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Rudy ValezuelaFeb 27, 2003 (18h11)
Looking for Eddie Levert of The O'Jays. We have a mutual friend in long-time DJ and the man who gave the O'Jays their name, Eddie O'Jay. Very important that my e-mail, or website, gets to Mr. Levert. The O'Jays' e-mail is inactive at this time. If anyone would know the O'Jays, it would be Stevie Wonder or his staff.

Thanks, Rudy valenzuela

ItalyFanFeb 27, 2003 (17h41)
Hey Folks ! Nice to speak with you ! I've just heard the TRIBUTE samples and I have to say that the the best performance is that of Angie Stone. She's really got style, tecnique, voice...the atmosphere her track create is different from the one of other singers of the tribute. They can't compete with Stevie's genius and so they appear quite insignificant, attempting, as they do, to make a COVER. Angie makes a TRIBUTE, to Stevie, to old R&B world, to the music we will never cease to listen and desire ! and It makes the difference!

Michael SembelloFeb 27, 2003 (12h03)
Hey AnotherMusican Do You have a new songs of stevie wonder i have alot but do you have some new you can send me please!! and if you have michael sembello song a new or some song please send me!LoL
my email!!!

mcrowder@wmconnect.comFeb 27, 2003 (05h43)

zophahFeb 27, 2003 (01h20)
First and definitely not last time visiting this site. Morelovemorelovemorelovemorelove.

Romanum-CenturionFeb 26, 2003 (20h23)
Hello all you beauttyfull people , dear Stevie Wonder fans !

Romanum-CenturionFeb 26, 2003 (20h20)
Hello Stevie Wonder !

D-noFeb 26, 2003 (13h04)
Question: will you be recording your own version of "I can be only be me", coz i've heard eva cassidy's version and think it's fantastic! But i would really prefer to hear your own version of your own song

alaFeb 25, 2003 (17h05)
ur gay!

AlanFeb 25, 2003 (17h00)
wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup stevie ur

bkFeb 25, 2003 (11h14)
Hi to all you fans.Another Grammy for Stevie...with Take6 and their joint rendition of "Loves in need of love today".
A sentiment you know is needed more than ever.Congrats to India-Arie who also got awards for "Voyage to India"
War looks that bit nearer now.Going to see the Pope seems as though these guys need to be absolved of sin before they committ it.
The new Stevie album has been promised by May(B.E.T.awards show...Stevies own words)I guess this album will be a new
landmark.I agree with Dez about "Superwoman",a fine pop single."Looking for another pure love"is a smooth ,brilliantly put together track.The instrumentation makes it that bit special too.That swelling ,soaring end run of Stevies vocals,plus the delightful guitar embellishments
make this a silky classic.It still staggers me when "Talking book" came out and instantly as well as literally defined that new classic period.
Out of interest i visited the Beatles Experience in Liverpool yesterday,and can recommend it.Maybe one day Stevie will have such a site.Ps "Yester -me,Yester -you Yesterday" was written by Miller/Wells.Love to all the fans bk

answer@emmaFeb 25, 2003 (08h05)
well, I'm not Stevie, but I know he wrote yesterme-yesteryou-yesterday

EmmaFeb 24, 2003 (15h13)
Hello! I´m a very big fan of stevie and I have a question. Did you write " yester me, yester you, yester day"? I love youre music! Many hugs from Emma.

JohannaFeb 24, 2003 (11h46)
...and peace on earth!

JohannaFeb 24, 2003 (11h45)
Mr Stevie Wonder, I love you and every piece of music tou have composed through out the years... If you'll ever do a concert in Scandinavia... Oh, pleace do!!! I would be the first in line for tickets!
God, Allah and Buddah - bless you, Stevie.

KevinFeb 24, 2003 (07h20)
Congratulations on yet another Grammy. You've won enough of these to build a housing project. Hope to hear a new album from you soon. God knows the world needs music of compassion and peace.

KevinFeb 24, 2003 (07h20)
Congratulations on yet another Grammy. You've won enough of these to build a housing project. Hope to hear a new album from you soon. God knows the world needs music of compassion and peace.

KevinFeb 24, 2003 (07h20)
Congratulations on yet another Grammy. You've won enough of these to build a housing project. Hope to hear a new album from you soon. God knows the world needs music of compassion and peace.

