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Tony HotlandJun 30, 2003 (10h20)
Mariah Carey just started her Charmbracelet Tour in Korea and Japan. And opening her concert in Japan, they played 3 Stevie's songs consecutively.The first one was Isn't She Lovely, but the others were not informed. She really idolizes him, huh? I just think it'd definitely be MAGNIFICENT to have two of the most beautiful voices in history on a record!!! Way to go Stevie and Mariah!

MattJun 30, 2003 (00h15)
Stevie, any chance of some gigs in the UK or have you got details of any live dates in the USA?

Alternatively you're more than welcome to play at my place, I can't afford to pay you but will cook you dinner and provide a bed for the night :-)

JoëlJun 29, 2003 (14h11)
Stevie, I think you're the best singer in the world. I can listen all day to your voice. But not only your voice is great, also the lyrics of your songs are very good. Don't stop writing! Keep singing! Joël, 12 years old, from Holland

nick YonaJun 29, 2003 (13h56)
This is a message for Stevie. Since it has been quite a few years since
I was with you at Crystal Sound, the Record Plant and the Hit Factory, I
have lost contact along life's journey. I was there with Lou Hyland
(Looch) and helped set up in the studio and hung out with you several
times after sessions while you would jam or work with a new instrument.
Gary O was there at the time I was around. You had bought your mom a
champagne color Cadillac, you said you were going to take her for a
drive. I was in the hotel in New York the night Iesha was born and you
called Looch and I with the good news. It was during the time when you
were doing "In the Key of Life" My name is Jerry Edwards, I doubt you
would remember the name as I was a young musician in my 20s and just
blessed to have the opportunity to spend the time in the presence of
yourself and a group of people of such a caliber. I had worked with some
of the people from the Iron Butterfly with Looch as a mentor and roadie
for us. I lost connection to Looch and have come to a time when I need
to make contact again. Another reason I have written is to do something
I do not normally do, I have a CD of songs that I would like for you to
hear. Since I was with you, I have followed a path that is part of my
heritage. I am Cherokee and Scots-Irish. I am Principle Chief of the
Unified Free Cherokee Nation, a Peop

TimCJun 29, 2003 (05h34)
Thanks for all you've given me from day 1.Durban S/A 3 march 1969/70 signed sealed delivered was my first obsession with music(in a pram)1974 Fulfillingness' First Finale and heaven is 10 zillion light years away sent a shiver right through me at 5 and still does,that album can send u right back.Then 1976 KEY OF LIFE and realising at 7 that dancing was the greatest of fun songs like ANOTHER STAR, AS and I WISH taught me rythm and songs like LOVE IS IN NEED..,IF IT'S MAGIC,PASTIME PARADISE and BLACKMAN taught me more than words can say. I was the only one in my family lucky enough to see you live in birmingham UK 87 when i was 18,my poor mum was gutted she's the one who first fell for the 12 year old genius, bought and played all you albums since Fingertips I hope one day she'll see you live too. I must admit it has been a while since I've last listened to you,Natural wonders I think, I found AVE MARIA by chance today and well it has inspired me to this. i would like to say that you are honestly one of the few musical geniuses of our time,your inspiring love of living life to the full is on a level beyond most can dream off,which in some way might explain why in the last 4 decades you have always been an leading inspiration for many in your profession ,not only for having a amazing singing voice that many now try to emulate though most are decades behind, but by also being a songwriter with considerable poetic vision that has had hand in changing the world with many human righ

nancyJun 28, 2003 (10h55)
I'm a long time fan of yours, Stevie. I played Songs In The Key Of Life endlessley, while my friends at school were playing Aerosmith (this was 25 yrs ago!) But that's when it all began. You have the most powerful voice, a great talent for songwriting (many of your your songs touch my heart.) I love your music so much! Thank you for many years of enjoyment. Nancy :-)

JonathanJun 28, 2003 (03h31)
Maurice: The song your looking for must be "Feeding off the love of the land".
You were not far off... :) I'm not sure, but I think that a single with "Gotta have you" and "Feeding...." was released 1991 alongside the album "Jungle Fever"...

Warm thoughts

JonathanJun 28, 2003 (03h15)
Dez: Ooh you did it to me...! :) I see now the origins of my trouble over the
j.t.t.s.l.o.p-thing. You accidently wrote LTTSLOP and that's why I just couldn't figure it out in my confusion.. :) But anyway. Thanks. I'm still wondering however about the video and which song is featured... Could it be "Same old story" or maybe "Secret life of plants"?

Best wishes

bkJun 28, 2003 (02h05)
Hi folks,
Stevie's first press previewed album was "Innervisions",and what was unusual was that Stevie decided to transport the press(blindfold) around the city on a bus to the sound of his track "Living for the City".

nick AnnaJun 27, 2003 (22h34)
Hi mr Wonder,
First of all, I think that you are amaizing and I love your music more and more each day. Now to my little question.. I am together whith a man that I really love, we have been together for over 7 years now and are going to be parents in august. He is a huge fan of yours and have been collecting your albums for over 20 years (he is 31). Two months ago the most tragic thing happened, we had a break in and all they took all his albums.I'm trying to buy as many as I can find and give to him on his birthday but we live in Sweden and the selection is'nt great.The album in particular that I'm looking for is "Down to Earth" It's definetly not available in Sweden and I have'nt seen it on the internet either. Please let me know where I can find it so that I can make my man happy again.
thank you, and have a great summer.

KarenJun 27, 2003 (16h29)
To the incomparable Stevie Wonder,

I have been a fan of yours since I knew what music was. My mother played a lot of Motown while I was growing up and while I enjoyed most of what she played, your music always captivated me, even as a youngster. Not only are you a musical genius, but your voice is pure GOLD! I listen to your music every single day and am continually amazed by the beauty that is your voice.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting you while you were visiting Arizona in 1995 when they finally passed the MLK holiday. You came to my high school (South Mountain) and toured our music department and recording studio. I met you as you were signing my music director's door. What an honor it was to meet the greatest musical performer of ALL time! I was also a recipient of the City of Phoenix's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fine Arts and Education scholarship and as such, was in attendance when you performed for the City of Phoenix Annual Breakfast that very same year. My younger sister was lucky enough to get to perform (dance) with you!

I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people on so many levels, some having little to do with music at all. Your political/humanitarian messages made people think (I know Saturn wasn't the best received of your songs, but I love the song and the message) and you weren't afraid to be bold with those statements/messages.

Sir Duke, Never Dreamed You'd Leave

hbbioJun 27, 2003 (10h47)
Hi. Thx for this site, that is both extremely nice - sober - and well thinked : navigation is easy through a real information : musicians for every song, albums, etc. Dedicated to one the greatest musicians of the world : whatever the style, Stevie is a genius. Especially Songs in the key of life is for me the best album ever. Period.

mauriceJun 27, 2003 (10h36)
Mr. Stevie Wonder, I just wanted to say that I love your music and that you are by far one of the greatest singer/songwriter, etc ever. I just wanted to let you know that your music has always been an inspiration to me. Not in the Oh, My goodness I just love stevie fanatic way. But in a much more personal note. When I broke up with my high school sweet heart, songs like "I'd never dreamed you leave in summer" were a comfort to my soul. And when I met my college sweetheart "As" help to explain my love to her. When I had to drive to North Carolina from MD by myself songs like Sir Duke, Living for the City and many others kept me up and moving. As I studied for my law school finals your music helped me stay up late, and {unfortunately :) } was playing through my head as I took my exam. There are countless many times when your music has been a real inspiration to me. I know you get this from everyone on your site..but, thank you. I am a 22 year old kid from baltimore who really appreciates the example that you represent as an African American male and a human being. There is not one single body of work that I can say is my favorite because I have so many. So, like so many others thank you for making music that as enriched the lives of so many

mauriceJun 27, 2003 (10h11)
Alright, there is a song by stevie wonder on the jungle fever soundtrack that is impossible to find. As the credits begin to roll there is a song which "I think" is called "living off the love the lord". However, I have looked on the jungle fever soundtrack and multiple websites and other places to find this song. I was wondering does anyone know where I could get this song or what is the actual title

Tony HotlandJun 27, 2003 (08h50)
Hello peeps. First: Does anyone know the song Gone Too Soon, sung by Babyface and Stevie in Babyface's MTV Unplugged? I kinda noticed the title when I was in a record store the other day. Is the song good?
Next: Ummm...what's the title of Stevie's song that has the lyrics saying "...let me love you, let me love you...". I accidentally heard it on the radio but the DJ didn't say the title. I'm not even sure if that's the right lyrics ( Gosh...what's that? hahaha...)!!
Anyways, just for info. Mariah Carey just started her Charmbracelet Tour in Korea and Japan. And opening her concert in Japan, they played 3 Stevie's songs consecutively.The first one was Isn't She Lovely, but the others were not informed. She really idolizes him, huh? I just think it'd definitely be MAGNIFICENT to have two of the most beautiful voices in history on a record!!! Way to go Stevie and Mariah!

paulJun 26, 2003 (22h50)
Dez is right - those pictures are from the Rainbow concert. I'm positive they are scenes from the 'Sunshine of My Life" performance which was shown on the UK's 'Whistle Test Years 1974" in February. I was waiting to see someone else and was taken completely by surprise when this came on. They have this stuff in the vaults and nobody will release it. All you usually get is a brief clip and thats it. Please Motown or whoever release The Rainbow Concert, all that MusicLaden material, The Live at Carnegie Hall concert (I saw about 10 seconds on a programme about funk!) and the 1972 PSB special - I so want to see that. We are being deprived of all this valuble material.

