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nick Bro DaveJun 30, 2004 (23h30)
I am a friend of Pastor Ed Ross of Detroit. I'm homeless and hang out at the this branch on the 5th street side. I have a Detroit valid ID. My song is fully Copywritten and not published. I desire 200,000 and only twenty five percent royalties. Wheel me some for love. PS Sweet!

Another StarJun 30, 2004 (08h37)
Hi Folks! Maybe there is a new release date...look this joke on

I know, you know, we know and everybody knows that this is typically Stevie. But
one thing certainly I can say. This album or cd gonna be a hit

BK now you´ve got to learn italian and you are a real "European" ;-))

bigtymerferrisJun 30, 2004 (07h46)
I just wanted to say that I am 21 and your music inspires my life. Your music is the reason my boyfriend and I are together, and I can not thank you enough for the love you have brought to my life in so many ways. I cannot wait to have children and pass on to them the gift of your music. I feel there are few people in life who get the big picture, and you "get it" to the higest extent. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I am privlidged to have heard your voice. Thanks, Courtney.

ABDELJun 29, 2004 (13h09)
Aux fans français de Stevie, RFM TV lui consacrera une journée spéciale le 25 août à l'occasion de la sortie de son nouvel album.

bkJun 27, 2004 (21h23)
Merci a Belzaza,
il me semble que le nouvel album va avoir encore de delai !!C'est peut-etre en aout
maintenant.N.importe merci pour tes renseignements.

Mr Soul.Jun 27, 2004 (14h51)
Does Anybody Have The Performance From the ''Hall of Fame Show In New York''?
Or The Oprah Show. or Some of the New Songs?

XanderJun 26, 2004 (11h23)
Does anyone know if mr.wonder has any plans of playing in denmark anytime soon??

CubeJun 25, 2004 (19h09)
Sadly I hear new reports that the album will be delayed further.
This could be due to a tribute song to uncle Ray.

man I was looking forward to a summer release.


Samson KwiekJun 25, 2004 (18h23)
Anyne Knows Where I Can Find When Stevie Was On oprah The Whole Show?

Wonder VikingsJun 25, 2004 (16h05)
Stevie Wonder in concert in Stockholm July 17th at The Stadium.
First chance to hear the new songs from the album A Time 2 Love - and all his hits!
You do not wanna miss this! Tickets? Call +46 77 170 70 70 or check out

belzazaJun 25, 2004 (10h10)
Bk, you can buy the new album to "fnac" or "virgin megastore" in France. Maybe, they will have
"a time 2 love" on July... French is not a problem for You?
Thank you for your answer...

GedJun 25, 2004 (07h06)
Agenda 36

post it all here instead will you mate

They like a good read.

GedJun 25, 2004 (04h24)
Agenda 36

post it all here instead will you mate

They like a good read.

bkJun 25, 2004 (00h53)
Hi guys,
thought i'd got the wrong site.Political agendas ??This is simply a good music site.Communicating in this forum between respective people
who in common have a desire to know more/talk about/share their appreciation of Stevie Wonder.
Thanks to Dave.
Ps Old guys still are putting out their music...e.g. Todd Rundgren and Brian Wilson.
Stevie aint so old but sure enough will still put out some good stuff in the next month or so,BUT
when he's sure and ready.BK in the UK.
A mes amis en France ,si le nouvel album va aussi apparaitre le 27 juillet en France (???) ,ou sera le meilleur endroit de l'acheter
en France?? Parce que je me trouverai pres de La Rochelle en juillet...en vacances.MERCI

GuitarMikeJun 24, 2004 (20h07)
Hello Mr. Wonder and fans! I would just like to praise your artistry!! I love your music. I am based in Boston, and look forward to your next tour.. are you coming to the East Coast? I would also like to say that my girlfriend is a huge fan of yours, and is very inspired by your music. She has her own band, and we your being guine, and the honesty that is conveyed in your music is one of our main aspirations. We do a few of your covers, actually: I Wish, and Visions. You can hear some of her stuff on her web page: All the best, and keep creating!!

Mike Null

DaveJun 24, 2004 (19h09)
A message for Brotherman and Agenda (one in the same). You are talking in confused riddles, there is simply no need for your plan. Try these two simple principals instead. They apply to each and every eventuality in life and will hold you in good stead - Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”.

Now back to the music….next please.

Agenda 36gJun 24, 2004 (19h01)
34. Reminding some stubborn individuals, companies and organisations of the absolute right of the producer of premium quality music to receive a full payment for his/her work regardless of whether he/she has been divinely or human(e)ly granted the ball and chain of a relatively permanent sexual / marital relationship. P.S. Dear Mr. Wonder, the man who wrote this loves your music. Your audience welcomes new Wonderful songs. And may God be merciful with the soul Ray Charles. Amen.

Agenda 36fJun 24, 2004 (18h58)
30. A symbolic security marking system for tabloid news based on the following observation: “This news was manuscripted and implemented by the news media, and its fiction content is 60 % and degree of symbolism 73 %. Some 40 % of the details presented have been acquired by professionally organizing a “papa razzia” to the home, computer, telephone, and daily activities of this and that real person.”
31. Customer safety and satisfaction, consumerism.
32. YES to equality between men and women, but NO to “overequality”, i.e. the objective if exclusive one-gender rulership (and constant warfare).
33. The tax-payer’s possibility at least to some extent to ear-mark his/her money to such public projects, functions, activities or generic purposes, which he/she regards as more important than others.

