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StevboySep 30, 2005 (06h40)
You can read a biography of Stevie at

ummSep 30, 2005 (03h43)
i cant believe the stieve wonder site doesnt have a bio, get on that will ya

paco benitezSep 29, 2005 (21h08)
steve calling mee¡¡¡¡ 695999360
from spain sevilla

raphaelSep 29, 2005 (20h00)
I'm french and i think that stevie wonder is the best singers of the world, its a genius.

BOB JOE MARTIN Sep 28, 2005 (22h48)
I like Stevie Wonders song I Just Called To say I love You It is a really good song!!! You know what really gets on my nerves, when laura gets on here and complians about everyone else!! She needs to get a life and quit worrying about everyon e else Caitlin can say anything she wants she ccan even say Laura is a whore because its true!!!!!!!!!

nick BirthdaySep 28, 2005 (17h12)
Hello Stevie-Fans!
Can you helpp me? I am looking for the sound "Happy Birthday" for a Birthday Party. It´s pretty urgent, the party will start the next hour... Thanks!!

BK IN THE UKSep 27, 2005 (12h37)
ALL YOU GUYS WHO SUPPORT THIS GUY......ITS BEEN WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dbdSep 27, 2005 (05h53)
he is the best especially his new album get it :)

lovin' stevieSep 26, 2005 (20h52)
hey laura!!
well is good to know that there are still young people that like that kind of music. here (and i think in australia too) teenagers use to like commercial music (is it called like that??) and don't even know you the beatles are..!! lol

G_UnITSep 26, 2005 (19h58)
grande steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....the best in assoluto!!!!

LauraSep 26, 2005 (00h20)
Hey everybody, Dear E.M. Umm... Thankyou?
Dear lovin' Stevie, even though i am not in your conversation, i will butt in anyway. Ok, you are not the youngest Stevie Wonder fan- i am 11. I live in Australia and no one seems to know who Stevie Wonder is except for all the really old people. And the youngest you can get from a person who knows who Stevie Wonder is, well, they are probably all in nursing homes. To everybody else, is anyone a fan of Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, The jackson 5 and Nat King Cole? If you are, please reply to me!

lovin' stevieSep 25, 2005 (19h28)
hi E.M.!
where are you from? i thought i was the youngest stevie's fan!! I'm also 15 and here in spain nobody seems to know him.. :(
(does he read what we write in here??)

E.MSep 25, 2005 (12h27)
i know i can`t speak good english :) I LOVE YOU STEVIE and all stevie wonder fans :) laura, you are wrily a good fan from stevie:) i like you

E.MSep 25, 2005 (12h25)
hey stevie all frends listening modern pop, but i like just your music shes the best at the world and i saw you in the tv six month ago and i was so happy:) but i want to see you live becaus you make me strong. when i be sad i listening your music and then i know you help me:) i love you stevie i love you so and i don`t forget you becauy you are my star:)

E.MSep 25, 2005 (12h18)
pleas stevie wonder come to switserland i am 15 years old ans i love your music. pleas come i want to see you. i like you and i don`t forget you...

KémaSep 23, 2005 (02h20)

The Stevie Wonder countdown has began...
A Time To Love, Stevie Wonder's new album to hit online stores on September 27,2005!!! And also experience the new CD in stores on October 18,2005.

New Stevie song
Stevie will be releasing the single, "Shelter In The Rain" on October 11th. The proceeds from this single will go towards the Katrina Hurricane Relief efforts.

wowSep 23, 2005 (01h37)
stevie wonder is the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paloSep 22, 2005 (18h39)
Steve: I am musicians, play the guitar in Argentina. I am 50 years old. Please, you must come to Argentina. I dont to die if before you play in Argentina. You are God, my friend. I hope that anytime I can see you. Thanks a lot, for your music. Palo Penayo.

jensSep 22, 2005 (14h25)
hi european guy!
thanky for your help! I ve got it finally! Take care

LauraSep 22, 2005 (00h19)
Dear david Fireman, You are just like me! I used to be a massive fan of Alicia Keys and then when i realised that Stevie Wonder was her inspiration, i became a Massive fan of Stevie Wonder. Um... Why do people keep on saying weird things to me?