S'WonderfulJun 26, 2003 (20h26)
Does Stevie still tour or do concerts?

WonderloverJun 26, 2003 (18h56)
What are you doin on here, Mike? Well.....while I am here, I might as well give you a shameless plug!
Check it out....and listen to Jazz's my favorite....

Michael SembelloJun 26, 2003 (14h08)
Hey evets Rednow,
How come you don't call me to say "I love you no more.Sincerely,your Bogalusa buddy and driving instructor,Lets go fishin'-Michael Sembello

DezJun 26, 2003 (07h25)

I meant to say something tells me. We gotta get a spell check on this


DezJun 26, 2003 (07h23)

I could be wrong but something teells me these pic are from the Rainbow gig.

Check'em out!


DezJun 26, 2003 (07h17)
Hey Guys and Gals,

I found a Stevie SITKOL article from 1976 you may find ineresting.


GutembergJun 26, 2003 (06h41)

GutembergJun 26, 2003 (06h37)

DezJun 26, 2003 (06h05)

JTTSLOP is short for "Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants". I'm sure someone else
can shed some light on your other questions.

Take Care

JonathanJun 26, 2003 (03h46)
Hey... What is the entire name of that song you're talking about (j.t.t.s.l.o.p)?
Also, is there anyone who knows by which people and by which reason Stevie where approached, to perform in London, Paris and Sweden...?
Can I read about these news on a website or something...?

WONDERful(l) dreams to y'all...!


DezJun 26, 2003 (02h32)
I too have the LTTSLOP video. It is very breath taking. I believe this
Is his very first video. This video is very intimate in that
we normally don't see Stevie without his sunglasses.

The Rainbow concert is one of Stevie funkiest
Shows ever. I wish this site would play the entire
version of Superstition. Micchael Sembello's
guitar blazes!!! BK, during the end of Mike's solo on Superstition
the crowd begans to roar. Was Stevie dancing or was he joined
on stage by other celebs?


GabrieleJun 25, 2003 (20h09)
You're the God of Music...i can't imagine this world without your voice. I'm so grateful for what you can give with your music. Thank you for being so great.

mattJun 25, 2003 (14h32)
I've managed somehow to get hold of the video to j.t.t.s.l.o.p ( just that song ) very interesting as he is wandering around with no sunglasses on . Being a huge stevie fan it's easy to forget that he is blind , as his lyrics are so well informed on the world around us . This is one of the only occasions I've seen where his blindness is displayed in such a manner . Not that it's neccecerily good or bad , just interesting how moves around without the help of others . Carefully treading forward , arms held out to the sides , feelilng the tops of bushes as he wades through them .
It's not often you get to see him portrayed in this way . Not that his blindness matters ( musically ) , but I suppose it captures the mood of the track . The searching and fumbling forward that is essentially our lives .

maybe I'm reading too much into it , but I'm sure it was a consious effort on behalf of the director to strip stevie down ( not litterally , of course ) and humanise him in a way music videos seldom do ( to stevie ) .
The mystery and genious persona that motown give out about stevie IS justified by his sheer talent for heartfelt sounds and melodies he creates . But they do put him on a pedestal of almost godlike proportions , which I have to say , is also contributed by Stevie himself .
But to sum up , It's an interesting video that shows a mixture of his drive forward , his delecacy and the image of this huge persona and musical genious that is Stevi

meJun 25, 2003 (14h18)
Hi! I´m a seventeen year old brazilian guy who loves you more than several people that I know in person, not only for your great tallent but, also, for your great sense of humanity. I´m a musican to (beginer), and I only became this because of you, your musics and lyrics. I have more than ten albums of yours, witch is an unusual thing for us in Brazil, but I´m very upset because you don´t came hear anymore, and also for no album realsed after Natural Wonder. "Come on men, it´s been eight years". But always remember: " I JUST WROTH TO SAY I LOVE YOU".
PS: Excuse me any mustake, but I learn english for myself throgh your lyrics.

bkJun 25, 2003 (12h25)
Dear Midnight Lady.......
sorry but as far as i know there are no officicial releases whatsoever of those Rainbow concerts.Only bootleg or private collections of various tracks.The radio Luxembourg broadcast i have in part.The quality of the recordings by luxembourg were not deemed to be good enough at th time.Of course contributors to this site do have private bootleg tracks.In fact this site has a bootleg "Superstition"in mp3 format.
All i can say about the concerts is that i was luckily there .Eric Clapton ,Ringo Starr,Pete Townsend were also there ,and believe me ,coming just after his near fatal accident it was and remains probably his most important performance .

MidinightLadyJun 25, 2003 (10h36)
excuse me dez, bk & matt. you're talking about the rainbow show as something of sublime.
I've been searching it but I didn't found anything yet. Where it can be bought ? There's a cd ? There is some Country which can be bought in (germany, Luxembourg) ? Should I search it in music vintage stores ?


DezJun 25, 2003 (03h39)
Thanks BK and Matt. I've heard many lie recordings from
Stevie, however none of them rival the Rainbow show from 1974
with the exception of Natural Wonder 21 years later. Musikladen
is one of Stevie's funkiest performances. Heavy emphasis on "Higher Ground" Like I said a
while back,I like the smaller versions of Wonderlove (minus the horns and additional
keyboards). For those casual fans who only know Stevie for "I just called to say
I love you", I would recommend the two shows.


bkJun 25, 2003 (00h01)
Hi folks,
yes Stevie has been approached to play in London,Paris and Sweden in the Autumn.
He is playing the Essence Festival which takes place in New Orleans on July 3rd.He will be amongst others in performing in support of Luther Vandross .Coca Cola are the main sponsors.

darnellJun 24, 2003 (21h08)
Hi Stevie,
I just sent a e-mail for you to make my dream come true. I know you are coming to the
Essence Fest. I would like to know if you are making any appearences? If so when and
where. This would be a dream come true. I have been a fan of yours for years. I have
your picture as my wall paper on my computer. I have your picture on my desk at work.
Everytime you come on TV I tape it. But to see you in person this would hi-lite my life.
Please if you can make this happen. I will be at the Essence to hear you perform but just
shaking your hands or maybe a kiss on the side of your face WOW!!! words would be very
hard to explain how that would feel. But I think you get the picture. Hope to hear from
you soon. Luv Ya

darnellJun 24, 2003 (21h03)
Hi Stevie,
I just sent a e-mail for you to make my dream come true. I know you are coming to the
Essence Fest. I would like to know if you are making any appearences? If so when and
where. This would be a dream come true. I have been a fan of yours for years. I have
your picture as my wall paper on my computer. I have your picture on my desk at work.
Everytime you come on TV I tape it. But to see you in person this would hi-lite my life.
Please if you can make this happen. I will be at the Essence to hear you perform but just
shaking your hands or maybe a kiss on the side of your face WOW!!! words would be very
hard to explain how that would feel. But I think you get the picture. Hope to hear from
you soon. Luv Ya

darnellJun 24, 2003 (20h56)
I hope you can make my dream come true. I will love you forever

Tom "Hoagie"Jun 24, 2003 (13h46)
Hey, I don't know why I haven't written you before. Hope you are actually getting to hear this. I love you brother. Have for a Loooooooong time and always will. I'm a missionary with "the Family" and a musician. Back in '77 I used to sing your songs to myself as I was out in the waves in Copacabana and Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. I would sing till a good wave came, of course, ha. Then in '77 and '78 I would listen to Inversions and "All in love is fair" is still my favorite song of yours, besides "Too shy to say". It's the haunting melodies with your harmonies and the funky spirit with which you deliver your magic that makes all your songs a delight. Just a couple of months ago Ayala Gregory, Dick Gregory's daughter, was singing for a "Black Voices for Peace" meeting and the song she sang was one of your's I'd never heard before, but I knew it was your's before anyone told me so. BVFP is a fantastic group "speaking truth to power" and standing against racism and for peace and social justice. I'm one of the white "black" voices, ha. It's good to have a few "token whites" whether you need them or not, ha ha. Well, it's all voluntary and I'm only coersed by the Lord's love and Spirit. I love everything this group stands for. is the e-mail address and 202-265-4919 is the phone, I think it's Damu Smith, the founder's. Well, I really love you and have prayed for you so many times. You kn

