that i had a dream of jesus and you was in it. i take a dream with jesus very serious. you see he came to me, erica sanchez, i feel so honored for him to visit me in my dreams and at that he had a message for me and you. i hope that you get this message, because i like your music and all but there was no reason you would be in my dreams. i beleive it had to do with god, and for that you are special to me. i wish i can tell you this to your face, i wonder if this would mean as much to you as it means to me. i know i haven't told you

nickRU..BENJan 6, 2003 (08h52)

E. N. D.,

DezJan 5, 2003 (18h27)

Interesting facts. However, I read that STevie smoked grass twice. He said "the first time was pretty nice" but that the
"second time was alot of paranoia" so he never went near it again. Michael Sembello (Stevie's former guitarist) said around 73-74 that Wonderlove
was a bit wild and that they were into alot of drugs, but not Stevie. Stevie was too busy checking out life all the time to
use drugs. Plus Stevie said "It would damage the chracter of his music if he relied on drugs".
Happy New Year

AishaJan 5, 2003 (01h04)
Hi! My name is Aisha (Just like your daughter!) and I'm 16 years old. I know I might seem a little young but you are absolutely my favorite artist. Your music is so powerful and it changed my life. My favorite songs are, "Never dreamed you'd leave in summer", "Part Time Lover", "Redemption Song", "Livin' For The City", and "Ribbon in the sky". It's because of you that I started playing the piano. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're the best singer\songwriter of all time, I'm your biggest fan, and I LOVE YOU!

bkJan 1, 2003 (22h57)
Happy New Year to Ya!!!
Thanx to Tony for those kind words..
Ps love to you girls out there from the male quarter of the Stevie fan club.
Fascinating facts on Stevie.......part 3
His first instrument was a four hole harmonica on a key ring!!!!
Stevie has multiple pockets for his dollar bills so that they do not get mixed up!
Mr Wonder has only smoked grass once.He had a headache and then wrote "Living for the city"!!!
Perhaps he oughta smoke somemore!!!
When Stevie had a near fatal car accident in the early Seventies he was in a coma for awhile.
it was not known whether he would regain consciousness.And when luckily he did, it was not known
if he could play anymore....fortunately he hesitated at first then played right on!!!.
Stevie has played "Honky Tonk Women" (With Elton) and "Satisfaction"(With The Stones)
Stevie sold 30 million records before he was 21.He earned only £400,000 pounds for all that
(less that about a sixtieth of the value of just the records.No wonder he left then re-joined Berry
Gordys label. Five years later he was worth a £13 million deal (I think for 5 albums)
anyway bye for now Stevie fans ,and remember its the 30th Anniversary of his "Innervisions"
album this year.As well as the 30th anniversary of that awful night in North Carolina.
god bless Ya all.......ppps this note was sent whi