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KishaKeysSep 30, 2004 (22h15)
damn! Stevie makes the most beautiful music in the world! "the passion burning in your heart could make hell's fie seem like a spark..." damn

hannahSep 30, 2004 (11h53)
hi stevie. i am a young indian lady from south africa. i just want to say that i really love your music. i have being trying to collect all your lp's. the one one that i treasure the most is the 1st album you made called tribute to charles.i was lucky to find it in a second hand record store in my home town. thank you for lighting up my life.

tjSep 30, 2004 (08h30)
hey stevie i just wanna say that your not just one of the best singers in the world you are number 1 i just wanna say i loved the song you sang with alicia keys and lenny kravitz at the vma's it rocked i loved that song so much i love you laters

AlphaSep 30, 2004 (00h40)
hi steve i think u are da best musician in the da world u have inspired to do what i luv that singing and your songs are so inspirational i was wondering if i could get ur autograph it will an honour steve i am ur biggest fan

SarinaSep 29, 2004 (19h06)
Can u help me????i'd like know when stevie could make a live for everybody all over the world

la mexicanaSep 29, 2004 (16h12)
Hey a cualquier guey que le esto le digo hey y tambien que estoy bien loca porque me encanta un gringo pero esque el esta bien bueno y t sabes que cuando alguen se enamora no hay manera de que uno se desamore tan rapido.... pero que te puedo decir yo bueno como me encantaria poder mandar en el corazon para que ya no estubiera tanenamorada de el buenon hay los bidrios y arriba guanajuato mexico cabrones y arriba el cruz azul y que chingen su madre los que le van alas chivas al america y alos pumas y arribami novio brandon

yoyoSep 29, 2004 (13h28)
what is the name of stevie's latest album, i heard he has released something recently? is this true?

mqSep 28, 2004 (21h43)
Hey...does anyone know the name of a song of Stevie's like this?: instrumental with harmonica. strong drums. really upbeat.kindof swingy and laid back but definetly something you could dance to. its not on his eivet's rednow album.. I cant figure out what song it is but I heard it the other day and LOVED IT..thanks so muchhh

BkSep 28, 2004 (17h50)
Thanx A million.

bkSep 28, 2004 (15h39)
the song is "Lately" from "Hotter than July"

ASAPSep 28, 2004 (14h18)
I am just wondering whats the name of that stevie wonder song with the lyrics- " Im a man of many wishes, Hope my preminition misses". I cant remember but I love that song! Wb A REPLY ASAP PLEASE!!!

Tish the DishSep 28, 2004 (07h34)
Stevie I love your song I believe...I heard it on the movie "High Fidelity". Thank you.

KishaKeysSep 27, 2004 (23h09)
hey ppl ive never left a message here b4. i live n california and LOVE stevie. if any 1 ever has any info on tours or shows let me know id love u forever!!!

Kelly SartainSep 27, 2004 (22h51)
I am trying to get a message to Stevie Wonder!

I have been playing drums for over forty years and finally found my soul brother bassist in 1993. We have both been playing for years and played for several years in a project in Florida.
Tragically we were forced to stop performing due to several devastating incidents. About two years ago I had a Heart Attack and from testing in the Hospital I was diagnoised with Cancer. Around the sametime my bassist was at home after a gig late at night, around 3am. Well someone came to his house and knocked on the door. When he asked through the door who was there,this person unloaded a hand gun through the door int to Joes head.
I saw this on the news and no one would tell me anything about him and Joe my brother in music vanished. I prayed hard to God to help me find him! I knew he needed help, just I needed help with these incidences we shared. I went to his house and wrote letters no answer or response.

I had to close my Audio Contracting company during the recovery from the Cancer and I knew that if i could find Joe we could reunite and start a new project that would last for the rest of our lives. But I was not even sure if Joe was alive or if he could play or anything about him. But God kept me thinking about what a great team we would make as bassit and drummer again.

Well I found Joe two months ago!! He is blind, but he is alive. He sold all his stuff for playing. Howeve

mirkmanSep 27, 2004 (21h14)
hi there, does anybody know about stevie's tourdates? maybe even somewhere in europe?

superfly Sep 26, 2004 (20h45)
Stevland, as India says you are wonderful. I truly admire you as an artist and as a BLACK MAN. I would love to see you perform Live!!! Any chance that you'll be in the NY area? Please???

needsongSep 26, 2004 (20h12)
I need to my kinder garden the song earth's creation can you send it to me

thank you

pip-tSep 26, 2004 (19h06)
We are SO looking forward to your new album release.....Any news on that, Sir Wonder?

elebukezzapSep 26, 2004 (10h53)
hi stevie wonder i love you.....

AlfredSep 25, 2004 (06h03)
Where can I buy online rare Stevie Wonder album? Do you know any merchand website in UK or in the US? Thanks for your help!

whistleSep 25, 2004 (05h07)
Stevie Wonder is playing a gig in Tokyo. . .

He's just finished playing his Seventies classic Sir Duke. The crowd is still going wild when a young Japanese man at the front says, "Stevie Wonder, you play a jazz chord, you play a jazz chord!" So Stevie plays an F# minor on his keyboard and goes off on a jazz riff.

The Japanese man says, "No Stevie Wonder, you play a jazz chord!" So Stevie tries an A and off he goes with the band on this amazing improvised moment. When he's finished, the lad says, "No Stevie, a jazz chord, a jazz chord!"

By now old Stevie is a little confused. "What do you mean, play a jazz chord? I've just done 2 for you..?" he says to the fan. "But it best song of Stevie Wonder! It bery famous!" comes the reply. Ok, well how does it go then?", enquires the blind musical genius.

