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samAug 31, 2005 (21h10)
my god just bought the definitive collection and its the funkyest album ever. especially supersition. great tune. but i did like all the songs on it. well done mr wonder

TriggaAug 31, 2005 (20h42)
Can ANYBODY get me the sheet music (piano) for the song "Ribbon In The Sky?!!"

yestermeAug 30, 2005 (23h02)
Sorry Laura, I just read your only eleven years. Glad to know you're a Stevie Wonder fan just like I've been for a long time. There's just a few songs that I do not particularly like, the rest are all equally great.

YestermeAug 30, 2005 (12h43)
Hi Laura, Stevie is asking me if you're goodlooking.

FrancAug 30, 2005 (02h57)
I was fortunate to meet Stevie once after one of his concerts on Massachusetts in the early 90's. (I don't remember the actual year.) I waited in line for two hours. (I was the last pserson to meet him.) It was truly amazing. Also at that time I was working room service at the local Marriott where Stevie and his band were staying. I did get to deliver room service to his suite. Unfortunately he was sleeping :-(

He has so many awesome tunes. My favorites have changed throughout the years, but right now my top three are:

Heaven is Ten Zillion Light Years Away
Golden Lady
Ribbon in the Sky (live extended version from Natural Wonder)

LauraAug 30, 2005 (00h33)
Hey everyone! It takes so long for people to reply on this forum. Anyways, i would like to list all the greatest Stevie Wonder songs (not in order) so that you can reply back to me on this forum.

Boogie on a Reggae Woman
All is Fair in Love
I wish
Higher ground
You are the Sunshine of my life
Uptight(everthing is all right)
Master Blaster
Isn't she Lovely
I just called to say i love you
and completely out of the blue, can anyone give me the lyrics of L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole? I cant find them anywhere! Thanks cyal8tr. Laura

lauraAug 29, 2005 (00h26)
Hello everyone, Dear Jesus, was that message dedicated towards me or was it someone else? Hey everyone, I love 'All in Love is Fair' and ' i just called to say i love you'

cya. Laura

lauraAug 29, 2005 (00h23)
what the hell?what's with all this foreign language? Guess what! My brother and i got The Divinitive collection and i borrowed the Stevie Wonder colection from a friend! It is soooo cool!Hey is anyone a fan of Nat King Cole? I love 'Unforgettable' and 'L.O.V.E'

AndersAug 29, 2005 (00h19)
I'm a big fan of Stevie Wonder's music.

Have you listened to a great band called 2 Souls?
You will find information about the cd "In The Heat Of The Night" at Enjoy!

nick Mariah WilfredAug 28, 2005 (17h43)
I was just wondering- =) How do I write Mr. Wonder an email?
Is that possible?
It may sound funny- but I am an artist- I write music, funksoul, motown- mostly soul- and I would like to send Mr. Wonder some of my work.
I am from Sweden, so it´s no wonder- if noone ever heard of me.
But soon- I will take my sweet soul- lovin- funk music to America- and we´ll enjoy it together. Hopefully I will meet Stevie and be able to sing one of my songs with him, written for him- and have his opinion in my music.
Love. Music. Soul.

JesusAug 27, 2005 (11h21)
Dedicated to Laura: " Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand
With an equal opportunity
For all to sing, dance and clap their hands" (Sir Duke)
my english is too,too ,too bad, but Stevie`s music i like it, is wonderfull.
The new album ,PLEASE.

LucyAug 27, 2005 (03h47)
I just read an article about Stevie Wonder and did you know he wrote 'My Cherie Amour' and heaps of his other great songs before he was 20!!!!!!!! I'm a song writer also, and WOW, he is a true legend!! i wonder if he'll ever come down to New Zealand to do a concert???

lovin' stevAug 26, 2005 (21h48)
hi evryone,
sabe alguien donde podria encontrar partituras de stevie para teclado??
esce que kkn sait ou je pourrait trouver des partitions de stevie pour le clavier??

joshAug 26, 2005 (18h22)
I think stevie is a great rollmodel for blind people. I have two cd's of stevie.and theyre great.just like stevie.

katrienAug 26, 2005 (16h42)
can some one tell me if Stevie have a concert next year and where?Because I want to give a ticket to husbund for his 50° birthday.
I'M living in Belguim Europe!!

couneyAug 26, 2005 (10h05)
stevie wonder is such a great roll model for blind children around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joAug 25, 2005 (23h45)
Stevie Wonder nous manque ici.Peut-on espérer le voir prochainement (ou un jour) dans le sud de la France?

joAug 25, 2005 (23h41)