Agenda 36eJun 24, 2004 (18h57)
24. Prevention of traffic accidents in private and public vehicles.
25. Demolition of tax paradises as inequality between geographic/economic units.
26. Changing the principle of confidentiality; turning it into a duty to reveal confidential information, in case its confidentiality protects criminal or suspected criminal act(s).
27. Effective systems for educating and employing immigrants, refugees and 3rd world citizens.
28. Restrictions in access to hand-guns, international weapon trade – and extensions in access to peace in everyone’s immediate surroundings.
29. Safe weekend entertainment: drug free discoes; some way of informing “the average fun seeker”, if his/her dancing partner is a professional prostitute – to diminish emotional disappointment, to save both parties’ time and effort, and for “the average fun seeker’s” safety, and perhaps, for that of the prostitute.

Agenda 36dJun 24, 2004 (18h57)
20. Child labor as a possibility for growth and development if carefully organized as safe types of work. One or two hours of light work a day will not steal anyone’s childhood but can teach a great deal, make the youths economically self-sufficient, and give income to poor economies.
21. The humanity and safety of business enterprises active in countries of inexpensive labor.
22. Legislation according to which 50 % of profits from companies active in a poor (or any) country should remain in that country either as voluntary investments and donations, or as government-imposed taxation.
23. Finding lost or stolen mobiles, items of domestic technology, vehicles and missing persons by the use of the GPS function.

Agenda 36cJun 24, 2004 (18h56)
14. Products promoting hygiene.
15. Products promoting the cleanness of air.
16. Products promoting the cleanness of thinking, speaking, writing and acting.
17. Investigating journalism, documentaries, teaching films.
18. Emphasis on the significance of 19th century ideological history, technological inventions, political history, literary art and scientific discoveries.
19. Trade unions and protection for prostitutes (and their clients) against he hazards of the trade: sexually transmitted diseases, drugs, drug trafficking, violence, perversions, blackmail, property crimes, economic criminality. –But a STRICT NO to child prostitution in all its forms.

Agenda 36bJun 24, 2004 (18h56)
5. Measures against dependencies of intoxicating substances.
6. Environmentally safe production and distribution of healthy food made of nature’s own products and ingredients.
7. Fair global trade in general.
8. Agriculture in general, agricultural tools.
9. Fishery and fish farming.
10. High technologies for clean water and clean energy.
11. Environmentally safe vehicles and house-heating.
12. Waste management and recycling.
13. Road and house construction.

Agenda 36Jun 24, 2004 (18h55)
This is a list of causes I hope to be pursued sincerely for the common good.
1. The police, in particular
- measures against the trafficking and sales of narcotics
- measures against economic crime
- measures against organized crime
- measures against data security and privacy crimes
- measures against prostitution-related crimes
- measures for the incorruptibility of the police and the justice system
2. The UNESCO, FAO and ILO: education, water, food, work, wages, well-being
3. Amnesty International (and the UN declaration of human rights): Human rights = the basic elements of human security, equality and well-being.
4. The OAU: the pan-African organ established in 1963 to combat colonialist tendencies in Africa; co-incides with my interest of bringing Africa to the same level of development as other continents.

vicJun 24, 2004 (11h18)
Sorry that should be for the Ray Charles programme. Stevie is on "hour two" of the broadcast.

VicJun 24, 2004 (11h16)
Jrizzy - the Ray Charles memorial service with Stevie performing is archived on who are a radio station who covered it. Better hurry though 'cause they may delete it. Also BB King and Wynton Marsalis.

Mr SoulJun 23, 2004 (22h57)
To jghjazz! The Album is Gonna be Released July 27! Peace

Brotherman 6Jun 23, 2004 (20h26)
11) Gather information like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, patiently and quietly, until the you have a clear enough picture of the situation/functions of the organisation, and concrete evidence of criminal acts, and you can start to publish your information. 12) Keep your own lifestyle as clean as possible. 13) Keep your measures against the mafia as legal as possible. 14) Just as the action of the mafia is systematic, continuous and relentless, also your action against the mafia must be systematic, continuous and relentless. -This list is a byproduct of my musical career. I hope this information will help anyone willing to combat the silent network of evil to break that evil in their lives. But what people choose to do is on their responsibility. I want no one to get killed just because they tried stubbornly to put my simplified principles into practice. The era of martyrdom and bloodshed should be over and that of materialized dreams of a better world should be a reality. Peace!

Brotherman 3Jun 23, 2004 (20h25)
Hi again, Stevie! I would like to give you and everybody the main strategies i have developed for combating organized crime known by the generic term "mafia". 1) Truth will crush lies. 2) Openness and speaking crush silence. 3) Blackmail no one. 4) Do not accept being the victim of blackmail. 5) Do not pay protection money. 6) Do not ask for protection money. 7) Offer protection for free, if a wrong-doer voluntarily corrects his/her mistake(s) and chooses to live decently. If not, use the services of the police and courts of justice. 8) If necessary and if possible for you, feed the suspect lures to investigate, in what way the mafia (mis)uses them. 9) Learn their language and thinking, but use them against crime. 10) Infiltrate into their network, if you have the possibility and if you dare.

jghjazzJun 23, 2004 (16h40)
I waited patiently after the first release date was moved back. Yesterday I went to get
the CD that I've been waiting for for years. Moved back again, 07/27/04, I was told???
Can anyone say for sure when this is going to be released???

