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BKNov 30, 2003 (21h47)
i JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU...................................
MERRY XMAS ..........HOUSE OF TOYS 2003...........JAPAN 2003..........

DaveNov 30, 2003 (12h04)
Hi! Stevie's Talking Book, Innervisions, Songs in the Key of Life are masterpieces! My older sister saw Stevie open up for the Rolling Stones in '72! Does Stevie still tour? I never hear/see anything about him touring at all.

bkNov 28, 2003 (23h15)
regards to Cube,
from BK ..........its great to hear from ya.Looking forward to new stuff from Stevie whilst in Japan.Also.........hope he performe live with Blue.......hopefully on TOTP new live format
love BK

CubeNov 28, 2003 (21h18)
Did anyone see stevie on GMTV this week.
I missed it.
What did he sing was it about him or was it about Stevie backing Blue?

Hi Dez and BK , its great to see you guys again.


GavNov 28, 2003 (14h29)
Hi there,

I was browsing a John Lennon biography in the book shop the other day and nearly fell off my seat when I read that some time in the late seventies, Paul McCartney and Mr Stevie Wonder met up with him for a jam session. Whatsmore, it was recorded!! I know it's a long shot, but does anyone out there have this priceless gem? I do hope Stevie reads these messages. If he does, I would like to pass on my eternal thanks for all of the music he has shared with us. I still cry every time I listen to 'I Am Singing'. And is Cash In Your Face the funkiest song ever, or what?

Joel HamiltonNov 26, 2003 (09h50)
i'm 15 years old and only 3 years ago my father died of cancer, he was a great fan of your music over many, many years..and i am privilidged to be raised with your talent in my presence. Just now i have been listening to your music intensly. I love your work with a passion.
I'm shure all of your fans over the world would appreciate, if u brought out another album or song, wich would take the world by storm, a song which would encourage and give people a positive outlook on life.
Thank would be a dream if u could somehow reply to this letter.

MarvelousNov 26, 2003 (00h17)
Hey. Mr Stevie Wonder I hope that you personaly get to read this messege, you are the most greatest musicperfomer I have listened to. You are farmoste the biggest inspiration source for my commin first album. If i ever get to, I will performe one of your songs as a tribute to your wonderful talent. Stevie I love you, keep on the good work and hopefully I will get to met you if im succesfull.
Best wishes

Chris T AndersonNov 25, 2003 (18h06)
Hey Stevie, Beena fan since I bought Fullfilingness first finale way back in the 70's..well have accumulated approx 20 albums, gotta say you are my inspiration in life, I called my daughter Ayesha after Isnt she lovely , now at 42 still get hours of pleasure from your songs. I saw you in Birmingham , England in 1986..awsome!! Pleae come back to the UK!! I live in Hull, uk we now have a 30,000 new seater stadium that Elton John recenty played at in the opening of this great stadium...Please come over..Fav records include , Angie girl, That girl,Life is in need of love today,ebony eyes, Isnt she lovely and all I do!!! plus tons more!!! Hope you get this Message chris.

bkNov 24, 2003 (00h06)
A big hello to Cube and Dez...........spread the word sir!
saw the new Blue video on Uk tv last night.Yep i think Blue have got a big hit here.Stevie is bound to get some good publicity here.Stevie's gonna by on GMTV (breakfast tv)this week.
Westlife hit no.1 today with the cover of "Mandy" maybe BLUE COULD PUT Stevies 1970 hit
at no.1.
Love bK in the Uk

KelishaNov 23, 2003 (23h05)
hey whats good yall out there in internet land? well im looking for the lyrics for the song titled a ribbion in the sky b/c i have to sing that song in a talent show and i need the lyrics so if anybody can find them or have them could you send then to me

Anne & ToddNov 23, 2003 (17h08)
Years ago my husband and I saw a show on cable proclaiming that Santa is real. It consisted of testimonials from Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, M.I.T. professors, American Airline pilots and others. We have tried unsuccessfully for years to find this "documentary". Could you help us find it ?

Thank You,
Anne and Todd

CubeNov 22, 2003 (23h47)
I heard this site was up and running again but have had problems logging on before.

I heard the Blue Cover for the first time and stevie sounds on form.
But still waiting for stevie's new material.