SimonFeb 24, 2003 (00h58)
dear steve! how are you man! I recently bought your album 'The definitive Stevie Wonder' - With only a small knowledge on your music I bought it not too sure of how much id like it and it has become one of my most listened to albums! Its ubelievable! Your music is genius and your voice is beautiful! Man, I thought I would just like to assure you that your music is still the best today! I wish you all the best in your life! Your the bomb! Simon
PS - Why isn't (Believe) When I fall in love not on the album??? That is one of my favourite songs you did! I heard it at the end of high fidelity! Its amazing. See you soon dude!

CassFeb 23, 2003 (23h27)
Hi there,
I think there is a big demand for Stevie to do another concert. Has anyone heard of anything up and coming?

DanielFeb 23, 2003 (22h14)

I hope one day I have the opportunity to express to you in person, the affect you and your music has had on my life.
I've listened to you since birth pretty much and I attribute my greatest qualities entirely to you.
You seriously deserve major props for the props you give to everyone else, and the way you see things, I think maybe all of us that posses sight perhaps are actually blind in comparison to you. You really see what counts, not only that, you have vision.
Well anywayz I can't be writing you a whole mad letter on this forum which you may not hear anyway, but let me say that your very hopeful visions may just come true and it's thanks to your efforts to share them and all the heart and soul you put into it. You've made me a good person I like to think and helped me deal in good ways with some really bad shit that may have otherwise turned me into someone not so nice at all. And the love I pass on does the same thing hopefully so no doubt you have helped billions in the same way, I hate to imagine the world without you. I really hope I meet you one day.


stobbyFeb 23, 2003 (16h37)
Dear Stevie, The WORLD needs a party and you should be the host. Get Gigging. We need you xxx

HenrikFeb 23, 2003 (09h53)
Is there any tour planned for Stevie Wonder?? I am living in Sweden and would love to see you coming here!!!

HannaFeb 23, 2003 (01h22)
Dear Stevie Wonder, I am Hanna Miller and I am doing a report on you for Black History month. I am in third grade. I hope you keep making wonderful CD's. I picked you because I like music and I am trying to have my own band. It was fun to learn about your life and all the good things that you do and did. Thanks! From, Hanna

DezFeb 23, 2003 (01h14)

You picked two of my favorite songs. Especially "Superwoman"! Another song that popped
into my head is "Lookin' for another pure love". These songs I would say put the
synths to good use. Plus those rhodes that AnotherMusician talks about are the main
arteries of those songs. I'm looking forward to the tribute album as well but, I'm
seriously anticipating this new album of his. Brian McKnight sounded lovely doing
"Send one your love" on Stevie tribute last year so I'm willing to bet the studio version
will be the same or better.

I know I'm being repetitive but, I wonder why people slept on "Superwoman". Its funny, Stevie got
booed off the Apollo in New York when he debuted "Superstition" and yet it went to no.1. On the other
hand "Superwoman" (which went gold I believe) went nowhere. Plus if you look at all the compilations since 1882,
you only see this song twice (Musiquarium I and ATCOTC). To me he started the new era or R&B in regards to the
synths playing an integral part of a slow jam.


kwesiFeb 23, 2003 (01h13)
P.S. I just wanted to add that as a black young man in Germany, I appreciate your ways of fighting against discrimnation of minorities and for peace, equality and love thru.out the world ("Black Man", "Happy Birthday", "Pasttime Paradise", "Love's In Need Of Love Today", "Living For The City")
Mark Kwesi

kwesiFeb 23, 2003 (01h02)
don't even have a clue what the work on an album is like.
Peace, Stevie
Go on singing all of your songs of love an peace to us.

kwesiFeb 23, 2003 (00h58)
Hey Stevie!
I’m a 18 years old fan from Germany that’s really into modern R&B and hiphop music but also the soul music of the last 40 years. I have to say that I really love all your music and that I adore your talent as songwriter, singer, producer, pianist and player of all the instruments you’re playing.

Once started listening to your music, I can’t stop it anymore because they it’s filled with life, love, energy, anger, sadness and all the feelings we all have.
Above all, I love your funky stuff like “I Wish? “Higher Ground?or “Superstition? “You Haven’t Done Nothin? too, is a terrific powerful song you could send to so many of our politicians. I love sad songs like “Too Shy 2 Say?, “Rocket Love? “Summer Soft? “My Chérie Amour?or “All In Love Is Fair? I love “Isn’t She Lovely? “Don’t Drive Drunk? “Master Blaster”… I admire you for “Do I Do? it’s such a masterpiece, “Creepin’” sounds like a steamy summer day, I’d love to sing “Golden Lady?to many real Golden Ladies. "Living For The City" is such a strong, powerful one.
I keep practising to play your songs on the piano and the keyboard and I’m working hard on being a good singer someday and that for, I sing your songs.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your new album cause I’ve never been waiting for an album of yours to get released.
By the way, all the people that are mad at you because your album has not been released yet tho?“promised?

