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whitetornadoJun 30, 2002 (01h23)
Hey Sid Vicious, you're a stupid prick. If you can't see the genius of Stevie then you must have ears of styrofoam and a tin can for a brain. Go away Jerk.

sid viciousJun 29, 2002 (12h36)
Stevie Wonder sucks. This site sucks too. And all of you just a bunch of boring sods.

LewisJun 29, 2002 (01h11)
Hey Stevie. You are a huge inspiration to me & my music. Thankyou for years of wonderful music, God bless you.


The ManJun 28, 2002 (18h38)
whats up fellas...i was just checkin out music choice and noticed theyre doing a promotion giving out mad cds...isaac hayes, quincy jones, angela winbush...i entered the contest and it took like one second...if y'all wanna go, hit up:

it should be out

Cat GJun 27, 2002 (23h05)
Stevie, you're not a singer. You are not a musician. You're a thing apart. You're an angel. You can fly through the sky...and touch my heart. You're the one.

ANTJun 27, 2002 (19h13)

Jazz~Jun 27, 2002 (18h18)




SteveJun 26, 2002 (22h31)

Watch out for Mitchell...

Stevie, your the best.

Greets from Utrecht, The Netherlands

george881Jun 26, 2002 (21h55)
How come how long is my most favorite song. I'm looking for the lyric of it everywere. Is there someone who can help me and send it on my email. I now there is........

The ManJun 26, 2002 (21h20)
wut up people...i was just checkin on music choice and found out theyre doin some promotion givin out sets of 10 cds of classic artists...quincy, isaac, gladys...i entered the contest...check it out by going to






CubeJun 26, 2002 (20h53)
surely there must be some new Stevie material out by now ,its been over 7 years since we've had that last album release.

Why does Stevie take so long?

Hopefully the new album will be worth the wait with some classic unreleased material that should have been on some of his 70's albums.

eduJun 26, 2002 (18h37)
opsss....sorry..Innervisions....I couldn't sleep with this!

eduJun 26, 2002 (18h33)
Hi..I'm a beginner here (recent fan).....and I'd like some help....Innervision is one of the greatest albuns I've ever heard (thank you Lenny Kravitz for the tip)..and I would like some suggestions on which classic stevie album I should get....I don't Know if I made myself clear (brazilian rocker)...anyway...thanks!

DyktJun 26, 2002 (18h15)
I just came to say I love you stevie !
you're (stevie is) the greatest composer and singer ever so far... And I heard a lot ;) Peace and Respect for having gave us so many perfect songs and so many melodies to keep singing for decades... A french fan who hear you since he was born (thanks mum !)

Juste un mot pour dire que Stevie est de loin le plus grand compositeur et chanteur de tous les temps.. alors merci de nous avoir laissé autant de morceaux si parfait qu'on les chantera encore pour des années ! A fan de France qui l'écoute depuis qu'il est né (merci maman !)

jackJun 26, 2002 (14h37)

PipeJun 26, 2002 (00h37)
Come on people, help me out here. Concert? New album? Any thoughts from anyone? And respect to the pup who asked everyone to stop filling this with cheese like "I love u Stevie". Just shut up and listen to the man

The ManJun 25, 2002 (21h47)
whats up people...i was just watching music choice and noticed that theyre having a contest and giving away a bunch of cds...jeffrey osbourne, quincy jones, patti labelle...if you wanna enter the contest, check out thought id give y'all a heads up...peace

sonicJun 25, 2002 (09h31)
Once again, Stevie, you're the greatest !!! My daughter was born on May 16th of this year and the song that I was playing in the hospital at the time was "Isn't She Lovely". The nurses thought I was crazy for playing music while Ausione't was being born, but they don't realize how valuable your music is to me. Now, every time I play that song on my stereo, if she's sleep, she gets up and wants to play around until she gets tired of that song. What I mean by that is if the song went off and I didn't play it again, she would throw a fit. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your music. I love you man. Keep up the great work. I can't wait for your next CDs to come out between NOW AND SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!

Steviefan4everJun 25, 2002 (05h40)
I thank god every Day for Stevie.
I've been a fan of his since I was young , too. I have seen him in Concert, and Even though I am a HUGE MCCartney Fan...Stevie was better! The version of we can work it out he did on the 1989 grammys was beyond belief! This man has saved my life many a time through his lyrics. You were right Stevie.. Tomorrow Robins will sing. I love you Forever ! God Bless you! Thank god I got to see you on tour in Square Circle ! I always make my son stop whatever he is doing and listen to what you have to say if there
is an interview on TV. All three of my children are Stevie Fans ! Love you so much! Thanks for all of the music! no one can sing ave' maria like YOU!

