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wilfriedDec 31, 2003 (17h32)
Meilleurs Voeux pour l'année 2004. Happy New Year.
Vous faites partie des immortels de la musique, Steve.
Je suis un grand fan de Gilbert Bécaud, qui vous adorait.
Take it easy. Good Luck. WJ BELGIUM.

Paul GDec 31, 2003 (16h40)
Found my own answer:

Gary Byrd and the GB Experience

Maru Dec 31, 2003 (16h31)
Stevie played National Anthem by harmonica at K1 (a kind of pro wrestling match popular in Japan) final match for Bob Sapp(ex-NFL player) VS Akebono (ex- Sumo wrestler from Hawaii) on Dec. 31 ,2003 in Nagoya. The show was aired on TV. Great performance.

angelinaDec 31, 2003 (15h42)
hello stiwi wonder this is angelina. But a have a broders and may broders say stiwi are may idol and shis say a will sing wid stiwi and may broders are artist may broders have a contrakt. may broders are 10 years old. and sings verry nance. butt can you sand bak fore us. byee.

Paul GDec 31, 2003 (14h55)
Can someone help me?

I'm looking for a song that featured Stevie in the '80's. It was called "The Crown". I can't recall the group's name. I had the vinyl EP, but can't seem to find it now.


bkDec 31, 2003 (10h29)
Hi guys,
sounds as though stevie's having a good tour in Japan.Looking forward to hearing True Love and What's the Fuss?.....also to a new album in 2004....we hope!!!
Happy New Year Stevie ....Happy New Year fans!!!!
Bk in the UK

gutembergDec 31, 2003 (05h50)
hi, friends! this is gutemberg, from Brazil, 18 years old, fan of Stevie - does somebody know if stevie already was here, on the brazil, even on the past? please, I did'nt find informations about shows that he presented...

SammyDec 30, 2003 (23h36)
After hearing the hot single “Read Your Mind”, you finally get a chance to hear the whole album Private Room. It dropped in stores on December 9. What do you think of it? I think it is some solid work by Avant. There’s a cool contest to enter when you have a second. It’s definitely worth entering and his main site is

samsonDec 30, 2003 (14h17)
does anyone know how to get the song wjats the fuss?

D*LoDec 29, 2003 (16h30)
My Senior Youth Worker, Nick at St.Mary's, London has just had a new script written about Martin Luther King and the play is called 'In The Name Of Love'. We know that you are one of the main protagenist for his annual rememberance day on January 15th. Here in London, we believe that young people here know reletively little compare to the Young people in America. We feel his message of Love going into action and people working together is needed to be heard again, particularly in the inner-city amongst the 'bling-bling' culture. We believe we would be able to get grants to perform the play in October 2004 (UK Black History Month) and we have been invited to Cape Town to perform in a major theatre and also Pollsmoor Prison to 2000 young people. This is the prison Nelson Mandela negotiated the demeocratic future of South Africa. Two of our commitee have interviewed him this year and its our intention to invite Nelson Mandele to this exciting, historical performance. We return to London january 15th 2005 to perform again at a very major London venue. If you couold be at this event or both, it would bring tremendous joy to the young people and increase the intention upon Martin Luther King to a level un-heard of in London, England. We would also like to use 'Village Ghetto-land and Black Man' from Songs in the Key Of Life. In February 2005, we want to tour America, when it your black history month. We have thought of Washington and we have close conacts with the Minneapolis. Do y

D*LoDec 29, 2003 (16h12)
Hey Stevie, i know u may not read this but i really really am so proud of everything u have done. Me and my best friend Natalie think ur jus the most "wonder"ful person ever and i really would be so overwhelmed if i ever met u but i wont loose faith and say that i never will but i jus thought i would let u know that when i do, i will be waiting and as a singer, myself and Natalie (Best friend as i sed) we admire your vocal ability and ur songwriting, i jus dont understand that someone like you was developed, your so so unique and youve sent a trademark, not just in the music industry but in life. Thks. Duane&Natalie!!!!! Joesph sed wa gwan!

NackDec 29, 2003 (15h21)
I got to correct the encore songs played on 28th.