D. G. M.Feb 22, 2003 (23h28)
Stevie Wonder is the only divine artist of our time. God lives inside of him. Stevie is the besty thing to come out of Detroit. And if you want to hear the ultimate remake of one of his songs then check out "Ribbon In The Sky" by INTRO. Kenny Greene of INTRO is the only person who could have done such a perfect job of singing this song. He is also from Detroit.

StanleyFeb 22, 2003 (20h55)
you are the best ever.

ChrisFeb 22, 2003 (17h33)
stevie, you are the best musician ever. i love your music. my favorite songs by you would have to be 'I Wish', 'My Cherie Amour', and 'You and I'. you are the greatest.

CubeFeb 22, 2003 (15h38)
This tribute album would be good but my feelings are very few could folks could
sing a Stevie song and add something to it.
For a start no one can macth his vocal range and sensitivity.
I prefer the real thing thanks.

Brian mcNight can sing so I am looking forward to hearing his version
of 'Send One Your Love'.
I really hope on Stevie's new album there are songs with the kind of
'Send one your love' 'Superwoman ' feel.
Those songs are classics.
We'll have to wait & see.

Love And HopeFeb 22, 2003 (15h29)
Go to and then click on the media section, to listen to audio snippets from the upcoming Tribute Album. Personally, Brian Mcknight's version of "Send One Your Love" is my favorite.

DwayneFeb 22, 2003 (04h53)
Dear Stevie,
You are certaintly a gift from God. Your creativity and your genius inspires us all. Ever since my mom
played your records when I was young, I loved you since. Your words in your songs, speak so much. The world
right now, needs you to inspire each and every one of us, to love one another, because "Love's in need of love today"
You even inspired me to keep on pursuing a career in music. Hopefully I would have a chance to meet you in person, because
you're the GREATEST ARTIST of all time! Keep on playin Stevie, God Bless!!!

RaniFeb 21, 2003 (22h32)
You're so GOOD, so WONDERFUL...I love your music..I love you
Your Brazilian Fan!!!

RebeckaFeb 21, 2003 (22h23)
I just wanted to say that I've never heard someone who sings soo good like Stevie Wonder.. He's great !
Keep up the good work.

David (UK)Feb 21, 2003 (14h57)
Hi, I am hoping to be able to submit a cover recording to Stevie and to ask if he would play harmonica on it. If you read this sir, or if anyone can shine a light on the way of approach, my prayers are answered. I am asking please for help. I am at May I look forward to your response? God Bless. David

JoshuaFeb 21, 2003 (08h54)
Please let me Know by February 22, 2003!

Please! Please! Please! Please!
Please! Please! Please! Please!


JoshuaFeb 21, 2003 (08h38)
Dear Stevie,
It's me again I still have lots of questions that need to be answered
5. Do you think life is better for African Americans "or other minorities?
Because of you. If so how is it better?
6. What kind of impact did you have on African American society?
7. What type of obstacles/ hardships did you encounter?
8. Did you encounter on your quest to achieve success?
9. What do u think life would be like without Stevie Wonder's
Contribution to society?
10. In difficult times how would u handle the situation and why?

JoshuaFeb 21, 2003 (07h02)
Dear Stevie Wonder,
I am 13 years old and i am doing a report on an African American Individual
and of course i wouldn't think twice of not pickin you, so as a big favor to me
could u please send me a biograghy of ur life and the answers to these following

1. Place/Date of birth?
2. Backgroud, family life, parents, siblings, friends, and others.
3. High school,college
4. What was your contrabution to Black History

AnotherMusicianFeb 20, 2003 (23h10)
I think a nice simple, yet powerful slogan for a t-shirt would be the title of one of his classic works..
"love's in need of love today". Or even "INNERvisions". Just a few suggestions off the top of my head.
I'm assuming you went through all of the proper licensing agreements. We wouldn't want Mr. Wonder
upset or

jon jon Feb 20, 2003 (21h16)
Stevie wonder is the greatest artist in our time. And i am 19 years old. I think people today need to listen to music like his....listen to pastime paradise...he's right....we don't need all this war. We need to look towards a future paradise.

I'm newFeb 20, 2003 (19h19)
Hey guys...I've got a question for you all, hope you can help me. I'm planning to make a "stevie wonder"-tshirt
and i want to use a stevie quote. Do you know a good one - an intense statement?