MartinJun 24, 2003 (12h23)
Hi stevie, i am your number one fan, but from what i know, it's been a while since your brought out a new album, apart from greatest hit albums, is there any chance of a new album and a tour?, if i could see anyone live in the world, it would be you.

bkJun 24, 2003 (10h48)
cont...which was Stevie first press previewed album,and what was unusual about it?

bkJun 24, 2003 (10h44)
Hi folks,
and a big thanks to biyo for that info!Well i guess everyone knows Stevie is making a guest appearance on June 28th 6.00pm at the HollyRod Foundation (Charity setup for folk suffering from Parkinsons Disease)Visit for details.Maybe Stevie will choose this appearance to let us all know whats going on about his new album and Tour.
Unfortunately i am being nicely distracted by good weather and Wimbledon at the moment.Stevie has always supported good causes.Infact i have been playing "Keeping our love alive",a single which was all about Apartheid.Martin Luther King day of course springs to mind,as well as "House of Toys" to name but a few.
Stevie the prankster has of course driven cars,piloted airplanes etc.
Anyhow just a quick thank you to Robert Gordon my old school mate,who back in 1970 recommended "Signed,Sealed,delivered"....and ever since i have never stopped following this mans music.Its not just the music,but the manner,feelings,presence,spirit(as Gambaccinni highlited) and love that this man exudes.Many people throughout the world are drawn to it.Luckily i have saved articles,bought books etc,as well as all his recordings,and do not mind sharing this knowledge on the web.By the way the Motown Chat Site and Yahoo group are club are okay BUT this site is much more easily accessible.Plus you can see all the threads chronologically.
Anyway here's a quick question to ya..........W

LadyJun 24, 2003 (10h26)
Dear Stevie,
I am a 29 year old lady from Oklahoma. I have loved your music all of my life. I have older silblings that have listened to your music over the years and I do not believe that there is a song that you have that I have not heard and loved. My oldest sister who is no longer with us, did all that she could one year to get me a ticket to a concert that you had in a nearby state when I was young. I was disapointed that I did not get to see you. I hope that someday that I am able to meet you.
Your number 1 fan in the world!

mikeyJun 24, 2003 (08h20)
Dear Mr wonder, hi my names michael, im 22 and hail from adelaide, australia. I simply cannot put into words how much i appreciate your magic, beauty and wisdom that you infuse into your wonderful music. you are truly an artist of the highest order, and your music has helped me thru many a tough time. i really believe you were sent from above to spread your music to light up the world and you have achieved this greatly. im a musician myself and the melodies and rhythms soul and more than anything feeling that you compose is nothing short of genius. im not one to usually suck up to anybody but you are definitely an exception! i was wondering if you were planning to tour anywhere (namely australia) anytime soon, in today's troubled times i think the world once again needs to be reminded of how beautiful it can be, and you, sir, are definitely the best candidate! yours in music, Michael

JonathanJun 24, 2003 (04h26)
BK: Thanks for always sharing great info (Where do you find it?) and thoughts over Stevie Wonder tracks and albums etc...!! And if you could find it in the back of your head, details of this potential performence in Scandinavia I would be ever so grateful to you... Many thanks /Jonathan

HugoJun 24, 2003 (01h44)
bk: scandinavia? where? when?? :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

bkJun 24, 2003 (00h19)
bk continued their eyes" is another great two part song."I believe" also is also well developped later on."Living for the city" is stevie at his two part best! .These epic tracks show Stevie completely stretching out.Macca did it with "Sitting in the back seat of my car" and of course "Hey Jude".Queen took it to the limit with "Bohemian Rhapsody".These symphonies of pop/rock are welcome .Not every musician is wanting to put out 3 minute pop single commercial fodder with filler songs to make up an album.
Still i am trying to suss out news on Stevies yet again delayed album.And is he performing somewhere in Scandinavia i heard somewhere soon?ps biyo i'll be in contact.
Love peace and understanding to you all guys...euh and Sissi!..bK

bkJun 24, 2003 (00h09)
Hi folks,
well i guess that track on the Rainbow concert(Dez) maybe hasn't got got a name,but that syncopated jam with Stevies high rolling vocal cries features an ascending then descending
clavinet run.It bursts into a thundering "Higher Ground".Funnily enough that improvised unknown song Dez is very similar to the verse run of "Tell me something good".
The discussion on "Superwoman" is interesting.As a single it didn't make it.The song itself contains a great chord change from the major 7th to the minor 7th(like Lennon and Macca used on one of the Sgt Pepper tracks)'plus a magnificent set of guitar fills.That middle transition is quite remarkable.His use of the synthesizers is revolutionary.The terrific Buzzy Feiton solo in the second part is a tour de force,and points in a way to the brilliant advancement he used on"Looking for another pure love" a year later.There he double tracked Jeff Beck with Buzzy Feiton.
Overall "Music of my mind" was a brilliant embryonic work ,which didn't need a FORMULA hit single.Perhaps it was best that "Superwoman" and perhaps "If you really love me"did quite indicate that Stevie wanted , not to produce production belt fodder for Motown.
I must stress that Stevie was estranged from Syreeta Wright at this time and i feel that Superwoman parts I and 2 are infact in part about his situation with Syreeta Wright.Stevie's "Sunshine in their

KeithJun 23, 2003 (18h26)
If you haven’t heard Terence Trent D’Arby is back with a new record and a new name (Sananda Maitreya). His new record is called Wildcard and is rockin. You can check it out at

mattJun 23, 2003 (15h12)
Dez ,
As for part 2 of superwoman , I think I heard that Stevie couldn't generate the sounds he wanted for the transition between 1 and 2 , so just did part 1 .
that's something I heard somewhere .

And the jam on musicladen and rainbow gig is ACE . I also was expecting it to reprise after he says keep it 4 later.
I think it's a sort of warm up thing that helps them get into a groove as it seems to be at the start of them both ( rainbow , musicladen ) .
great stuff .
the bass on to know you is to love you....oooOOOooooo!!!! ; )
smashing : D

Tony HotlandJun 23, 2003 (07h23)
Hello peeps, I just bought Conversation Peace yesterday..('s like, where have you been? hahaha)... And I just really think that this album is great and the lyrics are beyond magnificent. I just looove his ideas and themes and hopefully can write songs the way he does! SW, you rock! Anyway, did Stevie ever sing with Mariah? On a performance or somewhere? I'm a fan of her and they just blow my mind when it comes to singin'!!
To bk: you're like a witness of SW's life. You know all his stuff and you're really an avid fan, huh? Will you write me sometimes man? What's your email address anyway?

chicksingerJun 22, 2003 (21h16)
Great site! I am hoping someone can help me with this; a cover version of Stevie's 'As' exists, it's a sultry jazz ballad, sung by George Michael, and produced by David Foster... I heard the song on TV, and was mesmerised by it - and it took me halfway through to recognize it. One of the marks of a truly great songwriter - to craft a song that can be covered in a different genre and still be amazing. Have searched and queried and no one can tell me where to get this song. Any takers? Thanks so much!

DezJun 22, 2003 (18h53)

I too have the 1974 Rainbow gig. I read this was in fact his
first concert since the accident in 1973. I have a question.
After "Contusion", but before "Higher Ground", there is a
'song' (or part of a song) that Stevie does. Its a mid tempo
jam. This is the first place you hear the background singers
After a few breaks in the music he says they have to save it
for later and then he fiddles with the clavinet
and dives into "Higher Ground" This jam is
also found on the Musikladen performance in 1974.
Do you happen to know the name of this song? I suspect that there are
more songs on this show because the performances don't segue
into the next (Higher Ground> Superwoman).

Another question, why doesn't Stevie perform "Where were you when I needed you"?
I know the first part was released as a single, maybe that’s why?


sadieJun 21, 2003 (17h59)
stevie , your music has help me appreciate life and it has help me through out my life. iam 14 yrs old and i've been listening to your music since i was 5yrs old. thank you for such beautiful songs over the past years

nickjammJun 21, 2003 (17h19)
s.w. thank´s for yesterme, yesteryou, yesterdey. really México sing whit you

CarleenJun 21, 2003 (11h11)
Hey Stevie Guess What?? New Zealand Loves You Baby!!!!