DanielAug 25, 2005 (21h02)
Busco el audio de una cancion de Stevie Wonder que la escuche hace unos años en radio y la titularon MANTENIENDO VIVO NUESTRO AMOR pero no se si es el titulo real y no la puedo encontrar.Es un tema lento y esta GENIAL.Si alguien lo conoce o lo tiene que me avise...Muchas gracias Daniel de ARGENTINA

colinAug 25, 2005 (14h50)
hiya, can someone please tell me if Stevie plays the guitar. cheers

lauraAug 25, 2005 (08h07)
Hey everyone, who deleted most of the messages? Anyway, to that Spanish guy below me, PLEASE speak in English because i like to read the messages that people contribute to this website!

nick franchutaAug 24, 2005 (15h39)
hola a todos, bueno no hablo ni escribo inglés, pero por qué no en español? talvez "Luis me puedas ayudar", busco letras de Steve, y de ser posible acordes en guitarra, conoces alguna pàgina al respecto? gracias.

geoffAug 22, 2005 (18h49)
Bob Moog passed away yesterday. Does anyone out there know of some well known Stevie Tunes which used his equipment? If so, e-mail me at
Many thanks.

LauraAug 22, 2005 (00h30)
God! What is your problem? You have some issues to sort out man! You know i am 11 years old and I nor anyone else on this STEVIE WONDER forum have to listen to explicite language like the 'f' word!!!! Let me remind you this IS a A Stevie Wonder website!

nick d'angelo (new soulman) + stevie wonder (black jesus)Aug 19, 2005 (14h21)
I know Stevie can't see this message, but i hope someone else will tell stevie he need to listen to some song's of D'Angelo , b'couse he is the only one with the feeling they had back in the good ol' days. you know , he can funk ya out, he can do some for tha lady's you know he is different of all artists just like stevie ,they are the ones with the feeling, listen to they melody's , it's like funk, everything, its fuck'd up that my man Johnny 'Guitar' Watson died, listen to songs of him like , IT'S A DAMN SHAME and WHAT THE HELL IS THIS , man only listen to the funk parts of the songs, that is what ya call , straight from the heart, he played guitar, keys, he was singing, everyting , people who read this , listen to it, and stevie my man, i know that you drop a time to love, that say's your still doin your thing, and thats normal, music isnt for just a couple of years , if you have the feeling you live for your music till ya die, and theres nothing better than that, believe me, but steve, you work with people like alicia keys, damn, what the hell is that,
put her and d'ángelo next to eachother , who's the one with the real feeling D'ANGELO he is that one, Alicia aint shit!!!! sorry but it makes me trippin , shit men, let the best ones work it out, fuck those artists who can sing but dont have the feeling to make some like superstitious or The Root from D'Angelo's 2000 LP VOODOO, but thats enough talkin today, people , listen to Johnny Guitar Watson , some of hi

gizem deniz üstübalAug 19, 2005 (12h11)
hello ý from turkey my name is gizem ý love you stevi wonder and blue

gizem deniz üstübalAug 19, 2005 (12h10)
hello ý from turkey my name is gizem ý love you stevi wonder and blue

lauraAug 19, 2005 (08h35)
Hello everyone! Is anyone a Stevie Wonder fan who lives in Adelaide, Australia? Let me know. I am so obsessed by Stevie Wonder that i have even started a book of him and have stuck hundreds of pictures of him. I can't print anything else of cos' the printers not working...........

BalouAug 18, 2005 (23h13)
Hi, I'm looking for a cover from Bloobo of Superstition, do someone know where i can find this title ?

LuisAug 17, 2005 (12h28)
Hello to everyone. I would like yo know if anybody knows this song One more time from Lavelvet, in the credits of the song said that was written by Stevie Wonder. Anybody Knows is't true. Could it be labeled the song with other title? If anybody can help me I will be very please. Thanks so much. Sorry abourt my poor english.

DATA and letter of the song:

Forget about the past
Let's try to make it last
When we are together (puede estar mal)
No matter what you do (puede estar mal)
I'm waiting here for you (puede estar mal)
No matter what they say
You're my baby
Boy that's all I wanna do (puede estar mal)
No, baby, baby, treat me right (puede estar mal)
This was meant to be (puede estar mal)
sugar, can't you see?
One more time
Oh I wanna treat you right
One more time
Oh I wanna hold you tight (puede estar mal)


LucasAug 15, 2005 (23h18)
stevie wonderfull!! leave yo argentina!! veni para argentina!! queremos escuchar musica y groove!de manera increible!! sos un groso! el mas grande!

LauraAug 15, 2005 (00h31)
Dear Turkishman. Stevie Wonder is still alive and dear Abangolee, we all love Stevie Wonder because he is the reason for this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JesusAug 14, 2005 (11h07)
27-09-2005? pleaseeee,

AbangoleeAug 12, 2005 (17h20)
Was U bord blind? Please let me know now. Kindly email me at

AbbasAug 12, 2005 (16h55)
we love you stevie

TURKISHMANAug 12, 2005 (15h02)

Steve Wonder was singing for real love...
He was singing his perfect songs without naked clips like this time...People was just listening his perfect voice.He was a real artist and he was very famous in Istanbul.

It is very hard to find a singer like him in this time...

