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(samantha brown)Oct 31, 2005 (20h53)
hey steive wouder i am samantha brown i like to sing ii could go really high pitch and i love too sing muh dream is to be a singer one day and to me ur just a person just like everone on this site that crazy about u thatz muh only wish! i am 13/f/ont native and all i could say is i love ur music itz so real i am the best singer in muh school!.........and i just wish so herd this wish would come ture .....well nice meeting u if i get a emily back from u bye bye!

DiamondOct 31, 2005 (02h01)
Stevie keep doin' what you doin' I'm luvin' it. I am so in love with "Ribbon in the sky" and "These Three Words".

Andre DelanoOct 31, 2005 (00h59)
Fellow Stevie Wonder fans should check out a new album by his former saxophone player Andre Delano entitled "Full Circle." It has elements of funk, soul, and gospel in a smooth jazz base. He has a website at with sound samples. has samples of tracks too. An excellent album!

jeffén !Oct 29, 2005 (10h01)
I love you WONDER !

Robbie 'Mumbo Jumb' Liverpool, England - UKOct 28, 2005 (13h36)
Can anyone 'help' me to get my 'cover' of 'Living For The City' listend to by 'Stevie'?! Radio Stns here are 'hounding' me to let them play it! I put it on Soundclick .com and it went straight to number 40 out of 4000 places! not bad for a 1st 'Bedroom' - studio attempt! - Anyone interested in the song can listen, or D'Load it from there. If anyone can help, or is genuinely interested in us as a band (Duo), please email me: - Thankyou people, take care, from 'sCoUseLand'! here in Liverpool, england, UK. X x x X

PianoManOct 28, 2005 (00h35)
does anyone know where to find the chords/notes for stevie wonder's "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" ? I would realy appreciate that.

PianoManOct 28, 2005 (00h33)
does anyone know where to find the chords/notes for stevie wonder's "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" ? I would realy appreciate that.

AaronOct 27, 2005 (20h25)
Araneal, being Black is hard mainly from the standpoint of the racism and injustices that have been inflicted on Black people for hundreds of years. Other than that, it's the greatest!

lauraOct 27, 2005 (08h28)
Hello everyone. I have decided that these are my top 10 favourite Stevie Wonder songs.
1. Allin Love is Fair
2. Overjoyed
3. I just called to say i love you
4.Part Time lover
5.Boogie on a reggae woman
6. isn't she lovely
7. Higher ground
8. Superstition
10.I wish

These songs are fantastic! I also like Hit the road jack, georgia on my mind, what'd i say and yeah. cya p.s i dont like Stevie Wonder's new song what the fuss. It's bad!

scottOct 27, 2005 (02h11)
Does anyone know the name of the actress that appears in the video for "Skeletons"? I saw it this weekend on VH1 Soul, and it is driving me crazy as I recognize her, but I cannot think of her name. Thanks!

scottOct 27, 2005 (02h01)
Does anyone know the name of the actress that appears in the video for "Skeletons"? I saw it this weekend on VH1 Soul, and it is driving me crazy as I recognize her, but I cannot think of her name. Thanks!

AranaelOct 26, 2005 (21h35)
Being blind its not so bad. Being black could be worse...

--Stevie Wonder

AaronOct 25, 2005 (21h43)
10 classic Stevie Wonder songs that should get more recognition for how beautifully written they are:

1. Evil
2. Summer Soft
3. Pasttime Paradise (Damn You, Coolio! For Gangster's Paradise)
4. You Will Know
5. It's Wrong (apartheid)
6. As
7. Seems So Long
8. Village Ghetto Land
9. If It's Magic
10.A Place In The Sun

AaronOct 25, 2005 (21h24)
Oh Yeah, Here's My Top Five Stevie Wonder Albums:
1. Songs In The Key Of Life (Greatest Album Of All-Time)
2. Fullfingness First Finale
3. Innervisions
4. Talking Book
5. Music Of My Mind
Bonus: Hotter Than July
Top 10 Stevie Wonder Songs:
( It's hard for me to pick ten from so many classics, so I'll wing it and say):