22. Ribbon in the Sky
23. What's The Fuss

NackDec 29, 2003 (13h07)
Hi, the following are the songs played on 28th Dec, 2003 in Japan. Almost the same as 27th, but some are changed for the night.
1. Golden Lady
2. If You Really Love Me
3. Master Blaster
4. Higher Ground
5. That Girl
6. All In Love Is Fair
7. I Cannot Imagine Love Without You
8. Lately
9. True Love
10. Don't Worry 'bout A Thing
11. My Cherie Amour
12. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm yours
13. Sir Dule
14. I Wish
15. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (withOUT Ken Hirai)
16. Isn's She lovely
17. Part-time Lover
18. Superstition
19. Do I Do
20. I Just Called To Say I Love You
21. Love is in need of love today
22. What's The Fuss

It was very fantastic night i had!

LauraDec 29, 2003 (07h26)
New member! I was playing SITKOL today & cant believe its almost 30 years old, I purchased it in 76 & its still like new, not thru the lack of playing. Stevie is such a saviour, & has helped so many & I'm sure we only know a fraction of it. I have always a special place for the younger voice, he sounds so fresh, & special tracks include "I Cried" - just awesome, also 'Do I do' and 'Another Star' so catchy, make you so happy you want to sing and dance around! Pretty infectious stuff, so glad that you younger guys are so into him!


RJDec 29, 2003 (01h48)
I really hope Stevie's new CD is released in March. I was very disappointed not to see it last May 14 (2003 -his B-day as well as my Father's and Grandfahther's b-day !!!) as promised on the BET tribiute. I did record the BET tribute and he plays "True Love" on it I belieive. I need to watch it again because I think he also played "What's the Fuss ?" (both solo piano with voice).

It was a great show. PLEASE STEVIE DELIVER the CD !!!! WE ARE ANXIOUS !!!

I saw Stanley Clarke 3 times in 2003 and his drummer Gerry White is also SW's drummer. He played the few US shows he did in 2003. I missed the Nawlins festival. Anyhow, I will be patient for now. Guess I'll just but some Glenn Lewis (a new Stevie sound alike) to ease the pain.


P.S. Any Good resource to track Stevie Live ? He is like the Loch Ness on Tour !!!

cicoDec 29, 2003 (01h13)
Hi all Stevie Wonder Fans, Please i need a small help.... When i wos 13 yers hold i find a (2 songs) short playng with a marvellous song, but i cant remeber the name. Maybe one of two wos titled " As", i rembers also words like"saturday" or "Street"....Anyone can tell help maybe? - Thanks in advance

Ronnie!Dec 29, 2003 (00h28)
This is Ronnie van Overveld from the Netherlands. I don't have to say anything about Stevie's qualities, because we all know he is great!
I'd like to know whether Stevie is performing somewhere in 2004? Where? It's my big wish to see and hear him sing. I saw he performed at Tokyo, but those Japanese sites are very difficult!! So if somebody could tell me where he performes in 2004 (no matter what country!)... Please let me know!

for everybody: have a nice new year!!

Greetzz Ronnie

goodDec 28, 2003 (16h43)
Hi, secretvows!
I participated in Stevie's Japan concert tour on Dec. 28. He didn't mention further details of his new CD; only said, 'Next song is from new CD'. I can describe some of the details of the new song 'What's The Fuss!', hip-hop-tasted with a touch of Jazz, the title is estimated because he didn't introduce the title of the song. The beginning of the music may remind you of cool taste of 'Higher Ground' or 'Conversation peace' and its refrain is something like that of one-time hit-song titled 'Too Shy' by 80's rock band Kajyagoogoo with regard to the tempo. Do you remember the characteristic part of this song, 'You are shy shy...'? Lylics contnues like this way, 'You are shame shame, You are shame shame... but what's the fuss!'. I hope you can imagine the atmosphere of the song. See Y A.

Tony WrightDec 27, 2003 (23h34)
The Stevie Wonder Community- Come visit us at and chat about Stevie!

secretvowsDec 27, 2003 (18h13)
hi Sato,
can you describe more (in details) about the two new songs that stevie performed in that concert in tokyo, please because i can't wait to hear from you, and did stevie mention anything about the new album.