RahulJun 21, 2003 (06h39)
Dear Stevie,
I come from Malaysia and as distant as my country may sound, your wondrous music reaches us all. I've been listening to so many musicians across different countries and genres over the years, and I have to say that there are two kinds of music that fill me with positive joy and sweetness at heart: Brazilian music, and YOURS. Your lyrics are sunshine bright and the shades of chords you employ brings out the splendour in your melodies. This is something I've noticed so far only in MPB (Musica Populeira Brasilia), in works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ivan Lins for example. Thank you Stevie for the musical beauty that you share with us :) Your music makes me happy and I want to share this happy feeling with all those around me. God Bless you always!

biyo243Jun 21, 2003 (04h08)

I think I can help you. Drop me an e-mail at

bkJun 21, 2003 (01h24)
Yes Paul,
you are dead right,the Rainbow concert should be released.That rendition of "....Sunshine of my life" plus the finale ,"Sooner or later" would be earth shattering.I still only have a thirty year old cassette tape of Radio Luxembourgs radio broadcast.I have lost part of the final section of the concert.but i do have the full Kid Jensen interview,plus the first 2/3rds of the show.
I know some colleagues have copies of the whole show,and indeed i need a recording of the second half of the show at least.If anyone is prepared to let me have a copy,then i would be very happy.Odviously this is a private web-site and it is important to keep private info and addresses Off the site.If you could help then i would provide a private address accordingly in strict confidence.but through a screened private server address first.
Ps Paul ,i am going to check out Margouleff and Cecil to see what they are up to.
Tuesday heartbreak is such a catchy track.The sax and the keyboard work is astounding.As well as a sparkling vocal with cool backing vocals.It hit me the first time i heard it along with Superstition.
A private message to you regulars.... about.......meffjercuryroderatom.......ils sont tous deniches..
.......Ils n'ont pas reussi a ficher en l'air ce site.Adieu
fous le camp aux trois.
La belle response a la question ...Monsieur Don Hunter..pas de reponse veut dire
My fren

PaulJun 20, 2003 (22h12)
Why can't the Rainbow Theatre performance be released on DVD? 'You Are The Sunshine Of My Life' from that set came on TV a couple of months ago. The melodic fills he played on the Rhodes were beautiful. Considering most of the junk released on DVD is it too much to ask? On a different note I don't see 'Tuesday Heartbreak' mentioned very often which was one of my absolute favorites from the first time I heard it. I'd like to know how they got that wah wah sound out of the Moog or ARP. Maybe Margouleff and Cecil could shed some light on it; are they still around?

MJHJun 20, 2003 (11h03)
Hi everybody,

have a look at

and visit the Earth, Wind and Fire Forum also.


I LOVE S.W.Jun 20, 2003 (04h23)

TaniaJun 20, 2003 (03h18)
Hello, From Australia. I would like to say that I really love Stevie's music too. The most I do like about it is that his lyrics are clean and wholesome. Not like some music that comes out today. I wonder if Stevie would be able to donate a small something to the Kessia care foundation. Please visit her website. It's about a little girl who died only last year from a brain tumor. Her parents are trying to raise funds for the Care Foundation through the Great Australian Tie Auction to be held on October 16th, 2003. I would be pleased if you could pass on my message and the details of this beautiful little girls story and the most inspirational family I have ever known. All that would be required from Stevie is a tie or a scarf that would be sent to Australia for auction.

Thanking you. Tania

Soulful777Jun 19, 2003 (23h28)
Jeff/mercury said: "I have heard so many more talented people than stevie".

Please, I would like to know who. Thank You.

gooddaysunshineJun 19, 2003 (21h48)
Chords of "They won't go when I go"

I am looking desperatly for the chords of this song (+lyrics). Can anyone help me! Thanks!

RoseJun 19, 2003 (07h49)
Hi! Stevie my name is Rose Cimino I live in Redmond WA, I loved your music since I was 9 but I've never seen you in concert. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how much your music has impacted my life. Thanks

toryoJun 19, 2003 (01h15)
can i have a copy of the lyrics of the song OVERJOY?? PLS... TNX..

bkJun 18, 2003 (11h01)
Hi folks,
that track you mention Nick T Bone is "Used to be"(Miller,Hirsch) released as a single back in 1982 with Charlene.Ref TMG 1287.To Tony Hotland...yes Stevie did win grammy for best album two years in a row with,SITKOL and FFFinale.
i am just figuring out the chords to "I can only be me".All i can say is that it's awesomely written by Stevie.Credit to late Eva Cassidy also.So bye for now!

nick T-boneJun 18, 2003 (08h38)
I hope someone can help me... There is a song that I have been searching for for quite some time now. Stevie did a duet with a woman back in 1981 or 82 and I don't know what the name of the song is or who the woman is. I want to say someone like Marylin McCoo or somone of that genre. I thought the song was called "Use to Be" but I can't find it under that title. I can remember bits and pieces of the song... "Have another Chevis Regal...You're 12 years old and sex is legal.." is just an example. If anyone knows the name of this song or who the duet was sung with, please contact me. THANK YOU!!

Tony HotlandJun 18, 2003 (05h44)
1st: To Corey, thanks for responding. I know all his albums and I also learn that Innervisions, Songs In The..and Fulfullingness... actually won Grammy for Album of The Year. Is it correct? Well, it's just that I am from Indonesia and I don't think I'll ever find them anywhere in a record store. Guess they're just out of them. Would you email me sometimes? This goes to everybody else here...
Umm..Is there any available biography of Stevie? I mean, elsewhere besides on this site since it ain't got one yet? I wanna learn a lot since I wasn't really an avid fan (now I am, thank God, hahahha!!). I've got his Definite Collection album and it's got around 38 songs. I just found out that Gangsta's Paradise was sampled from Pastime Paradise. Damn! I really valued Gangsta's Paradise for the sampled part. Now I know who I shoulda given the credits for...

VitorioJun 18, 2003 (03h57)
Stevie Wonder has inspired me, and made me know that, after hearing the song (the most amazing song in the world, witht he most passionate message(s)) "THEY WON'T GO WHEN I GO", everything in the world is but trivial when it comes to leading a pure and god-loving life (NOT god-fearing... there is a huge difference). I have come to realize that Stevie, especially on Talking Book, is by FAR the epitomy of romantic and empassioned prose writers, he is in fact, THE ONLY writer I have ever known who can transform emotions, life experiences (happiness, times of sadness and uncertainty, etc), into SONGS... filled with those emotions that you can actually FEEL the way he felt writing them... maybe not exactly, but I swear I am "there", superimposed into his visions, and feelings. All I can furthermore think of saying is...
wow... he is sent from above, truly. He is a blind man, who "sees" more than a man who has sight.

Hi, guys! I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today as I've converted another one of my friends over to appreciating Stevie!! My cousin, Laura, came and stayed with me and my partner last week and we had a few parties at whcih I played nearly every Stevie album over a five day period! She immediately fell in love with 'Sir Duke' and 'I Wish' and already really liked 'Superstition'. BUT, she has just sent me a text message and she's gone out this morning and bought 'Song Review'. I'm so pleased! Everyone at the parties was asking who was singing! "It's STEVIE WONDER!" I was saying to them and they were all shocked. Too many peeps think that 'I Just Called...' and 'Ebony and Ivory' are the only kind of song that Stevie writes! They certainly had their ears opened!!!

Here are my Top5 Stevie songs over the past week:

1. That Girl
2. Sir Duke
3. Front Line
4. As
5. Superstition

uneamourJun 17, 2003 (14h23)
thank you muchly Ged, and I wholeheartedly agree, I'd love to hear that outtake as an extended track in it's own right. The way he plays it has this certain touch of fusion to it, but like much of his arrangements with synths and keys, they all have that unique sound to them much like what you find in a jazz fusion track. I'd love to hear stevie do an album of rhodes solos with his vocals with nothing else over them, that to me would be unbelievable.

MrJazzJun 17, 2003 (12h59)
Hey Everybody!Has Somebody The Song.. Justice Of The Heart??Now I Have Found The Song Strong Is Our Love Whit Marva Hicks;)


mariselaJun 17, 2003 (04h42)
You're a true musician Stevie.

GedJun 16, 2003 (15h05)

Thanks for the message and nice "Smoke out" question. Regarding the VH1
Tape you lost, you probably know but just in case...its on dvd and has
a bit more on it than the video. Got one for around £12.

GedJun 16, 2003 (14h59)

The piece from the SITKOL documentry you speak of...........It is I would say an
improvised jam of that ever rolling over baseline from I WISH. It is mesmeric the
short time it is shown to say the least. Should become a track in its own right.
Imagine that, a whole album of those funky "Outakes" with just Stevie taking it

bkJun 16, 2003 (14h51)
Message to Nyce,
that song is "Never dreamed you'd leave in summer",from the "Where i'm coming from album".
Message to Ged....yeah i guess you could well be right.I contacted that hotmail address,who definitely received my e-mail.Anyway heres a question for the moderator,just to check you out buddy!
Prior to 1970 ,who was the only production/songwriter collaborator with Stevie ,with released material?
As for the "Songs in the Key of Life "video...sorry but i lost my Vh1 taped copy!
Regards BK

uneamourJun 16, 2003 (13h55)
In the documentary of Songs in the Key of Life, I was wondering what the song is that stevie is jamming away at on the rhodes just by himself, I've never heard it before, that's if it even is a song he's done before, or was he just improvising. The melody is burnt into my brain, unforgettable. There's a guy at a mixing desk who says "that's great, thanks john" just as stevie is gettin down with the tune.