1. Superwoman (Where were you when I needed you)
2. Love's In Need Of Love Today
3. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
4. Joy Inside My Tears (When I'm sad, Stevie's songs bring joy inside my tears).
5. Rocket Love
6. Higher Ground
7. Living For The City
8. You And I
9. They Won't Go When I Go ( Try to listen to the lyrics of the song and not get misty-eyed).
10. Ribbon In The Sky

AaronOct 25, 2005 (20h57)
What's up, fellow Stevie Wonder fans!
I don't think I'm able to put into words the impact and role Stevie Wonder and his music have been in my life (but I'll try anyway). I listen to his albums religiously and to me, is the epitome of what soul music really is. Listening to SW bring out some of my deepest emotions of happiness and bliss; and during the most difficult and trying times; when life frustrates and angers me to the point of crying; I'll put on a Stevie album, and it instantly uplifts me and takes me to a higher plateau. I'm SO happy SW has finally decided to release A TIME TO LOVE! This album just reinforces his status as the greatest songwriter and musician of ALL-TIME! For all the fans wondering why this album to so long to come out, Stevie himself said in an interview that he didn't want to release the CD until he was completely satisfied with the quality of the material.
We can only wish more music artists took the same approach, because that's exactly what's missing from so much of today's music, QUALITY! Aside from being such a legendary, phenomenal and brilliant genius and artist, Stevie Wonder is a real humanitarian who truly cares about the human race, recognizing and fighting injustices all over the world, and doing his part to help make this world a better place for all of us. Thank You GOD, for blessing and enriching our lives with such a beautiful and gifted man; whose music and spirit will live on long after we're gone, forever.

BenoîtOct 23, 2005 (18h44)
hum, hello, I'm French and I don't speak or write English very well.
I haven't listened "A time to love" yet but I hope so much that I'm a little bit scared to be deceived. I'm 19 and luckely I start to listen your song late because this way I have still many things to learn about you. Thanks for all, bye.

MartinOct 23, 2005 (08h32)
Stevie Wonder Latin Fotolog

Jason43Oct 21, 2005 (21h06)
. I would be a different person, and I feel a less valuable member of society, but for my having found his music in my formative years. If anyone changed my view of other people, races religions and my fellow man for me then it was him and I owe him a debt that I hope to repay to my fellow man every day that I live in the hope that this world will, with love and understanding be a better place for us and those that follow us. This is a time 2 love.

Jason43Oct 21, 2005 (21h05)
. I would be a different person, and I feel a less valuable member of society, but for my having found his music in my formative years. If anyone changed my view of other people, races religions and my fellow man for me then it was him and I owe him a debt that I hope to repay to my fellow man every day that I live in the hope that this world will, with love and understanding be a better place for us and those that follow us. This is a time 2 love.

Jason43Oct 21, 2005 (21h03)
To 'nick European guy' I must agree with you. I’ve had the album for somtime now and it’s taken a while for me to understand the songs and appreciate their complexity. They are involved, it’s not an album that lends itself to the new mp3 download, press next to skip generation. You need a brain! On first listening I didn’t think I liked more than three or four songs on it, serves me right for listening to it on an iPaq instead of sitting down with my surround system. Now I think that it will come to be seen a ground breaking. There are carefully crafted lyrics and melodic arrangements within the songs. The compositions include lyrics that ought not to work and yet they do, genius will always out! Most of the so called 'critics' wouldn't have been happy unless Stevie turned out an album that was basically singles back-to-back. ‘I like hotter Than July’, but Stevie grows. I don’t think that growth really needs ‘Hotter Than July II’ just to make the critics happy. I don't want to hear that from him, to be honest I’d rather hear Stevie doing songs that I didn't like as long as he goes in his own direction and sings from the heart. I think he leads in music arrangement, composition and thinking, I want to hear his thoughts. I know that there are alot of 'Stevie Wonder fans' on this site. I admit that I am selfish about him and I want to hear what he has to say the way he sees it. I don't want him to 'dumb-it-down' for commercial reasons or popular acceptance. I would be a differe