DannyDec 27, 2003 (17h11)
Guys does anyone know of any Stevie concerts or gigs over Jan-March time anywhere in the US or even Uk. Ive looked all over the net and cant find anything. Please email me to Its URGENT

rick DawsonDec 27, 2003 (17h07)
Does anyone know where I can buy a DVD of "Journey through the Secret Life of Plants?" I've owned the record since it came out but have never seen the film.
Rick Dawson Essex England

rickDec 27, 2003 (17h06)
Does anyone know where I can buy a DVD of "Journey through the Secret Life of Plants?" I've owned the record since it came out but have never seen the film.
Rick Dawson Essex England

satoDec 27, 2003 (16h13)
Hello, Stevie fans in the world,

I am 20 years fan for Steive in Japan. Tonight we have Stevie concert in outskirt of Tokyo. I am pleased that his voice, particularly lower tone is back. I could touch his genious again. Here is the set of songs he performed.
1. Golden Lady
2. If You Really Love Me
3. Master Blaster
4. Higher Ground
5. That Girl
6. All In Love Is Fair
7. I Cannot Imagine Love Without You (new song, performed once last year in the state)
8. Lately
9. True Love (new song, Jazz taste)
10. Don't Worry 'bout A Thing
11. My Cherie Amour
12. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm yours
13. Sire Dule
14. I Wish
15. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (with Ken Hirai, Japanese famous singer)
16. Isn's She lovely
17. Part-time Lover
18. Superstition
19. Do I Do
20. I Just Called To Say I Love You
21. Another Star
22. What's The Fuss (New song, Hip Hop taste)
23. Uptight

NickDec 26, 2003 (22h29)
Hello my fellow Stevie fans,

Great news about the album, very much looking forward. I'm really hoping it won't be delayed this time. With all the Stevie sound alikes out there today, you can only hope the real deal will show the world there is only one Stevie Wonder. Somehow I feel we're in for a big musical journey once again.

Merry Christmas

ReneDec 26, 2003 (20h35)
Dear Stevie,
Please come to Finland!!

Pepere (Belgium)Dec 26, 2003 (17h30)
Little message to wish a merry Christmas to the greatest singer in the world and all times. Wishes for his friends, family and all his fans too. Respect !!

veraDec 26, 2003 (16h18)
dear Stevie, finally I've got it as Christmas favorite song I just call...
have a nice day

camille Dec 26, 2003 (14h48)
Dear Stevie. My name is Camille and I was singing with you on 1999 in the World Music Festival August in Hiroshima. I love more than your voice, i love the man you are . I was just behind you and it was for the Conversations peace and the I just call... We love you - keep the way

AliDec 26, 2003 (14h02)
hello stevie and all.
in the past five years i have been having problems with my vision. at one stage i was almost blind
and i couldnt even see my hand against my face. i have fought through it and after countless
surgeries i can now see a little. stevie during this time you have been my inspiration, my power,
my strength, my guru, my master. if it wasnt for you i think i would have given up a long time ago. i am
25yrs old now and my dream is to meet you. stevie you put life back into my being and you gave me
hope when i thought it was going to be over for me. i thank you and i love you.

SvatiDec 26, 2003 (02h53)
What a blessing it is for us all to have someone like Stevie Wonder in our lives through his music...
I live in Montreal and I wouldlike to know more what's happening with Stevie. Still performing and sharing?
Any northeast concerts? Blessings

HELLO from MerryDec 25, 2003 (08h37)
I went to the House of Toys Benefit Concert and it was great. Ruben Studdard, Brian McKnight, Magic Johnson, Chaka Kan, Natalie Cole, India Arie, and Michael McDonald were there. They were all fantastic! Stevie and Brian McKnight sang a song together. We need more people to attend the concert next year. It is for a good cause, to help children who are less fortunate have a toy for Christmas. Stevie, you have a lot of fans and you're doing a great job helping others all the time. We are all inspired by the good things you do and by the WONDERFUL singing and music! I am looking forward to the new album! I will try to bring more toys next year when I come to the concert. Happy Holidays everyone! from Merry Joy. p.s. I am glad this site is working properly now. I finally got a chance to say something here!