The young Japanese man clears his throat and starts to sing:

"A jazz say, I ruv you..."

it aint mine so thanks SSSAMMM

nick AngelineSep 24, 2004 (22h30)
I put up a message the other day and now I can't seem to find it... mainly I was wondering how I could get maybe a signed pic and his biography. I used to have it around '92 or '93... thanxs

DinoSep 24, 2004 (20h27)
Can someone help me? I would like to know if and when Stevie will make a concert in Europe or in another place!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

nick DinoSep 24, 2004 (20h22)
Hi Mr. Stevie my name is Dino. I’m Italian and I study song. You are a great artist and a great man, a beautiful thing that God has given us. My dream is that to see one concert of yours but I doesn't know where and when you will do it. I would come in any place. Would like me to know it! Can help me! With affection.......

ryanSep 24, 2004 (14h56)

nick sela Sep 24, 2004 (03h18)
Looking for lyrics on " Robions in the sky?" can anyone e-mail them to me please.

RocksSep 23, 2004 (23h00)
Stevie, U r the star! Any idea when the next concert here in UK is going to be? Respect Man

nickchristopheSep 23, 2004 (21h49)
hello,stevie wonder,thanks for giving us such a powerful music ! I'am a french,musician,low vision person and i wand to travel to your country you know any hepful union in boston? thanks.

EZESep 23, 2004 (18h01)
Has anyone out there heard anything in reference to a release date on the new album A Time 2 Love?

EZESep 23, 2004 (17h04)
Has anyone out there heard anything in reference to a release date on the new album A Time 2 Love?

Sherry MaxeySep 23, 2004 (17h03)
Stevie Wonder is the greatest. He is a great inspiration to me and I thank you Stevie for great music.

sherrySep 23, 2004 (16h59)

EZESep 23, 2004 (15h20)
Has anyone out there heard anything in reference to a release date on the new album A Time 2 Love?

nick rothenbergerSep 23, 2004 (14h46)
Hi stevie
how are you doing? Were you ever been in the cosby show,We are the world, and that what friend are for with dionne warwick gladys knight and elton john?

michel ltSep 23, 2004 (09h45)
Where may I buy a DVD of live concert from Stevie Wonder like A night of Wonder (BBC Studio concert 96).
Thanks a lot. Michel from France

scottSep 22, 2004 (23h31)
The horn members that used to make up the background for the artist Prince just put out a new solo CD. On this CD they have a killer Stevie Wonder medley. You all need to check it out. The group is the Hornheads and their new cd is called "Fat Lip". They have a website that has some of the new tracks on it. check it out!

DzhiSep 22, 2004 (12h38)
this is just to send all the love & respect to this great man "from the bottom of my heart" and from the heart of Russia
we hope we'll host Stevie one day ... now that will be a day! ///& I send my respect & best regards to all the fans as well///
I'll be happy to meet anyone of you here in St.Petersburg, Russia ... just drop me a line at

ottoSep 22, 2004 (06h46)
Hola ....sabran donde puedo conseguir el concierto en vivo de stevie wonder en dvd .El que hizo con la filarmonica de tokio ? en el año 1995

zoeSep 22, 2004 (05h46)
Hi! I am doing jazz piano and i love jazz and i love stevie wonder and OMG he rocks!!! jebus! SIR DUKE IS THE BEST SONG EVER also BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN. BOOGIE ON STEVIE NEVER STOP!!!

MatthewSep 22, 2004 (02h00)
God bless this guy.........!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of the Best.

BkSep 21, 2004 (11h39)
FAO ben,
j'ai l'interview de Stevie sur TSF radio dans un dossier du PC.Je ne peux que l'envoyer par courriel.
C.est trop long a ecrire.

osten Sep 21, 2004 (11h38)
I love you baby

MarcusSep 21, 2004 (00h23)
Stevie you are the greatest entertainer of all time, and one day when I am famous I only hope that I can sing a song with you or give the music world have of what you have it.

Gianluca from ItalySep 20, 2004 (18h11)
Thanks for every little feeling you give me. I'll always be with you..'cause..."what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
...‘cause they always start to cry"!

DaniloSep 20, 2004 (03h56)
Stevie ! When are you gonna release a NEW (!) cd ? I am tired of ONLY seeing around "new" titles such as:
the collection, the very best, the ultimate.... Please give us something new! Even a duet CD.
grazie ciao

MichelleSep 19, 2004 (18h51)
Waz up Mr. wonder you know on the cosby Show I like when you played in that episode when you got in car accident and then you had the whole family to come down to the studio and you had them sing a song. And I also wanted to tell you that I like most of your music. My name is michelle I live with my grandmother and she also loves you like I do. Well you can write back any time and I will write back Love Michelle

Mathias from DenmarkSep 19, 2004 (10h56)
I really love "If you really love me" and "Ebony and ivory". You songs really meke me happy!!! I hear them every day..
Mathias Dahl Meier from Denmark.... Love you Stevie

Mathias from DenmarkSep 19, 2004 (10h49)
Hi Stevie..... I really love you music!!!!! You are just so cool!!!!!I´m 11 yeas old and i play piano and saxophone. I love to play "Lately" on my piano. How could you make so many CDs and LPs????? It´s really impressive...!! I love you Stevie You are so good!!!!!
A fan!!!

uncle Keiths number#1 fanSep 19, 2004 (02h31)
my uncle sings with stevie wonde

uncle Keiths number#1 fanSep 19, 2004 (02h30)

benSep 19, 2004 (01h48)
bk please can you show me the TSL french interview (i am french and i dont know that stevie does an interview for a french radio or newspaper) . thanks a lot !