nick European guyOct 21, 2005 (18h43)
Hey ya'll!!!
I thought someone put a review of the new Stevie's album on this site!
What do you think about it? All 'n'all, for us passionate fans, it's the most important event about Stevie in te last 10 years!
My favourite song is Shelter in the rain though i definitely preferred live8 version, i think it will be one of Stevie's classic. Then I like very much Passionate raindrops (it looks a little like Knocks me off-ish atmosphere). So baaad also Can't imagine love without you, (i would borrow quite this title to say to Stevie:"can't imagine life without you" ).
What about the title track with its message of peace and love and, musically speaking, the peculiar instrumentation of drums from all over the world?
Positivity is raw and funky! it's an out the 70's piece! Ok I don't like too much So what the fuss, but you must admit that one weak song out of 15 is a good average!
Let's hear again the beginning of From the bottom of my heart, men! Who can play harmonica the way Stevie masters it, in the world? none of course (perhaps Toots T. can rival with Stevie on harmonica!).
Then again, try to define Tell your heart I love you... A mix of blues, soul and country...

While listenin' to At2l i wait for your comments!

SandroxOct 21, 2005 (15h35)
Steve wonder, eres lo maximo, el mundo entero te admira, eres todo un Dios, aqui hay un admirador tuyo de Perú.................eres el mejor musico del mundo...por eso te admiramos bastante......como tu no hay otro........

IsabelOct 21, 2005 (00h21)
hola Stevie me encanta tu musica, te admiro mucho y tengo que conformarme con verte por television si alguna vez vienes a España aunque yo vivo en Canarias ire a verte gracias por darnos tanto con tu musica. Isabel

kathyOct 20, 2005 (22h48)
Dear Stevie.
I've seen you on june 1984 when you play in Paris.
Please my childs who have 21 and 27 years old must see you in a show, come again in France before i'm too old.

Nohorita Oct 20, 2005 (18h42)
hi. stevie, I´m an english teacher in Colombia. in this moment I'm teaching to my students i've just called to say I love you, but I can't to find the letter. can you help me? GOD BLESS YOU, You can see with the eyes of your heart.

LauraOct 20, 2005 (13h36)
Dear everyone, does anyone like Ray Charles? Who is Aisha?

meeeOct 19, 2005 (23h46)
Dear Stevie, I love your sexual shades xxxxxx

TroyOct 19, 2005 (19h23)
I love Stevie's song Rocket Love of of the Hotter Than July LP. Does anyone know Stevie's inspiration for writing this song? Thanks :-)

macOct 19, 2005 (17h40)
what up stevie.I have been listining to your music since my mom used to play it all the time.I love you stevie and you are a great musician.I love for music grows deep inside my heart and i would risk any thing for name is shane if i ever get big someday?????????

KellyOct 18, 2005 (00h14)
This week AOL Music is streaming "A Time To Love" on their site...

Check it out!

AT2LOct 16, 2005 (23h36)
1. If Your Love Cannot Be Moved (Kim Burrell [gospel star]) 06:13
2. Sweetest Somebody I Know 04:31
3. Moon Blue (piano solo) 06:44
4. From The Bottom Of My Heart 05:11
5. Please Don't Hurt My Baby 04:40
6. How Will I Know (Aisha Morris) 03:39
7. My Love Is On Fire 06:16
(hommage à Luther, featuring Hubert Laws on flute and Vandross
guitarist Doc Powell. Supposedly the song was written for Luther)

8. Passionate Raindrops 04:50
9. Tell Your Heart I Love You 04:30
10. True Love 03:32
11. Shelter In The Rain (new single – Katrina) 04:19
12. So What The Fuss (Prince on guitar and En Vogue) 05:04
13. Can't Imagine Love without You 03:45
14. Positivity (Aisha Morris) 05:07
15. A Time To Love (India.Arie, Paul Mc Cartney on guitars) 09:17
TOTAL 77:63