PaulDec 25, 2003 (01h11)
Does anybody know the playing time of the single release of Living For the City? Is it the same as the album cut with a fade?

bkDec 24, 2003 (11h19)
m Hi bongo ..Hi to Cube...from BK in the UK....
Yes I like the idea of Stevie getting back to envoyer is the french verb "To send"
Envoyez votre amour pour Stevie!!!!!!

bongoDec 24, 2003 (09h42)
Here's what I would do if I was Stevie Wonder. Dust off the harmonica. Sign on with a jazz label. Put out "Stevie Does the

Gershwin Song Book." "Stevie Does Monk." "This Is What Coltrane Was Trying To Say." Whatever. Stevie Wonder showed the promise of being the greatest jazz musician of all time at age 12! But he went for the pop music money. He has the money now. It's time to fulfill the promise. And I don't know what "envoyer" means, but I'll click it now and see what happens.

CubeDec 23, 2003 (21h18)
Hi Dez,
Its great to see you again , Long time no see.
Did you go to the 'House full of toys gig?

CubeDec 23, 2003 (21h17)
Good news guys according to Billboard magazine Stevie will release his
new album this comming March.
The article says there will be a mixture of Jazz, R'n B, Blues ,hip hop, and gospel.

There is a song on it entitled,'Whats the fuss'.

I wonder what he'll cover on the jazz side of things .
In 1999 he did a jaz gig in Japan and he did a lovely cover of the
Old Jazz Classic,' Save your love for me'.

I am sure his new material will be excellent, I can't wait March
is only twelve weeks away.

Its about time we all had some concrete news of whats on the album.

Camilla Risager from DenmarkDec 23, 2003 (19h43)
you are a great singer!!!!

ZyDec 23, 2003 (18h25)
Could someone tell me about the song "Have a Talk with God"?
I think it has religious function. But I have a question.
Who are "people" in the first two lines? Christians or people who are not Christians?
And did he think God is unconventional?
Could I find some examples in this song?
Thank you for your answer!

MaggieDec 23, 2003 (09h24)
Stevie,this is just to say that nobody else's songs touch me as yours do. I thank you for that.
Take care,

CubeDec 23, 2003 (03h30)
Excuse my miss-wording and miss spelling.

Also about Stevie hinting for a march release, well last year at the Stevie being
hounered gig he said they were looking at a possible May release.

Lets hope it really is this March comming .

CubeDec 23, 2003 (03h27)
Hi guys.
merry christmas to you all.
Was anyone at th House of Toys' and no doubt it must have ben brillant.

Any reviews on the gig, I've searched to net for write ups but can't find anything.

What did Stevie sing plus was there any new material or duets?

alyDec 21, 2003 (22h49)
jus wanna say i love the new version of signed sealed delivered with blue n angie stone.
duno if its just in the uk tho.

bkDec 21, 2003 (21h53)
Hi guys,
euh........Living for the in G..some....chords include a series G/Gsusp9 plus C and D .But
this is just vaguely how i remember it was described.
Stevie played House of Toys last night.........Stevie Wonder "Definitive Album" back in charts at no.50.
Duet (S.S.Deliverd)with Blue and Angie Stone enters UK singles chart at no.11 .
Here Comes Japan!!!!!! Happy Xmas guys and gals.

davidDec 21, 2003 (12h29)
Hi, could any one please, PLEASE mail me the chord for "Living for the city", can´t find it anywhere.

tokyoboDec 21, 2003 (12h18)
You helped change my life, and I thank you for it very much. If you are ever in Tokyo, I'd love to buy you a drink.

HannesDec 20, 2003 (20h07)
I want to say thanks to Stevie Wonder for making the wonderful music, that only he can do. I just wonder why he doesn't continue making it?

TonyDec 20, 2003 (16h43)
Hi everyone,

Can't wait for the concert tonight, I'm so excited!!!!! I heard Brian McKnight is being added on to the roster!!!!!!
I'm going to try to take pix so wish me luck!!!! I'm hoping that Steve will be more time to do more sets this year
so I can hear that "Wonder"ful voice of his. Dez, hit me up sometime I sure do miss hearing from you!!!!!