Thank you! Love y'all
and love you stevie :))

kareenaFeb 20, 2003 (02h12)
stevie wonder, ur a jerk! u blind FOOL!

HiromiFeb 20, 2003 (01h47)
Dear Stevie,
Hi,I am a 16-year-old Japanese girl.
I got your name from my English textbook, and I was deeply moved!
Beacuse you are the one of great singer who is fighting for love and peace.
I wish you further success all aver the warld!

toniaFeb 19, 2003 (22h15)
i think you are one of the best singers and song writers of all times. Keep up the fabolous job.

MochiFeb 19, 2003 (10h16)
Hi. I have heard that a tribute album will be released. And many great artists are going to cover Stevie's songs.
Of course, I am going to get it.
But there is one thing I can't understand. In the album, Japanese singer has been selected to cover "You are the sunshine of my life."
His name is Ken Hirai. Basically I like him, and he is good. But there is better one. His name is Toshi Kubota. He has released 2 English language album. Maybe he is not really famous in the world yet. But he is really good. I have thought he should have been selected for that tribute album.
This is what I just want to say.

ClaireFeb 19, 2003 (09h54)
hi im claire and im 12 years old and i go to loreto normenhurst school in australia.and for our music festivle our house choir is singing your song 'As'. i was wondering if u could send the song to me by email or put it on your website because my family would like to haer it and i would like to practise.
love you Claire

Litaun LewisFeb 18, 2003 (22h28)
My family is a very big fan of Stevie Wonder. My 13th year old daughter has chosen to do a report on Mr. Wonder as a school project. How would she obtain information as to the history of your life. After viewing the web-site, I did notice that there is no information that tells of your life. Could you please e:mail to me some information or direct me to a website.

Thanks and we will continue to listen to your music,

Litaun Lewis and Family

David AndrewFeb 18, 2003 (16h15)
God Bless You Stevie Wonder...i'm lost for words....may you continue to be everything that
God has called you to be. I thank God for you! I truly do! Hope this letter find you in God health and...
one day i will meet you! When i'm famous we'll hang out. Well...i can dream...Have an awesome day.

ChrisFeb 18, 2003 (10h42)
I'm 22 years old and I've been a huge fan of Stevie's since I was 15. I hope that Mr. Morris is able to hear all these messages because he deserves to savor all his admiration. I am currently a huge fan of rock music but my roots in musical appreciation lie with Stevie Wonder. To this day I can listen to "Sir Duke" and lose myself in the arrangement. Stevie is in my opinion the greatest songwriter/singer ever. If one was to judge Stevie purely on the lyrics of his songs he'd be acknowledged as one of the best artists alive. When I think of his voice singing his classic songs I know that is something I must be thankful for. Thank you. Your music brings happiness to my life. One last thing, like many others I wish to some day hear you in concert. I've been to about 40 arena size concerts in the last 4 years and I've experienced some really great performances. Most of the concerts were rock concerts but I also managed to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. They blew me away and rekindled my desire to see a true R&B legend live in concert. If it never happens I'll understand that touring is something you don't need to do, or may not enjoy doing. Nevertheless, you are the man. And anyone that has heard your songs knows it.

teresaFeb 18, 2003 (03h59)
I heard the song "I Can Only Be Me" on an Eva Cassidy CD and am looking for the music, only to find out that it is not published. Is this true? If not, where can the sheet music or lead-sheet be found? I'm desperate because this is such a GREAT song and I want to learn it!!!

RonnaFeb 17, 2003 (21h53)
Hi stevie,
my name is ronna i'm doing a black history month report on you I'am in the sixth grade and I need lots of information on you.I really do love you music but I know you can not write back though cause I don't have my e-mail address but I wish you a great Valentines well i think i better go now i'am in tears please read these letters i want you to know how much people love you please all love.

nickTSFeb 16, 2003 (17h34)
it was an ordinary day when I met RKL.the first feeling was normal but when we started to talk about Stevie Wonder the feeling became the essence of my life,because the music is the essence of his life. Now I am far from his dreams but everyday we share one of them....Stevie Wonder and his music.Once RKL made me a promise:wherever stevie Wonder will have the next concert we 'll go......I am waiting that day.But I dot know when it will be.........