KémaAug 11, 2005 (11h11)
Yes « all is fair in love » is for my too one of Stevie’s best ballads with “Same old story” and “you and I”.

lauraAug 11, 2005 (08h15)
Hello! (is anyone a fan of the song 'All in Love is fair' because it is my all time favourite song! I also love the song 'Georgia on My mind' by Ray Charles! Anyone agree?

jacqulineAug 11, 2005 (06h53)
stevie if u have the chane email me @ and answer tha question.....
who is the person who was the motivation of the song"isnt she lovely"..................i love that song now that ive beed 2 ur site u rmy inspiration 2 keep on with my vocal/music career

jacqulineAug 11, 2005 (06h50)
who is the person who was the motivation of the song"isnt she lovely"..................i love that song

J-RodAug 10, 2005 (05h07)

Nice DayAug 10, 2005 (03h27)
Hi! I'm Korean. Your music is very nice.

jers Aug 9, 2005 (15h48)
when the hell his new album ,with special guests ,will come out?

LauraAug 8, 2005 (09h14)
What the Hell?

Brianna PrescottAug 8, 2005 (09h13)
I have had my periods!

LauraAug 8, 2005 (09h13)
I became a Stevie Wonder fan not long ago but i absolutley LOVE him as many people on this site do. My favourite song of all time (in the history of time, light, speed, sound, and music) is all in Love is Fair. Seriously, and i am not joking, I cry when i hear that song. Normally i am really tough and NOTHING ever makes me cry- especially a song but this one did. It is so incredibly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have this wonderful picture of Stevie Wonder- he has so much happiness in his face and he is just the best!~ I know that that sentence doesn't make sense but anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My brother thinks that i am a try-hard because i love Stevie Wonder so much but i dont care because i love him so Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Did you guys know that his name isnt' actually Stevie Wonder! It's Steveland Jenkins or something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LauraAug 8, 2005 (08h58)
To all those who say'Oh Thankyou Stevie Wonder for coming to America to do the show' NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is coming to Australia before he goes any where else for the second time! He hasn't even been to Australia yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Aug 7, 2005 (08h02)

I[L]STEVIEAug 6, 2005 (14h46)
the smile. I love Stevie, Im his biggest fan haha. Nicky from the netherlands

blomgren Aug 5, 2005 (17h49)
hello you are so hell good... furst time I heard you was in a bus and after that I loove you and your music!!
my favorite is isn´t she lovely and living for the city... have a nice day...

AlejandroAug 5, 2005 (13h31)
Hellooooooooo The Big Steveeeeee is the best musician I am listening now his new song ¡¡ So What The Fuss ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
thanks esteve
Alejandro From Spain

superwomanAug 5, 2005 (13h30)
Hi! Im not aware of who reads these messages, but I wanna thank Stevie for stopping by in Finland in the summer 2004, and bringing the sunshine with him. The concert in Pori Jazz was breathtaking and unforgettable! Come again soon! Steve: youre my inspiration. I just loooooove everything about you! Dont stop ever!

LauraAug 4, 2005 (08h04)
Hey! I'm so excited! Me and my brother are buying the Divinitive Collection! Is it good?

JABAug 4, 2005 (02h55)
Hello, I am a great fan, you are a true legend and a father of soul& R&b. Thanks for your great inspiration. you angel voice makes me cry, Hope to meet you someday, May God keep you forever. Befor i go let me don't forget to say i love you vey much
J Bangs

ErikAug 4, 2005 (01h55)
Does anyone have heard anything about the new album???? still no release date. Just got the two singles from napster but I can't wait to hear more. PS Ultraman, I'd really like to hear the songs you recorded... your email doesn't work

ultramanAug 1, 2005 (23h26)
was anybody else fortunate enough to download "Positivity" off of the Best Buy website when it was up? It's no longer there and I was wondering if anybody knows who the female voice in that song is...I recorded the song Stevie did at the Ray Charles Tribute awhile back and made it into an mp3 as well as "How Will I Know She Loves Me" if anybody is interested in getting those. Finally I am in the process of getting the other songs into mp3 that he did on Oprah and the BET awards. I even fixed Stevie's missed cue near the beginning of "How Will I Kow She Loves Me". Did anyone else notice that? Oh and I have one more, "I Can't Imagine Love without You" from the BET Walk Of Fame Show a couple of years ago. You know, the one where he promised the album would be out in May lol. Ok I'm out.

lovin'stevAug 1, 2005 (20h50)
wow .. ¬¬

lauraAug 1, 2005 (00h29)
You know what really annoys me? When people likle CAITLIN come onto this website and just say hello everyone! What is the point of that?This is a Stevie Wonder website isn't it? Then say SOMETHING ABOUT STEVIE WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lauraAug 1, 2005 (00h26)
Dear Oskar,
Are you looking for the guitar chords or what?Because my dad is a music teacher and he might be able to get it for you!