Take care,


Midnight LadyDec 20, 2003 (00h20)
Hi folks! very happy to talk to you again! I'm really surprised that this site is still working ! WOW! I'd like to share
a stevie's listening with the old, good, great Dez. Ehi Dez I've just bought a double cd set from Harmless records, 'the wonder of Stevie'
and I found it very interesting and pleasant. Some of the covers are really cool and hearing stevie's voice recite 'As the sun...' and talking about the radio
is an outstanding experience. it's really a good work from (and for) stevie's connoisseurs (look at Where were you where I needed you, Golden Lady,
and the SUPREMES bad weather). I think Harmless records is doing very good things as a young label
If you have listened to it I'd like to know your opinion (and the one of the others stevie's addict of course !)

a big hug to you all

Midnight Lady

GedDec 19, 2003 (00h24)
Hi people

Looks like I'm getting a night in LA soon - anyone know if Stevies Wonderland studios are open to visits?
Are they in LA?

eidanDec 18, 2003 (19h34)
Hi everybody.Does somebody knows where i can find scores of sevie?Tanks everibody.Enjoy!

Jose Luis Lorenzo GarciaDec 18, 2003 (18h11)
Hello from Lloret de Mar ,Catalonia ,Spain.Do you know when Mr Wonder come to barcelone in concert? And the new disc? Sorry but I don´t have information.Merry christmas and happy new year.Thank´s.

Merry JoyDec 18, 2003 (09h02)
Hello everyone! Come to the House of Toys concert and bring an unwrapped toy. I will be there too! I WANTED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT I HAVE STARTED AN ONOFFICIAL MSN CHAT GROUP. IT IS CALLED THE STEVIE WONDER GROUP. CHECK IT OUT IF YOU LIKE TO DISCUSS STEVIE WONDER. I am a big Stevie fan and have many albums. Stevie, I thought it was really cool when you came on the radio station and started singing and playing the keyboards. It was nice to hear you live like that. I love you! from Merry Joy

TriDec 18, 2003 (00h54)
Stevie-You are the sunshine of my life!

TriDec 18, 2003 (00h52)
Stevie-You are the sunshine of my life!

NickDec 17, 2003 (22h50)

Do you mean "True To Your Heart" featuring 98 Degrees?

krisDec 17, 2003 (19h48)
Hi all! pls help me ! we are searching by a stevie song. Its a song from the middle of 90's. He was featuring with a boygroup, and maybe it was a soundtrack of a cartoon. We dont find any match on the web, but we very very like this song! if u can help me pls wright a letter to our email!

IdaDec 17, 2003 (18h00)
sTewie ruLeS 2 mucH! :O
<3 U!

Kelvin from HollandDec 17, 2003 (15h29)
Dear Stevie,

I sing and when I listen to your music I gett very inspired by you
I just wonna thank you for this you make beautiful music
We love you

God bless you

Greets from Kelvin Muïs

GioDec 17, 2003 (01h45)

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi to all the "Stevie-Fans".
I have ben listening to him since I was a kid but it wasn't
til recently (I am now 20) that I got really into it and I
LOVE it. He is amazing!

I live in Miami and I'd like to see him live. If anyone has
any information about upcoming concert tours please
let me know.

If you like Stevie Wonder then I'm sure you guys will
also love a singer that he has been a huge influence
on called Luis Miguel. Luis has a legendary status in
Latin America and in the Hispanic community in USA
(Equivalent to Elvis, Frank and Stevie in America).
He has received 7 Grammys and has a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame. I'm sure you guys would
appreciate his great music.

Please keep in touch with me!

JanetDec 16, 2003 (21h08)
Hi - I'm looking for a list of Stevie's tour dates from the '70s. I understand he played Disney World sometime between 1974 and 1980. Any ideas of the exact date. - Thanks

bkDec 16, 2003 (20h40)
Hi all you guys and gals........
just to say Happy Xmas and a great New Year to you and of course the main man himself.
Ps Natalie Cole,Indie-Arie,and Anthony Hamilton also on House of Toys gig.
bk in the uk.

MarcioDec 16, 2003 (19h39)
Dear Stevie,

Your "Ave Maria" is the more beautiful wordlwide!
God bless you.