NyceJun 16, 2003 (04h09)
Hey everyone. I need to knw the name of a song, but I only know the lyrics. Does anyone know the name of the song that goes like, "You said then that you would be te light in Autumn. Said you be the one to see the way....Why didn't you stay?" - If anyone know the title email it to me at Thaks

GedJun 16, 2003 (01h14)
Hey people

Is it not strange we suddenly have a hotmail link to Stevie after those clowns appeared. If you're gonna send anything use an anonymous hotmail account yourself or you may start receiving things you don't want over the net.

Sorry for being so suspicious but we have never needed or had a moderator before these no marks came....they aint foolin me. I reckon it's bull.

bkJun 16, 2003 (00h28)
Hi to you all,
well despite the hate and criticism vented by some, i still love this site.We live in a sometimes difficult world.Stevie Wonder helps me each day to live a better life.Thats the reason i send messages and like to answer queries where i can.I like to share the love that shines from Stevie.I remember way back in 1973 when i received a personal thank you card from him out of the blue,when we all were thinking of him and the terrible accident that nearly took him away from us.
So to the moderator,love and peace.Ps if you are in contact with Stevie then it is the first
time i've seen a direct link to Stevie here.I know the french guy lad has set up this prime site for Stevie devotees .It is remarkable to hear your comments moderator.
I would again send my thanks to Dez,Cube,Steviewondergenius,anothermusician,sissi,ged and many more,and ask them to rally to the cause.Love BK.

Stevie is the bestJun 15, 2003 (21h16)
Ciao sono un ragazzo italiano scrivo per dire a Jeff che è un Grande IMBECILLE e che di musica se ne intende veramente poco. stevie sei il migliore

moderatorJun 15, 2003 (19h47)
Hello everyone, I would like to address the person who has been arousing so much frustration in our harmonic world. I will not say any names because that person is not entitled to have it mentioned. I know that you have all been sending these beautiful messages to Stevie for some time now and let me tell you that he really appreciates them all. As I read the aforementioned message to Stevie last week I saw a tear well up in his eye and as he twitched and contorted with pain I realized that it may have been better not to read this one to him but he insisted that I let him hear it all. Stevie just went off to himself and came up with a solution to this person's problem, out of Mr. Wonder's magnanimous heart, he would like to request that an email be sent directly to him through an account that I will make up right now so that we aren't subjected to possible viruses or what not. Contact us at, please do not send anything that is offensive because we'd like to show you the brighter side of life, apart from all the ignorance and blind hate. Even if you don't respond, please remember that even though Stevie isn't watching, God is.... blessings to you and have a wonderful day no matter where you are.

groovyrushJun 15, 2003 (11h38)
hi stevie,
i m rushika from india.i just loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee your song "i just called to say i love you". thank you for such a great song!
your fan-rushika

ColumnaJun 15, 2003 (11h07)
Hi Steve, I just wanted to tell you that you are a part of my childhood; my father used to sing us your songs as lullabyes to go to sleep... You are the best singer in the world, I love your rithm and music. I really miss a new album, when are you going to record one? Keep in touch. Regards, Pilar

SamJun 14, 2003 (23h25)
Hello Mr. Wonder,
My name is Sam and I'm 12 years old. I live in Seattle, Washington and was wondering if you would keep writing songs. I've listened to many of your albums, my favorite is Songs in the Key of Life, and I would love to hear more of your wonderful, soulful music for the worl to enjoy for centuries to come!

2 Tony HotlandJun 14, 2003 (20h04)
I'm not sure what kind of information u r looking for, so I'll do my best 2 help u. First of all, Stevie's real name is Stevland Morris, not Stevie Wonder. Also, I don't have Natural Wonder, but I hear it's really good, so it couldn't hurt 2 pick it up. But if u really want 2 hear Stevie's best, u should buy the classics: Innervisions, Songs in the Key of Life, Talking Book, Music of My Mind, and Fulfillingness' First Finale. Stevie's my favorite musician, so I know a lot about him, but I don't know what u want 2 hear, so just keep asking.



P.S. I haven't heard anything about the new album in about a month, does anybody know anything?

DezJun 14, 2003 (12h06)
My posting was cut off sorry.......
Love and kindness will always rule the day." Do yourself a favor",
"Smile Please" and" Take up a course in happiness" so that
You can see the "Good Light" "cause it won't be too long"


DezJun 14, 2003 (12h02)
Hi all,

I've been reading the posts here for the past few days. Jeff/Mercury
aren’t the first to post negative absurd messages here. When we chose to
turn the other cheek and IGNORE, the went away:)
I was contemplating if I should reply to some of the posts
from Jeff and Mercury. I've been listening to Stevie
Wonder all of my life. In these 26 years I've learned...
Stevie was blind….. NOT HANDICAPPED!
Stevie, who has tap danced at super bowl halftime, para-sailed, roller-skates,
dances his tail-bone off (better than some who can see:) can hardly be called
I'm sure this is the way he wants us to see it - he's a musician,
singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, humanitarian who happens
to be without sight, not the other way around. No one buys his albums
because of his sightlessness or pity. We buy them because they are filled
with positive messages of love, unity and hope. PLUS THEY ARE
WORLD WIDE #1 HITS THAT MAKE YOU BOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like everyone here has pretty much stated, you actually
carry the handicap that plagues so many people today. Its people
like yourself which makes Stevie's music so necessary and essential.
I for one pity you. Love and kindness will always rule the day." Do yourself a favor"
and "Smile Please" and" Take up a course in happiness" so that
You can s

bousfihaJun 14, 2003 (11h32)
I am researcher in germany working for retina implantat project with the hope to develope a product able to help people who are not able to see . I would love to conatct you about this project and talk to to you about that and will be happy if you can reaply to my e-mail.
i am now 36 years old .when i was a child in my original country morocco i listen to your music every day and the poeple their love you too much .when the time was coming to leave my country and come to germany for studies i take all your music cassette with me and until today i am hearing to the songs .as is start to work in the research for the retina prothese your songs are giving me much force and power to work hard to develope in the near future a product who can help the people who can not see.
hope you contact me soon,.

bazJun 14, 2003 (11h28)
HI,can anyone help......i am looking for footage or audio of stevie performing "papa was a rolling stone" using a talkbox/vocoder.i have been searching and searching no joy,is there anyone out there that can help me?baz

LectricGuitarDudeJun 14, 2003 (09h20)
U said it Tony.

I gotta say, im amazed that some people actually think that Stevie got where he is cuz he is blind. Thats just plain wierd. I listen to a lot of Stevie and Jose Feliciano (blind guitar player), and when I listen, the last thing I am aware of is their blindness. Its incredibly inconsequential.

..Just Plain Wierd.

Jeff, the only person anyone here feels any pity for is you. Your disabilty is one I hope I'll never have the misfortune to befall me.

(..Sorry Jed for continuing that.)

Tony HotlandJun 14, 2003 (03h49)
"Why do you all feel so sorry for Stevie? Just because he is blind you buy his albums, praise him on this message board, and slam anyone who does not like his music. Ask yourselves this: would you be behaving this way if Stevie could see? I think not. Stevie should be treated like everyone else, regardless of his disability. He should not be coddled and told he is a good singer, just because he cannot see. Treat him like a real man. If you think he sucks, tell him. Thanks for ‘keeping it real’

Wowww....get a real life man!! I would treat him as anyone else even if he wasn't blind, trust me!! And I know everyone else here would. I have never in my life considered his blindness as a 'plus' thing! The very fact that he's got an enormous unsurpassed true talent is what triggers the infatuation in each and everyone of us here, not because he is blind. Such a lame reason!! In fact, why are you even here? Why did you even bother to post messages here when you don't even like him? Just go to that site that you been visiting and posting beautiful messages on. That Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys thing? Get lost...

GedJun 14, 2003 (02h29)
All real people.....LISTEN

Over the past few years on this forum, the occasional abusive message was posted, and was ignored. They didn't get any takers.

DON'T reply to the ass faces MERCURY and JEFF. They are deficient and will after a time go some where else.

They'll probably reply to this with abuse...but guess what I won't be mentioning them again....cause thats what gets to them.