VladimirFeb 16, 2003 (17h29)
Dear Stevie,
You are the only HERO of mine. Do you know that?
I am 43 now. Came here in US 13 years ago from Russia.
First time I heard you in 1975 when I was 15 and You touched my heart right away.
It was not simple to find your music at that time in communist Russia.
Only on black market if you lucky. So many songs I remember get me to the tears.
I did not understand the lyrics but your music, arrangements, harmony and the unique way you sing ripped my hart apart.. that I cried. Literally cried. Now I know what these songs about (Village Ghetto Land, If it's Magic, Ribbon in the Sky, All is Fair in Love. Lately, Joy Inside My Tears, I Believe When I Fall In Love, Love's in Need of Love Today. etc).
My son was born here his name is S T E V I E because of YOU.. my older brother.
Please may I call you like that. He is 12 now and he is your fan too !!!! My only dream, is to see YOU in concert.
I live in Florida. Used to live in NY for 12 years. I will fly anywhere just to see YOU and possibly shake you hand. My email is Would be fantastic if somebody can tell me when and where YOU performing in US. I will fly there with my son Stevie. I am proud to say that I have your only video tape known to me. I bought in Motown store, dedicated to 1976 (The Key of Life) biography. Thank you for your big hart and open soul. I am sure, not alone there with the same emotions. But for me it was a dream to become an Ame

nimm2Feb 16, 2003 (07h51)
hi, can sombody help me out here? i'm looking for the lyrics to Stevie Wonder and Kimberly Brewer's song "I Love You More" (probably a live recording from a Chrismas concert) thanks in advance :)

Justice for MichaelFeb 16, 2003 (04h23)
Yes, Wendy..there should be support for Michael! And in my opinion noone could do that better than Stevie!! He always finds the right words. That would be great! Come on, Stevie...:))

Lots of Love for ya!!!
You'll always be one of the greatest human-beings on this planet..

Wendy.Feb 15, 2003 (21h37)
Dear Stevie.
I love your music, and I really think you are a wonderfull man, with
a wonderfull heart and soul, but also because your a very good friend of Mike
(Michael Jackson) I sent you this letter.
Mike is verry hurt again ,but now by, he thought he was a friend, with his latest
intervieuw LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON by Martin Basher.
And now I want to ask you, if you would think about it to write a song together with ougther artist
for him.
Maybe it`s to much to ask, but what ever I`ll try, I have no power to do something like this.
I`m a singer myself, but who know`s me??????.
Pleace don`t feel pused by me, that`s not what I want, but atleasd I`ll hope you think about it.
It come`s from a good heart.
from a good heart friend who`s only trying to make a friend feel better again.

CubeFeb 14, 2003 (22h50)
One of my favourite Stevie moments is listening to ,the bridges in
,'Pleas don't go' I love the way he sings the melodies above those
lush chords especaily the second bridge, also,'Evil from,' Music of my mind'
I love the way it builds up and a remarkable vocal performace.
His vocal runs are incredible and phrasing.

I would love to hear him deliver like this in his new album.

This 'Conception ' album sounds exciting but I do hope it
does'nt delay the new album. How many more greatest hits and tribute albums
are we going to endure.
Stevie please take a line form 'Loves in need' :' Don't Delay'
& apply it to the relase of your new album, because 8 years is a very
long wait.

JuliaFeb 14, 2003 (21h16)
My dear Stevie : I'm from Argentina, South America, and my dream is to met you. Please, keep in touch with me, I´m so far but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I hear your music everyday and you're so near of my heart. With love, Julia

HayleyFeb 14, 2003 (05h44)
Im 16yrs old and from Australia. I just stumbled upon this sight today and I think its phenomenal how many people from all over the world share a common love for 'Mr. Wonderful's' music. Stevie please decide to come visit me in OZ, and when u do, let me know, so I can come meet you "For once in my life!"

AngelFeb 14, 2003 (05h36)
I love you Stevie, Will u be my Valentine?

steve's girlFeb 14, 2003 (01h09)
I love steve wonder!!!!!!! And i'm only 11!!!!!

HannahFeb 13, 2003 (22h17)
Hey! Just thought I’d let you know about this cool site I’ve come across for Stevie Wonder fans. You get points for things that you do like doing quizzes and polls and it has info about the Stevie Wonder tribute cd 'Conception' which is out on 18th March (it sounds like it will be a great cd) You get to trade these points in for cool things like posters, cd’s and other swag. If you fancy it head over to
Theres loads of other artists that they do e teams for, check em out at

Mark Feb 13, 2003 (20h46)
My oldest son, plays the piano idenical of some of your songs and your style all the time. It drives me out of the room at times. I would like to take him to one of your concerts if possible, if around Nashville, TN. He is 15 today and his e-mail address is If possible I would like Seth to be able to shake your hand and meet you in person.