JonathanDec 16, 2003 (04h28)
I'm sorry, I meant:
Thanks bk...!!!
(I was in a hurry)

Take care

JonathanDec 16, 2003 (04h24)
Thanks Dez for answering! Sad though we can't find that song anywhere...
Does anybody know why Stevie Wonder wasn't on Jay Leno??
It must have been something related to Stevie Wonder on the show at least...
Why else would they put him as a guest all of a sudden...?

scottDec 16, 2003 (00h23)
does anyone know if stevie will ever do a uk tour ?

bkDec 15, 2003 (23h46)
Sorry guys....
Blue's single is out today Monday.It will be next Sunday when it enters the chart. the single is a special cd/dvd copy which can be played on your pc.BK
Michael MacDonald will be on House of Toys line-up.(should be considering the number of
Stevie covers on his latest cd!!!!)

eviDec 15, 2003 (02h36)
I am so so so old 81 years and yet I believe no I know Stevie Wonder is the best and greatest not just as an artist but also as a human being.He is with me always.Evi

azizDec 14, 2003 (03h44)
bonjour j'ai toujours aimé stevie wonder et moi aussi je suis chanteur compositeur mais je n'ai jamais produit
je souhaite alors avoir comme producteur quelqu'un qui voudrait bien m'aider et ce apres essais de mes compositions
merci beaucoup

bkDec 13, 2003 (22h05)
hi guys and gals,
stevie says he'll hopefully have some new stuff out in march or so.......quoted from him
whilst presenting Sting with an award for Billboard on Dec.10th.
I hope to hear some new stuff when he's in Japan.
I hope his single with Blue hits no.1 in the UK tomorrow !!!!!

alexanderDec 12, 2003 (16h11)
what do you say to a man who has heard every single kind of compliment when it comes to singing and writing?
I guess i'll just say thank you Mr. Stevie Wonder as millions of others. "Just" a borring "following-the-crowd-message"
Nothing more, nothing less.


JuliaDec 11, 2003 (21h40)
IMPORTANT MESSAGEFOR STEVIE WONDER: hi, my name is julia and i absolutley adore you, every day i listen to your music and it just fill sme wih happiness! when my friends come over they think im crazy cause iknow almostevery lyric to every song. i always say i wuld give anything to meet you, you have inspired me like no other singer ever has! i have been singing since befor i can remember, and i hope to someday have as much talent as you do! thank you for singing and makin my life complete!

samsonDec 11, 2003 (18h01)
please does anyone know about stevies upcoming album i just wanna know when its gonna be release?please let me know or if someone has some unrelease stevie songs just let me know

DeraDec 10, 2003 (03h49)
WOW!!!! I listen to SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIVE - all of it. One song at a time, some of them twice, even three times. I was eleven in 76, but I remember the albulm well. I'm 36 now, and a whole lot has happened since then. I have a new found since of the words written so brilliantly in your songs. I am in AWE right now. As a black woman who's stuggle to stay afloat in this world. I can only sit back and cry at what you were feeling way back when. I only wish you would continue to grace us with your gift. Your art. Your heart. You are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Gabriella FerriDec 9, 2003 (23h26)
IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR STEVE WONDER: Hello Steve, I am Gabriella Ferri. We sang together in San Remo. I need to get in touch with you. Please email back as soon as possible. I hope you remember me when we sang in San Remo Italy.
Gabriella Ferri.

eiraDec 8, 2003 (22h09)
I have been an avid fan of stevie since 1974, i have been lucky enough to have seen him 21 times in concert and have al of his albums, sadly which brings me to the point that most of the albums of recent years are all the same all the same hits and nothing new, i have around 12 ablums with all the same songs on but i have to buy them to add to my collection. Please stevie make my life richer by recording some of your amazing tracks that you have unreleased or even putting an album together of some of the songs you have recorded for movies, but please give us some of your new music.

Mr Soul.Dec 8, 2003 (11h56)
Hey Every Body I Know What Stevie Wonder Singed In The Essence Performance..!
He Singed ''Misrepresented People'' From The Album Bamboozled Here Look Att The Site..! Peace

Tom A.Dec 8, 2003 (03h02)
The site looks great. Keep up the good work! Your old friend Tom

bkDec 7, 2003 (22h46)
Yes thanks Melville,sorry it was a duet!That album is "The Definitive Collection"
Stevie was not(in the end) on the Jay Leno Show.Alicia Keys appeared on her own. on Blue's single entering at no.1 in the UK next week???
PPs What do you know of Blue in the U.S.A.?