Lets all get to them like that

diableJun 14, 2003 (00h33)
To Jeff and Mercury..........
go visit this ace web site , i.e.stevies french web-site,

Love And HopeJun 13, 2003 (23h29)
Jeff, don't you think it is pretty obvious that you and Mercury are the same person. You're ignorant. We don't like Stevie just because of his disabilty. We like him for who he is. A Spiritual, kind-hearted, gentle person who took his disability and turned it into an ability. He has a gift and uses it to the fullest. He has done so much. What have you done? Write a couple of messages on a forum? Great contribution. If you can't be who he is, at least admit it, instead of trying to be smart. Because frankly, you aren't impressing anyone. And most importantly, you have wasted your time. It's sad. That's all I can say. Learn from your weakness. Because that's all it is.

JeffJun 13, 2003 (22h54)
Why is it that everyone can express how he or she feels about Stevie’s music except for Mercury? If he hates the music and feels Stevie has no talent, shouldn’t he be allowed to express his opinion? Why do you all feel so sorry for Stevie? Just because he is blind you buy his albums, praise him on this message board, and slam anyone who does not like his music. Ask yourselves this: would you be behaving this way if Stevie could see? I think not. Stevie should be treated like everyone else, regardless of his disability. He should not be coddled and told he is a good singer, just because he cannot see. Treat him like a real man. If you think he sucks, tell him. Thanks for ‘keeping it real’ Mercury! To the rest of you, please treat Stevie as you would anyone else, he doesn’t need your pity.

MidnightLadyJun 13, 2003 (22h31)
Hey idiot. you're not too cool to be ridiculed. You haven't done nothing.
So, do yourself a favor, educate your mind. Get yourself together.hey, there ain't much time. Hurry up !

dear Friends, let's stop talking about a nonsense called mercury. there's much more to do here.

CubeJun 13, 2003 (19h58)
You strike me as someone who is really jealous of Stevie's God given talent plus I would like to see you touch millions of peoples lives thru the beautiful melodies and those amazing jazz chord progressions that have baffled top musicians.

I bet you hav'nt made that kind of impact on anyone, your also jealous that you don't have earnings that Stevie has, your not welcome here.

rjhJun 13, 2003 (17h17)
Mercury - you've got no musical taste buddy. In addition you have no tact. You don't come to someones site and use their message board to slam them. Get a life merc.

Stevie - or website management - you should remove that posting by Mercury. You don't have to allow it up here - and shouldn't.

Stevie - I love your music. "I Wish", "Superstitious", "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" are my 3 favs..

mercuryJun 13, 2003 (14h44)
Jeff I toldly agree with you. All these handicap people think they have the right to get by in life the easy. I have to work full-time plus go to school full-time and I don't get shit. Maybe, I should cut an arm off so I can get a free ride in life. Regarding the music, it really sucks ass. I have heard so many more talented people than stevie. Also, look at the way he dresses and those stank ass locks in has lately. Seems like he could hire a better stylist. The most annoying thing is his head swinging back and forth. One day I hope he swings so hard that he falls off the piano bench. Every time I hear him play I pray to dark demons that he messes up. One time I have heard him mess up and it brought me great joy to myself and friends. Stevie your time long over due. Please give up the fight man your music stinks.

pierJun 13, 2003 (11h23)
Soy Pier y vivo en Madrid. Hace poco que escucho tu musica, pero desde el primer dia que lo hice mi vida es completamente diferente y la has hecho mejor en todos los hay nadie que haga una musica mejor que tu actualmente. lo que echo de menos es verte por madrid algun dia en algun concierto porque me encantaria verte

Gracias por ser como eres y por lo que nos das con tu musica...GRACIAS

matJun 12, 2003 (22h58)
stevie you are the best singer that i ever heard. your music makes me feel happy and surprised because it's strange how a blind man can sing so well
i'm 14 and i have to thank you for all the things that you've done for the music.
you're a rel genius. boys listen the fantastic song that he has written for the movie Bamboozled: Misrepresented People, it has got a fantastic melody

carterJun 12, 2003 (21h17)
Dear Stevie Wonder... I Love your muisc!!!! My name is Carter I am a girl.
I am six I have two sisters one is six. She is my twin!!!! I have another to!
I live in Michign I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MattJun 12, 2003 (16h44)
"I can see the sun in Late December" is a really good track . Infact the whole Musicladen gig is awesome , Higher Ground also kicks ass .

another Fave of mine is ''to know you is to love you '' on the rainbow concert . The drums and bass really keep the momentum going , and although it's been mentioned b4 , the pause in Visions is a mark of genius .
that's the diff between Stevie and someone , say , like Whitney H. , A good artist knows that silence can say more than words at some points .

oooooooo!! great stuff.

Hello all by the way ( not posted many messeges over the last year or so )
waitin on the new album : D

Tony HotlandJun 12, 2003 (07h15)
Hi. it's me again!! I'm just sad that nobody responded to my message. Anyways, where can I see Stevie's biography? I don't even know if Stevie Wonder is his real name? I'm kinda new in digging his life. I just bought his definite collection. Is Natural Wonder a good album? Is it a must to have? i'd love to have it despite the fact that i don't think O still can find it on the record store. Well, have fun to you discussing here. Love and appreciate ya, Stevie!!
PS: Mariah Carey is a HUGE fan of Stevie Wonder. They both really can SING! Pheww...

DezJun 12, 2003 (03h01)

I have a two cd set of the Rainbow gig from 1974 which includes
"You've been better to me than alot of my dreams". Do you happen to
have a set list for that show(s)? If you listen, some of the songs
don't flow into the next song ("Higher Ground >Superwoman for example)

May Jeff as well as all of us grow to love stronger.


SoulWonderJun 12, 2003 (02h46)
Jeff you are the bigest idiot i have ever come across. Stevie does not get recognition for his voice because he is blind, that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Stevie had his first number one at the age of twelve, and to be honest at that time he was not a great singer at all, but now there is nothing better. Just listen to the live version "Ribon In The Sky" on Natural Wonder and that is the end of the descusion, no one HAS, CAN, or WILL sing like that, it really is phenomanal. Also to say that your cousin that works in Burger King is a better singer is just unbelievable, if any one on the planet could sing half as good as Stevie they would be loved and respected by the world, like Stevie is. He is a man of incomparable tallent, he is so unique, and he has a heart of gold, i love Stevie and his music he has really changed me so i owe him this. Dude you say you hate blind people, YOU ARE MORE BLIND THAN STEVIE WILL EVER BE, Stevie sees the important things in life, the things you can't touch like love and peace, man open your eyes. I try not to get angry but you really do push me, mate i forgive you and i just hope that one day you will leave this material planet and get in touch with your heart.

Love you forever Stevie

Tom T

bkJun 12, 2003 (01h51)
Hi folks...
and to Jeff..learn to love my friend.You hate someone because you think their blindness has given them an unfair advantage?Hitler was of course a mass murderer.6 million jews were not blind but got wiped out by the dictator. Luckily Britain and America were not weak.Your friend who works at Burger King can speak and see and hear for himself.I hope he's seen your message and that YOU get real with yourself.Take a listen to "Evil" and then "Loves in need of love today".
Sorry about that chaps!
I have just been listening to digital mixes of "Stay Gold"(stevie),"I can only be me"(by Cassidy) ,and Stevies last song at his 1973 Rainbow 2nd gig."Sooner or Later"
Awesome is the word folks.I have the first Rainbow gig taped from a Radio Luxembourg broadcast with Kid Jensen also interviewing.(Thirty years ago that tape was done!)The second gig i recall particularly which has some ace harmonica playing improvised around The sunshine of my life melody.
I also have a german recording of "I can see the sun in Late December" somewhere.
Its fantastic to hear these brilliant songs again.God bless you Stevie i love you and i love your music....bk

LectricGuitarDudeJun 12, 2003 (01h00)
..and as for that guy Jeff, a cpl of posts below..

There are many great musican's in this world, many not so great musicians in this world and many non musicians in this world, who think Stevie is a legend. You don't get that status by being blind.

You get it because there is something indefinable in your music (of whatver style) that just touches people, and baffles music theorists.

Most people couldn't care less how good a musician's vision is. It appears you are deaf to a part of his music that the rest of us enjoy.

I am not a fan of a few Stevie Wonder songs, but a lot of them are just brilliant.

And perhaps your cousin Leon should do the real hard work and repeatedly forward his music to record companies, promoters etc. (I really don't belive they care about your vision too much either). Good Luck.

Pity about your own disability though.

LectricGuitarDudeJun 12, 2003 (00h42)
For all you stevie wonder fans out there:

You might want to hear (read) what one legendary guitar player had to say about the wonder that is Stevie.

Go the the url below and click on the last image in the list. (sorry if the page doesnt load correctly on your browser)

It is a large image file, but its quite nice to read.

(by the way, has anybody out there played 'Superstition' with no keyboard player? I'd like to know how you aproached it. -thanx.)