I understand he's done a song for the soundtrack of 'Howards Duck' does anyone know if this is a brand new track or one of his classics.?

CubeNov 22, 2003 (23h44)
Hi Guys

Its great to be back.
A big hi to BK ,Dez,and all the rest of the crew.

Lady PNov 21, 2003 (23h22)
My Dearest Stevie,
I really think that it is time for you to give us more music. You a a true song bird you give the kind of music and songs that touches the core of the soul. We really need a song from someone as yourself to bring about human awarness for all.

LarsNov 21, 2003 (22h38)
Hey Stevie,

Thank you so much for making this wonderfull music!
I am a 15 year old boy who lives in Norway!
When I was young my mother died of cancer, and I could nearly come over it.
But when I heard your music my life turned, and I was happy again!
Your loving and wonderfull music reminds me of her and it built up my self-confidence. You are the second important person in my life, after my family.
Thank you so much for making this loving music!!
You will allways be a part of my life

Thousand thanks

nick Carla BuschmanNov 21, 2003 (13h45)
Is Steve Wonder still giving concerts? And any chance of him coming to Holland or Belgium (or anywhere else in Europe)?
Bye, Carla

bKNov 21, 2003 (00h21)

Hi guys,
yes its ironic that this "freely" available world-wide website is not being used.
I guess as it was off air from july to november means a lot of guys think the site is still off
air.Well.........spread the word guys cause Stevie's on the way back.Signed,Sealed,Delivered
by Blue will give Stevie the exposure he deseerves.The tour in Japan is just a month away.
Plus i hear that much new stuff is already recorded for his next album.So guys we've got a lot
to look forward too
Love BK in the UK

mellowNov 19, 2003 (16h39)
Why is Stevie's site silent?

mellowNov 19, 2003 (16h34)
Why is Stevie's site silent?

JMCNov 19, 2003 (12h00)
Please,new album quickly

Rasmus Nov 19, 2003 (10h32)
Hey everybody
when is stevie going at tour in europe again??
will he come to copenhagen Dk? ...

toufikNov 18, 2003 (15h20)
jean,you´re welcome!I´m happy that you found it.It must be a great joy.

jeanNov 18, 2003 (09h35)

no, i think it was definitely ebony eyes. but thanx 4 the tip anyway.

toufikNov 17, 2003 (18h12)
Hi jean!
Don´t you mean the song "isn´t she lovely"? if yes,it´s included in Songs in the key of life album.
good luck.

toufikNov 17, 2003 (18h04)
hello everyone!
I´m Toufik from Czech Republic,I´d like to express my admiring and loving thoughts about the genius of stevie wonder.his songs inspire the whole world and makes him dream of sweeter and more peaceful life on earth.Please Stevie,come to czech Republic and make us dream too.
Otherwise and to all fans of Stevie,in Czech Republic,once again ,please come and let´s create a fan club in this country for our wonderful wonder.
I´m expecting your replyes.

jeanNov 17, 2003 (11h35)
Nick, wow! Thanks, I've found it on the net and that was the song I was looking for. I haven't heard it for 25 years! Thanks a lot! J.

BenjiNov 16, 2003 (07h23)
New Song recorded called Signed, Sealed, Delivered
year 2003

daveNov 15, 2003 (21h42)
when is stevie bringing out a new album,its about time

daveNov 15, 2003 (21h40)
when is stevie bringing out a new album,its about time

NickNov 15, 2003 (20h05)
Ah yes,

I'm sure there are some Michael Jackson fans in here as well! Stevie is one of the true friends of Michael actually. I love and admire both. If you are interested in discussing Michael, and other artists in the Non MJ Music section, check out the following link:



NickNov 15, 2003 (20h00)
Some help has arrived for my fellow Stevie fans.

Jean, I'm positive you mean the song Ebony Eyes. You can find it on the Songs In The Key Of Life album.


You can find that song by Stevie on the School Daze soundtrack performed by Keith John. Also, Eva Cassidy covered it as well. Good luck searching!



jeanNov 15, 2003 (11h31)
Pleeeeease help me!!! I remember listening to a SW song when I was about 5 or less. All I can recall is that it was on a SP record and it started with the noise of children playing on a playground maybe. I remember that I liked the song very much. I'd love to hear it again but none of my SW pro friends can tell me what it is called. Help me if you can otherwise I'll die.
Thanx a lot.