LindaFeb 13, 2003 (18h20)
Heeey Stevie wonder!!!!! You are so good!
big kisses a big fan!!!!!!!!!

nick Frank McNallyFeb 13, 2003 (14h57)
Stevie, a good few years back (over 15) I successfully bid for your album "In Square Circle" on the BBC "Children In Need" programme. I was told a guy at Motown Records authenticated that you had signed the album. Firstly there was no letter of authenticity and secondly it was signed "Have a good life, Stevie Wonder", could you or one of your staff verify the authenticity of this signature as I know you normally sign articles with "Stevland"? By the way I paid a substantial amount for the album. Thanks for your time and have a long, healthy life.

TiggybelFeb 13, 2003 (04h47)
Mr. Stevland Morris. you have been my inspiration in life. I went to sleep every night s a child, listening to "Innervisions", " Music of my mind", "Songs in the Key of Life" To say you are a genious it to state the obvious. You invented the "stevie voice" You know what I mean by that. I send you love and peace. I know I will meet you one day.

Love and peace,
Elizabeth Westmacott

ValerieFeb 13, 2003 (03h47)
Hello Stevie I am doing a paper for English Writing in College about someone that I admire and who has inspired me and I would like to know if you could send me some information about yourself or even a bibliography. Send it to Thank you

JoshFeb 12, 2003 (22h02)
Hey Stevie, I am doing a report on a African American that made an influance. You are the first person that came to mind and I was wondering if you could e-mail me at and send me some information about you and if possible a biography over your life. Well thanks for your time.

milliamFeb 12, 2003 (15h12)
Hi! I just wanted to say that your music has touched generations and still is. God bless you!

Tamara QuinonesFeb 11, 2003 (23h23)
Dear Stevie Wonder,
Hi how are you ? Good I hope . I was wondering if I could have
some infomation, on where you went to school and, your

Tamara QuinonesFeb 11, 2003 (23h06)
Dear Stevie Wonder,
Hi, how are you doing? Good I hope. I am doing a school paper on
you. I need to know where you went to school at and, all of your

DezFeb 11, 2003 (19h14)

I agree with your comments on us needing that uplifting music from Stevie right now. As always
"Feeding off the love of the land" and "Visions" pop into my mind. I've heard of the "Conception"
album recently. I can't wait to check it out. Was Stevie involed with this project? I love his music
of course but if I see another greatest hits package in disguise I'm going to scream!!

Jungle Fever was indeed a good album. For the record lets just say nothing he did will come
to the peak of his 70's career. Having that been said, his other albums were still incredible
and Jungle Fever is no exception. I love "I go sailing". The background harmonies are so mellow
on that track. By the way, can you guess what song he sampled in "Each others throats"?
I think the only song that I had a hard time swallowing was "Chemical Love". It reminds me of
"Galaxy Paradise". I guess for me it sounds to techno. Not that I don't dig that type of music of couse.
"Make sure you're sure" is really beautiful. I think thats the last Stevie slow jam that hits home.
Those chords he plays are so jazzy! This album is a must have like all the other 30 or so.....


AnnaFeb 11, 2003 (11h48)
Stevie's don't care about his fans!!!!!How long have we waiting on new allbum???????????????!!!!!! Hey People !!!let's do anything to convince Stevie relase new allbum!!! we're waiting whole 8 years!!dammit, shit :((((( and nothing ;(((((

AnnaFeb 11, 2003 (11h20)
Stevie's don't care about his fans!!!!!How long have we waiting on new allbum???????????????!!!!!! Hey People !!!let's do anything to convince Stevie relase new allbum!!! we're waiting whole 8 years!!dammit, shit :((((( and nothing ;(((((

ChadFeb 11, 2003 (06h51)
Stevie Wonder is awesome!
I'm a singer/songwriter, and his music is an influence on my music. What kind of Keyboards or synthesizers does he play? I'm looking for that soul/synth sound something that I can add effects to it, like fuzz/distortion, vibrato, flange, chorus. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

r&bLoverFeb 11, 2003 (04h47)
Hey, Stevie, before I ask my question, man I must first tell u how awesome ur voice is! Absolutely incredible. My all time favorite song is Ribbon in the Sky. I know thats what I want my wedding song to be, whenever I do get married. Im only 20 right now, so Im not rushing though. Well, I wanted to ask you if you are gonna be doing any concerts soon in California, cause I would love for you to come near Bakersfield, CA or even here if possible. Its a long awaited concert for me and probably many other fans here in B-town. I Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanx once again :)