GillJun 22, 2004 (17h40)
Hi Stevie,i share your grief with the passing of Ray Charles,a man who gave full significance to the words of John Lennon":a working-class hero is something to be.I am reading now his biography"Brother Ray",it is excellent,this man reflected what was best in american people,black or white or yellow.What hits me the most was his deep humility and his humanness.We lost a general,i only regret that i did not helped him at the right time,he could have been save with natural remedies.

DanielJun 22, 2004 (08h50)
My good friend Jackie Robinson and past bass player for Prince was killed in a car accident June 16th.
In short, Mr. Wonder you are his favorite of all time...He always said, I don't know what I will do if Stevie Wonder
is gone before me...A shot in the dark...funeral is Wednesday June 23rd and want to do a tribute to you and Jackie...
if you cannot make it I think Stokley from Mint Condition with Michael Bland and others would be honored...I thought
you should know...Jackie started a music school for kids and has currently over 500 students in Minneapolis. We love
your work and Spirit...Thank you for listening...Danny

lillyJun 22, 2004 (06h16)
will he ever performe again and when, can someone answer this for me

JrizzyJun 21, 2004 (19h42)
Hello all. I'm a long time fan of ANYTHING related to Stevie. I'm trying to get a hold of copy of Stevie singing at the Late Ray Charles' funeral. That song in particular has special meaning. My mother use to sing it when she was going through her battle with colon cancer. To her Stevie Wonder put his stamp on that song would really be something. Let me know if anyone can help. THANKS!!!!

Dave Jun 21, 2004 (19h15)
bk, thanks for the reply - just hope it isn't delayed AGAIN!

DiegoJun 20, 2004 (23h56)
Stevie Wonder,
Você é meu ídolo, um verdadeiro exemplo de superação, orgulho da raça negra. Além disso, através de sua música "You are the sunshine of my life", eu conquistei minha namorada.
Um abraço,
Diego- Brasil

D1Jun 20, 2004 (11h57)
Why is there no official Stevie Wonder website ?!!!!

D1Jun 20, 2004 (11h55)
Why is there no official Stevie Wonder website ?!!!!

ThaddeusJun 20, 2004 (07h22)
Please help,
I am making a short (2 min) movie (my first) and I would like to play ‘Isn’t she wonderful’ with the closing credits. I understand I must have a permission – but how and where I could apply for it?
Any pointers will be appreciated – but since I do not monitor this message board – please send me an email to

bkJun 20, 2004 (00h12)
Hi guys,
Bk in the Uk...sorry bout Stevie's birthday.. it was of course May 13th 1950 Saginaw Michigan.
To Belzaza....Stevie's new album A Time 4 Love is slated to be released July 27th.
Possible Tracks are "I can.t Imagine Love without You","True Love","How will i know","What's the fuss",????
Some of these songs were of course previewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the States.
By the way the track "Purple Raindrops" is the B side of "Uptight(everything's alright)" TMG545 Tamla Motown 1966.
To Dave....yes well ..second guessing Stevies possible new album tracks and his production/sound/direction etc
is just speculation i suppose.BUT THERE'S NO DOUBT that a swing towards Jazz ballads built on love themes is
in his mind.Groundbreaking ??As revolutionary as his 70's stuff?One things for sure MUSIC still
shines from him.I just listened to "I wont complain",which he sang at Ray Charles funeral.Boy did he
sing that song !As a close friend of mine in Italy,(known sometimes) as the Doc!,would say...the best time to judge a Stevie album
is that delightful moment when you have the copy in your hand and put it in the player !!!
Eh maintenant comme je vois beaucoup des Francais qui surf ce site !!!!!!!!!!!
Ce qui sera chouette c'est que je me trouve en France le vingt-sept juillet(A Fontenay le compte,L

EdemJun 19, 2004 (13h07)
I think that there an only thing to say


And here in Africa we know this

JENNIFERJun 18, 2004 (20h30)

paulJun 18, 2004 (17h50)
*Zoom (Fat Larry's Band) that is!!

paulJun 18, 2004 (17h47)
deeswift - you are right, thanks. anyone else think it sounds like stevie?

DaveJun 18, 2004 (14h51)
Regarding the previous few mails - what a load of blarny! Makes no sense at all to me.

Yanick-mJun 18, 2004 (14h40)
is someone know something about 2LP "Songs in the key of life" orange vinyl?
ps: excuse my english cause i'm french

Merry MidsummerJun 17, 2004 (22h00)
Excuse me... excuse me... I was looking for Toni Braxton... Would you by any accident happen to know, where i could find her... I would like to have her autograph... on this billion-dollar check I mean... Hello? Hello? Are you there?... Toni Braxton... Toni Braxton... Where is that girl... No, it's all quiet... Let's try the next page... Let me see... "" ... b-a-r-r-y... w-h-i-t-e... dot... c-o-m... (click)... Excuse me... excuse me... Hel-lo-oo!... To-ni-Brax-too-onn!!!?? ... Sorry if i interrupted... sorry... i was only trying to catch a falling star, you see...