JeffJun 11, 2003 (21h42)
I hate Stevie Wonder. Why should he get so much recognition just because he is blind. My cousin Leon is a better singer than him but since he can see he has to work at Burger King. That shit aint fair. I also hate most other blind people, including Ray Charles (whose got the right one now beeyatch), Helen Keller (little Ho!), and that guy on Star Search. You may think I am kidding, but I'm not. Hitler was right, "we must weed out the weak" and Stevie, you're weak!!! In short, you should have to work like everyone else, not get a free pass just cause you can't see.

AndyJun 11, 2003 (04h50)
Dear Stevie, I love all your songs, and I love you. The first song I heard was Ebony and Ivory, from there I was hooked. I am 8 years old, and I made my parents by me a pair of sunglasses. You are very special to me. I am a singer too. I started being a singer this year. I really like your mustache. Bye, Stevie.

TiggybelJun 11, 2003 (03h44)
Mr. Morris, you are the reason I live, your music has inspired my whole life. I feel blessed to have known your music.

PS I have a live version of Visions, recorded in 1972 (9.44 mins)- Magical
I love you Stevie

jsoulJun 10, 2003 (21h57)
hey stevie or should i say mr. wonder i knowyou may hear this alot and you probably wont be able to hear this message but i had to put this out there..... mr. wonder i am your biggest and most greatful student and fan..i have studied your work from every possible angle....i've listened to every piece of music you ever written or produced and i want you to know that if it wasnt for you i'd probably never would have been able to appreciate music and art. i sincerly love your work and admire your spirit and even in your lowest hour i always believed in my lowest hour many have desserted me and left me for dead but your music always got me through somehow.,.. you have along with others in your class developed a new nation of youth who thrist for real soul music..and i will forever be in your dept for wonder this may be as close as i come to ever speaking to you so i thought i should let you know that you are the reason why i pursue my music career as hard as i doand as long as ypur music exist i will always have a reason to keep pushin for my dreams.. much love from and admirer and student
jammal j.s.o.u.l smith

XJun 10, 2003 (19h50)
Hey is stevie wonder still performing and doing music??
Is he going on tour like, in germany??
I'd be very excited if he would. Bye

GdeleJun 10, 2003 (19h02)
Hey there Master of the Wonders. I just want to say I really love your music, and I wonder if you will come to Toronto anytime soon, please?!!! Would you come?? I just moved here from Cuba a couple of years ago and I would love nothing more than hearing you perform live.
Gracias for your time, Te quiero Stevie, u inspire me.

vajjanJun 10, 2003 (14h24)
I just came to say: i love u =oP
For real... u are the king of music!!!
If you're magic..then why can't u be everlasting!?
Hugs and kisses

LeoJun 10, 2003 (13h47)
Hi Stevie,
When are you coming to Brazil for a next show ??

MikeJun 10, 2003 (10h45)
Hi I've just created a site dedicated to great singers of old and Stevie Wonder features on this page, this might interest a lot of you as it contains song lyrics, hits discology, life information and a link to this site. I hope a lot of you will visit it.

Tony HotlandJun 10, 2003 (08h25)
Hi everyone! My name is Tony, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm 22 years old. I just found out this site and I'm soo thrilled that there's a forum. I have always enjoyed Stevie's music. He's the best of all. I knew him (like 10 years ago) from my mom and a radio station in my country that plays music in the old days. But I don't really know much about Stevie and I would really love if any of you would share your knowledge about Stevie. Maybe we could become friends. I only have one album, his Greatest Hits. Well, that's all for now. Write me back and welcome me here, pleasee!! To Stevie, on off chances that you might notice this message: I LOVE YOU! Wish to be like you someday. You saved my music awareness by showing what real talent is. Happy Belated Birthday anyway...hahahha!!!

kimJun 9, 2003 (23h36)
Hey Stevie, Thanks for all of the great music. Did you ever have a musician or friend named Hal Pal or something close to that? Maybe he was a drummer. I know someone who said he was your drummer in a previous life. Strange question I know, but thought I would ask anyway.

ZeînedineJun 9, 2003 (17h20)
Bonjour, Stevie Wonder.
Je suis d'origine Algerienne est musicien vos musiques et chansons nous ont accompagnés durant toute notre jeunesse à ce jour. Tout le peuble Algerien a une grande estime de vous et tous les jours les medias passe tous vos musiques à travers le pays à ce jour.

Je pense comme toute personne vous etes au courant de ce qui ce passe en Algerie du tremblement de terre aux massacres des enfants, des femmes et des hommes chaque jours. Alors le 1 juin 2003 j'etais voir La viege de Notre Dame de Santa Cruz a Nîmes ( France ) j'ai allumé une bougie pour lui demandé que la paix revienne dans le monde et d'epargner mon pays d'origine ( Je suis immigré en france deouis 12 ans) des malheur et d"arreter ces massacres des islamistes fanatiques sur les enfants, femmes et les hommes.

Le soir même, elle m'est pârvenue dans mon reve on me demandant d'organiser avec un concert avec stevie wonder et le chanteur populaire
Cheb MAMI ( celui qui a chanté avec sting derrierement) pour chanter que des chanson d'amour et de paix.

En me levant du lit, je me suis dit je me suis dit, de ma part je suis dans l'incapacité d'organiser ce concert ( Je suis un simple magasinier dans un lycée), alors le seul moyen je po

SHANNONJun 9, 2003 (14h01)
Can someone please tell me where I can buy "The Hustle". My dad wants it and I think it would be an awesome Father's Day gift. Stevie I was born in Detroit, and grew up listening to a lot of Motown. All I can say is I LOVE IT!!!

SHANNONJun 9, 2003 (14h00)
Can someone please tell me where I can buy "The Hustle". My dad wants it and I think it would be an awesome Father's Day gift. Stevie I was born in Detroit, and grew up listening to a lot of Motown. All I can say is I LOVE IT!!!

DezJun 9, 2003 (10h18)
Music of my mind is one of my favorite Stevie albums. For me, the standout
song will always be "Superwoman". Especially the transition between
In the middle. While holding out for a better recording offer from
Motown and/or another record company, Stevie made wrote 39
tunes. He shaves those songs down to the 9 he liked the best.
These are the 9 you hear on MOMM. They way he did music
wrote and recorded then was incredible. I really dug "Black Maybe on
Syreeta's album. Of course that album
plus the follow up were more or less unofficial Stevie Wonder albums.
My favorite from he two Stevie related albums are the aforementioned
"Black Maybe", "Universal sound of the world" and "Heavy Day".
This music is timeless. Yes we still have conscious music, and yes
some artists have began to realize that music should include
some live instrumentation vs. all computer. However
this period from Stevie's is not only relevant to this day
but it also to many, me included, symbolizes him at his best.


AleksanderJun 8, 2003 (22h51)
Can somone please tell me where I can send my fan mail to?

MidnightLadyJun 8, 2003 (19h24)
Dez, i think you're right. Where I come from is a brilliant album, with a surrounding sound, deep lyrics. Music of my mind is one of my favourite Stevie's albums because there's much experimentation there (look at the first track that is astonishing or "seems so long", exquisite). When you listen to that album you become aware of the fact that stevie was really in the core of the new sound. he was the core itself. I mean, he accomplished what many musicians (the vanguard) were trying to do. if you think to the sound of "Black Maybe" in the syreeta's first album you realize that all the effects, the music, the way of singing are extraordinally à la page to figure in some trip-hop/neo-electronic collection. that's wonder-ful.

TimJun 8, 2003 (00h50)
Hey, Stevie!
It's me again! Your boy from good ol' North Carolina! :)
Anyway, I saw "Divas" two weeks ago and I have to say that once again you are still the man! I liked your interaction with Whitney, Mary J. and definitely Chaka! (DAMN! U were just feelin' happy with Ms. Khan by your side, who knew you were like that?! LOL U must be a secret casanova to the ladies--especially your new wife, LOL) Anyway, your music still kicks a$$ and when your new album DOES come out, I'll be sure to pick it up. You should do another duet with MJ, that would be a dream come true. Don't let the record company mess with ya, man. Just come with the realness, man. We all know that we need it in 2003 and '04. Happy belated Birthday by the way! You look 43. :) Keep on rocking, Wonder Kid, PEACE OUT! Oh, and Stevie fans, let a brotha know when he's ripe and ready for release. :)

BettyJun 7, 2003 (22h22)
From Italy, Sicily, Palermo! Dear dear dear dear Stevie Wonder!!!! I love you and your music and songs so much (sorry my english).
You will be one of my favourite artists ever and ever!!
Ciao da Palermo un grande bacio (kiss) da parte mia with all my heart !! Betty

fede@--Jun 6, 2003 (23h42)
stevie es el mejor del mundo yo creo q nadie podria cantar cm el
su mejor trabajo song in the key of life un beso pa to madrid

A.i.Jun 6, 2003 (19h57)
I was wondering if there are any DVD releases planned with old 60's/70's concert footage of Stevie ? Anybody who knows?