bkFeb 11, 2003 (00h30)
Hi to all of you from BK here in the UK.Things have been a bit tough of late,as well as seemingly
coming to a climax regarding Iraq.War is difficult.Peace is always desirable.So many lives potentially
could be lost here.I guess dictators,despots,tyrrants have and will continue to plague the
human race.Musically i know that we probably need Stevie more than ever at the moment.
Its sure great(sounds americain)to see many world wide fans contacting this site.
Looking back of late i must take back a bit on Jungle fever(which M.Cecil was involved with),it does have soon damn good stuff on it.
"These three words",a magnificent verse ...."when was the last time" the soaring chord change on.."ones ,you say you cherish every day"."If she breaks your heart"... fantastic vocals and great job by Kimberley Brewer too.."my love is gone with yesterday".Plus the classy "Make sure you're sure" which its jazzy chords.(Similarities with " I can't imagine love without you")
I personally need to obtain a copy of "Justice of the heart" from JohnQ ...anybody help?
The "Conception" basically a tribute album of Stevie songs by other artists(Indie-arie,Brian McKnight etc)
so i wonder if this has got in the way of the new album release?Thoughts???
Peace and love to ya was Stevie anti-Vietnam War(Where i'm coming from album

AbbieFeb 10, 2003 (17h37)
Hey! in reply to Mary's msg last week. I checked out the Stevie Wonder page on and it's great you earn points for doing quizzes, polls and stuff then you can cash them in for Stevie Wonder goodies. Check it out, its a cool. The Conception track listing is on there too which looks great.

AnonymouseFeb 9, 2003 (23h38)
Mr. Wonder,
I've only recently discovered your music. I'm always on the lookout for some new band that will have that great sound that catches my attention. One day I heard one of your songs on the radio and decided to investigate. I bought a few CDs and within a week I was hooked. Since then, I've invested in a substantial part of your music and I'm just at a loss for words for how beatiful, how inspiring the lyrics and the music are.

Thank you for sharing your gift!

elmoFeb 9, 2003 (20h59)
hey how are you me just fine i just wanted to say something else. i hope and pray that if can stevie reads this himself,but i love his music. i am his #1 fan and that will never change. if there was one thing i wish for before i die that would be to meet stevie wonder. you are and always will be the best artist there is out there. no other singer has the voice and musical talent you have. no one can top you. i love your music. Even at as young as i am i still love your music. i don't care what others say. many people think i am weird cause i would rather listen to your music than b2k but thats cool cause i listen to you anywayz. i will and alwayz has loved you music. love you number one fan

sadell shaole silva a.k.a elmo b.k.a stevie wonder #1 fan

nick manulierFeb 9, 2003 (18h39)
Dear Stevie,
I'm a "boy(I'm 30)" from Italy more exactly from Padua(a town near Venice),I've been following your music from many years,and What can I Say:your music is just like you Wonder-full.In your voice and your melodies I feel the vibration of your deepest love & soul,so keep in touch,I hope you have the possibility to continue your mission of humanity through the music all over the world.May God bless you,and guide you,with his powerfull light of Love,Armony and Truth.I see the list of the email 4 you.. but I hope you'll have the possibility to contact me, one day in the Future,I think I have many important things to tell you..
Lovely your "brother" Manuel

B.J.FLAXFeb 9, 2003 (12h48)
What are the two longest songs that stevie has recorded
i would say 1. Do I Do 10:29 and Superwoman 8:25 both two of my al time favorites correct me if im wrong

toffeeFeb 8, 2003 (17h46)
hi im christopher brian from the philippines. im just a new fan of stevie wonder. i'd like to ask for your help. if anyone knows the lyrics of the following songs like: ribbon in the sky, redemption song and kiss lonely goodbye. pls. e-mail me in this address: i will be very glad to have you as my friend!! please!!

EDFeb 8, 2003 (06h40)
Anybody know this track Justice of the Heart credited to Stevie Wonder in the moive John Q? Please let me know how to get a copy. Thanks

MichelleFeb 8, 2003 (03h58)
Stevie... just wanted to tell you that I really admire your talent. My talent is in medicine but I wish it were music instead. Thanks for all the great work over the years!

maryFeb 8, 2003 (01h48)
Hi guys! have u checked out the new street team for Stevie's new album Conception?

aliFeb 7, 2003 (19h42)
in november 1995, stevie came to Dubai one of the cities in U.A.E (asia) where he was invited to
perform a special concert and i was so lucky to atend that magical concert were he performed
the unreleased song "how will i know she loves me" which is one of my favourites of all time.
during that visit stevie stayed at le meridian Dubai where he told the manager of the hotel who
happens to be my friend that during his stay in Dubai he composed 4 new songs, i just wanted to
share that info with all of you guys.