LucaJun 24, 2002 (21h27)
A Las Vegas viene presentato di recente un musical dedicato a Stevie Wonder dal titolo "Signed sealed and delivered".Un interprete di questo musical sarà Chaka Khan.Arriverà in Europa nel 2003.Ciao.LUCA.

auroreJun 24, 2002 (10h33)
quelqu'un a parlé du nouvel album de SW dispo sur mais peut-on me dire quand est prévue sa sortie dans les bacs Français: cette attente est insoutenable!

BKJun 23, 2002 (23h35)
orry its the fourtieth anniversary of his first US single release!!!!

BKJun 23, 2002 (23h34)
orry its the fourtieth anniversary of his first US single release!!!!

BKJun 23, 2002 (23h34)
orry its the fourtieth anniversary of his first US single release!!!!

BKJun 23, 2002 (23h31)
"I wanna be by your side"'s superb melody onthe Syreeta album.
finally "To Know you is to love you" with Stevies brilliant opening.

BKJun 23, 2002 (23h26)
"Superstition" has an ARP synthesizer wired to a clavinet to produce that special sound fao Ali.Stevie is blind.
Its funny that "The secret life of plants "is being mentioned a lot.At its time of release it "bombed".Funnily enough "Superstition"hit no.1 in the U.S.A. in November 1972.It would be nice to see it remixed with Jeff Beck and re-released.Recordings that still lay in vaults
include the tour with The Rolling Stones in1972,as well as tracks with Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.
Anyway whats the news on Angela MacAfee's legal claim???
Bye the way fans ,it is the thirtieth anniversary of Stevies first record release,which was "I call it pretty music (but the old people call it the blues}"Parts1 and 2.US Tamla June 1962.Tamla 54061.Written by,Cosby and Paul.
a)"All my dreams would fall and crumble into dirt"-from "I,d been a fool right now"
b)The wailing harmonica on "Pearl"
c)The drum solo on "Live at Talk of the Town"
d)The rolling intro to "Higher ground"
e)The great chords and voices on "That girl"
f)The "no,no no,no dont wonder why my babeeee..can ya hear me baby"from "Dont wonder why" on "Signed ,Sealed,Delivered"album
g)"I wanna be by your side" w

tychoJun 23, 2002 (18h47)
Hi to everyone and Admirer! Not sure what CD emerged means - maybe someone can help me out here. Just want to say that Secret Life of Plants is Superb!!! Picked up a copy on vinyl the other week. Highlights for me so far are Through My Window (La-la-la etc.) and the finale.
Ny the way, does anyone else agree that Stevie invented Acid Jazz?

besi_nrg Jun 23, 2002 (17h54)
hello in KOSOVO

nickbesiJun 23, 2002 (17h52)
I love Stevie Wonder bicos he is king

jayjayJun 22, 2002 (10h58)
yes "JTTSLOP" has emerged on CD, you an order it on

AdmirerJun 22, 2002 (07h59)
someone please help me !
is Stevie's "Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants" CD emerged?

AdmirerJun 22, 2002 (07h56)
Hello to everybody !!!

AdmirerJun 22, 2002 (07h53)
Hello to everybody !!!

LittleWingJun 22, 2002 (03h47)
This is just so dumb, anyone asking if stevie is blind?! for god sake. respect stevie wonder plz! hugs everyone []

AliJun 21, 2002 (01h16)
Can anyone answer this? Is the start riff of superstition played on a Wurlitzer EP200 or a guitar?

JoeyJun 20, 2002 (22h59)
Yes he is blind peter.

bettyJun 20, 2002 (12h43)

non Stevie voit mais ça fait plus classe de prétendre le contraire!

jonoJun 20, 2002 (00h18)
You are very good

peterJun 19, 2002 (08h12)
i was just wondering if stevie wonder is blind?

if anyone could answer that question i would be glad.


DavidJun 18, 2002 (19h02)
Moi je dis continue a regarder la coupe du monde car la plus belle équipe joue toujours: le brésil...
Toi qui les aprécie stevie soutien les.....

bettyJun 17, 2002 (13h50)
toujours pas de tournées prévues?
pas d'albums à venir?
Stevie, arrêt de mâter la coupe du monde, ça ne vaut plus le coup (défaite de la France), attèle-toi plutôt à ton prochain album, ou single ou n'importe quoi, pourvu que ça vienne de toi!

nick cicerJun 16, 2002 (23h07)
ayo stevie you r the shit, i mean it man!!!!!! wish you did a duet with ol' dirty bastard, my other favorite dude!

carlJun 16, 2002 (21h24)
only just got back in to listening to stevie wonder - came across an old cd of mine, 'secret life of plants' - had forgotten how good it was. has made me wonder, does the marvellous mr w plan any european tours in the near future or is touring no longer on the agenda? thanks.