bkSep 18, 2004 (23h12)
Hi guys and gals,
yep i totally agree with Denise.......Ben.....i love "What Xmas means to me"...
Release dates and Stevie.......look at list below and see whatcha think
Uptight..Oct66,Signed Sealed etc Dec70,Innervisions Oct73,Talkin Book Jan73,FFFinale Sept74,
SITKOL..Nov76,Anthology Dec77,JTSLOPlants..Oct 79..........get the picture guys !!!!!
Heres to November 5th and a whole lot of fireworks.Ps From his french TSL interview he sorta
indicates he's delivering that finished album imminently.I dont think theyd wont to miss the Xmas market
Anyway i sent him a request card .....first time in 30 years i,ve written to the guy...he aint let me down yet !!!

benSep 18, 2004 (12h26)
thanks another star ! but i find another release date , look at this link . they say that the release date is 30th december 2004 ... please tell me if i'm wrong !

Another StarSep 18, 2004 (08h49)
Hi Ben!

Unfortunately these is not right, because 05/11/2004 was the first release date mentioned
and means 11th May. After this it has been delayed to 8th June, then 27th July and finally
25th August. But Stevie said to a fashion magazine (about his wife) that the album should
came out in november....if you look on tuesday releases it should came at 2nd, 9th, 16th,
23rd, or 30.11.2004
Hope so

C.U. and P.S. Bk you are the best

DeniseSep 18, 2004 (05h02)
Dear Stevie,
thank you so much for the beautiful music, you don't have any
idea how many times your music has picked me up when I was

benSep 17, 2004 (23h56)
hey,i've got some good news about stevie !First , "Xmas collection" will get out on the 21th september 2004 , and i have the tracklisting :01. Someday at Christmas 02. Silver Bells
03. Ave Maria
04. The Little Drummer Boy
05. One Little Christmas Tree
06. The Day That Love Began
07. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)
08. Bedtime for Toys
09. Christmastime
10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
11. A Warm Little Home on a Hill
12. What Christmas Means to Me
14. Everyone's a Kid at Christmas Time
but all of them are the old version , so it's a best of...
And , my second news :a time 2 love will be avaible on the 5th november 2004!i read that and i hope it's true,but it's better to believe that we'll not hear this cd before a long time !
go to this link to see the picture of xmas collection , and go here to see the release date of a time 2 love ...
bye and take care . ben

allynneSep 17, 2004 (16h03)
Hi I am a music teacher in a Detroit school. My 6th graders are listening to Stevie's music and loving it. They study the words and music looking for symbolisim, methaphor and imagery, allprevelent in Stevie's music. These are children who have only heard of Stevie Wonder, but never heard the music. They are transfixed by the words, and their heads begin to bop when the music is heard. There is such a difference in the music they listen to today and the music of Stevie Wonder. I have pointed out many times how Stevie talks about love, without talking about sex as they blantly do in todays music. Thank You Stevie for providing me with a whole year of lessons.
Allynne Johnson Nataki Talibah School hous of Detroit.

allynneSep 17, 2004 (16h02)
Hi I am a music teacher in a Detroit school. My 6th graders are listening to Stevie's music and loving it. They study the words and music looking for symbolisim, methaphor and imagery, allprevelent in Stevie's music. These are children who have only heard of Stevie Wonder, but never heard the music. They are transfixed by the words, and their heads begin to bop when the music is heard. There is such a difference in the music they listen to today and the music of Stevie Wonder. I have pointed out many times how Stevie talks about love, without talking about sex as they blantly do in todays music. Thank You Stevie for providing me with a whole year of lessons.
Allynne Johnson Nataki Talibah School hous of Detroit.

illuminusSep 17, 2004 (10h39)
im doing a project on sw and i never realised he was so good

antonioSep 17, 2004 (08h19)
Mr. King of Soul! Man! YOu ROCK!!! everytime you sing, its like your heart that's singing. YOu're smooth voice cradles the entire human race!
As in! Anyways, though i dont have too many cds or albums of yours unlike your other fans would do, i believe that musics that matters.
the FULL APPRECIATION of the music matters more or even most! Good luck! i'll just support morally coz, i cant afford to buy your cds! Its like
i need to buy foods first so that i can continue my life listening to your muzik! :-)

StevieFan1Sep 17, 2004 (00h05)
Stevie is receiving the Victory Award from National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC. They are planning a musical tribute to him but could not confirm who would be performing. Stevie is scheduled to appear which means that he will most likely perform too (my guess). Ahmet Ertegun who founded Atlantic Records will also be there. Here is the link to the hospital web site

listen to thisSep 16, 2004 (03h52)
on 'living for the city', stevie uses the f word! when the song gets to about 3minutes, 18 seconds (before the middle dramatization but after the 'they dont use colored ppl, living juust enuf , just enuf for the cittyyyyyyyyyyy'. i promise, stevie uses the f word when the song gets to 3min 18 sec!

toniSep 15, 2004 (18h08)
HI it is just toni one of your biggest fan I have all your cd's and a lot of posters of you
well for my 16th bday my sister would like to see you we live is south dakota is tea well have
to go love ya

Mr SoulSep 15, 2004 (13h52)
Has Somebody the Song '' Blue Moon '' ? Its Gonna be on A Time 2 Love. has somebody life performance of that song? Peace
I saw in newspapper in Sweden After i was to hiss concert here in Stockholm. in the newspapper it he said that hes wanna do a Gospel Album