Jesus mªOct 15, 2005 (11h04)
Somebody knows if the songs that appear Stevie have changed them tìtulo or are others for a time to love,thanks.
Track listing:

"If The Creek Don't Rise" *
"A Time 2 Love"
"Forever Is How Long" *
"So What The Fuss"
"I Can't Imagine Love Without You"
"How Will I Know?" (duet with Aisha)
"If Your Love Cannot Be Moved"
"Moon Blue"
"The Future" *
"Giant Steps" *
"Sunshine" *
"Tears" *
"The Well" *
"Songs Of My Father" *

jabuguinOct 15, 2005 (01h21)
I would like an autograph and dedication the song I just call to say I love you of stevie wonder. Do you know where can i find it? It will be a present for a friend.Thanks

franciscoOct 14, 2005 (21h16)
Hi! Wondering if anyone knows why the beautiful ¨feeding off the love of the land¨ which is the song that ends Jungle Fever, and accompanies the final credits, does not appear on the jungle fever album, and does not appear in anyone´s listings of Stevie´s songs? It is probably one of his best songs, as beautiful as anything on SITKOL or anywere... Very strange... I am very curious to know why it was left out...

IsabelOct 13, 2005 (17h04)
Hi Stevie, well right now i am checking out your web-site because my teacher asked for her studente to do a report and i decided i wanted to learn more about you. I saw you about 8 months ago on t.v. in some awards and you sang along with Alicia Keys and i cant really name everyone else but the point is that after that performance i was so intrested in learning about you. So now here i am working on a full report of STEVIE WONDER!! Well by what i have heard you are great so i wish you luck and keep doing what you do.

Wolfbane666Oct 13, 2005 (16h47)
hey stevie ijust wanted to say thanks your the one who gave me the corage to get out of my wheelchair just wanted to say thanks.

DickOct 11, 2005 (22h13)
Did you ever do a song with Roy Clark on guitar and you on a organ?
Dick Lema

shantOct 11, 2005 (20h42)
Stevie Wonder I love your music and I cant wait to you to come to syria.... And It's my dream to sing with you.... and laura you are right this is STEVIE's site....

LauraOct 11, 2005 (09h09)
Dear BOB JOE MARTIN, I haven't been on this site for ages. I have some things to say about your comments. Number one. How can i get a life when i am only 11 YEARS OLD!!!!!! My gosh! And Number two. What kind of person are you? Going around calling 11 year olds whores? I am so young that i don't even knopw what that word means except i know it's rude and i dont appreciate it. dont ever call me that again- Ok? Dear lovin' Stevie, Stevie Wonder music isn't called commercial music, it's called funk i think? And the Beatles were an amazingly popular band in the 60's? Anyway, I have got a new Stevie Wonder CD- the Divinitve Collection and have discovered some amazing songs. My Cherie Amour is fantastic. And My favourite song of all time right after All in love is Fair is OVERJOYED. It's fantastic! I absolutley LOVE it! I have to admit! Overjoyed and all in love is fair are the best two songs in the entire universe! And they happen to be Stevie Wonder! cya!

3160011WOOGIEOct 10, 2005 (08h32)
Everyone I have put together the perfect song for Stevie.

Go listen @

track titled I Wonder.

I wish Stevie could Hear it.

Its' a Time to Love

lucheraOct 10, 2005 (06h45)
Hi, Stevie Man
I'm LuChera Huntley. You're a perfect man. I saw you dancing on the stage on BET Music Awards and I love the way you dance so gratefully. Ever since I grew up, I played your record about the song is called "Part-Time Lover". That's my favorite song. Well, I'm about to go now. Maybe I can get a new CD from you. It's entitle "So What The Fuss". Until then, Make it a beautiful day. Ciao!