RickNov 15, 2003 (02h40)
Dear all,
At the song Bird of beauty the portuguese phrases are (please copy and paste it to proper lyrics):
"Tudo bem você deve descansar a sua mente,
Não faz mal o que vai acontecer daqui prá frente.
Vai cantar alegria que sacode(?) de repente,
Você coração assim, tá feliz já vai cantar carnaval."

Mercy beaucoup.

CjNov 14, 2003 (10h02)
hey i am trying to find the album, where i can find the song "i can only be me" by stevie wonder and i can't seem to find it help me

TwigNov 14, 2003 (04h42)
stevie you rock! It had been a long time since I heard any one of your amazing pieces of work. and tonight,I was re acquanted.

Stevie you are the 8Th wonder of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BrennoNov 13, 2003 (09h50)
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a comparison that I have to do for school. I have to compare Stevie's version of "For Once In My Life" with Frank Sinatra's. Can anyone provide me with a song analysis of either versions? If not, does anyone know where I can find a good album or song review for the song? If not, I don't mind :) I'll just do my own work :) I just though this may help me out :)



retrofunk62Nov 13, 2003 (02h32)
Hey Stevie Wonder fans! I was wondering if there are any other Tom Jones fans here. Did you guys know that Tom Jones just came out with a brand new album?? I didn't even know until my friend who works at Universal told me. It's really good! I heard a clip ( and some other ones on Now I can't wait to get the album. It's groovy and edgy. Check it out!

munchsterNov 12, 2003 (15h12)
I think India Arie's dedication pretty much sums up what most people think of you, your talent and your music. When are you coming to the UK to do a show?

JosephNov 11, 2003 (16h48)
Stevie man you got the most inspiring tones. Your musical beats and rhythm stays in people heads wanted to hear more of the song. Like Sir Duke, Always and a lot of others. I loved the performance you did with that tap dancer on the song "Ribbon in the sky". That was just great man. You have gave music a brand new name and era. With your talents you helped change music and took it to another level. Thanks

From Joe

Bethany Sue BywaterNov 11, 2003 (11h55)
I'm 16 and have chose to write a brief biography on you and a little more for my end of term assignment at college. I'm studying at BIMM-Brighton Instutuite Of Modern Music. I'm learning the bass guitar and have recently just worked out the bassline to 'I was made to love her' and 'I wish' I'm proud to say, my name was put forward to the BBC by my tutor, they're making a documentury and following a sudent around or something? Not too sure? Anyway,I grew up on you, Steely Dan and numerous other artists, Jazz mainly... Of course this message is to say, that I enjoy listening to your music more than anything, this is cliche, but it's garunteed I will feel better after a session of Stevie listening! My whole family get off on your fabulous, meaningful, soulfull!, wicked songs, I could find several more words to describe your music! One last thing. I am hoping to go into the industry as a bass player, girl bass player, and my dream would be to work with you, or meet you, not because your famous, but because you mean something to me. I hope when i'm recognised - soon - we shall meet and discuss many things!

Lots of love to you and the great makings of your music...(make some more!)

Bethany Sue Bywater

TonyNov 11, 2003 (05h14)
Hi everybody,

Glad to see that this site is up and working again. Hope everyone is doing well especially Dez and the Yahoo Group!!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Gayle, I'm from So Cal also and I'm waiting for any kind of information on when tix will go on sale. I've been to the last 2 "House of Toys Benefits" and they were both awesome so I'm curious as to who will be in this year's roster!!!! I'm thinking that it will take place on Dec. 20th at the Great Western Forum but you never know!!! Anyways I hope you all take care and talk to you soon!!!!!!


ChickenNov 10, 2003 (19h05)
your the greatest, if you remember that, you can reach everything!!!

nick don't cry over spliti milkNov 10, 2003 (16h16)
Hey Stevie,
I'm from Italy and I just wanna say that you're great. 'Part time a lover' and 'I Wish' will sparkle up in the sky of music over and over again

NickNov 10, 2003 (15h52)

That one is called "Justice to the heart".


