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Alewonder1Oct 31, 2006 (14h32)
Have someone listened to the song from india arie to stevie wonder???this song is WONDERFUL and the name is ...WONDERFUL!!:) let me know your impression about this thi son there are all the thing that i would tell to Stevie..
CIAOOOOOO Alexandra from Naples

freddy ecuadorOct 31, 2006 (07h43)
alguien sabe de un video clip en donde sale stevie wonder en un condominio con una pareja con problemas familiares y resulta muerto el hombre de familia

gillOct 30, 2006 (17h26)
Hi Stevie,we have no time to lose,the last report coming from England is very clear:in the year 2050 it will be too late to save the planet.Then we must work together and put pressure on the governments so that they put in the constitution the principle polluters-pays.It is a question of survival.Despite my condition of consanguinity my instinct of survival is intact,and we must think of future generations.Don't take the example of Canada,who will fight the greenhouses gases in the year 2050,giving all the responsability to our children.exetera...Hasta la victoria siempre(Guevara)

Anthony Oct 28, 2006 (23h15)
Hi, is there anyone who can forward me with the Live @ The rainbow and live in Brighton from Stevie

LisaOct 28, 2006 (21h17)
Hi All I am a big fan of Stevie Wonder.
I went away to Magaluf with my family and in the apartments there was a karoke on every night. I sang one of my favourites songs that Stevie Wonder wrote "I just call to say i love you." I think i did my best singing the song but Stevie Wonder is better singing.
From Lisa

EricOct 24, 2006 (23h02)
Hi Mr. Wonder, My name is Eric J. Rodwell. I am a retired First Sergeant. I was in the military for 21 years. I am 47 years old and have enjoyed your music the majority of my life. My daughter is 20 years old and is enthrawled by your music and accomplishments. She is presently attending college, working as a teachers assistant, and pursuing a singing career (the latter is not why I am e-mailing you). Tiffany would be extremely "Over Joyed" if you would possibly find the opportunity to call her just to say Hi and wish her well. She has no clue that I am attempting this endeavor. I chose not to fuel any anticipatory thoughts on her part, just in case you were unable to call. FYI: Her number is 719-244-3501. Home phone:719-522-0253. Please leave a message if she does not answer....I assure you she will never erase it and will treasure it the rest of her life. May God continue to bless you and your career and allow us to reap the benefits. Eric (a caring Dad) note: whether you reply to this e-mail or not it doesn't change the fact that you are the greatest musical talent of all time.

rythemgrlOct 24, 2006 (02h32)
I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan as well as being a huge Dionne Warwick fan. I was wondering if anyone else here, like me, can't wait for Dionne's new album to come out. It's called "My Friends & Me" and will be out on the 7th of November. It's an album of duets and
collaborations with artists like Olivia Newton-John, Reba McEntire, and Wynonna Judd! I have just heard about it at umgd, where I work, and I've been told it's amazing! Check out for more information. Is anyone else here looking forward to the 7th of November as much as I am?

laurenOct 22, 2006 (12h51)
hi stevie! i go to a club called catapillar productions and for our theme this year we are doing a show on you and your life were going to sing your songs and and act out your car crash and were doin a dance to part time lover its really good i know it sounds stupid but we want you to come and see it because its dedicated to you ! thanks stevie lauren xx

ErinOct 21, 2006 (02h26)
Hey Stevie! So everyone tells me I am crazy for even asking and it's a complete waste of time but I thing anything is worth a try. I absolutely love you and my entire family is made up of huge Stevie fans. My older sister is even named Aisha! I was writing to see if you would come to my wedding in June. You are such an amazing and inspirational person. So if for any reason you are hanging out in Wisconsin June of 2007 or are looking for a reason to visit, we'd love to have you. You can contact me @ Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it!

JujuOct 18, 2006 (12h34)
PLZZZZZ i want to get the tab or the chords of the song SUPERWOMAN!! plzzz it"s a wonderful song !!

gillOct 14, 2006 (17h26)
Hi Stevie,i just met my match not long ago and believe me it was about time.It is an incredible feeling,this woman is so important to us we will stay the rest of or life with her.They really should teach education of love in schools,it is so important.By the way i have 2 projects which will occupy my time for the rest of my life:to insert in the constitution the principle polluter pays.And to implement a democratic socialist system in our countries.I would say with John Lennon imagine,because it will take a long time...Have a good day.

Buyani MhlongoOct 13, 2006 (10h50)
WoW what a bomb A Time To Love album is. "How Will I know", "From The Bottom of my Heart", "Shelter In The Rain" and "Moon Blue" make me horny!!!

EvaOct 12, 2006 (16h25)
Hi everybody out there and ofcourse Stevie!! I'm Eva, a girl singer from Holland. Ever since I can remember I listened to the voice of Stevie Wonder and loved it. I'm desperately trying to get away from this country and go to the States to meet some people, musicians, people with soul. I figured here I'd find some. To meet Steve himself is my dream, he really is my hero. His voice is warm and tender and can boogie also you know!! Come on, let me hear I'm not alone, check you guys later, thanks for any tips or pointers or just sharing love for Steve. Eva Maria Auad, Vlissingen, Holland Farfaraway

gabbyOct 11, 2006 (00h54)
hi stevie~! I love your songs^^
I hope you could visit Vancouver Canada someday
I'm learning your songs with my sister
haha Bye now~~~

Kelly MillerOct 5, 2006 (03h44)
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TimOct 3, 2006 (14h33)
Hi there, Im looking to get into contact with Stevie Wonder.
I have a exciting new project which I hope he would be interested in.

With Stevie being the synth sound behind many quality records I would really appreciate his input on a new book coming out by June. The main idea behind the book is to investigate the relationship between artist and synth.
The primary objective of the title being published by Phaidon is to provide high quality photographs (as they simply don't exist) of vintage synths such as the Arp 2600 and there owners, I am both photographer and Writer - it is a solo project.
There are other artists that should be coming on board such as Vangelis, Gary Numan and Tim Blake, Stevie Wonder would be a worthy addition.
As no high quality images exist of vintage synths then I am extremley motivated to get them docuented before they become rarer then they are allready.

If you can help in anyway then please don't hesitate to contact this e-mail or phone me on 07891539943

Thanks for your time, Tim Mantle

All Ideas and details of this project are patented and copywrited by Phaidon