AlishaJun 16, 2002 (08h15)
I will never forget the first I remember hearing a Stevie Wonder song, I was about 8 years old. I was watching television and a video for a song called These Three Words (which to this day remains my favorite song) came on . I watched the video and I began to cry. Even though I was so young there was something in that video that just touched me. That was the day that Stevie Wonder became my favorite singer. One thing that just amazes me about him, is the fact that he has a song for everything, a song on just about evey subject. No matter what I am feeling like I can put on one of my many Stevie Wonder cds and find a song that says everything I am thinking. Stevie Wonder is just a musical genius. Some people look at me like I am crazy when tell that Stevie Wonder is my favorite singer, I guess that is because I am only 18 years old, and I have been saying that since I was about 10. No one can listen to the words of any of his songs and deny the fact that he is one of greatest muscial beings ever to walk the planet.

CubeJun 15, 2002 (20h48)
My top ten golden Stevie moments are:

1.The vocal transition of the lower register to highter register in , 'don't you worry 'bout o thing'

2. The beautiful intro on the piano and falsetto vocal start on ,Summer Soft'.

3. The vibrato on on the high notes of ,'All in Love is fair'

4. The beuatiful vocal plus the excellent guitar work on ,'Visions'

5. His backing harmonies on,'

Heaven is ten Zillion light Years away'

6. That beautiful ballard he did with Marva Hicks on her album entitles ,'Strong is our Love'.
Both thier voices blend so smoothly.

7. The playful melody on, 'Outside my Window'.

8. Stevie's excellant falsetto range on ,'Power Flower'

9. The vocal and drums on 'Another Star'

10. and finally the very clean high notes on ,'I am Singing'

and hopefully his new album will have some new classics maby some old songs which have'nt been released.

James DuranteJun 15, 2002 (11h43)
Hey people. Have anyone ever recorded a remix version of the song "As"? I heard it a couple of days ago but it sounded different from the original verion... I would aprecciate any info on this... Thanx

OleJun 15, 2002 (09h31)
What a booooring site !!!!!!

JordanJun 15, 2002 (01h17)
Dear Stevie~I love you so, so, so, so much! I want all of your CD'S! Believe it or not, I'm 10!

BKJun 14, 2002 (22h53)
Message to LAD.WHY NO BIOGRAPHY YET?Contact me if you need one writing ,regards BK

BKJun 14, 2002 (22h46)
Happy Summer(In the Uk that means rain!)to all Stevie fans!Top moments for real fans of Stevies...This weeks top ten are!!
1)The drum opening to "Superstition"
2)The middle transition on "Superwoman"
3)The crazy ending to"I wish"+"You Nasty boy!"
4)The brilliant end chorus on part 2 of "Sunshine in their eyes"
5)The amazing pause then"But what i,d like to know" from "Visions"
6)The harmonica solo on "Too high"
7)The brilliant voice decoder on his live rendition of "Papa was a rolling stone"
8)The silky smooth line "As today i know i,m living by tomorrow" from the last verse on "AS"
9)The final "Why didn,t you stayyyyyyyyyyyyy..."from "I never dreamed you,d leave in summer"
10)And to end this weeks truly great moments"Cos i luv you......"from"Angie Girl"
Hey !,how about listing your top musical moments from Stevie!
regards from the UK,(Its gone football crazy over here!")

CharlotteJun 14, 2002 (01h15)
I Just called to say I love you Stevie. Your songs touch my heart and soul very deeply. My friends think I am crazy for loving your music so much, But I don't care you are the best now and forever Much love Charlotte Miller.

peanutJun 13, 2002 (23h18)
stevie, i just want to say that i love you sooooo much and i enjoy all of your songs off of every cd that you have ever made. i think that you are an excellent singer and many of your songs have a positive influence on me. please continue the good work and may god bless.


LoisJun 13, 2002 (15h41)
Yeah, Stevie is the greatest artist alive today, his songs are mint and he is amazing but why do
some people go over the top and write shit like: 'Stevie I cried tears of blood when I heard
Innervisions, praise the sweet lord' and 'Stevie I love you' it makes me cringe bad when
I read that rubbish. You can still be a fan without writing over the top crap like this.