Ah, glad to hear the song featuring Blue and Angie Stone is coming out shortly. I've catched the video twice now, and Stevie looks really happy and excited. Expecting a big hit myself.


imranNov 8, 2003 (23h29)
stevie i have just descovered your music and find it wonderful to listen to

brentNov 8, 2003 (00h42)
Hi guys,
well it's great to see this website back in action.Love and peace to Lad.Also great love to Bruno/Bill/Vaid etc at Yahoo.Well as BK who posted that message back in July,just when this site came off air,its good to be back.Stevie is going to tour Japan next month.His single with Blue comes out shortly.Signed ,Sealed,Delivered I'm Yours will hopefully be a bigger hit
33 years on.My love to Dez,Cube,Steviewondergenius ....its great to be back......just like Stevie...
Spread the word folks. BK in the UK

huxleyNov 7, 2003 (12h53)
Can anyone tell me if "Go Home" ever came out as re-edit on vinyl? Also where would i be able to get my hands on it...been searching for years now. Thanks

gayleNov 7, 2003 (00h43)
I have been a fan for many many years and have been going to the "Housefull of Toys" event in LA for the last three years. What's the date for this years event?

Kenny J.Nov 6, 2003 (20h46)
Hello Stevie!
I have been a fan of yours for 30 years. I am a drummer at my church and I also write lyrics to songs. I hope u will with continuous success in your career and may God bless u and keep.

lanetteNov 6, 2003 (20h21)
hi stevie i am just writing to say that i am a big hit of yours and i am doing a music project on you and i wish you would be there with me tomorrow then i wouldn't be so scared oh i for got to tell you that i go to drumline hights and my fave song is i just called to say i love you.write back to me as soon as you can.your amazing.

JanNov 6, 2003 (18h17)
It's very simple : Songs In the Key Of Life - is probably the best album ever in rock history.
What is Stevie up to these days? Mail me.
Greetings from Belgium.

MarcellusNov 6, 2003 (17h56)
Music from both Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson always gives me goosebumps, never stop. Can somebody please tell me name of the song from Stevie Wonder from the movie "John Q"?

CatNov 6, 2003 (16h04)
Does anyone know if/when Stevie will tour again? It is my absolute dream to see the man himself live. I would hyperventilate with excitement in fact!

sheena mclemoreNov 5, 2003 (23h43)
hi stevie,I'm your biggest fan i admire you so much . keep doing what you do cause as long as you do you'l inspire people like me to move on and to accomplish my goals in life. you are truely an inspiration to us all.

kikiNov 5, 2003 (13h35)
kiki i luv this song so much it dont make no sence my school chior sings this and they got a record deal by universile thanks so much

milkoNov 5, 2003 (13h16)
hi everybody hwo likes stevies music i am hes big fan,dont you ever wonder when mr.wonder will record a new album,if anybody knows plese inform me.p.s please steve do it for fans.

Diogo BorgesNov 4, 2003 (19h04)
Hello Steve Wonder,
The Chamber of Lisbon in Portugal would like to invite you to come to Portugal on the 3rd of December to assist at the ending of European year for handicapped people. We are bringing a ballet to Theatre S. Luiz and we would like you to be our Godfather in these ceremony.

Waiting for your response

Diogo Vieira Borges

NickNov 4, 2003 (11h57)
Hey Stevie,

I like your guest appearance on the song with Gloria Estefan, it's cool. Love the vocals, and your Harmonica playing throughout the song. As a musician myself I can only appreciate the musical treasures you have given us. I hear you're gonna release a remake of Signed, Sealed Delivered with Angie Stone and the British group Blue. Looking forward to that. Take care, Stevie, God Bless you.


XavierNov 4, 2003 (00h50)
Hey stevie I listen to your album Characters and
Song Review: A Greatest Hits collection I like
your songs so touching . My favorite songs are'' Superstiton ''SIr Duke
the reggae song Master Blaster (Jammin') from Hotter than July Living for the city & Part time Lover and also hits from Characters Get it skeletons my eyes don't cry dark 'n' lovely etc. I also like that one song ''Ribbon in the sky'' it is lovely I 'm so amazed how a blind man would sing play the harmonica & other insturements it is so cool! you Rock stevie!