S@sJun 6, 2003 (16h34)
yo stevie u funk master general!im sas from the u.k im 15 and i am litterli addicted to your songs!i think its my moms influence,being a singer she likes to drill songs and artists into me!and you my friend sare not one i complain about!thanku for you effort to bring us some of the best music of last century!!U ROCK MY BROTHER!!xxxxxxan1 wanna chat to me about stevi let me know!!

sasJun 6, 2003 (16h23)
hi there!im from the u.k and i 15. i would just like to say that im one of 20 friends that enjoy his music at my school!weve got a stevie fan club!ive got most of his albums i just think that he's created a new revelation in time!!i just wanna say that ALL STEVIE FANS ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!!!!

DanishfanJun 6, 2003 (14h14)
Hey. I would like to ask everyone, if there you can telle me, where I can find a list of Stevies upcoming concerts (if he has any). I´m ready to travel around the world to se a live Stevie Wonder perfomance.
And to you Stevie.... From my heart... They call them king of soul, pop, rock and so on.... But you are not to be titled of this world... Your voice is a gift from God. Thank you thank you thant you!

nick WATERJun 5, 2003 (23h15)
hello babe stevie! .. i was just singing joy inside my tears, but dont understand very well the first verse. is there someone to help me, i am not an english mother tongue .... thanx.
stevie, stay happy!! LOVE.

DezJun 5, 2003 (13h29)

Where I'm coming from is a fantastic album. Some great ballads
are found on this one," Something out of the blue", "Never dreamed...."
"Think of me as your soldier" just to name a few. I guess by far
one of the most far out Stevie tunes for that time was "Look around"
which kicks the album off. It may not make the greatest hits
list, but its uniqueness goes to show you that Stevie didn't care about
being a singles man or going with the grain. "Do yourself a favor"
was basically a warning of what was to come in terms of his clavinet
pieces (Keep on running, Superstition, Higher Ground etc.)
This album was highly over looked probably because
Motown was not too excited to let one of their artists
do their own thing. The same can be said for
Music of my mind.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't "Cash in your face" sort of
updated version of "I wanna talk to you" 9 years earlier? Not that I'm
complaining. He pulls off the role reversal very well.


bkJun 5, 2003 (12h39)
Hi folks,
i,ve just done a digital recording of those four early 80's singles."Do i do","Front line","That girl","Ribbon in the sky".Its amazing to see stevie mimicking the Sugar hill gang.Plus those great backing vocals on "That Girl".
i've also rerecorded "Where i'm coming from" for an old friend."I wanna talk to you "was by the sounds of it Stevie hitting out at Motown.(By the way the motown news site on Stevie has woken up!It now has three updates on him)
"Think of me as your soldier","Something out of the blue","Sunshine in their eyes",and the end note he sings on "Never dreamed you'd leave in summer"all still sound very good.Considering Stevie then was considering leaving Motown it's pretty good.
Anyway here's hoping Stevies beavering away in the recording studio and possibly issuing some new stuff!I suspect we'll have to wait until August because record companies do not like releasing in Mid Summer.
patience and understanding to you all.BK

VikkeJun 5, 2003 (12h20)

I think it's time Stevie toured the UK doing a kind of City Hall intimate kinda thing! It would give HUGE fans such as myself the chance to see him up close and personal and would be a good way to show people that he still is the genius that not enough peeps remember! J. Newcastle. UK!

patrick de montpellier from franceJun 5, 2003 (09h25)

a french fan.

Mr.JazzJun 4, 2003 (22h32)
Hi Everybody my favorite songs are

Strong is our love .whit marva hicks

justice of the heart .from the movie john q

feeding of the love of the land

dancing to the rythm

i can't imagine love whitout you

I've Got To Be Me.Unrealeased


To Feel The Fire

To Feel The Fire Gospel Version

misrepresented people

We Didn't Know

But some songs are gone do somebody have some good songs teel me peace!

PegJun 4, 2003 (20h12)
Hey Stevie, I was at the Golden Gloves event on May 31 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and I would like to confirm if it was actually you who walked into one of the portals, sat down and chatted with a few little boys. Several claim it was a look-alike but I had the opportunity to speak with you and watch how you portrayed yourself to those little boys. If it was you, and if you do remember, I was the one who was asked to stay with you until the gentleman escorting you returned. If it was a look-alike I'm going to be so disappointed because I thought personnally meeting you was a thrill of a lifetime. Please let me know if this was you. Thanks so much!!

HayleyJun 4, 2003 (16h25)

What can I say a truely inspirational man that has touched my heart with so many of your songs. I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me laugh, cry and sing my heart out. You have a voice like an angel, I'm having You Are The Sunshine of My Life at my wedding for my first dance because it is such a special song for me from a truly sensational man. Thank you Stevie. Hayley, England

PinkyJun 3, 2003 (15h41)
Hi Steveland,

I saw you on VH1 and you were great as always. You are still handsome as ever and you were wearing that hat. Your performance was outstanding and you look very happy. I love you and will always love you. Stay sweet and kind and take care of yourself. Tell your wife stop feeding you so much food. What is she trying to do?

DAVIDJun 3, 2003 (07h44)

crazyJun 3, 2003 (05h29)
does anyone have the song "Justice for the Heart" by stevie? if so, please e-mail me at

Smiles DavisJun 3, 2003 (02h38)
Stevie where can i start, where can i end. so many things about you that i have no chioce to admire. you're the man and i know you hear this everyday. but if i didn't tell you then what kind of fan would i be. i'm a singer myself and all i wish to be able to do is sing like you sing with ferocity and beauty. i don't even know if you'll respond to this but i had to ask you this question: if i ever get famous i would like your permission to try and sing one of your songs cause there is no way i could ever do it as good as you, but it would be a tribute to you. for giving me a dream. thanks Stevie. maybe we'll meet one day. peace and strength

Mimi & mamaJun 3, 2003 (01h52)
hello stevie wonder
we are 16 and from New Zealand we love your music we have nearly every album me mimi i sing your songs alot they are very beautiful lyrics and i adore them and you I hope that when i become famous i get to meet you someday and sing with you.

QueLJun 3, 2003 (00h51)
Stevie...A Living Legend.. Im a teen still, and listen to all of his songs. Dont let my age be the reason. I dont know if he knows about these messages, but im here to put my two cents in. Stevie is not only one of my favorites, but many's. "Ribbon in the sky" will be played at my wedding one of these days!

bkJun 2, 2003 (22h37)
Dear fans,
well i have watched the Divas VH1 show three times now.I must say that Stevie did "Do I Do" really well.Also Whitney did better with Stevie than with Bobby Brown.
Last night on British TV ,there were the EMMA awards,(Basically awards to multi-ethnic artists)Stevie won a lifetime award.Steve was not present,but confidante and close friend,Keith Harris was.He accepted the award on Stevies behalf.Paul Gambaccinni presented the award.Stevie never accepts these awards "lightly".amongst the clips were the original "Fingertips","Uptight" on UK tv."Don't you worry bout a thing" on the
german Musik Laden show,"We are the world" video with Stevies vocal part...It was great to see that the legend award went to Martin Luther King Junior.They showed clips of the great mans speeches,which were superbly backed by Stevie Wonder's track "Visions".
What did you think folks?

FunkygrooveJun 2, 2003 (13h49)
Just stumbled across your website (and an nice one that is...) I have just one question...why is it that i cannot find anything 'bout your own recordlabel on which you have released (coproduced and sang a long) the Rappin' masterpiece of miracle from Gary Byrd - The Crown??? Your involvment has made this a success, therefore this should be mentioned (at least) on your webpage.
Keep on jammin'
Funkygroove at

a girl from DenmarkJun 2, 2003 (13h12)
Dear stevie.
You are my number 1 singer. I´m 15 years old and from Denmark. I was wondering if you are doing any kind of concerts in Denmark, SOON? I really hope so, it would be the best...becouse you are the best.
I LOVE your songs.. and i really want to hear you proform live. Your songs really means a lot to me.
I hope to see you in Denmark....

DonJun 2, 2003 (01h03)
Dear Stevie, my mother is looking for a song you wrote, called "Purple Raindrops". Could you please post the words up on your site so she can sing them. She is your biggest fan!! Believe me my brother and I was awaken every moring to one of your songs. She loves ya. So please post that song up for her. :) Don in STL. MO.

S.M.nobodyimportantJun 1, 2003 (08h00)
You don´t need piety,
You´re my Gold Star,
You have everyboby,
And don´t need anyone.
But I,solitary,
really need piety,
´cause even with somebody,
I always feel alone...