ToniSep 22, 2005 (00h05)

ToniSep 22, 2005 (00h03)
Hello my name is Toni Wilson and I live in Detroit would you ask Mr Wonder to contact me it is very important. 313-271-9414

caseySep 21, 2005 (19h33)

David FiremanSep 21, 2005 (05h39)
Hey guys I'm a big Mariah Carey fan and since I found out Stevie Wonder was her inspiration I became his fan, too. I've got a lot of stuff about him and the most amazing song in my opinion is OVERJOYED, but unfortunately I still haven't found a single performance LIVE from this song. Does anyone have it? I mean, Stevie singing Overjoyed LIVE? I want it soooo baad!!!

Stevie is the greatest singer in this world, congratulations.

Laura, I have read everything you wrote below... lol you're the best lol =) kisses

LauraSep 20, 2005 (00h27)
Dear Population 1 2004, No, someone did not force them into her. She got addicted and then had to take more and more to fulfill her addiction so yeah, i guess it was voluntary. I am a fan of Drew Barrymore. If you want to find more informaion on her, just go to her website. Hey, I am a massive fan of Stevie Wonder and as all of you are everyone but i have to admit. I love all of his songs except 'What the Fuss?' I hate it! It's not his style at all! Okay cya from laura.

nickleilamarhia Sep 19, 2005 (06h40)
stevie , eu também sou cantora . moro noBrasil. Sou sua fa e adoro cantar suas músicas . Beijos
Leila Marhia

DesmondSep 17, 2005 (01h05)
I heard some of the new tracks on iTunes. I dig "Seven Days In Sunny
June" the best, also "World That He Wants" does a good job of voicing
how Bush is screwing up the world. I found a few sites about the new
music, which is out 9/20 in the States. Also here are some tour dates.

10/21 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
10/22 Boston, MA Roxy
10/24 New York, NY Nokia Live
10/25 New York, NY Nokia Live
10/27 Montreal Metropolis
10/28 Toronto Kool Haus
10/30 Chicago, IL Congress Theater
11/1 Denver, CO Fillmore
11/3 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
11/5 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
11/6 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
11/9 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern

PetterSep 14, 2005 (20h51)
for me love is the first.

MissSep 14, 2005 (18h01)
Hi you all,
I'm searching for a playback of "Isn't She Lovely" or a karaoke. Hope you can helmp me.

population1_2004Sep 13, 2005 (23h45)
Drew Barrymore was a victim of drugs and alcohol? Did they force themselves on her or did she take them voluntarily? Funny how people always look for somebody or something else to blame. The perfect illustration of that is Hurricane Katrina. Can't wait for the new Stevie CD, has anybody heard anything about a new single yet?

GabinSep 13, 2005 (23h44)
Hi everybody!
Is there any one who is able to tell me WHEN will the last stevie's album "A TIME TO LOVE" be available please??It has been taking a long long time!!!TOO MUCH TIME!!
Thanks for answering!
Best regards

paul mccartneySep 13, 2005 (02h36)
has a new cd, with full critical praise. can sw do that? i hope, but i doubt.

Daniel in ChileSep 12, 2005 (23h39)
Does anyone know where I could find some of Stevie's songs in piano scores or piano chords?


Daniel in ChileSep 12, 2005 (23h38)
Does anyone know where I could find some of Stevie's songs in piano scores or piano chords?


LauraSep 12, 2005 (08h29)
Dear the guy that is below me, Drew Barrymore was a victim of drugs and alchol at the young age of 9 and got back on the big screen. She started off with low-budget films and worked her way up. So, the point of that little story was that if Drew Barrymore was 9 years old, why shouldn't you be able to do it. You are probably sitting on your bum trying to find buyers for that Stevie Wonder artifact so why don't you get out and try looking around. My cousin is a director. Only problem is, he lives in Australia like me and you probably live in America like everyone else over on this website. Which reminds me, Does anyone live in Australia? Please tell me! I am sick of Americans or English people (no offence) replying and saying 'Oh hi! Sorry, i'm not Australian but i wanted to reply to you anyway. You know what is really annoying about this website? You cant put pictures. I would have loved to have posted a little smily on my peice of writing but NO! no smily's for me! plus, does anyone adore the Stevie Wonder son g 'All in love is Fair' so much that when you hear it makes you cry. I do! I love that song so much. I was upset last night and was crying and i put all in love is fair on and i automatically stopped crying! It's amazing what a large affect Stevie Wonder has on people!!! Anyways, cya. From Laura.