Jason43Oct 9, 2005 (23h37)
Stephen T, These are the tracks listing for 'Stevie Wonder - London Rainbow 24-02-74' & 'Stevie Wonder - Live In NYC 1975'

Stevie Wonder - London Rainbow 24-02-74

Disc 1

01 - Jam - Intros - Contusion (17:49)
02 - Higher Ground (5:53)
03 - Superwoman (3:12)
04 - To Know You Is To Love You (7:12)
05 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (3:04)
06 - Visions (9:58)

Disc 2

01 - Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing (4:48)
02 - Living For The City (10:59)
03 - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (12:00)
04 - Superstition (7:28)
05 - Lot Of My Dreams (6:06)

Stevie Wonder - Live In NYC 1975

01 - Intro-Contusion
02 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered
03 - Superwoman
04 - To Know You is to Love You
05 - Visions
06 - You Are the Sunshine of My Life
07 - Superstitious
08 - The Traitor (Herbie Hancock Cover)
09 - Living for the City
10 - Don't You Worry Bout a Thing
11 - Overjoyed (Live Solo Piano)
12 - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

To the best of my knowledge, they are correct.

NinsEseNJan;)<3Stevie4evanevaOct 9, 2005 (16h35)
I would just like to say ferst off , StevieI love you , more than anyone can ever be loved! Everythn from those sassy glasses , to that keyboard you do so much justice in the Blue video! When i met you , for the third time , it was the best thing ever!!! I am truley youre BIGGEST FAN! and i think that people who come on this forum and have a pop at inocent fans r a discrace 2 stevie himself. every fan meens just as much to stevie as the next! Causing tension between fans is like burning the bible! laters people xxxxxxxx ISNT SHE LURVLEY ... ISNT SHE WON-DER-FULL!

Stephen TOct 9, 2005 (13h09)
Does anyone have tracklistings for
Live in NYC 1975
Live at The Rainbow 1973

many thanks

JeffersonOct 8, 2005 (20h41)
GoodLuck for your Operation,Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOUR MUSIC

JesùsOct 7, 2005 (16h05)
Moon blue(atime to love) is great, atemporal, wonderful

Jason43Oct 6, 2005 (20h40)
I've been a Stevie wonder fan for just over 30years, I'm interested in contacting any serious fans that have an extensive collection of his music. I want to exchange playlists and scanned covers for compilation CDs or albums of his music that have not been released in the U.K. Please note I will not exchange his music in any way that might be considered bootlegging or otherwise infringing the work of someone that I very much respect as a marvellous human being. I will not supply MP3 or any other file formats of his work. For example I have created a Digital CD version of ‘Anthology’ using original CD files from my CD & L.P collection and a CD version of the original ‘Anthology’ L.P cover. If you are such a serious fan please contact me on Love to all fellow Stevie Wonder fans, spread the love!

jay peeOct 6, 2005 (19h40)
stevie come to chile ,how long we have to wait? thank you for everything .

Dave HolbrookOct 6, 2005 (14h21)
I really want to see Stevie Wonder live. Does anyone know where i can get tickets or when he may be touring?

EbbaOct 6, 2005 (10h33)
Stevie Wonder has an gift fron Gud, i think, I mean how can he do what he dose? I Think nobody understand really how difficult it is to be blind and play an intrument,, i can say that Stevie always going to be a Gud for us!!

nick jd phillipsOct 4, 2005 (06h45)
There will never be anyone who can do what Stevie Wonder does!!
Im a recording artist from oklahoma city and he has astounded me for 20 years.... God bless you Stevie, and big time for the in a square circle album, ive worn the cassette out 3 times and now im working on the best of cd!!!!!!!!!!!!

european guyOct 2, 2005 (20h15)
hi, everybody!
this is my list of best Stevie's slows:
1- All in love is fair
2- Lately
3- Joy inside my tears
4- Creeping
5- Shelter in the rain (from a time 2 love)
I wait for your own list!