The rest, then restJun 17, 2004 (21h38)
21) My musical company will not belong to any existing giant but will employ the talent of any relevant musician in any company. It will not be based on sales of shares, as I do not believe in idle-investor ownership, nor do I believe in donations to companies by purchasing shares, against ridiculously low dividends. I believe in work and active personal contribution of every person involved in a company. 22) Since it seems my music has already been used to several relatively successful songs, though not in my name, a possible solution for making up for this would be to compile collections, on the cover of which the appalling events are explained, and developing countries financing these records, and selling them, giving 100 % of the profit directly to these countries. But I suppose Doris Day would have thought, whatever will not be, will not be. Hear you later, sir, and you are absolutely right, sir: there is no chance of world salvation unless there is conversation peace, sir. And yet, for once in my life, sir, no superstition and no superwoman and no tuesday heartbreak and no mr. know-it-all is standing in the way of making innervisions meet the talking book and singing the music of my mind, sir. Or at least something based on these.

18 to 20Jun 17, 2004 (21h18)
18) Rather than the colors of any national flag, my colors are light-green, the color of a healthy Mother nature; light-blue, the color of the clear skies and of clean water; the warm orange of our life-giving sun; white, the color of the full purity and impartiality of God; and black, the color of the sorrowful imperfection of man (this black/white contrast is not to be read as a racial remark!!). 19) There should be more encouraging, positive, happier news on the black populations of Africa, Americas and other continents. Discouragement and hopelessness is not my general impression of the black people I have met. 20) I am a member of the white Nordic race, but I value black pop music above most of white pop. It would not directly insult me to experience my material produced and performed by black artists. Who knows I might even feel honored. Go ahead… Try me… Make my day…

14 to 17Jun 17, 2004 (21h17)
14) The recently strong trend of gangster rap and prostitute/pimp image, while trend-creating, also causes prejudice between ethnic groups, and should to some extent give way to the more civilized black culture, which does exist but seldom reaches the big audience. 15) There should be a renaissance/new wave in the genre of Afro-styled disco music beside the world music which has an African flavour perhaps too strong ever to become a megatrend; and there could/should be a number of native Africans from different countries doing the European/American black pop. 16) African tribes, nations and leaders should not try to combat and destroy one another but to combat and destroy the problems. 17) African leaders / nations / revolutionaries should stop purchasing destructive weapons and start purchasing constructive, productive tools. (And Carleen Anderson should stop spear-chucking and dancing and accept that even she deserves freedom, as tasteless as it may sound).

10 to 13 Jun 17, 2004 (21h15)
10) There should not only be an Eurovision song contest, but an "Afrovision" contest to find the faces/styles of tomorrow's African/other black music to market them abroad. 11) There should be one or more musical festivals (on different continents dedicated exclusively to all the various genres of black music). 12) While many of the most successful black artists have been cases cross-over music instead of fully black music (like Lionel Richie or the EWF... I utter this as a conscious insult and challenge!) and they may not have optimally profited the project of African/black people's development/civilization/well-being, the future black music should even be written, produced, performed, distributed and financed by black people, and the main objective of making profit should be none but Civilization, Well-being, and Preservation of natural resources. 13) Peace, disarmament and constructive attitude should be the absolute prerequisite for granting any development aid at all.

And so onJun 17, 2004 (21h14)
6) My agenda stresses three goals: a) peace, b) clean energy, c) clean water. I believe clean water and the hygiene and nutrition it produces do a lot of basic health work, which should diminish the need of medicine and medical staff. (I do not characterize myself as a fan of the Red Cross). 7) A minimum of 50 % of the profit of all companies active in an underdeveloped country should remain within the borders of such a country, either as voluntary investments or donations, or as state-imposed taxes. Especially companies using the unrenewable natural resources of the country should follow such a principle. 8) Each African dry seaside country deserves its own desalination plant and solar power station to use it to provide a sufficient supply of fresh water. 9) Each so-called civilized country deserves its own black top artist, who constantly irritates the local musicians with his superior music and his humility and modesty. Also, each US state should have its own local world-class black musical hero.

The Grim AgendaJun 17, 2004 (21h13)
Here is the agenda: 1) There should be no 3rd world but just one, the good one. 2) Africa should be brought to the same level of well-being, civilization, peace, democracy and economic prosperity, as the rest of the world. 3) The concept of development aid should not exist; there should be equal terms for making a living; for instance tax paradises are a form of inequality between areas/economic units. 4) The G8 or G24 countries dominate, even dictate the development on the whole planet; to counterbalance this, there should be a united voice of "The neglected 36" or "The ignored 142". 5) The active (honest) work of Africans / black people themselves should be in a key position in the development of the black communities; African aid workers should mainly be African; their work and salary are a form of helping Africans help themselves.

Bror LamentationJun 17, 2004 (21h12)
The local media loves spitting in my face out of some unexplained bitterness or envy. As if some mafia satellite were watching me 24 hours a day and nagging at every little thing i do. Could it be that God has become a weirdo? But i suppose you know all of the inefficiency of politicians, since you wrote You Haven't Done Nothing. Er, if you want to buy first-class material of mine - don't! Let no one charge money for our possible collaboration. If we voluntarily join forces, let no one get between and make a buck. That is what I tried to tell Toni Braxton, before someone closed her "Stormwinger's homepage", probably a salty sea perk, or a jerk or some other moron… But no problem! I don't care much about the Olympics any longer, here is my agenda on how to use the 30ish floppies and 20ish cd-r's i have in store. Over 300 rhythm patterns and a multitude of short and long sequences of music from the past 12 months await their user, preferably used in sung music rather than rap.