nick AJSep 12, 2005 (06h41)
Available: A glass paper weight on which is etched "May 13 A Celebration of Birth Honoring Stevie's Birthday and the Birth Of The Stevie Wonder Vision Award." Beneath the writing is the SAP logo.
I received it on the night of the first Vision Awards... 1997 I think. I Love Stevie but I'm an unemployed actor who is still trying to make rent so I'm having to sell some special things.
This is a beautiful piece of Orrefors type crystal that will make a great addition to any collection. Cut and paste the link below to see all the text and pictures. I would like for it to go to another Stevie fan!


lauraSep 12, 2005 (00h28)
Dear Lil, We have a few things in common. I am 12 years old i have recently had my birthday, Nearly my whole family is in love with Stevie Wonder(except for my brother who loves Dido, I cry when i hear his songs and i want to meet him face to face and get his autograph. The only difference is that you live in England and I live in Australia. Whereabouts do you live? I live in Adelaide- the city of churches! Dear Yesterme, just because i love the song yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday, and you have that as your login name, doesn't mean that you can still talk to me after that weirdo display back there so SHUTUP! thankyou! cya everyone (except yesterme)

LilSep 11, 2005 (20h15)
Hello!!!!! I can't believe i am talking on the website, and maybe to the REAL Steve Wonder. I am 12 years of age and I have loved, no ADORED your music since I was a baby because my whole family is in love with you!!! I always cry in your sad songs, and cry with joy in your happy songs, and, although I live in England, when I'm older my ambition is to finally meet you face to face, and get your aughtograph!!!!!!! What do you think? Lily.... remember the name because VERY shortly i will meet you!!! lots and lots of love.....Your BIGGEST fan, Lil

kiggeSep 11, 2005 (09h54)
i love your song I just called to say i love you

vickySep 10, 2005 (21h33)
very sorry to bother you, but want to ask you for some help,

I have been trying to contact celebrities, including sportsmen and footballers, as I am trying to raise the funds I need for IVF treatment, I must admit I have had some great answers and good photos, all we are asking is a signed photograph, signed lighter, or even a sock or hat. It would really be a great help. I am not asking to meet people, but just for a little help.

But a lot of agents to the celebs are a little hard faced, I appreciate how busy they are but they can be very blatant, instead of I am sorry but no, you just get either no reply or a straight forward no.

I wondered if you could help me as you are in a position where you meet a lot of stars, I know I am cheeky, but you have to push your way through to get anything now, and I have learned that the hard way.

We have had to fight for every bit of treatment we have had, and now to be really honest I am really tired of having to fight, I have been asking my neighbours and friends for there throw outs so we can even do some car boot sales and the response has been brilliant,

Then when I have everything I need to get my treatment I have been putting all my information together and hope to make it into a book of everything we went through, what we did to get the treatment who we contacted and who helped us get our dream of a family.

Any proof required to show that thi

shahidaSep 10, 2005 (20h13)
Dear Stevie Wonder,
I am 10 years old and some people say i am to young to know who you are, but i love your music i realy love Superstition!!

davidSep 10, 2005 (17h49)
i love stevie wonder music i cant wait for the new album to come out

European guySep 9, 2005 (20h02)
JC, I think the song you are referring is Fingertips (Part II) and the lyrics go this way: "Everybody say yeah, clap your hands just a little bit louder".
jens, the song you are referring to is Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke", dedicated to the great Duke Ellington.

ivanoSep 9, 2005 (12h32)
...with his shuffle, chords and blindness (maybe the main reason) he never touch the ground.....I love him and I love to play music closin my eyes........Musicians!!! Never open your eyes me!!!

JCSep 9, 2005 (04h51)
In 70´s I see Stevie singing a song in one movie. I don´t know the name of this song, but he singing.. EVERYBODY COME ON YEAH, CLAP YOUR HANDS. EVERYBODY COME ON YEAH, CLAP YOUR HANDS.
Anybody can help me? Anybody knows the name of this song?