Mr SoulSep 15, 2004 (13h49)
To Bk. Dont Forget * Blue Moon * ;)

rory flynnSep 15, 2004 (06h19)
Greeting King Wonder
You have the Reparations Now Flag and the time is now for the Reparations Now
Peace and Blessing Much love

rory flynnSep 15, 2004 (06h18)
Greeting King Wonder
You have the Reparations Now Flag and the time is now for the Reparations Now
Peace and Blessing Much love

bkSep 15, 2004 (02h29)
Yeah great to hear from you Cube....I sympathize with Maj a lot.Its been a difficult time .I too raised my hopes with Oprah
and the release date of 27th July.
He has released stuff before in October/November.I can only speculate that he aint 100 per cent happy
MAYBE he should only put out a single???
All i can say is SMILE PLEASE
...TAKE UP A COURSE IN HAPPINESS.....Stevie did do gigs in Japan and Scandinavia.He did have it in
him to appear big time on Oprah....and we all know stuffs in the pipeline........
Anyway i've sent the guy a card(Or should a I say Motown/Universal)
I JUST WROTE TO SAY THANKS FOR 35 YRS,and could i have a new album for xmas.
He did get an invite to my birthday do in January !!!!!NOW LISTEN HEAR STEVIE ... DO AS I TELL YA TO DO
love bk in the uk>>>>>>(not alL that serious BOY!)

CubeSep 15, 2004 (01h40)
Its scarry to think that fulfillingnes is 30 years old,
I loved that album , a very good contrast of funky tracks and lovely ballads, when I first
heard the opening chords to "Smile Please" it blew me away and "To Shy to Say" is a winner.

As well as the lush "Creepin" the harmonica solo was remarkible.

The way things are going soon it will be 30 years since the first
"annoucement of "A Time 2 Love" set to be released and we may very well still be waiting.

But seriuosly folks I don"t think will get anything before Chrstmas which
I am sad about as I thought July 27th was the real deal.

I do believe there will be some extra songs possibly tributes to Ray and Sireeta.
And I think Stevie is taking his time to give us his very best.

So hold out and we"ll all be in for a pleasant suprise.



MAJSep 15, 2004 (00h50)

freepSep 13, 2004 (18h23)
anyone know when the new album is out? A time to love?

freepSep 13, 2004 (18h23)
anyone know when the new album is out? A time to love?

freepSep 13, 2004 (18h22)
Stevie rules

Quiz DSep 13, 2004 (17h44)
51. How many years before the birth of Jesus was the last book of the present collection of writings known as the Old Testament written? 52. In case of an unchanging God, why does the Bible not contain new prophecies after the New Testament and why have there been no new prophets since the 1st century AD, whereas until then there had been prophet after prophet and prophecy after prophecy? 53. In which year was the Spanish Inquisition officially demolished? 54. In which year was the pope officially declared infallible? 55. In which year was Vatican's list of forbidden books officially closed. 56. In which year was the Nobel prize in medicine given for research results related to cancer-inducing viruses/the effect of hormons to prostate cancer? 57. What else did we not know before we found out? - Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen! Keep listening to the best pop music on earth, that of Mr. Stevie Wonder! Thank you, Stevie.

Quiz CSep 13, 2004 (17h31)
32. When was the so-called Rosetta Stone discovered? 33. Which Rock festival town used to be the capital of Denmark? 34. What is the name of the Champions' League football club of Trondheim, Norway? 35. When did Napoleon's rule in France begin? 36. On which island was he born? 37. In which year did Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte become King of Sweden? 37. What was the name he used as King of Sweden? 38. Who translated the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone? 39. In what year was the Finnish town of Turku destroyed by a fire? 40. In which year was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints officially founded. 41. Where did the translator of the Rosetta Stone study? 42. In which year did he die? 43. Where are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee? 44. Where are the headquarters of Interpol? 45. What is the exact and correct definition of the words "Zion", "Heaven" and "Kingdom of God", and what is the difference between these concepts? 46. In which year did the sacred stones Urim and Thummim disappear? 47. In which year did the prophet Mohammed begin his mission? 48. Who was Siddhartha Gautama and when did he live? 49. When was the Golden Age of ancient Greece. 50. Why are the exact time and cause of the destruction of the ancient library of Alexandria not known?

Quiz BSep 13, 2004 (17h30)
16. In which year was the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith murdered? 17. In which year did the Adventist prophet Ellen G. White receive her first vision? 18. When did Ellen G. White for the first time publish her book "Health Reform Vision". 19. Who murdered Abraham Lincoln and in which year? 20. In which years were the Salvation Army and the International Red Cross and the What is the name of the Christian branch to which the founder of Salvation Army, William Booth, belonged, to which Joseph Smith almost joined, and in the meeting of which Ellen G. White "gave her heart to Jesus"? 21. What social groups belong to the four castes of Hinduism? 22. How are the outcast, the polluted working class called in Hinduism? 23. What practical state of things does the expression "Jehovah of Armies" in the Old Testament refer to? 24. What are the different materials, of which the fear-inspiring statue in Nebuchadnezar's dream were made of, according to Daniel's prophecy? 25. How many per cent of the population of Ethiopia belong to the Coptic Church? 26. What is the capital of Utah? 27. Who or what is Lucifer? 28. What are the names of the female saints who lived in a) Sicily and b) Peru? 29. What is Rosicrucianism? 30. What was the symbol used by the crusaders? 31. Where are the headquarters of the International Red Cross?