Bror GrimbroJun 17, 2004 (21h01)
Would you mind having Stevie hear this? Dear Stevie. I want to say many things. First of all, thanks for great music, i hope you continue using your creative talent for another 20 years or so. Second, welcome to Norway. Third, I advise you to be a little more careful than usual as you come. Keep your own staff at close range around you 24 hours a day. Take your own foods and drinks. It may not be wise to accept a meal even from high-rank people. I feel the atmosphere here has been kind of murderous lately. Four, there seems to be a flourishing tapping business around here, which means someone may want to market musical material to you in their own name. Yet it may be stolen. Five, there is a culture of blackmail and horse-trading. The pattern often is that they tempt you into wrong-doing, then they pressure and punish you. Correct any severe wrong-doing before you come here, whatever it may be. Do it personally with the one you have wronged against, if any. If you, say, pay damages anyone else but that person, they will only lose the money into their system and the victim never gets a dime. I am sad to say deceit and dishonesty is deep-rooted down here. A fan of your art, I wish you well, this is why i want to warn you. I personally dislike the way a certain systematic mistreatment seems to have the government's blessing. The local media loves spitting in my face out of some unexplained bitterness or envy. As if some mafia satellite were watching me 24 hours a day and naggin

lim hyun- taekJun 17, 2004 (19h15)
¾È³çÇϽʴϱî! Mr.Wonder . Àú´Â korean ÆÒÀÔ´Ï´Ù.
¾î·ÈÀ»¶§ ºÎÅÍ ½ºÆ¼ºñ¿ø´õÀÇ À½¾ÇÀ» µè°í ÀÚ¶ú½À´Ï´Ù.
Àú¿¡°Ô ¸¹Àº ¿µ°¨À» ÁֽŠMr.Wonder²² Á¤¸» °¨»çÇÕ´Ï´Ù.
Áö±ÝÀº ³Ê¹« ¾î·Á¿î »óȲ¿¡ ³õ¿© ÀÖÁö¸¸ À½¾ÇÀÌ Àú¿¡°Ô ¸¹Àº À§¾ÈÀÌ µÇ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.
Mr.Wonder Ç×»ó °Ç°­ÇϽðí ÁÁÀº À½¾Ç º&

DeeswiftJun 17, 2004 (03h52)
Paul -- you asked "what is the stevie wonder song with the lyric ' chase the day away' in the chorus???"

This isn't a Stevie Wonder song, it's Zoom by Fat Larry's Band.

DaveJun 16, 2004 (19h53)
bk, or anyone who knows - going back to what we were discussing several months ago on this site can you give us some indication of the composition of the new songs i.e. are they heavily synthisised, has there been a return to real instruments or a mixture. Would you say the songs are reminiscent of a previous Stevie period, do they reflect previous work.

What is your honest opinion of the quality of the work compared with the 70-76 or even up to 80 material. My honest opinion of the 81 onwards material is that although the Stevies talent is still there its much more hit and miss and inconsistent in quality. I feel that we need a classic “album” rather first time listen hit singles.

Thanks in anticipation of a reply

Dave T

stobbyJun 16, 2004 (19h36)
To Nick,
I'm not sure about the purple raindrops bit but it sounds like you could be looking for the song SATURN. Its on Songs In The Key Of Life Album. He sings about "Rainbow moonbeams and orange snow, on Saturn, people live to be 205".

Hope this is what youre looking for but I'm not sure exactly

HarryJun 16, 2004 (17h28)
just wanted2no if anyone knows if Stevie will perform in the UK in the future?

gr8nessJun 16, 2004 (17h27)
please play to a big audience anywhere in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

belzazaJun 16, 2004 (16h50)
sorry, my english is not very well ;-)

belzazaJun 16, 2004 (16h46)
hello i'm a french girl and i would like to know one thing...
I've learned that Stevie has made a new album untilted "a time 2 love". is it right?
do you have any informations about this new album?

nickbtatezJun 16, 2004 (10h52)
can someone tell the name of the song of Stevies that have the words purple rain drops in it.

secret vowsJun 15, 2004 (18h18)
i could not see the oprah show, and i'm confused because i thought "how will i know" was a single song
that stevie sang in one of his concerts in 1995, but i never thought it was a duet between him and his
daughter since the song is about a man who is in dought about his womans love.
can someone help me please.

Cube Jun 15, 2004 (13h40)
Yes the duet he sang with his daughter was, 'How will I know'
and I believe it will be in his new CD.

Its a lovely song with those typical Wonder chords.

I am really looking forward for the album.

I often wonder how many tracks will be on the project.


Mr SoulJun 15, 2004 (13h12)
Heey Everybody! Does somebody have the Song ''As'' Live From Walk Of Fame Show..
When Stevie Singed ''I Cant Imagine Love Whitout You'' Then He Singed ''As'' Does somebody have it? PEACE

alexalemanJun 15, 2004 (10h13)
hi im Alessandro Alemanno, i want if you like try to remix Stevie song >lovely< where i can sand by mail my promo for Stivie

my phone number is 0039 339 8582008

thank you

AlishaJun 15, 2004 (06h19)
I am only 21 but I love Stevie and his music. You are an inspiration. I work at a nursing home and a few of your songs play on the radio station but mostly the residents hear me singing them. Rock on!

naomiJun 15, 2004 (04h44)
hey all! i saw the Oprah show where Stevie performed some songs. Well, he performed a certain song with his daughter, although I don't recall the title of the song. For those who saw that episode (I believe it was Oprah celebrating her 50th birthday), can any of you tell me what the title of the song they sang together? Thank you so much!