DezFeb 7, 2003 (06h59)

I think Stevie was saying that the person listening to the song knew from the start that the song
has a force or energy, in this case its called 'groove' that makes them 'feel it all over'. He used the letter "A"
to symbolize a starting point. I hope I somewhat answered your question.


nimm2Feb 7, 2003 (05h36)
can somebody tell me what Stevie means by "But you can tell right away at letter A" in his song Sir Duke? thanks

stephFeb 7, 2003 (01h04)
When well i get to see stevie wonder's biography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarahFeb 6, 2003 (23h34)
can anyone tell me if i will ever get to see him live?? in los angeles PLEASE!!
please ignore the last post.. it was sent accidently. please respond ot me if you know of any live showsa
in the la area!!!

sarahFeb 6, 2003 (23h31)
can anyone tell me if i will ever get to see

ShawnFeb 6, 2003 (22h12)
I love Stevie Wonder's music so much that when my band becomes succesful we'll devote Cd's to him

doughgirlFeb 6, 2003 (16h52)
haha oops! you're still great! :blush:

doughgirlFeb 6, 2003 (16h51)
stevie is the best! i love his music and everything about him! happy birthday to the greatest artist!

elmoFeb 5, 2003 (23h25)
hey i love your music you are the best even though i am only 13 when i heard your music i fell love with it. i am your biggest fan. you are a music genius. i love to sing and i would love so much for you too just send me something. i would love for you too do this for me it would mean the world too me. your song hold on to your dream. wonderful! when i heard that song i was just so happy thanks a bunch

Still no sign of the new album I see!! Ho-hum!! This new album better be fan-bloody-tastic when it finally comes out!!!!

mattFeb 4, 2003 (20h05)
well , I've been here on and off for about two years now and he's been pushing back the release date all the time .
but he did actually say that he would get it done for march . I'm still hoping !

fingers crossed eigh ? !!

AlbinFeb 4, 2003 (16h59)
You´re the best!!!!!!!!!

AlbinFeb 4, 2003 (16h59)
You´re the best!!!!!!!!!

secret vowsFeb 4, 2003 (15h39)
i agree with you cube. i expect the album to arrive after october 2003.

secret vowsFeb 4, 2003 (15h38)
i agree with you cube. i expect the album to arrive after october 2003.

CubeFeb 4, 2003 (13h18)
Still no sign of a single or a preview of the new album
apart from the song he peformed at the BET tribute gig.
Why don't we have a bet as to what month or year the
album arrives. Occording to Stevie's track record I doubt
it will be here this May . I predict August/September.

What do others feel?

][-][-][TROUBLEMAN][-][-][Feb 4, 2003 (08h10)
Favorite Stevie Songs(so many to choose from)

1. Do I Do
2.Ribbon In The Sky
3.All I Do
4. These Three Words
5. That Girl
6.Hey Love
8. Nguelela Una Historia- I Am Singing
9.You And I

LilSamCookeFeb 4, 2003 (07h56)
Mister Stevie Wonder i am a 19 year old (be 20 on june 24th) singer/songwritter from Oakland California and i just want to say that it has been more then a pleasure listening to singing and playing your music for the last 13 years of my life you are one of the greatest singers songwriers/arrangers ad producers pf our time. i d mire you for the sam reasons that i admire Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye becasue you are a very emotional singer you are a very accomplished songwriter and you have a lot of flexibility in your song writing. your songs bring hope to all people and i am also very impressed by the fact that it does not stop at just music, you have also been a very big influence on me as a spokes person for black pride . Your tirless efforts to promote love toward one another has not gone un noticed. well im going to say good bye now because i could talk forever on how big of an influence you have been to me but i just wanna say in closing keep up the great work and may God continue to bless and keep you.

Much Luv, ffrom your #1 fan Little Sam Cooke a.k.a Brian

ninaFeb 3, 2003 (00h28)
hi im 10 yrs old.I finished reading a book about stevie wonder.I love him so much as a fan.
If he was reading it write now,I would like him to write me back.Hes very cool.Ihave all his
music.Well bye now.
P.S.stevie I heard the song 'living in the city'it is very emotionol

jenniferFeb 2, 2003 (23h35)
hihi mi name is jennifer neal and i think the song my girl makes me feel like i'm ur daughter it make me feel so happy (you looked really cute when u were young)any wayz hope u have a great and wonderful time singing and making more albums and i will talk to ya l8r ok well bibi StevieWonder(i know i spelt ur name wrong by not putting a dash between ur first and last name but i like it better without the dash any wayz bibi cutie