Regards from Brazilllllll

MarkeysSep 8, 2005 (17h40)
Stevie Wonder is the best male singer & musician of all times. He is my all time favorite artist of this year and many more to come. Blind, but that doesn't stop the power and mind-set that he has to strive for bigger and better things.

Bill CSep 6, 2005 (17h59)
I'm a computer tech in Florida and have been approached by Chi Michaels. Chi and I have been talking for like 6 moths and says that he works for Stevie Wonder. Does anyone here know Chi Michaels?

JoySep 6, 2005 (01h40)
this is a cool site. i have something in common with everyone! well, if you like stevie, i just saw an amazing musician at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA named Raul Midon. you should check him out. very stevie influenced.
do you think stevie actually has someone read all of these to him? that would be awesome.

LauraSep 5, 2005 (00h21)
Dear Yesterme, can you stop talking to me you poo!
Dear Every body else, i was really upset yesterday and was crying and i listened to Allis Fair in Love(all time favourite song) and stopped crying! It's amazing that Stevie Wonder has that great effect on some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jensSep 4, 2005 (00h40)
HI everybody!
Hope you guys can help me! I am looking desperatly for a song which is from mr. wonder. I do not know the title of the song, but the refrain goes like: "You can feel it all o-o-o-o-ver, you can feel it all o-o-o-ver..." It sounds very much like a stevie wonder song. And i hope it is by stevie! Perhaps it is by somebody else. Anyway: Please send me an e-mail with the correct name of that particular song, and if it is not sung by stevie, please tell me, who the artist is!!!! mail me:
Thank you very very much!

JoelSep 3, 2005 (20h48)
Does ANYBODY have Stevie LIVE doing "I Can See The Sun In Late December"????? Please send it to me if you can!

AndersSep 3, 2005 (03h43)
I'm a big fan of Stevie Wonder's music.

Have you listened to a great band called 2 Souls?
You will find information about the cd "In The Heat Of The Night" at Enjoy!

ryanSep 2, 2005 (21h21)
Yes, Keith John is an amazing talent. Not only is he a fantastic singer, but he also excells in writing, arranging and producing!
Keith has performed on the albums of "Jeffrey Osborne" "George Duke" and many others. The song that he sang in the Spike Lee movie, "School Daze" was written and produced by Stevie Wonder: "I Can only Be Me"

He currently has a song out on an artist in the Netherlands (Keith Co wrote the song and helped with the production)

He doing well and is finally getting some respect for the wonderful work he has done. Keep on listening. You haven't heard the last from Keith John :)

YestermeSep 1, 2005 (11h16)
Dear Laura, if you have the song L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole, is it difficult to hear the exact lyrics? I like Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Leon Thomas.

kathySep 1, 2005 (10h42)
I am a sincere Stevie Wonder afficionado, 50 something nurse in California who has something very deep in common with Stevie. We were born only 363 days apart--Stevie is older and wiser, with a more well developed Inner Vision. Our innate commonality is called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) or the older term, Retrolental Fibroplasia (RLF) I began wearing glasses at age 3. My first ones were candy cane striped. The ROP wasn't diagnosed until 1077 and then 6 months later my left retina detached. It couldn't be sucessfully repaired. So, I see light and dark only on the left, and have had cataracts taken out, both eyes, and more YAG laser treatments than anyone in the US, or so my Dr, quips. So I struggle through falls, bumping into people and inanimate things, needing my husband's steady guide dog help down stairs, day or nite, etc.
I would love to talk to you some time about your vision, that has not been created by 2 eyes of 20/20, but by your personal, creative, artistic and spiritual gifts from within.
By the way, my college- bound 18 year old daughter has a best friend who knows a young gemale cousin of yours in New York.
I'm sorry to have taken up all this space, but as an ordinary citizen, I had no other choice but place these ideas in public.

LauraSep 1, 2005 (10h18)
Hello everybody! Dear yeasterme, Are you some kind of disguisting perv. You should know that it isn't normal for people to go around asking people if they are good looking or not!!!