Love you Mr. Stevie Wonder! You are a definite inspiration for everyone (not just music artist). Thank you for making wonderful music!
RIP Ray Charles. Always loved listening to you jam!

CarshenaJun 14, 2004 (06h42)
I really want to find the single "Purple Raindrops" for my mom. For months I told her the song didn't exist because I couldn't get a hit on line and it's not even mentioned on Stevie's web site. However, I have since found that it exist. I have even gone as far as to bid on a Motown cd on ebay that has the song. But I've never been successful. I hope that someone can help me out.

population1_2004Jun 14, 2004 (03h02)
Has anybody heard anything about a new SINGLE yet??? By the way, Stevie is 54. Born 5-13-1950(not 1951)

paulJun 14, 2004 (02h20)
what is the stevie wonder song with the lyric ' chase the day away' in the chorus???

paulJun 14, 2004 (02h15)
what is the stevie wonder song with the lyric ' chase the day away' in the chorus???

bkJun 14, 2004 (00h25)
Sorry guys thats 53 years old !!

bkJun 14, 2004 (00h24)
Hi guys,
just a few short notes.Stevie is now 54.(Born May13th 1951)
Great respect to the late great Ray Charles.
Ps the songs Stevie did on the Oprah show......phew!They were hot !!!!"How will i know" with
his daughter....awesome...".Whats the Fuss '''funky...and "from the bottom of my heart"...sweet!
Love Brent

dahostJun 13, 2004 (17h17)
Stevie 54

dahostJun 13, 2004 (17h09)
stevie love your mine because that's what we all hear in your music, but i would like to heard
jazz side of stevie

Rudin-GJun 13, 2004 (13h23)
can someone tell me how old stevie wonder is?????

Rudin-GJun 13, 2004 (13h08)
can someone tell me how old stevie wonder is?????

PitJun 13, 2004 (11h32)
Hey. I'm lookinf for lyric of Stevie's IF EVER. If anybody has this lyric, please, send me an e-mail.

Ivelin-NorwayJun 12, 2004 (07h53)
I made a record-cover of Stevie's All Is Fair In Love (it's better than the original) [jokin'] :)))
but if someone wants to hear this, I could send you by email...and you can tell me if it's OK
Only Piano & Voice :D

Ivelin-NorwayJun 12, 2004 (07h34)
Thanks for the information...but is there anybody that knows where I can find a ticket for that concert in Stocholm?
Rest In Peace Ray...

ray it s 4 uJun 11, 2004 (20h26)
I cry because a legend is dead: ray charles. we love u ray and u goin'g to miss us very much

vicJun 11, 2004 (14h59)
In favor of Mr Charles I send you an email for fundraising.
I am cycling with some blind guys and I am looking for a sponsor.
You are really one of them who can help me. What do i ask? A ticket for traveling to the paralympics in Greece.
There I can support paralympic champion Mr Jan Mulder (Netherlands), the blind cycling champion.
I send his site to you: Actually, this is a private action of mine, no one else is involved in it.
I am looking for some other solutions, but your support would be great!!!

All the best, Vic

Apo^Jun 11, 2004 (14h48)
RIP Ray !!!!

Apo^Jun 11, 2004 (14h48)
RIP Ray !!!!

Apo^Jun 11, 2004 (14h09)
RIP Ray !!!!

Mr Soul Jun 11, 2004 (12h10)

Another StarJun 11, 2004 (10h54)
A great big Legend has leaved us. A great big inspirer of Soul-Music. A big friend, father and "uncle"
of Stevie. Ray Charles, we´re gonna miss you!!

Stevie, best wishes for your new album. I know that it will be amazing!!

GedJun 11, 2004 (08h49)
RIP Mr Ray Charles

Respect. I could wait a while longer if Stevie wanted to include a tribute on the CD

dstructionJun 11, 2004 (06h20)
whats up yall! Im 23 years old and im a collector of stevies music. I have a bunch of his albums on vinyl, and i gotta say my favorite is "Secret Life of Plants'. So is this new album gonna keep getting pushed back every time? Im so anxious to hear that.

Ivelin-NorwayJun 11, 2004 (05h28)
Hey Barbara... :)
There's a Stevie's concert in Stocholm this month, I think 17-th Juni...
Probably I'll be at work, playing piano, but for Stevie I'll surely quit ... maybe we can go together... :)

barbaraJun 10, 2004 (21h38)
Do you plan a tour someday??
I've been listening to your music since I am under 10 (I am soon 39!), love your music and will always love it!
Thanks to your magical music and beautiful words, I have enjoyed English language (I am French and now live in France, Paris).
Yesterday night, I went to see George Benson who was really great! An incredible guy!
And once again, I felt sad not to have been able once in my life to go to see you! You Stevie Wonder!
Take care

a_dele_definitleyJun 10, 2004 (17h28)
Stevie's music has moved me in ways I cannot even describe. I feel like a better person all because of the music he has
brought into my life. He is a true legend and inspiration. Seeing him live almost moved me to tears! May he continue on
forever sharing his wonderful gift. Always remembered.

stobbyJun 10, 2004 (15h16)
hi vette,
the song your on about could be "Please don't go". Its the final track on the "Fulfillingness' First Finale" album

jedJun 10, 2004 (11h54)
salut les wonderiens !!!