Quiz ASep 13, 2004 (17h28)
1. Is God the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? 2. What real-life phenomenon does the expression "seven eyes of Jehovah" refer to? 3. In which village of which country did Joseph Smith claim to have found the golden plates, the abridged translation of which the Book of Mormon is said to be? 4. What other profession did the author Jonathan Swift have? 5. In case of an unchanging God, what are the real-life correspondents today to the ancient concept of "seven eyes of Jehovah"? 6. Who or what in ancient times was the great serpent that misled the nations? 7. In case of an unchanging God, who or what is that serpent today, if these are to be considered the last days, to which that prophecy applies? 8. Who, according to the book of Revelation hurled Satan and his angels to the earth? 9. When do the eye-witnesses say this happened? 10. Why were Satan and his angels hurled down to the earth, as they could have been thrown to the outer space, or to another planet, by a loving God who wishes to save his people? 11. What are the names of the two well-known football clubs of the English city of Manchester? 12. What does the word "semiotics" mean? 13. What is the origin of the name of the language group, "Semitic languages"? 14. What is the family name of the English Royal family? 15. When did the rule of the present royal family of England begin?

DiogoSep 13, 2004 (02h00)
The best singer ... 5 stars, magic

danielSep 12, 2004 (22h24)
quand le nouvelle album ,?

NickSep 11, 2004 (20h38)
9/11: Three years ago

Love's Still In Need Of Love Today, don't delay, my friends.

swedish girlSep 11, 2004 (18h54)
I'm singing your songs in school..

wonderfulSep 11, 2004 (08h03)
which songs is your fav and why?

As: the chorus is ingenious (background singers) and repeating the "until the ...." lines at the end and climaxing into "now aint that LOving you?" is very moving.
also structurally, the song has the beginning segment, the middle ('we all know..') and the last part ('untill the...'). a lengthy song, yes, but a masterpiece as a result. not to mention the theme of the song: no matter what or when, i'll love you always. It may seems a romantic love at first, but it's actually true love - a nonromantic love like the way God would love you

bkSep 10, 2004 (00h07)
Hi guys and gals...
well i thought it appropriate to note the 30th anniversary of the release Fulfillingness First Finale.
I listened again to it last night.Its still very smooth.Smile Please is for many the most uplifting opening track.
You have'nt done nothin......still applies to some of todays politicians.The glorious background vocals of Minnie,Deniece and Lani still shine.They Wont Go When i Go still sends a shiver down my spine.
Fulfillingness Second Finale 2004 ?????I don't know.
Ps i have sent a special card to Stevie and await his response.Apart from requesting his new album as my xmas pressie ,I have also invited him to my 50th birthday party in England on January 22nd().
I also thanked the guy for 35 years of his wonderful love and music .
BK in the UK
pS Ray Charles Tribute Show due in October with Elton and others.

Bush is a gaySep 9, 2004 (09h33)
"Shame on you, Shame on what´s the f****!"

BkSep 8, 2004 (12h24)
Sorry guys,
but "I can only be me" is not on any official Stevie album.It comes from the film "School Daze" back in the eighties i believe.
I also believe Keith John snag "The Pick-up Artist" in the same film in 1988.I include the lyrics below for your interest.
Eva Cassidy was a big Stevie fan !!!!!Her version is magnificent.

I Can Only Be Me
(Lyrics and Music by Stevie Wonder)

Butterflies begin,
from having been a larva,
As a child is born,
from being in a mother's womb,
But how many times,
have you wished you were some other;
Someone than who you are.

Yet who's to say that if all were uncovered,
You will like what you see;
You can only be you,
as I can only be me.

Flowers can not bloom,
until it is their season,
As we would not be here,
unless it was our destiny,
But how many times,
have you wished to be in spaces,
Times, places than what you were.

Yet who's to say with unfamiliar faces,
You could any more be;
Loving you that you'd see,
You can only be you,
as I can only be me.

Hoooo ohooo oohooouhooooo

I can only be me.

BK in The UK

MurukinSep 8, 2004 (07h02)
Hello Stevie Wonder fans in the U.S.!
It's time to call your favorite radio station
and request/demand that they start playing
"You Haven't Done Nothin'"
It's time again!
Go on and do it! Thanks!

IgnacioUcinSep 7, 2004 (18h14)
Sorry but this is my correct email address:
Just in case anyone want to share with me his views
on this song and further information if available.

IgnacioUcinSep 7, 2004 (18h09)
Dear Stevie,
I must admit that your music is one of the most inspirational, enlightening and espiritual ever made.
Just let me tell you that I was yesterday afternoon in a bookshop looking for a hindu spiritual master´s book and
suddenly a melody of one of your songs came insistently to my mind/memory. I could not stop from singing it
silently in my inner soul. After some research in the internet I finally made it: it was AS. I have already listened to various
versions of this songs (both from you and from George Michael & Mary J. Blige which, by the way is fantastic).
This is to let you know that this song has made me able to weep big and sweet tears from the deepest of my soul. I highly
recommend to listen this song to any truthseeker because he/she will feel God touching his heart.
"You can rest your mind assure
That I´ll be loving you always"
"Do you know what I say is true
That I´ll be loving you always"

San Sebastian

nick MATTEOSep 7, 2004 (17h59)

nick MATTEOSep 7, 2004 (17h59)

the swede...Sep 7, 2004 (12h08)
Hello Stevie
I totally love your music, and i have to listen to some songs every day otherwise i wouldn't be as happy as I am!! I've heard the songs True to your heart and she's a bad mamma jamma and they are fantastic... But i don't find them on any album so my question is: On witch album is those songs??? bye...

bkSep 7, 2004 (10h46)
the break on "For Once In My Life" is played on a Hohner chromatic harmonica.
BK in the UK

DanaSep 7, 2004 (09h45)
Well I don't know very much about Stevie Wonder, but I like his song "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm yours".
He is blind, poor him. I wonder how he fix It to play the piano. It's almost like to wright on the keybord whit closed eyes.
If you read this stuff, just try it, I meen on the keybord whith closed eyes, It's very, very hard.
Well, that's all, now I'm done take care of you// Dana

Another StarSep 7, 2004 (08h57)
Does anybody know if Stevie may playing the guitar and bass like he plays the other instruments
(piano, synth, harmonica, drums, percussions)?
I would be very interested to know these!