MelvilleDec 7, 2003 (15h05)
The George Michael version is a DUET with Mary J. Blige, a major hit in many European countries , but not released as a single in the US since the American media think you don't want to see an interracial duet, especially not when one of the singers is gay. Fools limit you to their own unimaaginative level.

bkDec 6, 2003 (23h25)
"As"............has been covered by George Michael,but best of all by Mary J Blige i believe.
"Justice of the Heart"......sorry but I too have no studio copy of the song...anybody help?
Are Blue gonna enter as the UK no.1 single in a weeks time..???I think its possible if "War is Over" or
"Mad World" don't get their first.
"Deinitive Album" to be reissued with new rendition of "Signed,Sealed,Delivered i'm Yours".
Stevies on The Jay Leno Tonight it guys! House of toys gig coming up soon
as well as Japanese tour.Rumours of new album in february plus European dates.
bK in the UK

mstessmacherDec 6, 2003 (05h51)
Recently I heard a cover of Stevie's most awesome song, "As." Does anyone know who redid it, and when?

mstessmacherDec 6, 2003 (05h45)
Recently I heard a cover of Stevie's most awesome song, "As." Does anyone know who that was that covered it, and when?

JonathanDec 6, 2003 (05h28)
Hey you Stevie experts out there...!
Do anyone of you know how to get the song from the John Q movie
called "Justice of the heart"? A strong and wonderful song, if one asks me.
I have searched everywhere and the only thing I find is some mp3 with what seems to be
recorded sounds from a part of the movie where the song is played in the background.
What I really like to find though, is of course the full recorded song without any disturbing
voices from the actors or any thing...
From what I've heard so far the song is unreleased... Is this true and if that's the case is there
any other alternatives to get the song anyway?
Even though the mp3 mentioned above, isn't the most pleasurable, I can't stop myself listening to it
over and over and over again...


keithDec 6, 2003 (04h12)
Hi Mr.Wonder my name is Keith and I just wanted you to know that ever since I first heard your music(1994) I fell in love with it and guess what i'm only 12 years old I am into music my self I play in the pep band and the normal band and I just love your music and I would really love to meet you one day our maybe an autograph but I know thats is impossible but I will try to follow in your foot steps and you will always be my #1 artist ever.
- Love you steve, Keith.

keithDec 6, 2003 (04h10)
Hi Mr.Wonder my name is Keith and I just wanted you to know that ever since I first heard your music(1994) I fell in love with it and guess what i'm only 12 years old I am into music my self I play in the pep band and the normal band and I just love your music and I would really love to meet you one day our maybe an autograph but I know thats is impossible but I will (try) to follow in your foot steps and you will always be my #1 artist ever.
- Love you steve, Keith.

NeilDec 5, 2003 (22h50)
What else can we say about stevie, except that you have a profound influence on peoples lives and that you have been away for too long!
You put the S in Soul stevie, and the genre as a whole would not be the same without you, respect! I only started listening to you last year
but I just wish you would come over to the UK. I live in Scotland and I would travel anywhere in the UK to see you, and I ain't the only one.
You're are one of the greatest soul men of all time, You've been gone for too long and its time to make a come back.
If your reading this think of the effect that all your fans have upon you, times it by 100 and your still nowhere near to the effect that you have upon us!
Soul needs you stevie, Please make a new album!
Neil from the uk

JacobDec 4, 2003 (05h02)
Mr. Wonder - I am 14 years old. I attend the local middle school for the arts. I have played piano since age 5. I am in the Jazz Band and in the Jazz Combo (smaller version of Jazz Band). I listen to your music ALL of the time and even have your music books so that I can learn to play (almost) like you. I am doing a very big project now on your life's history. My one dream is to have your autograph. I know that is probably not possible, but if it is, I would really appreicate it. If not, you are still my #1 Music Hero! Jacob Edwards

05458126Dec 3, 2003 (16h21)

michelleDec 3, 2003 (05h31)
has anyone listened to Tim McGraw's song "Real Good Man" and noticed that the riff at the beginning sounds just like "Superstition?"