Pas de chance d'être en france et de ne pas avoir vu stevie hier soir !!
Mais si quelqu'un à une VHS de cette émission; et bien je serai hyper content !!

Merci et longue vie à Steve

BenJun 10, 2004 (11h03)
Hi all you Stevie Fans, i have a gold record from Stevie (presented to him) of his woman in red album
and listed it on!!! So, if you are interested, see it and buy it!!!
Good luck Ben

majJun 10, 2004 (05h25)
helllo! does anyone know if stevie cut the "song how will I know" with aisha on the album or was It just a duet for the Oprah show! I think stevie should a have sang this one alone even though aisha did ok
july 27 hopefully is the final push back!

secret vowsJun 9, 2004 (21h16)
thank u cube:
i can't imagine life without stevie, i've been trying to tell the world that "how will i know" is such a
beautiful song and deserves to be on his new album. i think god answered my prayers. I wish
"fear can't put dreams to sleep" is on the new one. i realy think that the world does not need politicians
but instead it needs human beings like stevie, prophet mohammed, gandi and jesus to give people
hope and love.

JACOBJun 9, 2004 (19h41)
WOW! It was so great watching Stevie on Oprah yesterday! He was soo great! Funny, down-to-earth, and how about the
new songs? They sound awesome! The duet with his daughter was really beautiful, and the song with En Vouge sounds like it could
be a strong single! Hopefully this is only the beginning of the promotion that Motown will embark on for the new album! Can't wait! Catch
you all later!


Cee TeeJun 9, 2004 (18h43)
Stevie when is Your next album released "ATime To Love" ?????????????????.
I will be at Your Concert in Stockholm SWEDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samsonJun 9, 2004 (17h57)
where can i wach when stevie was on oprah couse i when on her website and there is only a prewiev where can i wach the whole show.

vetteJun 9, 2004 (17h21)

Mr SoulJun 9, 2004 (15h47)
Hey population1_2004! I wantr to buy that. Please
can you teel me how do do.? I live in sweden Peace

DIABÜSJun 9, 2004 (11h17)

BritJun 9, 2004 (11h09)

funkbrothaJun 9, 2004 (06h49)
Saw Stevie on Oprah today and I really like the song he's done with En Vogue. Sounds like a hit! En Vogue is an amazing group
so I am happy to see Stevie team up with them. They are both very talented and it is good to see that En Vogue is coming back
strong. I can not wait.

population1_2004Jun 9, 2004 (04h11)
I hope everybody saw Stevie on Oprah. The duet he did with Aisha was really nice and will be on the new cd. It's called "How Will I Know" .I really liked the little bit he played of "What The Fuss". I think that could be a hit. He did a piece of one other and I thought it was god to. It was great to hear his wife speak and also when Stevie's youngest son sang a part of My Cherie Amour. I think he's 2...Don't forget that Stevie has also said that "I can't Imagine Love Without You" will be on the CD as well as "Truth Is The Light Of The World." We'll see for sure on July 27th. If anybody wants a vhs copy of the show email me and send enough to cover shipping and a tape ($5) and I will send it if you live in the US. Well it looks like Stevie's got a really good Cd coming out!!!

LovebirdsJun 9, 2004 (01h50)
I just wanted to say that my husband and I just celebrated 10 years together (6 married) and he always sang to me but on our wedding day he sang "Ribbon in the sky" and everytime I hear stevie's voice it takes me back to my wedding day! Thank you Stevie for helping make my day extra special! Also the whole time I was pregnant my husband sang "isn't she lovely" to my tummy because the doctors said we were having a girl... we have a 5 year old BOY! He is quite lovely though! We love you Stevie!

TanyaJun 9, 2004 (00h11)
When are you touring again? When you do I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

/marius\Jun 8, 2004 (23h12)
hi stevie! i've heard your'e coming to norway this summer. awsome. im comong. please write my autograugh. i'll be there even if it snows.
"I can see clareley now the rain is gone".

Mr SoulJun 8, 2004 (22h26)
Has Somebody Recorded the show. on Oprah Winfrey Show?
Kan somebody put it into kazaa..? Peace

kevinJun 8, 2004 (22h18)
stevie, i've seen you in concert four times and my kids have grown up listening to your tunes, they are 23,21,19 now and i was wonderering when you were comming back to new york so i can take them to see you

Mr SoulJun 8, 2004 (22h13)
Tjena. Okej. Aa Jag addar dig.
Vet inte Har Typ 200 Låtar med Stevie!
Många Live Som inte har Släppts Och Många andra Nya. Ska du på Conceren da?

CubeJun 8, 2004 (17h24)
This is too Secret Vows:

I have great news for you : Stevie Wonder will be
performing your favorite unrelased Stevie song,
How will I know if she loves me"
Its appaerntly on his new album and he will
be singing it as a duet with his daughter.

He will perfom it on Oprah tonight, its on Oprah"s website.