P.S. I mean the real instruments not played by a synthie

Linda Sep 7, 2004 (07h45)
I was born and raised in Saginaw Michigan too. In Buena Vista Township. I have heard rumors that Stevie used to live in my old neighborhood. Could you please give me the address of the home where Stevie lived in Saginaw? Is it true that he moved away from Saginaw in 1954? If Stevie moved away at such a young age, does he remember living in Saginaw? Is his mother still living? I would love to find out exactly where he lived in Saginaw and if he practiced his music at any particular place in Saginaw? Thank you.

GeeManSep 7, 2004 (06h49)
I'm 29 yrs old from St. Louis. I've been the biggest Stevie Wonder fan for as long as I can remember. There were years in my life when all I basically knew was Stevie. I would have to say that 'Innervisions' is my favorite album and 'Knocks Me Off My Feet' is my favorite song. A new CD was supposed to be released in late-July but the date got pushed back. I'm thinking by his mentor (Ray Charles) and his background singer and ex-wife (Syreeta Wright) passing he might be recording a tribute for them. I hope the CD is released soon.

Every now and then I wonder what it would've been like to be in the studio with him when he's recording...especially back in the 70's when he played most or all the instruments in a lot of what he recorded. I'm in no way denying his gift or his talent, I just wanted to see his method of recording.

jeffSep 7, 2004 (00h38)
Hey guys-
If anybody knows...In the song "for Once in My Life," is the instrumental interlude being played on a soprano sax? If so, or if not, email me with an answer.

jeffSep 7, 2004 (00h36)
Hey guys-
If anybody knows...In the song "for Once in My Life," is the instrumental interlude being played on a soprano sax? If so, or if not, email me with an answer.

VikenSep 6, 2004 (22h43)
You understand that Stevie Wonder was the main character in this show! I`ve got one downloaded clip of this event ,and it`s the best!!

nickySep 5, 2004 (23h36)

concerning 'i just called to say i love u' and a footnote about 'valentine's love' claimed by SW

asdfSep 5, 2004 (23h06)
silly me/ and i thought this was a steviewonder forum...

Viken-Sep 5, 2004 (18h45)
do someone know if¨it is possible to get the VH1 Divas 2003
on tape or dvd???

nicktomSep 5, 2004 (18h24)
Is there a song by Stevue Wonder that contains the lyrics along the lines of "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will be loving you tomorrow"?

Bror GrimbroSep 5, 2004 (16h17)
Dear sirs, I... Probably I am wrong... I have been wrong for the past 40 years, how could things suddenly have changed?... I just wanted to say that... due to his well-intended action in Iraq... and his well-intended war on terror... Mr. George Bush has my support for a second term... but i do not suppose the word of a foreigner will count in the US election, which is entirely up to the US and US voters, and not a question which should be solved abroad, two months before the election, by the past and not by present and future policies and agendas, not by blackmail behind the curtain but by a public campaign, and not by a campaign of digging up the dirt from your past but showing good intent and practical political wisdom today. Be good sports and stick to a political campaign, not a campaign of personal (dis)credit, which of course must serve as the baptism of fire in the eyes of all to whom that kind of procedures are dear and give a deep personal satisfaction. Let the best man win. The audience does not cease to thank the Hollywood showcase for its numerous contributions to world history, now please show us a civilized theaterplay, please! And thank you again.

My Sex Appeal 7Sep 5, 2004 (15h59)
Whether we can totally end prostitution or not (and turn sex into a beautiful, voluntary, gratis thing), the improvement of the conditions of prostitutes is an act towards the better, and every good deed must be pleasing to God, if I have been brainwashed correctly.No doubt sex is a business, which tends to be the hands of a/the mafia.No doubt a trade union tends to be another form of mafia.But a trade union can solve problems and take responsibility where a normal mafia consisting of non-prostitute “men of honor” will not, and a trade union is there to remove excessive power from the hands of those who only want to make profit without taking responsibility.Prostitutes of all countries, organize yourselves into strong trade unions, which seek collectively to improve their members’ conditions of living! -----Best wishes, You know who.

My Sex Appeal 6Sep 5, 2004 (15h57)
The sex customers, too, are victims. They are victims of their weakness, their low resistance to/dependence on sensual, visual and chemical sexual/erotic impulses. They may become victims to other crimes because of their weakness: blackmail, robberies, etc. These crimes can partly be prevented/solved by trade unions of prostitutes.Another problem which could be helped by a trade union is that of recognizing a prostitute. Some want to take risks, others want to avoid them. Some people wish to use the services of prostitutes. They can get what they want if they know who is a prostitute and who is not. Some people do not wish to use the services of prostitutes. They can avoid sex with prostitutes if they know who is a prostitute and who is not. In a disco, how is one to tell whether a handsome dancing partner is a prostitute or not? Some come to dance, even to find real friends. Others come to have sex or to earn money by sex. Time and trouble can be saved and emotional distress decreased on both sides, if it becomes easier to distinguish between prostitutes and non-prostitutes.