JosephJun 13, 2002 (14h34)
Hello everybody. Is there anyone there who knows the chords of
Overjoyed song? This one is really one of my favorites, and due this,
I will like to play it with my guitar. Thanks for your help.

mattJun 13, 2002 (13h51)
anyone here that hasn't heard Syreeta's version of ' I love every little thing about you ' ?
It's great , I'm sure it's stevie playing instraments ( occasionally backing vocals ) . It's a funkier version , sort of like ' boogie on ..' and ' jigher ground ' kind of thing .

it's good stuff !

tashaJun 12, 2002 (21h55)
i love u stevie!!!!!
anyone else who is 16, loves stevie and is from theuk??????????

tashaJun 12, 2002 (21h53)
i love u stevie!!!!!

annaJun 12, 2002 (17h57)
wow guys, can't believe i have never done this before. So great to read such overwhelming expressions of joy and love for stevie's work. I have felt like you for years, but never really known any one who is as totally nuts about him as I am. Now is not the time to talk about the panic attacks I get at never being able to see him sing live or the places he takes me to with his music. I know you know. I intend to return, bye. Anna, London.

AliciaJun 12, 2002 (05h36)
Does anyone know if Stevie will ever go on tour again?

LoisJun 10, 2002 (11h18)
Shaggy, that song is by Stevie + is called Knocks me off my feet from Songs in the key of life
Cory, the song might be I was made to love her

LaimaJun 9, 2002 (19h01)
I am looking for the words to "With a Child's Heart" from Stevie's 1966 album "Uptight (everything is alright)" if anyone has the words, please email them to me. I use them when I am giving talks to people to about how wonderful life is ---always giving credit to Mr. Wonder of course, however, remember some of them but not!!! Thanks, from a MEGA fan just 5 days older than the Wonder man himself (taurus rocks!)

auroreJun 9, 2002 (12h09)
cory, "yeah, yeah, yeah" is a little too short to find out the song you're talking about!you can find "yeah, yeah, yeah" in almost every song!!!

auroreJun 9, 2002 (12h07)

thanks rasmus... for your answer!

shaggyJun 9, 2002 (06h55)
is the song that goes i dont wanna bore you with me although i love, is that 1 of stevies songs, please email me the persons name who sings that.

rasmus-norwayJun 9, 2002 (02h53)
the song with babyface must be" how come,how long".this must be the greatest vocal-performance ever!!!But does anyone agree:take 6 totally fucked up stevies performance last year when they sang out of tune on love`s in need...i was really shocked.but stevie was of course brilliant!!!

coryJun 9, 2002 (00h36)
no, not the beatles song, there's a stevie song, or maybe it isn't stevie but if not it sounds a LOT like stevie around the signed sealed deliver period. one part goes yeah, yeah, yeah ascending - what tune is that???

JoeyJun 9, 2002 (00h13)
Stevie's success is not the question at hand, the mainstream may be looking for another
"I Just Called To Say I love You", but if it doesn't happen I don't think it would hurt him
financially and I sure won't care because MOST of the songs I really love by Stevie are
lesser known and got no airplay. I just hope he makes a solid album that doesn't ride on
whether or not he has a massive mainstream hit on it.

auroreJun 8, 2002 (22h38)
can anyone give me the title of the song performed a few years ago by Stevie and Babyface!
could anyone even forward it to me!!!

auroreJun 8, 2002 (22h35)
ok jayjay
alors pour répondre à Cory, je dirais qu'elle ou il s'est planté(e) de forum: il lui faut aller sur celui des Beatles "she loves you..yeah yeah yeah" (humour à 2 balles mais au moins, j'aurais tenté!!)

coryJun 8, 2002 (18h19)
please, someone answer, what's the name of the song w/ the recurring ascending line: "yeah, yeah, yeah." ? and what album is it on. thank you.

jayjayJun 8, 2002 (17h51)
C'est vrai que ce site ressemble à un dialogue de sourd!
il faudrait un forum avec des topics (arborescence avec réponses)
Sinon essayons de donner l'exemple en répondant aux questions.!!!