I can"t wait to hear it.


samsonJun 8, 2004 (15h54)
tjena mr soul ja dom sa det i skivhuset i kista att den ska komma ut den 14 juni så vi får hoppas på det. jag undrar om du har nåra låtar med stevie som har aldrig kommit ut adda mig på msn om du

Mr SoulJun 8, 2004 (10h20)
Hey Samson I'm from sweden dom att albumet ska komma june 14?

population1_2004Jun 7, 2004 (23h59)
Don't forget:STEVIE ON OPRAH TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaluquinhoJun 7, 2004 (23h49)
I just passed by to say a brazilian hello to one of the most incredible musicians ever.

nickMelly^Jun 7, 2004 (23h22)
stevi,e I'm an italian name's melania....I'm 15 .....and you are my best singer because I thik you are the best in the world...kiss kiss melany

LouiseJun 7, 2004 (18h53)
hey thanks B.K for that information but it was a bit late!! because i had already handed in my project! but thanks for the info any way!!

samsonJun 7, 2004 (18h33)
hello guys im from sweden. i was in a cd store today and ask about stevies new album they said its coming out june 14 next weck. but i told him about the delay and he said they must be wrong couse in my computer it says that its gonna be released june 14.but whatever dont know what to bealeve anymore. do you guys know some information about the album like whos gonna perfom with him or how many songs. take care and god blees.......

C'NeaJun 7, 2004 (18h22)
Good Morning America is having a free concert in NYC June 11, 2004 in Bryant Park from 7-9 am featuring Stevie Wonder.

mathieuJun 7, 2004 (14h52)
Der friends,
The same as UK, we are waiting for a nice concert in Paris. when Stevie is comming?
Mathieu from Paris 9ème

MIRKOJun 7, 2004 (10h12)

adamJun 6, 2004 (18h56)
stevie, please go on tour

Joan and TonyJun 6, 2004 (09h35)
Here we are in the UK waiting and waiting for you to come over here and perform. It has been too long since you were here last - we went to the Albert Hall three times in one week. Please come back to the UK soon!!!!!

Steve MarshallJun 6, 2004 (07h20)
Hey Guys,

Here are a couple tidbits of news...

1. Stevie WILL be on Oprah on Tuesday, June 8th at 4 PM on ABC. After the delay of the new album, it was uncertain that this date would have remained unchanged. However, after seeing a commercial for it today (a clip where Stevie is driving a car, and another one where he is performing) Stevie will definitely be on Oprah this coming Tuesday.

2. In addition to the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on ABC on Friday, June 11 (I will be attending the concert in NYC!!!!!) GMA will also have a segment on Stevie's career on Thursday, June 10th between 7 and 9 AM.

nickdnantzJun 6, 2004 (06h32)
i loved the living for the city with geogre michael. i wonder what year that was done in?

JonathanJun 6, 2004 (05h18)
Yeah! Finally I've also got some tickets for the Sweden consert in july 17:th!
I'm thrilled and waiting for an experience which I know will be awesome, because
every time I see Stevie, even if it's on TV, he always causing cold chills down my spine... ;)

luigiJun 6, 2004 (00h41)
Dear brother Stevie, thanks God for having you among us with your music and inspiration. I've been loving your music since I saw you on Italian TV singing an italian version of A PLACE IN YHE SUN in the mid sixties: since then many a things have changed but your music. My children know your songs they dance at the MASTER BLASTER reggae or keep moved and silent listening at such masterpieces as Lately. Dear Brother my soul is with you. Keep walking with us. LOVE, RESPECT, IRIE. Cool runnings. Luigi

Mr SoulJun 5, 2004 (11h28)
Yeahh I'm Goin To Stevie! July 17 ;)
His Concert Will Be Avesome He Will Sing Some New Songs.:D

claudio78Jun 4, 2004 (14h16)

BKJun 4, 2004 (00h33)
Hi Guys,
sorry but i've been away in France a Lille.Well i guess we might see the new album before August.The Scandinavian dates
should tell us a lot.Good luck to all the guys going out there ,particularly Stockholm.
"I your love cannot be moved"....New Single from Stevie ??!!!Thanks to Pusherman for that good list of Rare Stevie stuff
Stevies Louise and thanks to Stobby......Early ones are.....
Wes Montgomery,Ray Charles,Chuck Willis,Jackie Wilson,The Drifters,The Miracles,Paul Anka,Neil Sedaka,Del Shannon,little Richard,Big bopper
......................Later ones .......The Beatles,Burt Bacharach,Jimi Hendrix
............In the seventies........Isley Bros,Marvin Gaye,Tontos Expanding Headband,Tomita,The Stones,Elton john
............Later on...................Jazz influences .....Herbie Hancock,Chick Corea,(Of course Duke Ellington from yesteryear)
............Well infact this list only scrapes the surface............
PS Stevie lost his brother best wishes to Syreeta Wright his first wife who is seriously ill.
PPs visit its a great site
In the s

sageJun 3, 2004 (16h46)
Stevie I've been trying to find you in the universe! I lost you....where did u go? You were coaching me in the spirit....did u know that? Thank you Sage (415)377-5130 I have lot's of wonderful music to share with you. peace & love Juno

Sebastien, Paris, FranceJun 3, 2004 (11h23)
Please Stevie, please... Venez chanter à Paris, cela fait si longtemps que l'on vous attends ici...

Anthony/ Torrance,CAJun 2, 2004 (05h51)
Stevie, Thank you for all you've done for the world of music. I only wish more artists would
follow your example...