My Sex Appeal 5Sep 5, 2004 (15h56)
At the moment the result of the sex industry is being sold publicly in kiosks, video stores and on the internet. Many musical artists are compelled to sell their product by their looks and erotic signals, not only by the quality of their music. Yet the sex business is a world of its own, whose existence is largely covered by an embarrassed silence. The audience, whether porn users or not, do not question the existence or the state of the business by asking whether things should or could not be arranged in a different way.I am writing my appeal with an understanding that prostitutes have the same face value as human beings as any other people, and they share the same basic qualities, intelligence, feelings, needs and goals as the rest of us. They, too, want their life to be good, safe, healthy, relatively free and happy. Who knows, perhaps some of them would even like to go to heaven after this life.

My Sex Appeal 4Sep 5, 2004 (15h56)
The trade unions of prostitutes should be organized as any other trade unions: as a public protest movement. The prostitution/porn industry will cease to be an underground activity. The organization into trade unions can be helped by public advertisements in the media, as posters on lamp posts, as leaflets etc. The prostitutes, when organized, can arrange strikes, protests and demonstrations in public squares, parks, at parliament buildings, etc, dressed up as they normally do in their profession, make the problems of their profession – and their identity – known, and they can claim for their constitutional citizen rights and improvements.Famous people, such as artists, can give attention to the problems. Each one of the superstars I have sent this appeal to can write a song on some aspect of prostitution/porn, their songs can be collected to an album to draw public attention on the theme, and they can publish their own public appeal on the cover of the album.

My Sex Appeal 3Sep 5, 2004 (15h55)
C) General rights: 1. Everyone should have the right to choose one’s own life and career: no one should be forced to work as a prostitute against his/her will. Every worker has a right to sufficient income.2. Everyone should have the same economic/other personal safety regardless of profession. This can be achieved, if prostitution becomes a profession among other professions, paying taxes and helping authorities prevent/solve/reduce problems/crimes related to the sex business.3. Everyone should have a right to acquire an education and profession/position of their own choosing. The trade union can finance and/or arrange this kind of education. Prostitutes themselves can try and help themselves out by investing parts of their money into their own private companies – in sex business itself, perhaps, but most of all in other lines of business: for instance, import/marketing companies in the 3rd world, which leave more profit into the poor countries than currently powerful import companies do. Or restaurants, their own (healthier) fast food chain, etc.

My Sex Appeal 2Sep 5, 2004 (15h54)
A) Health: Regular health checks, access to preventives and protection/medication against sexually transmitted diseases, and other health care, such as treatment of drug dependencies.B) Protection against other negative/hazardous or criminal aspects of the profession: slave deals, violence, threats, perverted forms of sex, blackmail of customers or of prostitutes, economic crimes, abuse of drugs/alcohol, drug trafficking and dealing. In my opinion there should be a total ban on child pornography, i.e. the use of prostitutes/porn stars whose real age is, say, under 15, 18 or 20 years, depending on what where we draw the line between childhood and adulthood. This kind of protection can become reality if prostitutes gather detailed evidence on any of the above activity and hand the information to authorities. They can, for instance, reveal the identity of people acting as pimps, and/or their knowledge of any (network of) persons who are the cause of these negative phenomena in the sex business, which is a vast and world-wide phenomenon.

My Sex Appeal 1Sep 5, 2004 (15h53)
Dear Superstar,Give an eye, an ear, a hand, a nose or a tongue to the following appeal for a better world.This is how I would seek to improve the life of prostitutes and their customers, since in these last days of testing, who is going to heaven and who to hell, it is apparent that prostitution and porn will not cease. On the contrary, the test is likely to be maintained by the tester.The core of my solution to the problem is basically the one suggested by Mr. Karl Marx: “Prostitutes of all countries, organize yourselves into strong trade unions, which seek collectively to improve your conditions of living.” The trade unions of prostitutes can require practical solutions and improvements in the conditions of their members:

gjkgjkgjkjhdSep 5, 2004 (05h06)
why'd you leave cecil, marg

jakeSep 4, 2004 (05h59)
Has anyone else out there fallen in love w/ the song Ebony Eyes like I have?? I love that song sooo much.

bkSep 3, 2004 (23h59)
Merci a Genevieve,
un petit message de Brent en Angleterre.Stevie est vraiement incroyable.J'attends
le prochain concert de lui.Quand ???Je ne sais pas mais ce sera peut-etre tot parce son nouvel album est sur le point de sortir.
To Nelson.....yep Stevie used the Kurzweil too.Also Yamaha,Hammond,amongst others.
By the way Stevie's alive and kickin and has done an interview for a French jazz radio station..
about Ray Charles of course
He appeared with Alicia Keys on MTV performing "If i aint got you" plus "Higher Ground".
He's also getting another award in November !!!(NHRA in 18/11/2004)
Thats all for folks ...a bientot mes amis.

GenevièveSep 3, 2004 (17h20)
I am a 24 years old woman from the province of Québec, Canada. I am in love with Stevie Wonder's music.
Mostly the sixties and seventies. I love to groove and sing along your songs. You are my all-time favourite artist.
Your sound always makes me feel good. Will you ever do a concert in Montréal or Ottawa?
I am also a fan of Motown. I saw the Funk Brothers Live in July at Ottawa's Cisco System Bluesfest. I even went on stage for the song "My Girl".
I saw Ray Charles & James Brown too with that bluesfest a couple of year ago.
I sure hope to see and hear you Live one day too.

roseSep 3, 2004 (15h53)
i love you stevie i'm 12 i love song take the time out ,rain love down ...Father love you to if you this message pliz answer me and i forget to told you i leave in Sénégal but i have your cd conversation peace

J-girlSep 3, 2004 (04h57)
continued: Thanks again, God bless you, and know that "I'll be loving you always!"