Let's Give SOme Life To This Forum!!

coryJun 8, 2002 (16h47)
what is the name of the song that goes: "yeah, yeah, yeah." at the end of a bunch of phrases?

auroreJun 8, 2002 (15h30)
ce site, c'est quoi exactement: des questions de fans mais jamais de réelles infos?!!!!
(salut jayjay!)

nickpegeenJun 8, 2002 (03h08)
(Stevie Wonder) when are you coming back to the Pacific Northwest, USA?
Will you ever?
May you be filled ten fold with the joy and happiness that your music
has brought me
My wish is for a long and peaceful life for you and your loved ones

JNVCJun 8, 2002 (00h42)
Thanks to my father I was able to discover the best singer song writer of all times. Thank you Stevie for all the pleasure you give me any time I hear your music. Your songs will last forever!
I`m too high but ain`t touch the sky...

Not ImportantJun 7, 2002 (23h42)
Just want the webmaster to know that the name of the song on songs in the key of life: Confusion, is not correct !!!
Try look again then you'll never forget ;-)

Not ImportantJun 7, 2002 (23h40)
Just want the webmaster to know that the name of the song on songs in the key of life: Confusion, is not correct !!!
Try look again then you'll never forget ;-)

Not ImportantJun 7, 2002 (23h40)
Just want the webmaster to know that the name of the song on songs in the key of life: Confusion, is not correct !!!
Try look again then you'll never forget ;-)

PipeJun 7, 2002 (20h29)
OK, what's the deal on Stevie's new album? Is it gonna sound like his older stuff or what? And when's it coming out? The suspense is killing me! Oh, and France haven't a hope in hell. Au revoir!!

jayjayJun 7, 2002 (19h05)
Stevie is less sucessfull since his #1 "I Just Call.." in the USA
he never get another top ten single...

jayjayJun 7, 2002 (19h01)
a tour? Maybe after the new album!!

(un petit bonjour à Aurore)

LoisJun 7, 2002 (12h44)
Does anyone know if Stevie will ever tour again, I know my mam + dad went to his last U.K concert years ago and I would love to see him live but there never seems to be any news of a tour. Can you help me out?

auroreJun 7, 2002 (12h27)
fred, le gros mal poli, j'hallucine!

fredJun 7, 2002 (04h21)
wwwaaaaazzzuuuppp!!?? i dunno shit about stevie wonders and i neeed someone to motha fuckin help me before i fuckin kill my self by puting my dick in an electricle socket!!! ,k?...thank you.

j. de molayJun 7, 2002 (03h41)
I know that Stevie still performs live every now nd then. But does anybody know of a site where I could find like tour dates????? Is he doing anything this summer?

brasilJun 7, 2002 (01h12)
Thanks Stevie!

auroreJun 6, 2002 (12h15)
is Stevie as successfull as in the past in the USA now?

jayjayJun 6, 2002 (08h46)
"Ribbon in the sky"
#10 R&B CHart
#54 Hot100

it's sad for a so beautiful song
you know that will smith sampled that song in "Chasing Forever" on his "Big Willie Style Album" !!

SoulmanJun 5, 2002 (22h01)
Hello people ! Who knows forum about James Brown? Please write me . THANKS!

jazzJun 5, 2002 (02h09)
Hello, it is beyond belief that this Stevie Wonder website does not have any note, lyrics or otherwise of Stevie's little known but
classic piece, 'Keep our love alive' written for Nelson Mandela in the early '90's. Unreal. Please amend this oversight in the 'k' section. Thank you.

JoeyJun 5, 2002 (01h08)
does anyone else have these? They are mix albums of covers of his songs and songs he wrote for other people performed by
various artists. Most of the songs are incomplete being that they are mex albums, but there are around 100 tracks total, many
of them not available anywhere else on cd. I found mine at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

RS67Jun 3, 2002 (12h06)
Does anyone know how high "Ribbon In The Sky" went on the charts? Where can one find that information? Any and all would be appreciated.

auroreJun 3, 2002 (12h04)
answering David (his message of 30th may)
forgetting the fact that this is a Stevie fans site, I believe France is gonna win the Soccer World Cup 2002!
Sorry for Brazil!

P.S: I'm KIDDING of course

nick romainJun 2, 2002 (22h04)
Zijn er fans die willen mailen in verband met Stevie Wonder.
ik woon in Belgie.

rudeboyJun 2, 2002 (05h28)

dee swiftJun 1, 2002 (04h55)
After years of searching for Syreeta`s albums I still cannot find them!! :( Could anyone please help?
All I have is bad quality MP3`s to listen to and I can`t stand it any longer!! Some of those tracks mean the
world to me so it would be very much appreciated if someone somehere could hook me up with some kind
of copy, anything.... PLEEEEEEEEEASE please please!