J-girlSep 3, 2004 (04h29)
Hi Mr. Stevie Wonder,
I really hope you get a chance to hear this. I have a story to tell, but first off you should know that I absolutely love your music and think you are an amazing person. I am 18 yrs. old and have just started college, which I have actually been having a hard time adjusting to. Last Sunday, after having had a fun weekend with my friends from home, I was feeling really sad and dreading the week ahead, consisting of tough classes with lots of people I dont yet know. Sunday night my roomate and I were sitting in our dorm room watching the VMAs. Before one of the commercial breaks the announcer said "we will return with a performance from Alecia Keys and a special guest". Obviously I had no clue who the "special guest" would be, but I looked over at my roomate anyway and said "I really wish it would be Stevie Wonder - that would be so awesome." When the VMAs came back on I was hardly even paying attention untill I heard your voice! Let me just say that because of you one of my worst days was immediately turned into one of my best! People walking down the hall must have thought I had won the lottery or something becuase of how excited I was. Thank you SO much Stevie Wonder, you are such an inspiration to me, and your music makes my heart so happy. I hope you get the chance to know how much I appreciate and admire you, and how, with your music and spirit, you continue to make my life much sweeter! Thanks again, Go

asseSep 2, 2004 (20h38)
grüetzi mitnenand!!! just a short greeting from switzerland, to my brother with a broken arm back home in norway..



ABDELSep 2, 2004 (11h27)
DJs Bobbito et Spinetta ont sorti deux doubles CDs regroupant la plupart des reprises de chansons de Stevie ainsi que les chansons composées par lui et chantées par d'autres artistes. Il y a beaucoup de raretes et de curiosités introuvables ailleurs. Il faut vite se dépêcher car ils partent vite.

TimSep 2, 2004 (06h37)
Hey Stevie Wonder,

I just love your music and wanted to say that the song that you did on John Q called Justice of the Heart, I just love that song but I don't know where to find the song. Do you know what CD I can buy that song which you did on John Q.

mingSep 2, 2004 (02h30)
Mr Stevie Wonder..

did you know the Republicans are using your songs during the convention.If I were you I would be very upset.. Just heard a cover version of your song Signed, Sealed, Delivered

LeftoverSep 1, 2004 (22h59)
... I hope there will be no old suspicions/grudges/envies/mishaps etc. standing in the way of my decent proposal. If there are, well, we can sort them out, we can settle them in a civilized way - we are civilized human beings, are we not? -Peace!

page 4Sep 1, 2004 (22h57)
As regards the offer on collaboration i made to Toni Braxton - i have no idea whether she actually got it, only the occasional & obscure between-the-lines things, i am sure you know what i mean... they can never be entirely reliable... one may read them all wrong... that is why i prefer to stick to stark naked one-dimensionally true expressions most of the time... but at least someone closed that website dedicated to her memory some time after i made that offer... so it did have an effect... i have not withdrawn my offer, no way, but i prefer a business-to-business contact, i want to play it safe, since i am afraid of people like her... To twist what she has sung (i often twist people's words to use them as an argument against them... sorry...) let me put it like this: what if someone, not me, gets possessed by the idea that "she would be woman enough to me". The same goes for any attractive woman. Business is business, it is difficult and hazardous to try to couple romance with it. As a pacifist, not a war brother or a friend of criminal practices, my solemn wish now to black musicians is: attack me with your love, not with any negative aggression. Love is a positive aggression. But my experience of family life says "love" is a constant state of warfare; there is never peace of mind with a woman/partner, peace of mind is a treasure which seems to be in the sole ownership of God. -I hope there will be no old suspicions/grudges/envies/mishaps etc. stand

page 3Sep 1, 2004 (22h49)
Ah, yes, the company... Of course there will be famous people involved, it will be impossible to totally skip that, if we are to produce a Top Brand. I want the music to be the star, and i want to minimize the amount of publicity to my person and life. I trust God: he knows, even if he would not let some people use that knowledge as page one material every single day, as has been habitual for a number of years now. A good starting-point would be if someone, Kofi Annan for instance, would care to find a first assistant to me, a thoroughly incorrupt black person with a flawless reputation, good contacts and relevant professional knowledge. Some would like to create a neat package - that the assistant would be a woman whom i would fall in marriage with. With all due respect to all beautiful ladies out there... Hi!... How are you doing, honey?... i find this kind of an arrangement sort of risky. The assistant should be a married black heterosexual man, and preferably African. That is what i call safe.

page 2Sep 1, 2004 (22h46)
"They" seems to consist of some of my relatives, some old/former friends and acquintances, some influential people, mostly from Northern Europe, some musicians - some well-known, some worse-known - and of course, the occasional opportunist here, there and everywhere. That i want to help black people with my material means i hope to maximize the amount of work i give to black people, whether to musicians of other staff. Even the notorious 208 songs, the texts of which i have exhibited on the internet since 2001, partly as a museum and an archive, partly to combat the raiders, could be produced by black people, although (at the moment) the texts are in Finnish. I feel the website was a very good solution, as i realized some years ago that my walls, or whatever, had had ears at least from the 1980's. Well, they say that the construction industry in certain countries follows the recipe "take one gallon of cement and one gallon of microphones"... but now they have much more advanced tech in use... all that is missing right now is that someone reports having invented a device by which it is possible to read one's mind... Where was i?...